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how to be an article writer
Content Writing

How to be an Article Writer in 2022?

Welcome to the club!! You're here because there is a teeny tiny thought, a dream, or a goal for you to become an article writer. And guess what you have already taken the 1st step to becoming a writer. So let me start with a famous quote  “If you want...

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Accounting and Taxation

12 Elements of Financial Statements In 2022

What are financial statements? Simply put, financial statements are written records that express how well a company is/ isn’t doing. But why should you know all of this? With the world's finances going unpredictable day by day and the living expenses skyrocketing because of inflation, more and more people are...

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Chinese/Mandarin Language
Chinese Language course

Scope of Chinese/Mandarin Language in India

There are many fascinating scopes of the Chinese/Mandarin Language in India. Don't just take my words- explore the justifications for why you should study the Chinese Language in India. China has a booming economy, and it has become a rising global superpower. Learning Mandarin can add extra spice to your...

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Instructional Design
Instructional Design

Are Instructional Designers in Demand

Instructional designers' jobs are in high demand worldwide as organizations are turning towards IDs to resolve presentation problems and deliver rich learning experiences. Instructional designers are appointed across various organizations, including government, Medicine, business, academics, and many more. Each of these sectors is involved in learning materials to sustain changes....

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Top 12 Train The Trainer Courses in India with Fee

What is Train The Trainer course? Train The Trainer courses are crucial building blocks that empower a person to train others. Trainers help in the professional advancement of others and the companies. A trainer should be equipped with in-depth knowledge in the field. They should be able to deliver the...

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Scope of English-speaking Course

Language is a system of conventional, spoken, and written symbols that enables humans to communicate effectively. In this scenario, English is regarded as "the best second language" in a number of countries. Not to mention that English is a widely spoken language all over the world. As a result of...

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Top 12 Operation Theatre Technician books

All hospitals hire a technician to take care of the preparation of clothes, tables, and stretchers that are required for the Operating procedure. Just like a Movie theatre is cleaned post every show, an operation theatre also has to be cleaned up and sanitized frequently before and after a surgery...

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