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Six Sigma

What are Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma?

In this Pandemic, we have seen so many people lose their jobs. We realised that the lack of our skillset is the talking point for our lost jobs. People worked out on alternative courses to upgrade or begin a new career as per the market need. The World is changing...

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French Language

How to learn French efficiently: Top 20 tips

French is a beautiful language called by many a language of love. It is also the world’s one of the most spoken languages, around 270 million people speak french all over the world. French is the second most learned language other than English. The French language is the international language...

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SAP HANA Certification: How to Choose the Best One for You: 2023

What is SAP HANA?   HANA is a system prepared for the well-organized management of relational databases. To provide high performance and productivity, SAP HANA uses in-system memory and data columns. Many organizations and data professionals used HANA. SAP course offers many types of certifications. The certificates help organizations and individuals...

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