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Top 50 Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

It would be awful to be unprepared for Excel, a software that all employers want you to be familiar with. Do not fear; this post will help you prepare for your interviews by providing the most common Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers.

1) Give a brief overview of Microsoft Excel. (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers.

A spreadsheet or computer program called Microsoft Excel enables the storage of data in the form of tables. MS Excel has several significant features, including:

  • Existence of graphing tools
  • Integrated features like SUM, DATE, COUNTIF, Etc.
  • Data analysis is possible using tables, charts, filters, etc.

2) What does the word ‘cell’ mean in relation to Excel sheets?

Data is entered into a cell by crossing a column with a row. In total, there are 1,048,576 cells in a single Excel sheet.

3) What exactly is a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets have several cells that you may use to manipulate the data. There may be multiple worksheets in a single workbook.

4) What does “cell address” mean exactly?

Cell addresses in Excel sheets are determined by intersections of row numbers and column alphabets. Each cell in an MS Excel sheet will have a unique address.

5) Can cell be added?

 You can add new cells to a sheet, yes. Simply choose the cell where you wish to place the new cell, then choose the Insert option. After choosing the preferred option, click OK.

6) Can you format cells in MS Excel? How would you proceed in that case? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers?

Microsoft Excel allows you to format cells. The Font group on the Home tab can be used to format these cells.

7) Can comments be added to a cell?

Yes, you can add comments. Select the cell, perform a right-click, and then choose the New Comment option to add remarks to the cell. 

8) An Excel sheet allows adding new rows and columns. How?

 An Excel file can have columns and rows. Identify the area where you would like to add new rows or select a row or column from the Insert option.

9) Where can I find ribbon, and what is it?

The ribbon is Excel’s main interface, located at the top of the window. It gives consumers quick access to many of the most crucial commands. It has numerous tabs, including File, Home, View, Insert, and others. Ribbons can be customized to meet your needs.

10) How may Excel panes be frozen? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers?

You may freeze MS Excel panes to continue to scroll down the sheet and still see the row and column titles. Observe the instructions below to freeze panes in Excel.

  • You can freeze rows and columns in this order.
  • Here, you have the following three options to pick and choose which rows and columns to freeze.

11) How may a Note be added to a cell?

 Select the cell, then right-click it to add a Note. Then click on “New Note,” where you may enter any note you choose.

12) Can Excel spreadsheets be protected?

  Workbooks can indeed be secured. Excel offers the following three options:

  • Workbooks can be secured with passwords.
  • You can make sheets resistant to being added, removed, concealed, or revealed.
  • preventing the alteration of window locations or sizes

13) How can all of the sheets in a workbook have the same format?

  • Right-click any sheet in that workbook by selecting it.
  • Then select “Select All Sheets” from the menu.
  • If you format one of the sheets, the format will also appear on all the other sheets.

14) What do “Relative Cell Addresses” mean to you? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers?

The addresses of the reference cells are copied when you copy a formula changed to correspond to the copied position. Relative Cell Addresses is a system that does this.

15) What to do if you cell addresses are not necessary to change as they are copied?

Use Absolute Cell Addresses if you don’t want Excel to alter the addresses when you copy formulas. Absolute cell references don’t change the address of the row or column; they remain the same.

16) In the event that a column letter or row number needs to be changed, but not both, what will you do?

To accomplish this, one row or column must be relative, while the other must be absolute.

17) What is the process of creating named ranges? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

Named ranges can be generated by following the steps below:

  • Choose the location you want to give a name to.
  • From the Ribbon, select Formulas.
  • Select Define Name from the Defined Names group.
  • Choose any name you like.

18) How do macros work?

Excel allows you to automate routine tasks by encoding them as macros. Therefore, a macro is an operation or group of actions that can be repeated n times.

19) In Excel, how do you make drop-down menus?

Drop-down lists can be generated by following the steps below:

  • Select the Data tab from the ribbon.
  • Select Data Validation from the Data Tools group.
  • Go to Settings > Allow > List.
  • choosing the source list array

20) Explain pivot tables and their features.

Statistical tables called pivot tables condense data from tables with a lot of information. Any field that the pivot table intelligently and simply represents, such as sales, averages, sums, etc., can be the basis for the summary.

21) What do MS Excel pivot charts do? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

MS Excel charts are tools for data visualization that enable you to see data in various ways. Various chart types can be used, including bar, pie, area, line, and doughnut charts.

22) What occurs if the Defer Layout Update check box is selected in the PivotTable Fields window?

If you select this option, altering the table fields won’t result in any dynamic modifications. This option is by default not enabled or checked. When you tick this box, all changes won’t be visible until you click the Update button.

23) Is it possible to create pivot tables using tables from separate worksheets?

If both sheets are from the same worksheet, you can also build a pivot table for them. Follow the same procedures as in Q24 to construct a pivot table from two separate sheets. When you define the tables, navigate to the appropriate sheet and choose the tables you want to combine.

24) How can the value field be modified to display a different result than the Sum?

Right-click on the values for the Sum of Amounts and then select Value Field Settings to modify the value field to display results other than the Sum.

25) Can you explain what Excel functions are? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

In Excel, functions are utilized to carry out particular tasks. Time can be saved by using one of the many built-in functions in Excel to calculate the outcomes of several formulas. 

26) What order do operators appear in Excel formulas?

Excel formulas are completed following BODMAS regulations. The acronym BODMAS, or brackets order division multiplication addition and subtraction, is well known.

27) What in Excel is VLOOKUP?

Data is searched and retrieved using the Excel VLOOKUP function. V stands for vertical in VLOOKUP.

28) Can VLOOKUP be used on many tables?

Yes, VLOOKUP can be used with several tables. If you have two lookup tables, make named ranges for each one and use the IF function to choose between them according to a predetermined set of criteria.

29) How does the AND operation function?

Excel’s AND function is used to determine whether a specific condition or a group of conditions are TRUE or FALSE. 

30) How can wildcards be used with VLOOKUP? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

When unsure about the lookup’s precise value, you can utilize wildcards. The “*” sign is what you should use in Excel to use wildcards.

31) What are the other uses of excel functions?

Using these functions, formulas that would have been challenging to hand write down are now relatively straightforward.

32) Describe ribbon.

The term “ribbon” describes the region at the top of the application where the menus and toolbars are located in Microsoft Excel Explain Spreadsheet and its Basics.

33) Explain how spreadsheets work. (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

Spreadsheets are comparable to ledger sheets on paper. There are cells at the intersection of the rows and columns.

34) How should text within a cell be wrapped?

To wrap text inside a cell, pick the text you wish to wrap, and then click the wrap text button on the home tab.

35) Which two macro languages are there in Microsoft Excel?

VBA and XLM (Visual Basic Applications). Excel’s predecessor, XLM, was used. Excel 5 introduced VBA, which is currently the most popular programming language.

36) What do MS-Excel charts represent? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

Charts are offered so that the data in Excel can be represented graphically. By picking a choice from the Chart group on the Insert tab, a user can utilize any chart, including column, bar, line, pie, scatter, etc.

37) In an Excel sheet, what is the fastest way to add columns and rows?

An Excel spreadsheet can be summarised using the SUM function.

38) What does a red triangle in a cell’s upper right corner mean?

There is a comment attached to the cell indicated by the red triangle. You can read the complete comment by moving the cursor over it.

39) How do you add a new worksheet to Excel?

The insert worksheet tab may be found at the bottom of the screen to add a new Excel worksheet.

40) What function does MS-NameBox Excel serve? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

By entering the range name or cell address in the name box, you can go back to a specific location on the worksheet.

41) What are the three report formats that Excel offers?

The sorts of report forms are as follows:

  • Tabular
  • Report 
  • Compact 

42) How would you add a dynamic range to pivot tables’ “Data Source”? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

Create a dynamic range using the offset function in the “Data Source” of pivot tables based on the named range you just created.

43) Can I create a pivot table using data from multiple sources?

Several worksheets from the same workbook can be used to create a pivot table.

44) What event do you utilize to determine whether or not the Pivot Table has been modified?

When determining if the pivot table has been adjusted, run the “PivotTableUpdate” function in the worksheet containing it.

45) How can automatic sorting be turned off in pivot tables?

To stop pivot tables’ automatic sorting:

Select More Sorting Options. Pivot Tables, Right Click > Choose “Sort Menu,” then choose “More Options,” and then deselect “Sort automatically.”

46) What could you do to ensure that the pivot table doesn’t lose column width as it refreshes? (most asked Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

A pivot table’s parameters can be altered to stop format loss. Turn “Enable Preserve Formatting” on under “Pivot Table Options” and “Auto Format” off.

47) Describe the types of Excel workbook protection.

In Excel, you can safeguard a worksheet in three ways:

Accessing a workbook with a password

Sheet creation, modification, hiding, and unhiding protection.

48) Can Excel functions be shortcutted?

Yes, of course. It is possible to configure the “Quick Access Toolbar” above the home button to show the most commonly used shortcuts.

49) What function returns a boolean if all requirements are met?

TWO function returns a boolean TRUE if all the requirements are met.

50) How can Excel functions be used in other ways? (most asked Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers)

It is now relatively easy to write down formulas previously challenging to write down by hand.

51) What is the process for adding a Note to a cell?

Right-click the cell to add a Note. After clicking “New Note,” you may enter any note you wish.


Preparing for an interview demands strong willpower and determination. We hope this Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers blog must be useful for you. Thank you! 

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