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Top French Language Courses in India with Certifications

Learn French in India by taking one of the top 10 French language courses in India?

In India, you can find foreign embassies’ schools, universities, and French language classes. You can open yourself up to a whole new world by learning a new language. Your horizons expand to include languages and new people, enabling you to study or live abroad.

What is the point of learning French, if there are so many wonderful options?

In addition to its exotic, melodious, and widespread nature, French is also one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Many people learn French for various reasons, but the main attraction is the ability to find jobs as a French learner. French has endless benefits! Due to the popularity of French as a foreign language in India, the number of students studying French has greatly increased. Multilingualism involves being part of new cultures, traditions, and societies.

We become more open to a wide range of jobs, career opportunities, and even personal relationships by learning new languages. Understanding other cultures and communicating with people from different countries not only helps boost our self-confidence but also helps us learn about things other than our own beliefs.

Through travelling, we learn a lot about other countries’ styles, economies, etc., making us more familiar with the events that are taking place around the world. Whether it’s English, French, Spanish, Japanese, or any other language, you reach a level where you’re more likely to get a job overseas or even move outside of your native country.

It has only been possible for India to become global and advance with technological developments because Indians continue to struggle and strive to keep up with the developed world. Thanks to all the institutions that provide us with accurate knowledge, learning new languages has become so easy and convenient. The number of students studying French is huge. As a second or third language, it is one of the most desirable languages. Taking a French language course online not only enhances many different career options but also assists students in adjusting to the culture of the host country to obtain permanent residency in Europe, particularly in Paris.

People relevant to these fields want to live in this beautiful country that is rich in art, culture, and fashion. As a result, I am providing you with the top ten French language courses in India. You will learn the basics of French and also become proficient in the language.

Learning French at different levels

  • Level A1 – The beginner’s level
  • Level A2- The upper Beginners
  • Level B1 – Intermediate
  • Level B2 – upper intermediate
  • Level C1: The advanced level
  • Level C2- Proficiency

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy (French Language Course in India)

Henry Harvin, an institution with a reputation for excellence and innovative teaching methods, offers French language courses online. Many of the courses they offer are career-oriented in this market. Henry Harvin’s training program is designed to make its employees more competent and to improve their skills.

Duration of the course:

The French language has different levels, and each level has a specific duration.

Designed to help students comprehend topics and lexis in French. Aside from learning grammatical concepts that will improve your French prowess, you will also learn vocabulary. The course will enable you to write an array of texts. Become more fluent in French with Henry Harvin®. Upon completion of our language courses, you will be capable of speaking the language fluently. Languages like French are widely spoken around the world.

A1: The Beginner Level- This level emphasizes the basics of French vocabulary, greetings, and basic grammar, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, plurals, and adjectives. 30 hours of instruction will be provided. The course fee is 8999 rupees

Level A2: The Upper Beginner’s level- This Level is for those who are learning French at the upper level of Beginner’s level. Students will learn to express, make comparisons, determine a chronology, express certainty, and more. The course lasts 30 hours. The course fee is 8999 rupees

B1: The intermediate level – This level covers the skills of writing, reading, and listening. This course will teach candidates how to shape sentences in French. The course lasts 40 hours. The course fee is 11999 rupees only

B2: Upper-Intermediate level –  This level involves additional studying of French dialects and complex texts. The candidate will learn how to create complex explanations in French and create long speeches in French. The course lasts 40 hours. The course fee is 11999 rupees only

C1: Advanced – This level teaches the candidate to understand the implicit meaning of longer texts. During the course, candidates will learn how to express themselves quickly and without needing to think about them. Approximately 40 hours are required for this course. There is a fee of 14999 Rs for the course

C2: Proficiency- This level prepares candidates to comprehend virtually anything they read or hear. Applicants should be able to synthesize data from different sources, including written and oral materials, and present arguments and accounts coherently. The course lasts 40 hours. The course fee is 14999 rupees

Course Highlights:

  • French Language and Implementation Projects are plentiful, as well as many other projects
  • Obtain experience in the French language with Henry Harvin’s internship program
  • Henry Harvin®, an award-winning institute, provides the French Language Training Course certification.
  • Our placement guarantee prop is available for 1 year following successful completion of our course
  • Among the many tools and techniques available to students are videos, assessments, and more
  • An outstanding feature of this course was the regular boot camps over the next 12 months for an exotic journey of French learning
  • All #AskHenry competitions and hackathons will be free for students
  • French language courses students receive one-year Gold Memberships to Henry Harvin® Language Academy
  • You have access to the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) from anywhere. Get access to the Certified French Language Course using the Moodle app on your phone using your login credentials
  • Once the students have completed the first session of the French Language Course, they will be refunded the entire amount after completion.

Henry Harvin® trainers

  • Henry Harvin faculty members are industry veterans with more than 15 years of experience; most renowned in the field
  • Throughout the years, the company’s work has been recognized by many organizations as well as their training partners
  • The French department will feature keynote classes in over 100 courses
  • Over 350 lectures were presented by Henry Harvin® Language Academy’s domain experts

Gold Membership Benefits

  • You can join the Henry Harvin® Language Academy for 1 year and get E-learning through recorded videos, games, projects, CPDSPe studies, etc.
  • 1 year of free boot camps are provided by Henry Harvin which is considered to be one of the notable features
  • You will be one of the 3,000,000+ Alumni across the globe who have earned the prestigious Henry Harvin® Alumni status.
  • Students will get more than 10 job vacancies per week. They can appear for that and can grab their dream job
  • During the training, students can get involved with industry projects which were considered to be a very added advantage in their resume.

Learning Benefits

  • Discussion of current events, future events, and past events
  • Talk about the memories associated with habitual actions
  • Expression of feelings and future wishes
  • Learn how to build sentences and words
  • Discuss issues with others and express your opinions
  • Discussion of past events and expression of doubts & probabilities
  • Explain the events of the past with hypotheses
  • Get a thorough understanding of the French Language Grammar Advanced


  • Under 40 Business World Awards gave Henry Harvin the Top Corporate Training Award and the Game-Based Learning Company award.
  • In addition to his memberships with the American Association for Education in Foreign Languages, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the UKAF, UKCert, and the Project Management Institute (PMI), Henry Harvin holds an ISO 29990:2010 certification.
  • Our Google reviews number more than 1400, we have 200 videos on YouTube and go abroad, Trustpilot, go overseas, and more give us a 4.5 ranking

Career Benefits

  • Exposure to a wide variety of job opportunities in the field of French language courses
  • You can get hired by top brands in the industry, such as Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan
  • Completed French Language Training will lead to High Paying Freelance or Full-Time Jobs
  • Technical & Professional development to improve your CV & LinkedIn profile
  • With most in-demand skills, distinguish your profile from the competition and get promoted in your current position
  • Differentiate yourself with a Course Completion Certificate of French Language Training
  • Exceptional growth opportunities and better job security
  • Take your career to the next level to touch skyscraper heights
  • Gain a salary increase by improving your skills

Other Cities

You can also take the French Language course online in other cities





Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World, Higher Education Digest

2. ILSC, New Delhi

One of the most reputable private language schools is the International Language Schools of Canada. Their instructors and administrators are experts in providing quality instruction. Students are taught English, French, and cultural knowledge. The school is considered as one of the finest French language institutes in Delhi as they provide a language lab so that students could have both a life experience and learn while enjoying themselves.

ILSC’s goals are:

  • Allowing students to learn languages based on their interests
  • Feel confident and at ease when enjoying
  • Understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences are developed.
  • They are easily adapted to their studies abroad.
  • Provides students with four levels of language instruction, which are speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
  • Their 1.5-hour class focuses on study skills, and their 3-hour class includes communication skills as well.
  • Classes can be attended according to students’ schedules. You can take classes between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Three to five months is the duration of the course
  • The course fee is between Rs 8500 and Rs 9000

3. ROCKET LANGUAGES (French Language Course in India)

Those interested in learning languages can use Rocketlanguage as an open online platform. Their courses include Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, etc. They believe that learning a language is like a journey, and you must immerse yourself in it as much as possible.

Course Highlights:

Rocket French contains 8076 words and expressions. Furthermore, to ensure you’re adapting correctly, their best-in-class voice acknowledgment platform lets you conduct elocutions effectively. This course will teach you the cultures and people of France.

All the material and videos are given to you electronically and you can download or watch them according to your needs.It will be easy to learn a language if you use motivational tools and techniques. Experienced industry professionals will deliver the training. After you have met all the requirements, a certificate will be issued to you. 

The course lasts 500 hours 

4. Fluent Fast Academy (French Language Course in India)

Fluent Fast Academy is a group of language experts who teach and train in foreign languages. Individual or group classes are available. Using dynamic methods in a friendly manner, they offer quality learning sessions. They teach Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Spoken English as well as other foreign languages.

Course Highlights:

  • Combining online French classes is the best way to learn 
  • Engage in practical and enjoyable activities to learn more. 
  • Free first-time French classes online for you
  • It is easy to find a perfect teacher online to learn French from. 
  • A private tutor can also be hired
  • French can be taught to you by a native speaker 
  • Take advantage of the most advanced curriculum
  • Job assistance is available
  • You can get your skills at an affordable price


  • Three months of four classes a week
  • Classes are held every weekend for four months, three hours each day)

The Course Curriculum

Topics covered in the basic course curriculum

  • The alphabet 
  • Numerals
  • Personal items 
  • Topics of vocabulary 
  • Use proper grammar
  • You can also do much more than just speak

5. World Languages Centre, New Delhi

Its highly skilled and qualified instructors make the world languages center one of the best centers for foreign language training. In addition to providing the best educational aids and comprehensive courses, faculties also provide an aesthetic environment. In bringing children into contact with the cultures and customs of other countries, they believe that the world is a fulfilled global village. Additionally, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and German are available They provide coaching in French and Italian. In India, the institute is best known for its French classes.

Course Highlights:

  • They teach students to think critically beyond notebooks and pens. To make learning more engaging, the latest technologies and methodologies are used.
  • The Institute offers three one-and-a-half-hour classes on weekdays.
  • The reading, listening, writing, and grammar aspects are covered in these classes.
  • In their language lab, students improvise vocal parts using an audiovisual system.
  • Having its library, the institute allows students to research as much as they like.
  • Working hours are eight o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock in the evening
  • The duration is 3 months
  • There is a course fee of Rs 12,000

6. European Institute of Foreign Languages (French Language Course in India)

In India, there is also an institute for French-language education called the European Institute of Foreign Languages. Foreign Language Guru is another name for it. Foreign language and international studies courses are available at the institute. 

Course Highlights:

  • Their platform allows students to learn foreign languages quickly and easily. 
  • In addition to French, they also teach Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese with trained faculty.
  • The office is open from 10 am-8pm
  • A duration of three months is required
  • There is a fee of Rs 18000

7. Cosmolingua Institute Of Foreign Languages (French Language Course in India)

Delhi also has the Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages, which teaches French. Students at the institute can take courses that are communicative and applicable to foreign countries. Foreign language skills can be improved by using the information provided by this institute. Research and education are made easier for students with modern facilities and access to the Internet.

Course Highlights:

  • A three-month timeline will be required for the completion of the project
  • There is a fee of Rs.10,000
  • From 9:30 am till 6:30 pm, the office is open

8. Institute of Foreign Language (French Language Course in India)

In addition to students, language learning institutes are beneficial to businesspeople, housewives, exporters, etc. There are some lecturers here who themselves came from other countries to teach here.

Course Highlights:

  • Having adequate communication skills in the new language is the primary objective for students.
  • It is provided to students in real-life situations.
  • We provide individualized attention to every student.

9. Ecole De Francais, New Delhi

There is a very renowned foreign language institute in Delhi called Ecole De Francais. Providing students with expert knowledge will enable them to excel in extracurricular activities and pursue careers in those fields. Student support and guidance are part of their philosophy.

Course Highlights:

  • The working hours are 3 pm to 7 pm
  • The duration of the program is 3-4 months
  • The fee is between Rs 12,000 and Rs 15,000

10. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages

As one of the oldest institutes for foreign language training, it is one of the oldest. They offer 3-year courses with 6-semester study courses and award certificates and diplomas.

  • Working hours depend on the batch
  • The fee per semester is Rs 13,500
  • This course has a duration of 3 years

Basic Things to consider before enrollment:

Several things need to be considered before enrolling. The methods of payment and fees for different institutes vary. Before taking any action, it is best to consider a few things.

1. Affordable Fee: Many people think that a higher fee means a better school. I don’t believe it. A lot of free courses allow for self-learning as well as better learning. Take into consideration your affordability and not just the high fees. You should consider the reviews, testimonials, and the trainer of a program before enrolling.

2. Flexibility: Studying and working go hand in hand during these times. It is a generation where you learn while you earn. You may be able to take small courses at certain institutes at a time that is convenient for you. They provide the trainer and the material. Your trainer can be contacted whenever you like and you can continue learning. If these options are needed by you, do the research and look for them.

3. Level of learning: Knowing your level of learning is also important. Many courses start with the basics. The intermediate level is often the starting point. This course is for people who have a basic knowledge of French and wish to advance. Decide what course you want to take based on your requirements alone.

This article will give us an understanding of French and the importance of learning a foreign language.

About The Language

The history of this language is fascinating. In terms of food, literature, and tourism, the French are considered a leader. Learning this language helps you gain a deeper understanding of the world and its cultures.

English grammar and vocabulary have been heavily influenced by French grammar. It is characterized by its romance. The ability to speak French as a second language allows you to develop the necessary skills for work or travel.

More than 29 countries speak French as their official language. In the world, there are 270 million speakers of French. Over 630 French universities exist worldwide. 

The French are known around the world for their business, their trade, and their tourism. As a result, it is an important language to learn.

The Opportunities

The learner has a new platform for each new language. It is never in vain to seek knowledge. The learned language will be put to use in various situations. You can achieve success in various fields through French language training.

Occupational Benefits

It becomes easier to find employment with various multinational companies if you are proficient in French and English. In the retail, automotive, luxury goods, aerospace, and tourism industries, the French language is widely used. In addition to its thriving economy, France attracts entrepreneurs, students, teachers, researchers, and tourists.

Academic Benefits

France’s well-known universities offer education in the French language. If you are fluent in French, you can enroll during a postgraduate course, which will give you an international perspective recognized postgraduate degree. As a result, you are also able to teach other students who are learning the language.

Benefits of Learning

On the web, French is the third most commonly used language. You can communicate with French speakers all over the world if you know French and speak it. The language is easy to learn. In many institutes, you can learn even at the beginner’s level.

Benefits of Travel

France attracts millions of visitors each year and is a top tourist destination. Traveling is much more enjoyable when you can speak a bit of French. By looking into and understanding French culture, history, and way of life, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will be able to communicate better without needing help from others when you are in the company of French people.


To conclude, I can say this language is spoken not only in France, but also in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and the United States. The French language is the most commonly learned in the world. Romance is one of the most popular concepts associated with French. In addition to developing your career, learning, and academics, traveling provides many opportunities.

Travel, business, and tourism draw people to France from around the world. It is essential to learn and know it for this reason. In the retail, automotive, luxury goods, aerospace, and tourism industries, the French language is widely used.It is of primary importance to keep affordability, flexibility, and level of learning in mind before enrolling in the course.

There is no better French language course than the one provided by Henry Harvin Education. I highly recommend Henry Harvin’s French language training due to its unique features, which I have already discussed.

In the comments section, you can discuss French courses in India if you have any questions.

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1.) Why should I learn the French Language?

French is also one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Many people learn French for various reasons, but the main attraction is the ability to find jobs. The language has many benefits. French as a foreign language is popular in India. The number of students studying French has greatly increased in India.

2) Where do I get the best French language course in India?

Henry Harvin French language course in India provides complete practical training in the French language. The curriculum is based on the practical method of learning. It is divided into levels. The A1 and A2 are the Beginners level. The B1 and B2 are Intermediate levels. Then there are Advanced and Proficient Levels. The course starts with greetings in the french language, and by the end, you will be comfortable preparing a speech and debate in French.

3) Do I need to have basic knowledge about the French language?

You can be a complete basic learner of the language. It is completely fine if you do not know the language. The French language course will teach you from the very Beginners level where you only learn to greet each other in French.

4) What is the duration of a French language course in India?

Every institute will provide the course for different durations. You will need to check the websites and the duration offered for the course. Visiting the websites will give you an idea of the duration, curriculum, schedule and fees for the French language course in India.

5) Can I learn a French Language course online?

Yes, you can learn the French Language online. There are live online classes that are interactive. To learn any language you need to practice and converse with others. The online class is the best as you can talk and be in touch with others. The trainer will provide feedback on the spot and correct you if you go wrong. In online learning, you also get access to the learning management system for your self-learning.

6) How does the French Language certification help me?

The French Language course and training will be of immense help to you. By learning a new language, you get exposure to millions of jobs globally. You can gain a chance to be hired by global brands. You can work as a freelancer or as a full time professional. You can also get better job opportunities and a chance at promotion. Enhance your profile with the French language certification. Be at ease while speaking and understanding a new language.

7) I am an English teacher. Can I take the French Language course?

Yes. The knowledge of a new language will always help you if you are a teacher by profession. You can start your French classes too. The certification can help enhance your work profile. You can also apply as a language trainer with the help of your certification.

8) What should I keep in mind when I enrol for the French language course in India?

Once you decide that you would go ahead with the French language course in India, explore various options you have. See if online learning suits you. Check for the course curriculum offered. Check for the affordability of the course. The best thing is to check the reviews and experiences other students have shared. Once all your criteria have been met you contact the institute and enrol.

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