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Harshita is a B.com graduate with masters in international policies and has won several awards in University level competitions. A writer by passion who contributes articles for various forums including Best Course News.

List of International Financial Reporting Standards in 2022 [Updated]

Introduction IFRS refers to International Financial Reporting Standard. The IFRS foundation builds the standard to provide transparency in the accounting system. It guides the entities on how to prepare their financial statements. Many business owners or professionals are aware of the IFRS.So there is a list of IFRS from IFRS...

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7 Major Reasons for Educated Unemployment in India 2022

Educated Unemployment in India is a familiar term that every person comes across. Do you know the meaning of this term? The challenge faced by the students or professionals is not getting the right job in Educated Unemployed. The thing which needs to be addressed is despite having the relevant...

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Summer School

Top 10 Summer Schools in India 2022

Intro about the Summer Schools Summer schools were not known when I was young. Summer was meant to be a freebie and fun-filled. Summer always reminds me of playing outside the house with friends and visits to my relatives. Even though summer is quite hot and full of humidity. Still,...

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Top Medical Coding Courses in India
Medical Writing

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in India

Medical Coding Medical Coding, otherwise known as Clinical Coding is a method used by the health professionals, primarily used to analyze and change the procedures, diagnosis, medical services and equipment into coded versions as per the standardized rules. The codings can be anything like the information of the patients’ health,...

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