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Top 12 Japanese Language Courses Online

The Japanese language is the difficult language to learn as it has three alphabets, Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. But it can be a beneficial language to learn because it will help you connect with Japanese people from around the world and improve your communication skills with other native speakers.

The Japanese language, also known as Nihongo, is Japan’s official and national language. One hundred and fifty million people speak this language at present. It belongs to the Altaic family of languages widely spoken in Siberia and Northern Asia. While it is the easiest Asian language for Americans to learn, it still takes time and discipline.

Learning a language is a valuable thing to do. It increases your chances of getting a great job or better grades if you’re in school. It also gives you an insight into another culture and can allow you to travel more easily and make new friends along the way.

The language is spoken by 130 in Japan, where it is the national language and another 12 million people elsewhere.

The member of Japonic language family has several proposed relationships with other languages. Japanese is not related to any language or linguistically isolated from other languages spoken in its geographic region.

Importance of Japanese Language course 

 The Japanese Language course is designed to make you conversant with the Japanese language. about your education and learning process at school, college or university; about your job profile that can be related to a wide range of companies in Japan; about topics concerning general lifestyle.

 The Japanese language is a difficult language for English speakers to learn. It is a combination of 3 major languages – Chinese, Korean and Ancient Japanese, from which modern Japanese has evolved. Therefore, the idea of learning this language seems daunting and complex. However, if you are passionate about learning the Japanese language , there are many options to explore and make your educational dream come true. In Japan, Foreign Language education is compulsory at all levels of schooling, including an elementary 

school. Therefore, we provide you with a wide range of schools teaching Japanese to children and teenagers.

  Japanese is a complex and interesting language to learn. The Kanji script, Kana and Romaji (Roman letters) have three different alphabets. One hundred twenty-five million people speak it in Japan, and there are more than 1000 native speakers outside of Japanese Japan. The Japanese Language Course will be more rewarding if you can get some background about this amazing country before you begin learning the language.

 Are you a beginner and don’t know how to begin learning the Japanese language? There are many ways of learning the Japanese language online. But there are some best Japanese courses online that would help you perfect your Japanese speaking or reading skills without any problem. We will share the best Japanese courses online that can help beginners learn from basic to advanced levels in a fun and easy way.

Top 12 Japanese Language Courses online

1. Henry Harvin and Education

  Henry Harvin is one of the top 12 Japanese language courses online. It has a large number of satisfied students all over the world. The course is taught interactively and practically. The trainer teaches you directly, and at the same time, some tutorials cover every topic in detail to help you understand it better.

 About Henry Harvin (also known as “the Language Corporation”), they are a global education technology company that offers offline and online courses. Founded in 2013 by Kunal Gupta. Moreover, the company works as a training partner and education provider to various leading technology and management institutes, corporates, and government organizations.

 The Japanese language course online offered by Henry Harvin is a 24/7 online and offline interactive E method. It has been designed to teach your interest in the Japanese language, one of the world’s most spoken languages. The course will help you understand basic grammar, build conversational skills and learn how to read and write in hiragana and katakana. In addition, it contains an internal assessment exam at the end of every month to determine if your skills are improving over time or not. 

It will help keep you motivated throughout your learning process. Moreover, it offers both group discussion and individual tutoring with master instructors.

 Henry Harvin aims to develop the interpersonal skills of a candidate. and provide excellent knowledge of the Japanese language on five different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, rather Advanced and finally, Proficiency level. Hence, if you are passionate about learning a new language, Henry Harvin is just for you.

They have all the levels of training starting with N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 and the fee for all the courses is 19500/-

2. Duolingo

 You might have heard of Duolingo before, an American language learning website and app that teaches you how to speak other languages in a fun way. The website offers 50+ courses, and the app has 40+ courses available for download on all devices; smartphones, tablets and computers. It allows you to learn anytime, anywhere, about almost any language your heart desires quickly.

  Duolingo is the most downloaded education app on Android and iOS. The language-learning platform offers a variety of language courses and tests that take gamification to another level. You get points and experience points by completing each lesson. It aims to provide an interactive way to learn languages.

 Although it is a Japanese learning app and the primary subjects are vocabulary and grammar, it does make you learn about the sentence structure and give you a notion of how it is spoken in Japanese. You can learn much from this app by practicing every day. There are millions of people worldwide learning Japanese with Duolingo today so check it out now!

The fees for the course are USD 83.99 for the yearly plan and USD 6.99 per month


 Alison’s Japanese Language Course online is one of the most popular platforms for studying the Japanese language . It offers over a thousand courses at certificate, diploma, and learning path levels across nine core subject categories. Certificate courses are two or three hours, whereas diplomas are ten to fifteen hours. 

 Alison offers one of the best Japanese language courses online with an easily understood user interface. It has a free trial offer, with learners taking an N3 level exam after completing the course. It costs Rs 3499 for certificate completion, Rs 5000 for diploma accreditation and Rs 27000 for language learning path certification of 250 hours duration.

 Learn Japanese online at Alison and learn from the world’s top tutors. The range of diploma and certificate courses will boost your language skills, whether you’re looking for a qualification or want to learn. We also offer a range of learning paths for those who wish to pursue their interest in a particular subject area.


 Busuu is one of the most used online language learning platforms for people worldwide. It owns both a website and an app to help you learn languages easily. As Busuu has global users, it covers 12 languages and offers French, German, English, Spanish, and Japanese courses. 

Its Japanese course is designed by Japanese natives who have lived in Japan for years, so they make sure as much as possible that everything sounds natural to speakers of Japanese. They also offer a wide range of materials for beginner learners like basic grammar explanations, pronunciation guides, fun games etc.

 Busuu is one of the best interactive language learning platforms globally, and they have a solid amount of native speakers in many different countries. They offer courses in many different languages, including Spanish, French and Russian. However, their Japanese course isn’t that good, so consider using our top recommendation instead.

The course fee is divided into two categories such as Premium Plan USD 6.85 and Premium Plus plan USD 7.85

5. edX

 It aims at creating a free, global, high-quality educational experience that is open and accessible to everyone. edX is a nonprofit organization whose funds come from institutions, universities, and learners worldwide. It has courses in various disciplines ranging from business, technology, social sciences, and humanities.

 edX is a learning solution based on a three-part model: the platform, the courseware, and the services. The edX platform hosts online courses with interactive elements and multimedia content such as videos, simulations and problem sets. Students who take these online courses can choose to receive a certificate of completion if they pass. The members of the edX community contribute to developing new course material and improving it over time.

 EdX is the world’s first Massive Open Online Courses platform. And it is a good place to learn Japanese. It allows you to choose from different levels, topics and styles of teaching materials like podcasts and videos.


 ITESKUL is a language and computer training institute located in Pune, online. It provides online and offline classes for foreign languages as well as computers. They aim to make learning a language a natural process. The Japanese language course at ITESKUL is designed to ensure comprehensive development of your language like vocabulary, conversation, grammar etc. 

They use audiovisual techniques and communication methods and regular assessments while you learn Japanese through lessons, homework practice, and mock tests! They also provide customized courses for exams like JLPT, NAT (National Aptitude Test), and standard courses for the Japanese language.

ITESKUL is known for its high-quality Japanese courses for the JLPT and professional examinations like JETRO and ECL (European Consortium of Languages). Iteskul is located in Pune and is the best institute for learning Japanese. It offers a course that ensures comprehensive development of your language like vocabulary, conversation, grammar etc. 

ITESKUL offers a unique blend of the latest teaching techniques and technologies with in-depth Japanese language and culture knowledge. ITESKUL is committed to offering courses and programs at the highest level of quality through intensive training conducted by highly qualified faculty passionate about their work.

7. Nihongomax

  Nihongomax is a Japanese language institution that offers intensive courses in the language in Delhi and Ghaziabad, India. It provides customized teaching styles to meet your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking at taking up a beginner course or an advanced-level course, they have what it takes to help you master the language. They also have an onsite JLPT test preparation package if you wish to take the exam you wish to pursue further studies in Japan.

 It is the best learning institute for people who want to learn the basics and advance in learning the Japanese language. They provide a lot of things that help the students to learn properly and in a fun way. The institute provides regular drill audio and video from the basics so that students can be confident in speaking

8. Marugoto

 In Marugoto, you can learn Japanese completely free. You can access your courses anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. This course is operated by JF (Japan Foundation). 

The JF is a tool for Japanese language learning, which considers how to teach and study the language and assess learning achievements. 

 Marugoto’s online free course is a reliable and enjoyable way to learn Japanese. It’s suitable for everyone’s language from scratch, regardless of your current level. Marugoto offers two options: Self-study and Tutor Support. You will be able to study at your own pace and enjoy learning with our interactive study content or take advantage of our tutors for those who want more support or guidance with their studies.

 Learn Japanese with Marugoto! Marugoto is a free, interactive and friendly course that can help you learn the basics of Japanese faster to speak it fluently.


 MOSAIC is one of the top-rated and best Japanese language courses in Delhi. It is probably the most affordable institute to learn Japanese online, with amazing experienced and qualified professors who teach Japanese culture and traditions.

 MOSAIC has been established to provide a quality education that focuses on increasing the cultural understanding between Japan and India through studying the Japanese language. The name MOSAIC was derived from the first syllables of two words: MOtivating students And SEniors Achieving Independence.

 MOSAIC has been established to provide a quality education that focuses on increasing the cultural understanding between Japan and India through studying the Japanese language. The name MOSAIC was derived from the first syllables of two words: MOtivating students And SEniors Achieving Independence.

10. Udemy


 Udemy is a well-known online education platform. Here AOJ (an online Japanese language school) offers the courses. AOJ is an online Japanese language school that makes and sells Japanese learning materials and Japanese teacher training materials. Now about their Japanese language course, they provide from beginner to expert level. If you are looking for JLPT or general language improvement, you can join it. They also provide full support to pass the JLPT N2 exam until you pass it. If you are a beginner, you can qualify for the exam in two years.

11. The Japan Foundation

 The Japan Foundation has created a niche for itself instead of being one of the institutes offering Japanese classes in Delhi. The location of JF is at Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, and since 1994, it has been carrying out its programs thoroughly. This institute has a strong language and culture offering and basic courses in the Japanese language to all students.

 The Japan Foundation is one of the best Japanese language institutes in Delhi, offering Japanese courses for teachers and students alike. The institute’s location is at Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, and they also have a strong library and an excellent atmosphere for self-studying.

 The Japan Foundation is one of the best institutes for learning Japanese online It offers a variety of programs and events, including popular theme-based classes, an excellent atmosphere for self-learning, an excellent library and the ever-growing JF Chat Room.

12. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Language

 The Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages is a Bhavan institute that offers courses in the Japanese language at certificate and diploma levels. 

 Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages offers the best Japanese language courses . Qualified linguist teachers help students improve proficiency in Japanese from certification to diploma level. 

 You will earn a certificate and diploma after the 2nd and 4th semesters, and the fee is Rs. 12,500 for each semester.

Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages is your best choice if you are looking for a high-quality 2-year course in the Japanese language. The institute has 30 qualified language teachers affiliated with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. It offers a certificate course for all levels, i.e., Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate courses. It also provides weekly cultural programs and Japanese newspapers every month to help you learn about the culture and lifestyle of Japan.


 As we already know and discussed, Japanese is an important language. It is widely spoken by people all over the world. In addition, it is used in many industries like automobile, animation, consumer electronics, computers, shipbuilding, and semiconductors. Japan is the leader in these industries; hence Japanese is a very useful language for every aspirant. Hence it should be included as one of the most important languages.

 In the points mentioned above, we have discussed the importance of learning the Japanese language, useful in almost all fields. THEY ARE ALL from IT to Medical to Engineering and various other fields. As per our experience, we suggest the Top 12 Japanese Courses online is listed below.

 Japan is a country of great innovation and technology. And it is no wonder why their language is one of the most efficient and productive languages in the world. Learning Japanese will lead you on a cultural journey, teach you their ways and help you understand their perspective on many things. It will open opportunities and make you stand apart from others.

Try learning any foreign language to experience this fun thing!


Benefits of Learning the Japanese Language? 

Learning the Japanese language can open your eyes to a whole new world. It’s been said that learning a language helps expand your mind, which is why so many people who learn Japanese develop higher levels of concentration and problem-solving skills after they’ve studied it.

Why is learning the Japanese language becoming popular? 

Most respondents reported the popularity of Japan’s culture, educational systems, and values as the main reasons for studying Japanese (full breakdown enclosed). Even though mastering the language remains one of the world’s most difficult tasks.

What is the family language in Japan?

Japonic is the language family in Japan

How many types of Japanese are there?

There are 3 Types of Japanese: Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji.

Scope of Learning Japanese Language?

The scope of learning the Japanese language is immense. It’s a difficult language to master with its three basic writing systems, but it also has undying popularity in India.

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  • This Japanese language course online is a game-changer! The interactive lessons and experienced instructors make learning enjoyable and effective. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to master the language from the comfort of their home.

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