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MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery

Education and a good career are frequent thoughts in the minds of many parents and teenagers.  While the options are varied and many, a career that never ceases its charm nor the advantageous prospects are being a doctor. Let us delve into MBBS as a career option, its various branches,...

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Stock Market

Top 10 Stock Market Courses In India

Preface The most vital component of a free-market economy is ‘The Stock Market’. Generally,  the collection of exchanges and venues where buyers and sellers meet to exchange the equality shares of the public corporations. In other words, it legalizes trading access democratically. It exchanges capital for investors of all kinds....

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Top 10 SAP IBP Courses in India

What is SAP IBP? Looking for top SAP IBP Courses in India? If so, this article will help you move closer to your goal of finding the best SAP IBP courses available in India. To begin with, Sap IBP short for Integrated Business Planning is a HANA-powered on-demand planning application....

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Top 30 SAP CRM Interview Questions and Answers 

    SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the key modules in SAP ERP software and it provides organizations with a service-oriented, single view of the customer, based on which effective business processes can be established.SAP CRM stands for SAP Customer Relationship Management. It is a tool developed...

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digital marketing courses
digital marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Nagpur

Digital Marketing refers to advertising through digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites, email, and mobile apps. It is a method by which companies sanction goods, services, and brands. Digital Marketing courses in Nagpur is highly in-demand with the growth of online business in 2nd tier cities. Digital...

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Why does HR need to have a high level of EQ?

Human beings are inherently reactive. Emotions and people are inseparable. Thus, any situation involving people needs to be dealt with with utmost sensitivity. Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence refers to developing the ability to understand, interpret and effectively respond to our own emotions. People with a high emotional quotient are...

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Adopting Agile for HR

With the most revolutionary change brought by covid, virtual interviews and recruitment software were used for almost 99% of the interviews. Due to the pandemic where nobody could step out of their homes, everything became virtual from schools to offices; the recruitment process also started to take place online with...

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