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Top 12 Chinese/Mandarin Language Courses in Mumbai

Recently, there has been a demand for Chinese/Mandarin language courses in Mumbai because of competition in the global marketplace. Learning a foreign language is essential to enhance your CV in today’s international landscape.

There are myriad causes for learning the Chinese language in India.

China’s economy has expanded aggressively; it is the world’s substantial importer and exporter of goods. Learning Mandarine in Mumbai is an impressive way to maximise your employment opportunities worldwide. 

Mandarine is the second most popular East Asian language; the ability to know Mandarine can bring you different types of foreign language jobs.

Chinese/ Mandarine language courses in Mumbai

Chinese/Mandarin languages courses

This blog lists the best Chinese/Mandarin language courses in Mumbai.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a Global Edutech company based in India and the US. Higher Education Digest’s survey shows it is one of India’s fastest-rising Edutech startups. 

Henry Harvin is the best learning platform for the Chinese/Mandarin language.

Mandarine has Six levels of test –

Beginners levels/ HSK1 – This is the primary level, where you will learn the basics of pinyin, vocabulary, expressions, and phrases for conversation.

Beginners levels/HSK2– This level will help you know the grammar and vocabulary to practise essential communication in daily life.

Pre-Intermediate level/HSK3– Here, you can learn a linguistic skills like reading and writing.

Intermediate level/ HSK4- This level contains reading comprehension, language knowledge, and listening comprehension. Now you are ready to talk with the Chinese people.

Pre-Advance level/ HSK5 – includes reading Chinese books, magazines, and newspapers. You will get a piece of knowledge on delivering a speech in Chinese.

Advance level/ HSK6- You are an expert in writing and speaking the language.

Key highlights

  • A well-versed curriculum designed by the Chinese language experts
  • The faculties have more than ten years of experience teaching Mandarine.
  • Furthermore, they focus on practical training and project-based learning in GCAO pedagogy
  • Advanced and updated LMS with helpful videos, practice papers, and also e-books.
  • Internship opportunity to get experience in a realistic environment.
  • Henry Harvin guarantees placement support and weekly job alerts
  •  They make you ready to face interviews and train soft skills.
  • Golden membership along with boot camps for one year and hackathons
  • Certificate from the government-recognised and also an award-winning institution.

Course duration: HSK1- 48 Hrs, HSK2- 54 hrs, HSK3- 62 hrs, HSK4- 100 hrs, HSK5- 120 hrs, HSK6- 215 hrs

Fees: HSK1- 17000, HSK2- 18500, HSK3- 25000, HSK4- 30000, HSK5- 37000, HKS6- 45000

Contact no: 9891953953

2. INCCS Academy of Chinese 

The INCCS academy of the Chinese language has the vision to deliver customised and targeted Chinese/Mandarin language courses to businesspersons, professionals and students also.

Besides, they deliver the language most straightforwardly and practically.

Course duration: HSK1- 48 Hrs, HSK2- 54 hrs, HSK3- 62 hrs, HSK4- 100 hrs, HSK5- 120 hrs, HSK6- 215 hrs

3. Inchin Closer Chinese/Mandarine language courses 

Inchin Closer has trailer-made courses for the corporate, Kids, and students. Moreover, they have self-made study materials for the students. The classes take place on the weekends.

Indeed it is the best course if you search for conversational and beginners within a few months.

Course duration: 40 hrs for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

4. India-China Chamber of commerce and Industry(ICCCI)

ICCCI is one of the best institutions in Mumbai and has classes in Mumbai, Pune, and also NewDelhi.

Highly experienced trainers conduct the training most efficiently. Usually, Saturday and Sunday classes take place for 2 to 3 hours.

Course duration: Level 1- 45 hrs, Level2- 60 hrs, Level3- 60 hrs

5. Vzone Academy Chinese/Mandarine language courses 

Vzone Academy laid its foundation in 2010 and is famous for its teaching methodology that contributes to students who have stress-free experiences while learning Chinese/ Mandarine course Mumbai.

Here you will get a variety of courses in foreign languages other than Mandarin.

Course duration: Level 1- 40 hrs, Level2- 60 hrs, Level3- 60 hrs

6. Second Tongue

In Second Tongue, students can learn Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, and also Japanese. This institution’s speciality is that it promotes small group teaching so that they can focus more on students.

Furthermore, Second Tongue has experienced teachers; they have HSK, HSKK, BCT, and  YCT levels in their institution.

Course duration: HSK- 45 hrs, HSKK- 60 hrs, BCT- 60 hrs, and  YCT- 70hrs

7. Confucius Chinese Institution

The Confucius Chinese Institution has collaborated with the Mumbai university. However, they offer different courses in Mandarine, such as short-term certification and diploma courses.

Hanban supervises this institution to promote the Chinese language and culture.

Course duration: HSK1- 48 Hrs, HSK2- 54 hrs, HSK3- 62 hrs, HSK4- 100 hrs, HSK5- 120 hrs, HSK6- 215 hrs

8. Cool Panda

Cool Panda presents their self-made courses; besides, they have strategies for teaching Mandarine.

They have their courses for everyone starting from corporate to kids.

Course duration: HSK- 45 hrs, HSKK- 60 hrs, BCT- 60 hrs, and  YCT- 70hrs

9. Yeh China Education Ltd

Yeh China Education is among the few authorised test centre for HSKK, YCT, and BCT exams. Evidently, this institution is best for the kids as they have designed books and flashcards to make learning fun.

Course duration: HSK- 45 hrs, HSKK- 60 hrs, BCT- 60 hrs, and  YCT- 70hrs

10. Pacific Network

Pacific Network started its journey in 1999. Indeed they have a well-versed curriculum provided by them. 

They focus on the student’s ability to develop an understanding and concepts of the language.

Course duration: Level 1- 45 hrs, Level2- 60 hrs, Level3- 60 hrs

11. Archit’s German classes

Archie has foreign language courses such as German, Japanese, French, and Mandarin. Their Mandarin trainer has passed out from the Han Ban institution. 

Course duration: HSK- 45 hrs, and HSKK- 60 hrs

12. ReSolt Chinese/Mandarine language courses 

ReSolt have offline and online learning facility. They have a flexible schedule and arrange doubt-clearing sessions. 

Corporate training programs are also available in this institution with the best trainers from the teaching field.

Course duration: HSK- 45 hrs, HSKK- 60 hrs, BCT- 60 

Final Takeaway

If you are planning to enrol in Chinese/Mandarin language courses in Mumbai, you can pick up any of the institutions as per your requirements. Moreover, to get more information visit their website and book a demo. 

Hopefully, this list will help you to build your future bright.


1. Is Mandarine hard to learn?

Ans: Yes, it’s a complicated language, but with proper practice, you can become proficient in it within a few months.

2. What type of jobs can I expect to get after learning Mandarin?

Ans: Some jobs like Interpreter, Translator, Teacher, Customer support, Content writer etc.

3. What is Pinyin?

Ans: Pinyin is the English pronunciation of the Chinese characters.

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