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Top 10 Spanish Courses in Pune

“With languages, you are at home anywhere” – in the words of Edmund De Waal.

Nowadays, The demand for expertise in foreign languages has increased. The supremacy in any one of the languages opens the door to a pool of opportunities. Among the top foreign languages, Spanish is one of the significant and easy languages to learn.

Are you interested in the romance language spoken by 400 million people worldwide?Do you want to become a certified professional in the world’s fourth widely spoken language?Are you looking for the Top 10 best Spanish language courses in Pune? And not sure about where to learn?

If your reply is yes to the above questions, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with all the essential details to choose the best spot to learn Spanish.

Without any further delay, let us know about the top 10 best Spanish language courses in Pune.

1. Henry Harvin (Spanish Language Course in Pune)

Henry Harvin Education is a leading, eminent, and award-winning institution for you to equip and enlighten yourself with new skills at the comfort of your home. They offer the Spanish language course in six levels. 

  • A1(Beginner level) -30 hours session
  • A2(Upper beginner level) -30 hours session
  • B1(Intermediate level) -40 hours session
  • B2(Upper-intermediate level) -40 hours session
  • C1(Advanced level) -40 hours session
  • C2(Upper advanced level) -40 hours session

The main benefits include:

  • The curriculum is designed based on the DELE and SIELE exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes.
  • You can get the knowledge of 25000+ vocabulary and building blocks of Spanish grammar.
  • 100% practical training from native experienced Spanish trainers
  • E-Learning access to LMS portal with plenty of tools and techniques, video content, assessments, etc.
  • They will provide internship assistance and projects to gain practical learning experience.
  • Get Henry Harvin Certification for the Spanish language course in Pune. 
  • They will give you 100% placement support for 1-Year post successful course completion.
  • Get regular Bootcamp sessions for the next 12 months to boost your skills.
  • Get free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions.

Get the course brochure here.

Henry Harvin- We Make Educated Employable | 100+ Courses with Gold Membership & Unlimited Access

2. Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages:

The Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages(SIFIL) holds a prominent place in providing language education to a wide variety of learners. The course consists of six levels (A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2).

  • Level A1and A2 (Beginner levels) -100 hours each
  • Level B1.1 and B1.2 (Intermediate levels) -90 hours each
  • Level B2.1 and B2.2 (Advanced levels) -90 hours each

You have to be a secondary school pass out to enroll in a beginner-level Spanish language course in SIFIL. Those who want to take the advanced level have to pass the entrance examination of SIFIL.

The main benefits of the course include:

  • They provide interactive classes, games, and activity-based training to understand the language effortlessly.
  • Highly trained and experienced teachers.
  • Access to library resources.
  • In addition to in-class training, they also provide lab sessions to refine your pronunciations.
  • They provide symposiums, guest lectures, and career exposure based on foreign languages. 
  • SIFIL certification helps you to qualify for international examinations.
  • You can choose the time and batches of the class.

3. Linguaphile (Spanish Language Course in Pune)

Linguaphile is one of the organized online Foreign language teaching institutes founded by Shraddha Pawar. She has been certified in Russian, Japanese, German, and Spanish. She has experience for over a decade and has worked for more than 10000 clients across 20+countries and also she is an instructor of German and Spanish languages. They teach online Spanish language courses at five levels which include :

A1 (Elementary level)

A2(Pre-Intermediate level)

B1(Intermediate Level)

B2(Pre-Advanced level)

C1(Advanced level)

The duration of the course is 70hours that includes 35 sessions.

The main takeaways are:

  • No age limit.
  • Get a Certification from Linguaphile.
  • They also conduct quizzes, theater, movies, and competitions to understand the language better.
  • They offer small group and private classes with the best and experienced mentors.
  • Flexible schedules that are customizable based on your convenience.
  • They offer customized exam preparation for international certification such as DELE, SIELE, etc., at various levels.

4. Instituto Hispania:

Instituto Hispania is one of the premier award-winning institutions exclusively for the Spanish language course in Pune for both kids and adults. They have Spanish language courses in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Patna with experience of 20 years in the industry.

The course structure includes:

  • Basic Module (A1 + A2)
  • Hispania Uno (A1.1)
  • Hispania Dos (A1)
  • Hispania Tres (A2)
  • Intermediate Module (B1 + B2)
  • Hispania Cuatro (B1.1)
  • Hispania Cinco (B1)
  • Hispania Seis(B2)
  • Advanced Module (C1 + C2)
  • Hispania Siete (C1.1)
  • Hispania Ocho (C1)

All the levels are 60-hour sessions.

The key benefits are:

  • They offer students the opportunity to appear for the international Spanish proficiency exams DELE and SIELE.
  • They have affiliations with foreign institutions like ENFOREX and DON QUIJOTE, where students can learn Spanish in Spain and South America. There are more than 30 attractive destinations to choose to learn and relish the experience of the culture while learning the language. 
  • They offer online and offline classes, and courses can be customizable based on the learner’s requirements.
  • You will receive a proficiency certificate for each level corresponding to the European Frame of Reference for Foreign Languages.  
  • Their curriculum includes colloquial terminology and frequently used expressions in the countries where the language is spoken, Thereby providing a traditional touch of Spain.
  • They have international standard books and practice materials for all levels for fulfilling the linguistic needs of Indian students. 
  • They provide classrooms with multimedia facilities.
  • Experienced and qualified Spanish native teachers 
  • They offer regular teacher training programs to maintain the teaching quality.
  • E-learning options and cultural activities are available.
  • They offer placement opportunities to higher-level students.

5. Lets Talk India Academy of Foreign Languages (Spanish Language Course in Pune)

Lets Talk India Academy of Foreign Languages institution provides foreign language training to a wide range of learners over seven years. They deliver the Spanish language course in five levels. They are:

  • A1(Elementary Level) – 70 hours
  • A2(Pre-Intermediate Level) – 80 hours
  • B1( Intermediate Level) – 100 hours
  • B2(Pre-Advanced Level) – 150 hours
  • C1(Advanced Level) – 250 hours

Based on your comfort, you can choose one of the following training categories.


For the Elementary level, there will be 8 to 10 students per batch. Whereas, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced classes include 6-8 students on average.


One-to-One training is for those who need individual tutoring. It mainly focuses on catering to the individual learner needs. The classes are customizable based on the learner’s requirement.


Private group training is for a set of learners who wish to study together privately.


Corporate training is for the employees of an organization with particular business needs in the companies and corporate houses.

The main benefits include:

  • They provide both online and offline classes.
  • You will get the certificate from the academy.
  • You will have access to an e-textbook for the duration of your course.
  • They also provide online course material consisting of reading passages, grammar and vocabulary lists, and audio practice.
  • The course includes two assessments to test your knowledge and progress.
  • They offer a streamlined training methodology with an Audio/Video facility and a Library.

6. Institute of Spanish Studies:

Institute of Spanish Studies is an authorized center exclusively for Spanish language courses. They have multiple branches located in Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Varanasi, Patna, Ahmedabad. They work in collaboration with the Institute of Spanish Studies Valencia, Spain. They present the course in seven levels, and they are A1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2.

The key benefits are:

  • They give individual attention to every student to meet their needs and make the learning process comfortable.
  • You can customize the course based on your requirements and learn at your own pace.
  • Every class consists of a small group of 8-10 students.
  • They provide the learning materials, audio and video lessons for listening comprehension.
  • Their curriculum includes Spanish culture, history, and civilization to make Spanish learning fascinating.
  • They conduct regular assessments to monitor your progress.
  • They also provide discounts on the combined registration of two courses.
  • They offer specialized short-duration courses for some months at the Institute of Spanish Studies Valencia, Spain. They will take care of your accommodation and food arrangements during your stay in Spain. 
  • They follow the international curriculum and guidelines like CEFR (Common European Framework for References).

7. ITESKUL – Pune’s leading school for International Languages:

ITESKUL is a premier language training institute striving for more than 20years. They are the only examination centers in Pune to conduct ECL(European Consortium of Languages) language examinations.

They split up the course into six levels. They are

  • A1 level or Breakthrough or Beginner level
  • A2 level or Wastage or Elementary level
  • B1 level or Threshold or Intermediate level
  • B2 level or Vantage or upper intermediate level
  • C1 level or Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced level
  • C2 level or Mastery or Proficiency

The key benefits are:

  • They offer interactive training methodology with experienced faculty members and staff.
  • Comprehensive study material.
  • Flexible batch timings.
  • Certification from ITESKUL.
  • Small batch size to ensure thorough learning.
  • They also provide seminars and placement services.

8. Thrive Edge Classes Pune (Spanish Language Course in Pune)

Thrive Edge Center provides you with classroom training sessions for learning new foreign languages, including the Spanish language course in Pune.

The course splits into six levels.

  • A1 level or Beginner
  • A2 level or Elementary
  • B1 level or Intermediate
  • B2 level or Advanced
  • C1 level or Superior
  • C2 level or Proficiency

The key takeaways are:

  • They provide the best-in-class infrastructure with clean and organized classrooms.
  • They offer optimal batch sizes to ensure attention to the requirements of each student.
  • Technology-aided teaching.
  • Experienced teachers with subject knowledge.
  • They give personal coaching that includes counseling and last-minute doubt clearance. 

9. Kotwals Academy:

Kotwals Academy conducts customized training programs in Soft Skills and Foreign Languages, including Spanish for corporates, educational institutions, and individuals. 

They offer the course in four levels:

  • A1 level or Beginner
  • A2 level or Basic
  • B1 level or Intermediate
  • B2 level or Advanced

The key takeaways include:

  • Excellent and experienced trainers.
  • You can customize the course for business needs based on: 
    • Business domain-related vocabulary and constructs.
    • Fundamental vocabulary, greetings, simple sentences, and phrases for business travels and visits.
  • 100 % practical trainer.
  • International exam preparation.
  • International curriculum.
  • Comfortable class size.
  • Flexibility in time.
  • Free demo.
  • Audio-visual tools.
  • Certification from the institute.

10. Suchitra’s Foreign Languages:

Suchitra’s Foreign Languages center provides foreign language training for students and corporate aspirants, including the Spanish language course in Pune.

They offer the course in four levels :

  • Spanish Beginners A1
  • Spanish Elementary A2
  • Spanish Low Intermediate B1
  • Spanish Upper-Intermediate B2

The key benefits include:

  • Small batch size.
  • Expert guidance.
  • Flexible timing.
  • Experienced faculties.
  • Engaging and fascinating training methods.
  • They provide advanced teaching aids like -spacious classroom with a projector, printed academic data & notes, language movie shows, audio-video support, etc.

Bonus tip:

The Spanish language course in Pune consist of three categories. They are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Based on the institution’s curriculum, the categories are further classified as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc.

Beginner levels:

The beginner levels include A1 and A2 levels that comprise :

  • The fundamentals of the language
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Greetings and introduction in Spanish
  • Day-to-day frequently used sentences and phrases
  • Use of simple sentences.

Intermediate levels:

The intermediate levels include B1 and B2 levels that consist of:

  • Oral and written use of the fundamental language.
  • At the end of these levels, you can give explanations, reasons, and opinions using a combination of sentences.
  • You can talk and write about the experiences and events in everyday life.

Advanced levels:

The advanced levels include C1 and C2 levels. 

  • At the end of this level, you can understand complex sentences and recognize implicit meaning. 
  • You can express your thoughts spontaneously without searching for words and sentences. 
  • You can create clear, well-expressed, and detailed content on complex subjects.
  • You can understand the language without a hitch. You can interact in Spanish fluently.


The other options to learn Spanish include online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc. If you know English, learning Spanish is not hard as it shares a lot of common vocabulary. It is a phonetic language, making it easier and more enthusiastic to learn. 

Learning a new language is challenging to your brain, and it also helps to understand their cultures and lifestyles. You can also familiarize yourself with the films, music, arts & sports of a different culture.

From the career point of view, good command of the Spanish language opens numerous opportunities as it is spoken in 20+ countries worldwide. Learning Spanish is an additional feather in your cap, and it is a lot of FUN too.

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