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HENRY HARVIN Vs Simplilearn Six Sigma Course Reviews

Looking for the list of Six Sigma Training institutions online? Looking for their ranking? Enquiries, crosschecks…sounds hectic, right? We came across an ongoing discussion between and Six Sigma Training by Henry Harvin Education and Six Sigma Training by Simplilearn. My clear winner is Henry Harvin Education and you will surely find your answers as we progress ahead and understand why my direct choice went as Henry Harvin Education.

We understand this dilemma and therefore we did the research for you and brought you one of the finest institutions that you could trust and rely on.

About Six Sigma Course

We live in an era that is constantly witnessing transformations. Some serious transformations are responsible for leading the world towards a better tomorrow. What has exceptionally managed to transform is the working environment of the globe. A lot of professionals are seen taking their careers extremely seriously. What makes us say that is that recent times have shown a major spike in the ratio of professionals opting for specialised programs in order to shape their work performance.

Six Sigma Courses have been one of the most recent picks of the professionals wanting to excel in their respective careers. The course is programmed in a way that enhances the management understanding and abilities of the professional and helps him/her in dealing with the areas of errors.

The Six Sigma course is formulated into different stages based on skill distribution. Usually, the skill levels for the six Sigma Courses are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. According to your need, you can choose to pursue one of them and get assistance with the difficulties you encounter while performing in a firm.

Recent times have witnessed a lot of professionals pursuing Six Sigma Training courses and enhancing their work performance abilities. Although the program is not mandatory it surely helps you stay out of the crowd and understand management related aspects in minute details. Which in the long run proves to be of great help.

Several global firms are also looking for professionals who are well versed with new advancements and remain up to date with the demands of the global market. Thus, having a six Sigma course done opens doors to global opportunities as well.

Therefore a lot of learners are educating themselves and upgrading their presence at their firm. But how do we choose which firm to finalise in order to enrol for a Six Sigma Training? Will choosing any random institution or platform make sense? Absolutely not. When looking for a program that can boost your career graph, always ensure to have received the best guidance and supervision. And these elements don’t come from random picks. So what does one do?

But since we believe in maintaining transparency we brought you the details of both these institutions and will today open conversation about them to understand which of the two can be your perfect choice. That is what I guess a responsible review writer does. So let’s not waste any moment further and straight begin to understand the dynamics of both the platforms and understand which can be your learning partner. So let’s get started!

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the finest institutions of the time. When wanting to learn or explore any industry sector in order to have a career, there is simply no other better platform that can guide you or mould you to the best version of yourself. 

From bringing the most sought after courses to the platforms to allow you to explore those courses under the best hands of the industry experts, it simply has moulded careers of uncountable learners. 

What is even more exciting is the job and internship opportunities provided here. This service tends to be one of the major points of attraction to the new learners enrolling. After you successfully complete your program with the institution you tend to receive job/internship opportunities. 

Moreover, the trainers that will be guiding and supervising you will hold a minimum of 10+ years of experience in their relative industry. Which eventually proves to be one of the greatest assets to the learners here. These trainers will walk you through every minute aspect of the working environment and give you a complete gist of it. 

So let us continue to keep scrolling and check what the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course has to offer to learners like us. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training – Henry Harvin Education

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is considered to be one of the most vital elements of effective firm management. The program briefs you through every minute detail related to Business Processes, Performance and Quality. 

The course allows the professional to understand and examine the firm’s functionalities and errors in detail and then modify them into a better version by learning components associated with effective firm management. 

Thus, the Six Sigma Course is considered to be one of the most essential courses required to excel in your particular career. 

What makes the Six Sigma Course at Henry Harvin Education exciting are their special key factors. They are responsible for shaping the overall experience of the learner. So let us have a look at the key factors associated with the Six Sigma Course. 

  1. The Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course is ranked as the No.1 course of the time by well-known names like India Today, The Tribune and Business Standard. 
  1. Enrolling on a program at Henry Harvin Education promises you 100% Practical Training which will include elements like Experiential Learning, Popular GCAO Pedagogy, access to 35 PDUs that can be claimed with PMI. 
  1. Opportunity to gain and benefit from a total of 12 live Projects throughout your span of the training. 
  1. Receive one year Gold Membership of Management Academy that offers incomparable benefits throughout your tenure. 
  1. The curriculum that will be introduced to you during the program is specially aligned to the IASSC book of knowledge. This special curriculum is globally accepted and thus increases your chance for global opportunities. 
  1. Enrolling on the program will also allow you to receive 24*7 support and access for any and every query by the support team of Henry Harvin Education. 

These key factors are simply life-shaping. They are all you need. Now moving ahead, let us find out what more we could expect from the program. 

For most of the programs offered here, you will be receiving 9 major benefits in just one single course. And guess what? Your six Sigma course offers you similar benefits too.

Enrolling on 1 single course will open doors to 9 super amazing benefits that truly will take your learning experience to new heights. Wondering what are they? Let us find out together. 

  • 28 Hours of Online Live Interactive Classroom sessions which will be full of learning and exploring. 
  • Exposure to internship opportunities in order to give you real working world experience. 
  • Opportunities to learn and explore various subject related projects that enhance your learning experience. 
  • Receive a Hallmark Certification of CSSE-GB from Henry Harvin Education that is acknowledged and recognised by the Government of India and numerous Award-winning institutes. 
  • After your successful completion of the program, you will be given 100% job assistance support for one long year. 
  • Opportunity to have access to E-learning equipment like Video content, Assessments and several other Tools and Techniques. 
  • You will have the benefit to access regular boot camps for about a year. 
  • Receive free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions. 
  • Last but not least is one year Gold Membership with Henry Harvin Management Academy. 

These are the 9 major benefits that you as a learner will receive on enrolling on the program with Henry Harvin. So don’t wait too long just go ahead and explore today. 

Moving ahead, let us now try to understand the Trainers at Henry Harvin:-

Trainers at Henry Harvin Education are one amongst the most celebrated and acknowledged once across the globe. These professionals who will be guiding and assisting you hold a minimum of 18 years of relevant working experience. 

All the trainers serving at Henry Harvin Education have been prior recipients of various prestigious awards and acclamations. They have been invited to more than 160 keynote classes and have delivered around 350+ lectures by now. 

So these trainers sound extremely trustworthy and reliable and on the further go can prove to be one of the greatest assets for you as a learner. These trainers train the learners with every necessary element that is required to be an impactful professional at his/her firm. 

Thus, receiving guidance and feedback from these trainers can be life-changing. 

Moving ahead let us now also get our hands clear on understanding what benefit would Six Sigma Certification bring to one’s career/life. Well, there’s a lot that this special course can do for you. A few of them are discussed below:- 

  1. Eligible for jobs that demand an analytical background. 
  1. Allows you to look for overseas opportunities. 
  1. Helps you get high pay at your firm. 
  1. Your performance and understanding are enhanced. 
  1. You have an impactful CV and stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

So these are a few benefits that the certification can bring to you. Now wondering what learning benefits can be associated with the Six Sigma Course? Well, let us find out. 

Learning Benefits of Six Sigma Course

  • One of the most crucial learning elements of the program is that you begin to understand the structural format of the firm and hold a strong grip on its functionalities. 
  • You develop skills that can help you explore and analyse different aspects of the firm using 20+ management tools introduced by the team here. 
  • Access to 33 Professional Development Units ( PDU ) that are needed to maintain your PMP Certification. 
  • Refines your statistical and analytical understanding of the firm. 
  • Boosts leadership and other vital properties that are crucial while team management or project management. 

So these are some life-changing learnings that you will be experiencing during your course tenure at Henry Harvin Education. Also while exploring your Six Sigma certification at Henry Harvin you will be also given Hands-on experience on more than 5 projects. The inclusion of those projects are mentioned below:- 

  1. Quality of work-life in an Organisation of Employees
  1. Improve Total Time and Rolled Throughput Yield
  1. Optimization of Average call times in a BPO Voice Process
  1. Defect Reduction in Die Casting 
  1. Improving Internal SQR in XXM Activities

Why Henry Harvin Education? 

I honestly believe that the benefits that you recently got introduced at Henry Harvin Education have already taken enough of your attention and partially convinced you of the enrollment. Well, it’s definitely worth it. 

Henry Harvin Education stands out from all other EDtech platforms in terms of Quality, Assistance and Trainers. You can always count on them for these three fundamental aspects. Talking about the Quality, the study materials introduced here are updated with the latest references and have detailed mentionings of almost every single terminology. 

Trainers here come from extremely prolific educational backgrounds and hold immensely impressive experience in their relative industry. Having an experienced trainer who trains you gives you a number of credibilities that hugely shape your overall career. 

Assistance by Henry Harvin Education is another major important highlight to look for. Learners of today often struggle to find a worthy opportunity for themselves after the completion of the program and often fail due to high competition. 

Henry Harvin understands the concern of the aspiring learners and therefore introduces them to numerous internship and job opportunities. 

So hands down when looking for a Six Sigma Course I would recommend no other than Henry Harvin and why do I say that, the above data is a clear representation of the same. 

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – Simplilearn

Six Sigma Courses are specifically designed to be aware of and educate people on understanding different aspects of a firm in terms of its performance and management. Having the certification done one tends to understand the flow of functionality and management of the firm in detail and better. 

Thus, the leading firms of today are confidently betting on professionals with specialised certification. So we definitely want to be one of them and all we need to do is have a course done that can upskill our capabilities to perform and understand. 

So let us continue to scroll down and check what Simplilearn has in store for professionals like us. 

Six Sigma Green Belt Course Overview

The specialised course of Six Sigma Green Belt at Simplilearn gives you an overview of Six Sigma and introduces you to the DMAIC methodology. It is aligned to the leading Green Belt Certification at ASQ and IASSC. 

The program also offers you an insight on how to measure the current performance of the firm and to analyse the process issues associated with the firm. On the further go, you also get an exposure to understand and analyse those problems using effective and reliable methods.  

Key Features of Six Sigma Green Belt Training – Simplilearn

Simplilearn has emerged as one of the most reliable and worthy platforms when it comes to pursuing an online program. You almost get access to any and every course under the guidance of the most celebrated and acknowledged trainers of the industry. It tends to have never let down the desires or the expectations of the learners and therefore stands as the strongest platform providing a six Sigma course. 

The key features offered here are surely a point to catch. So let us find out when pursuing a six Sigma course at Simplilearn what all could you expect. 

  1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  1. 56 hours of learning 
  1. 35 PDUs
  1. 4 Simulation Test Papers and 4 Real-Life Projects
  1. Aligned with ASQ and IASSC 
  1. Industry experienced Trainers

These are a few key features that are going to amaze you during your tenure in the program. 

Now that we have understood the major key factors of the Six Sigma Course offered here. It’s time to get one to one with the benefits associated with the program. 

Having enrolled on the program allows you to take leading activities at your firm by developing Process Mapping, Risk Management and Benchmark-setting skills. 

Having this program done proves to be very beneficial to the firm you implement the learnt tactics. The Green Belt Six Sigma Course is highly appreciated and valued in sectors like Manufacturing, Technology and Logistics. 

Simplilearn has some noteworthy Hiring Companies like Amazon, Oracle, Google and Accenture. Moving ahead, when talking about the training options you receive several options to choose from. 

Self Paced Learning

There are few benefits associated with your Self Paced Learning program. Those benefits include- 

Having lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content materials that is curated by the most celebrated industry experts. 

4 hands-on projects in order to be able to learn the required skills. 

Solve 4 simulation test papers for self-assessment purposes. 

Receive 24*7 learner assistance and support. 

Online Bootcamp:- 

Everything will be in self-paced learning mode along with 90 days of flexible access to your online classes. Also will receive live online classroom training by the top trainers and practitioners of the industry. 

Wondering Why Online Bootcamp? 

Online Bootcamps allow you to understand and analyse the learning concepts in a lot better way. When deciding to choose Online Bootcamp sessions it allows you to develop skills required for the real business world. It gives you exposure to the real problems of the working world. 

Having been trained by the best industry experts allows you to understand the problem-solving approach in a lot better way. Also, you are under a constant watch which will allow you to receive constructive feedback and guidance.  

Corporate Training:- 

You can customise the program according to your needs. You will be receiving a blended learning delivery model which means to have an inclusion of Self Paced learning and/or trainer led learning. 

You will also receive flexible pricing options while customising your requirements. Access to Enterprise Grade Learning Management System ( LMS ) and dashboards for individuals and teams. 

Last but not least is receiving 24*7 learner assistance and support from the team. 

We almost touched every part of the program and everything by far now has seemed to look the best. The last thing that we need to explore is the eligibility criteria for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course. 

Talking about the eligibility criteria at Simplilearn, the Green Belt Certification is very ideal for

Quality System Managers 

Quality Engineers 

Quality Supervisors

Quality Analysts & Managers

Quality Auditors

And lastly to any individual professional who wishes to improve the quality and the functioning of the firm. 

This is all you could expect at Simplilearn when planning to enrol for a Six Sigma Course. 

Now let us continue to move ahead and find out what unique and reliable our very own Henry Harvin Education has to offer! 

Final Words

Finding your potential spot to trust and put in your money and effort is a great struggle when just beginning. This struggle can only be eased by feeding yourself with relevant information and logistics. So ensure to feed yourself with relevant and correct information. 

Do not fall for the dilemmas of society I stead choose the program that best fits you and benefits you. Which in this case Henry Harvin does. 

Now that we have helped you solve the biggest conversation that often learners are stuck with while pursuing Six Sigma certification, make sure to have a proud decision. You already have the winner. Analyse, Compare and Enrol. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Happy Reading! Happy Learning! 

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  • It was a great experience. This six sigma certification by henry harvin enhanced my all skill to a whole new level. The most important thing is that it was both: challenging and fun.

  • I liked the videos and examples used, they make more understandable the content of the course.

    Also, one useful tool is to first allow the student to read the content from the book and then explain the topic in one video. I am very happy with this course.

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