Privacy Policy

We at reviewsreporter give high importance to your privacy. Hence, we follow some rules and regulations

  • We value and are very kin at the personal data collected by the operations of our services
  • We intend to store your information obtained until we do not need it or the law requires it.
  • We aim at complete transparency towards the collection, usage and sharing of your personal information.

1. Purpose and Scope is a private blogging site providing blogs on the course of various institutes depending on their reviews on testimonial sites and course outcomes. We intend to comply with all the rules and regulations that are significant to the functioning of Personal Data, across the globe. The policy renders the fundamentals and responsibilities related to the processing of your personal information. We, deliberately do not try to gather information of children below the age of 16 years. Our Privacy Policy describes the website practices in coalition with the collection and utilisation of your personal information. We understand the responsibilities of the data privacy and hence shall keep updating the privacy policy regularly.

2. Website

We manage and control the website Henceforth, this will be mentioned as the “website”. The website might be involved in the collection of some particular data from the users for effortless and successful working.

3. Definitions

Consent of an individual means that they agree to the processing of the personal data whenever required to serve the purpose. The legitimate need for processing the information is specified in the contract. The contract also specifies the required measures to be taken during submitting any information to the website. The need submission of personal data is dependent on the third party and are not above the individual right or interest.

The legitimate interests include

  • Behavioural insights
  • Enhancement of data security, company, and website
  • Determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

4. Consent Rule

The individuals are free to withdraw their consent from getting the data processed by sending an email. On request, the website shall stop processing your data. However, the website might continue to process your data in case there are some legal bounds.

5. Website’s Responsibility

The website has rights to control your data in case you have visited the company’s website or registered on the same. Therefore, the company can decide the reason and methods of processing your data.

6. Your Responsibilities

Any individual sharing the personal data of other individuals justify the cause of disposing of the data of other individuals. The personal data provided by individuals can be used by us for special reasons.

7. Collected Data

After your interaction with the website, the data collected may be used for the following reasons.

  • You browse the website pages
  • The company might call you
  • You may receive the services with/without the aid of the website
  • You may receive our emails
  • You shall get customer support through chat/message

The following groups of data are collected by the website.
Contact details: These details intricate details like your phone number and email address.
Identifiers: These details help in identifying the individual with the help of IP address, type of browser, log in details, browser version, time zone, geolocation, operating system, and version of the operating system.
Date of birth: if applicable these details are used to send special offers on your birthday.

Usage Data: This data helps in identifying your way of using the website. For example, your URL, page response times, bounce rate, user activity, clickstreams, and other activities. The data is received and accessed by us, along with the contractors and third parties associated with us.

8. Purposes and Legal Basis for the Processing

We process your data to provide you with services like running the website, customer support, marketing, and preventing frauds. The legal rights for processing the data includes consent, contract, and legitimate interests of the individual. The services accessible through the website are

  • Manage the requests of the users
  • Login and Authentication
  • Remembering the settings
  • Hosting
  • Back-end processing
  • Testing and fixing bugs
  • Heat Mapping
  • Interactions associated with questionnaires
  • Landing page management
  • Data Analysis
  • Employing machine learning
  • Optimizing traffic
  • Notifying you of the changes
  • Sending you messages and emails

9. Your Rights

Every individual who uses the website facility has complete right to choose to provide their personal information. The individual can still access the website, even if the individual does not provide their details. However, the individuals cannot avail the services of the website in case they do not share their data.

The individuals have the rights to switch off, block or delete the cookies through the browser settings. In case you turn off the cookies, the individuals are limited to some of the services of the website.

The individuals using website facilities have the following rights. These rights can be availed by contacting us through our contact portal.

  1. Right to access information related to the individual.
  2. Right to produce objection towards the company regarding any automated decisions involving you are taken.
  3. Right to port your data to other services. You can get a copy of your data in a readable format.
  4. Right to request to delete your data in case the company does not require it any further.
  5. Right to complain about the use of your data.

10. Security

The website has its own security and organisational proposals to safeguard the individual data collected and stored. The website and its team are bound by the security policies and processing agreements. The servers of the website follow the international data security standards.

The individuals who visit the website agree that not every security infrastructure is completely secure and the data transmitted can be 100% secure. The individual is responsible for his/her safety regarding the login credentials and retains its confidentiality. In case the individual finds his/her data breached, they can contact us through our contact portals.

11. Retention Period

The personal data obtained by us will be retained for six months from the last website visited period by the individual.

12. Cookies

The cookies are small patches of data that are stored by the web browser on the user’s computer during website browsing. Cookies act as an authentic mechanism for websites to remember and record stateful information during browsing activity.

The website uses various user data to analyse user patterns. The user can delete and manage the cookies through browser settings. The cookies help the website to perform its functionalities effectively. The cookies incorporated by our website are as follows

  • Strict cookies required for the smooth functioning of the website
  • Performance, efficiency, and analytics-based cookies.
  • Advertising related cookies.