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TOP 10 Spanish Courses in Chennai


Learning a new language enhances language skills in the native language. At the same time, it expands once perimeters.  After English,Spanish is concerned as the third most widely learned language . Spanish is an extremely prominent language. It is the sixth most widely uttered language in the nation. Spanish has increased a lot of significance as a means of worldwide communication. People from other nations have standardized a fascination for learning Spanish language courses.

Halo all! Spanish amigos are among the three most commonly used languages in Europe. The learning of a new language opens a new world and also unlocks unlimited job opportunities as a linguist, traveler, translator, in BPO’S, KPO’S and in the tourism and hospitality industry as well. If anyone looking to expand their business in Latin American countries or even planning to relocate overseas or want to heaven enriching experience visiting these countries.All we need to decide it clearly in mind as to why we learn the Spanish language. So, let’s dive into learning of Spanish language.  And let’s start talking about the Top 10 Spanish courses in Chennai.

1. Henry Harvin language Academy

Henry Harvin is the best among the top fine fastest growing companies in India in the Edutech sector in India. It is one of India’s premier, successful dedicated language academy which provides a detailed Spanish language course. This program is structured to help learners to grow their Spanish language skills. Henry Harvin crafted a Spanish language course for 8 months. The learners should develop a bright-eyed passion for the language and an integral part of their lives. Henry Harvin bestows a combination of theoretical and practical aspects embedded in every session and exercise to ensure effective language learning.

Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course online is among the exposure globally. It is the most engaging and live project. Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course has basics, intermediate and advanced levels. The course curriculum has been designed on the basis of DELE and SIELE.They have divided the course into six levels : A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,and C2.This course offers the learner abundant practice of the Spanish language with proficient native Spanish teachers. It also avails hands-on training in the language with live projects, internships. The learners learn grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary of the language and its culture and customs. The fee structure of the  Spanish course is 

A1- 8999/

A2- 8999/


B2- 12000/



This Spanish course is currently available online and in cities like New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

2. Sprachlingua 

Sprachlingua is a foreign language training and consulting company. sprachlingua was established to provide high-quality intensive training like fast track, crash courses for foreign languages. A sprachlingua approach is a bookless approach towards foreign language is unique and the first of its kind in India. sprachlingua identified a huge gap in the learning process and it optimized the gap. They encourage the learners to understand the basics to enhance their foundation in learning a language. They encourage the learners to understand the art of framing sentences. They encourage the learners to break the fear to start communicating in the respective language with confidence. They encourage the learners to learn a language for the sake of communication. They make language learning fun and interactive. Their main goal is to make the learner enjoy the task when the structure of a sentence framing is understood.

Sprachlingua has qualified and experienced trainers and they can assist and help the learners in the process of learning. Some trainers are citizens of their respective countries. They provide the learners with proper assessments at regular intervals to track their progress.

3 Seshaa linguatech

Seshaa linguatech bestows training in languages, Educational counseling, coaching for competitive exams, and outsourcing services in Anna Nagar.Seshaa started international languages like German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Their foreign languages are aligned to CEFR. They train their students in all the aspects of language learning such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Learning a foreign language to improve their language skills, develop confidence. By  Learning a foreign they can meet new people, discover new cultures, experiences and improve their employability. Seshaa’s qualified teachers are passionate about language teaching.

#4. Institutes of Spanish studies.

Institutes of Spanish studies are dedicated to teaching only the Spanish language. They love the Spanish language, literature, culture, and civilization and they want to create the same passion among the learners. They are proud to have the best teachers and trainers of the Spanish language in India with others. They give complete detail about the qualification, experience, and exposure of their expert trainers and teachers so that the learners could make informed decisions before they join their courses. 

Institute of Spanish studies India works in collaboration with the Institute of Spanish studies in Valencia, Spain. Their course follows the international curriculum and guidelines like CEFR. Their examination and syllabus have worldwide acceptance. They are truly international in nature and they help the learners in applying for education in foreign universities or employment in any company across the globe. Their internal assessments or regular tests also adhere to these guidelines which help us in ensuring the quality of education and services offered by us fulfill all the required parameters. Their aim is to distinguish and create a niche for the Spanish language in India. This unique course encourages the learners to learn the language in a short span of time and develop them into confident professional able to communicate and expresses themselves on a global platform. This institute is a dedicated institute by Indian and native Spanish experts, professionals, university teachers. They create passion towards the learners and encourage serious study of the Spanish language, culture, and civilization of Spanish speaking world, their history, and civilization. They currently offer the online mode also.   

5. English lab, Chennai.

English labs have been offering Spanish Language courses in Chennai. The main aim of English Labs has inculcated a global competence in its students through  Spanish coaching. They are able to communicate with effectiveness and efficiency. English Lab  Has constantly studied and understood the language needs of the world and accordingly it trains the students. They were rated as the No. 1 language in India by online 

6 Instituto Hispania 

Instituto Hispania’s mission is to lead the learners to achieve excellence in communicative competence. It provides a stimulating and interactive learning environment that contributes toward shaping cultured citizens with the power to transform communities by connecting people through language. Their vision is to empower the people within linguistic and unify. Instituto Hispanic creates opportunities for professional growth. Most of the teachers are recruited by the Institute on the basis of their excellent communicative proficiency. Instituto Hispania has outstanding performance in an international Spanish qualification. 

7. Le Lycee

Le Lycee aims to provide high-quality language training for kids, students, and professionals. The best great institution in Chennai. Its trainers were experts, working in the various corporate sectors. It has an unbeatable infrastructure and a friendly environment. The course is structured with the right blend of knowledge, technology, and expertise. It mainly focuses on conversational skills, understanding of language with lots of live examples. They provide training and placement atRBGS, Omega American International School, and Other Leading Schools. 

8. Let’s speak, Language training Academy.

The most awarded Foreign language Institution in Chennai is Let’s Speak. This high-rated institution is established in the year 2008. They have highly dedicated experienced trainers, both native and Indian trainers and they train the students at different levels. Their uniqueness lies in one to one teaching style. They motivate the students to be a confident individual. Their teaching methodology is syllabus-oriented. They focus on value-based education that provides 100% guaranteed results. Let’s speak bestows class with a goal that every student can reach a convenient timing. And they provide all seven days of class in order to benefit all students.

9. INaWORD  , Foreign language Institution center, Chennai.

INaWORD is a multi-lingual foreign language institute and started in 2000. Its aim is to impart high-quality language training to learners at different levels, from beginner to advanced. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. They set up their state -of -the art learning center in Adyar in the year 2004.INaWORD online, for foreign language learning courses launched in early 2020. Online courses enable them to make their courses available to people from all over the world.

On behalf of the Government of Spain’s Ministry for Education, culture, and sporting word was appointed as the official DELE examination center for Chennai. By the Instituto cervantes.Its focus is on improving conversational skills. Their classes are multi-disciplinary and they integrate the content from various sources to enrich the learner’s classroom experience.

10. Inlingua Chennai 

The main strategy of in lingua, Chennai is learning through speaking. They focus on writing and reading. They acquire language skills through examples and practice them. The teaching techniques are used to keep the learning atmosphere positive. The students were focused on the practical way which help them to improve their communication through presentations, role plays, creative thinking, and public speaking. inlingua online learning iol is a sophisticated blended learning solution. It is a collection of interactive multimedia activities.


Indians have a constant desire to upgrade their knowledge with new information. They have a keen eye on opportunities in foreign countries. They want to explore different cultures. Spain has always been one of the top destinations for work and also it gives enormous important ance for education and profession. so the number of people started to pursue the Spanish language in Chennai as well as all over the world.


  • I am appearing for the Spanish level A1 Diploma. This Spanish language course helps me to prepare better and it has boosted my confidence.

  • I benefited a lot from this Spanish course. The pause, pace, pitch, and emphasis in pronunciation are taught clearly.

  • The Spanish course changed my approach to the Spanish language. Now I am finding the language to be easy and interesting.

  • I would give a high five for this Spanish course class. Any non – native speaker can easily understand and learn with ease.

  • This online Spanish course was very well planned and laid out. I had ample time to complete all the modules. I never felt I was overloaded.

  • I have never seen an online course, to be this comfortable to use. This Spanish course was very convenient and the timing was appropriate for me to complete the course.

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