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Harshita is a B.com graduate with masters in international policies and has won several awards in University level competitions. A writer by passion who contributes articles for various forums including Best Course News.

Henry Harvin Vs EduPristine CPA Course Review

Are you confused about where to enroll between Henry Harvin's CPA course and EduPristine's CPA course? Don't worry; in this article, you will get every detail about the course and a brief comparison of the CPA course between Henry Harvin and EduPristine. What do you mean by the course CPA?...

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Content Writer
Content Writing

Top 15 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai

Content writing courses in Mumbai are the most demanding curricula that have flashed recently. The world is going through a phase where everything is becoming digital, so content writers are needed to create content for different organizations like ebooks, magazines, films, advertisements, etc in the digital world. A knowledgeable content...

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10 Reasons to Learn Data Science in 2022

In today's data-driven environment, there are many reasons to learn data science and mastering data science has become necessary for any company, making it a desirable vocation in any industry. In order to leverage data's power, digital agencies must leverage data analytics to extract valuable insights from data. Data-driven decision-making...

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Guide To The Objectives of IFRS

An internationally recognised set of accounting and financial reporting principles for creating and presenting financial statements is known as IFRS, or International Financial Reporting Standards. It guarantees consistency in accounting procedures so that financial records are comparable between various reporting organisations worldwide. It has changed over time to become the...

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Medical Coding

Top 20 Medical Coding Interview Questions and Answers

Are you getting ready to conduct a medical coding interview for your team? If that's the case, this page provides the answers: it's a compilation of over 20 Medical Coding Interview Questions and Answers. Read on! Medical coding interview questions Coders convert physician reports into meaningful medical codes or insurance...

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