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Top 10 Spanish Language Courses Online with Fees and Jobs ( Exposed) in 2023

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Hola, ¿quieres aprender el idioma español? no te preocupes. Aquí tienes las soluciones.

Hello, do you want to learn the Spanish language? don’t worry. Here are the solutions.

 First, we want to clear your doubt that why you should learn this language? The Spanish language is positioned as the 2nd most persuasive language in the world. Spanish is among the three most commonly used languages in Europe and also provides spoken language in central and south America. In more than 20 countries, the Spanish language is spoken by people, thereby, making it the chosen language for over 500 million people.

The types of Spanish Language  courses offered in India

Spanish Language certificate courses

Spanish Language Diploma Courses

Spanish language Bachelor courses

Spanish Language PG courses 

These courses are based on the Spanish proficiency accredited by the Common European Framework of Reference ( CEFR) for languages.

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Top 10 Spanish language courses online

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy (Spanish language Course online)

Henry Harvin is ranked as the no. 1 institute for Spanish language courses online higher education digest. It aims to develop the interpersonal skills of the candidates. Its objective is to prepare candidates to update with current technology and demand language skills. These abilities are bestowed by activity situated learning arrangements by educated authorities who have broad industry experience. This language academy aims to generate 50000 employable languages professionals by 2030..

These are the levels for learning Spanish language courses at Henry Harvin language academy:

A1- The Beginners Level

This level helps the candidate to gain basic knowledge like basic phrases and common expressions used in the Spanish-speaking world.   

A2-The Upper Beginners Level

   At this level, candidates learn types of sentences and expressions related to the relevant areas. Learn to do simple communication.

    B1- The Intermediate Level

    Candidates gain Skills like writing, reading and, listening. Candidates can structure sentences in the Spanish Language.

   B2- The Upper Intermediate Level

   This level helps to learn extra about Spanish Dialects and Complex Texts. Candidates are now able to create long speeches in Spanish and explain their thoughts in Spanish.

    C1- The Advanced Level

 Candidates can identify the meaning of the long text in Spanish and can express ideas fluently in Spanish.

   C2- The Upper Advanced Level

 This level Helps the candidate understand everything heard and read easily. They can sum up data from various sources.

Benefits of Learning Spanish language online at Henry Harvin Language Academy

Once you have enrolled in Henry Harvin Language Academy for Spanish language courses online you can get Gold Membership Which will provide the below benefits:

  • Training – live Online interactive Classroom session
  • Projects – a privilege to provide projects in Spanish Language and implementation and, more.
  • Internship – Gain practical experience of the learnings
  • Certification – get a certification of Spanish language training course from henry Harvin, the government of India recognized and award-winning institute
  • Placement- 100% placement guarantee 
  • E-Learning access- video content and assessments, if you miss some online class, you go through LMS and revise it.
  • Boot camps – Provide Bootcamp service to brush up your skills for 12 months.
  • Hackathons – You can access free to # askhenry hackathons and competitions
  • Membership – you get 1-year gold membership of henry Harvin language academy for the Spanish language training course

 Henry Harvin  Course Duration and fees 

LEVELS Duration Fees 
A1 30 hours INR 9500
A2 30 hours INR 9500
B1 40 hours INR 12500
B2 40 hours INR 12500
C1 40 hours INR 15000
C2 40 hours INR 15000

Fees include all costs such as Training certification, Internship, Placement, Gold membership fee, Examination, LMS cost, and taxes.

Henry Harvin provides online  Spanish language course online across the globe.

Henry Harvin Language Academy also provides the following language course-

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily HuntUnited News of India, APN Live, Times Education

2. IITT Language Academy, Kolkata

The IITT Language Academy is a government-registered iso-certified organization that providing  Foreign Language Courses following CEFR levels. Expert trainers who have many years of experience in the language teaching field. The aim is to develop the skills of candidates. The designed study material of each course with research and analysis.

Helps students in the process of admission, counselling, and support. Students can get in touch with a counsellor 24*7by phone or email to solve any queries. Students give suggestions and feedback to improve the quality of training and infrastructure.

Explore more courses from IITT Language Academy in the future.

Learning methods

  • Online mode – students will be able to access their study materials from any device like mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer to link provided by the academy.
  • Regular Mode – learn a foreign language collaboratively with other students if you do not have time constraints in taking up a course.
  • Fast track Mode – you want to learn individually from the trainer at the center, this mode is for you. Class timings are flexible and less time, you complete your course compared to the regular model.

Benefits OF LEARNING Spanish language courses online   From  IITT LANGUAGE ACADEMY

  • Provide comprehensive study materials so you can grasp the language easily.  
  • Provide home assignments specially designed to improve your speaking, reading and, writing skills.
  • By getting professional training from the IITT Spanish language courses in India in Kolkata, you will be one step ahead in building your career, traveling, or pursuing higher studies.
  • Expert trainers teach you so your learning is easy and proficient.
  • You choose your comfortable day and time to learn the Spanish language.
  • You can get in touch with students’ support and available counselors 24*7 during the course.
  • IIIT Language Academy provides international certificates so you have career scope in any country across the globe.
  • 100% job assistance that helps you in your career prospects.

Course duration and fees

A1 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000
A2 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000
B1 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000
B2 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000
C1 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000
C2 48 hours INR 20000 INR 30000

IIIT Language academy provides Spanish language course online across the globe.

IIIT Language academy provides other language  courses such as;

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Korean

3. Excel Academy, Mumbai (Spanish Language Course online)

The main centers of these Spanish language courses are Malad and Andheri. This Spanish language class trains an average 80 students of each month. This academy follows common European framework levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Benefits of Learning Spanish language coursesaat Excel academy

  • Experienced  trainers
  • Limited group batches maximum four  to six
  • One to one classes
  • Get personal attention
  • Normal and fast track batches
  • Audio sessions designed for study material
  • Convenient class timing
  • Ac classroom 
  • Offer courses in reading, writing, and translational level.

Excel academy provides the Spanish language in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad,  Surat, Kochi, Vadodara.

The other courses provided by excel academy are;

  • English speaking
  • French
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Persian
  • Mandarin 

4. Instituto Hispania

This institute was incepted to remove language barriers, promote a global understanding, and bridge the gap between continents, the founder and director noticed in 1997 that India need a space where local citizens could expand their horizons through the Spanish language, so Spanish speaking people would come together to contribute and give something back to his country by promoting interculturality.

 This institute provides the Spanish language courses in India in the below manners.

 A1 Hispania Uno 70-hours

This is a basic-level certificate course. students learn basic grammatical structures and vocabulary. This is a 70-hour course. So you can complete in weekdays or weekends as per your comforts.

A 2.1 Hispania Dos 60 hours

This level course duration is 60 hours. this course is the next step of level a1 means you can learn new structures and vocabulary. You should do practice through oral interaction with your classmates.

A 2 Hispania Tres60 hours

At the end of this level, you complete the basic module. You know about past, present, and future tenses in the Spanish language.

B 1.1 Hispania Cuatro 60 hours

This course is called the beginning of the intermediate module. This course duration is 60 hours. At the end of this level, you will be able to do communicate more fluently.

B 1 Hispania Cinco 50 hours

This course is at a more advanced level. In the end, Students achieve more proficiency as per CEFR.

B 2.1 Hispania Seis 50 hours

. This course introduces specific topics and advances expressions and advanced use of grammar.

B 2 Hispania Seite 50 hours

After the completion of this level, You can speak more fluently and do presentations in the Spanish language. You can handle any situation in your daily life like formal or informal.

C 1 Hispania Ocho 70 hours

At the end of this course, You will be able to able to understand the topic at the workplace, at school, at home, or leisure time. You can follow radio or tv programs in the Spanish language.


  • The teacher staff is highly qualified, experienced, and good academic background.
  •  Accredited by the center of F.I.D.E.S.C.U and SIEFE, Instituto Hispania is qualified to lead D.I.E and SIELE International exams for learners who want to test their Spanish knowledge at the international level.
  • This institute provides one-to-one classes for tourism, business, and technical Spanish.
  • Being experienced as 20-year recruitment team hire new trainer by screening and strict evaluation of the candidate.

Course duration and Fees 

All the modules are required approx 50 to 60 hours for each level. The fees of each level are approx 15000 INR  plus taxes.

5. MAITRISE (Spanish Language Course Online)

The main office is in Delhi. The other branches are Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi. This is a French word for mastery and command. Their aim is to learners achieve both skills. It was started in 2008 and last 13 years, 7000 students trained from MAITRISE. this institute provides a free demo class, if you are happy with the trainer then you will pay and start the course.  According to CEFR, level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels course provided.

Benefits of learning Spanish Language Courses at MAITRISE

  • Native and certified faculties teach you.
  • Provide recordings for each class. So you can not miss the class.
  • Every week, all candidates and teachers meet online to have fun with the language. This institute is called a conversation party because they all watching movies, debate, or attend live city tours from teachers.
  • Registration validity is 2 years so once you join and you want to take a break, rejoin the course many times for 2 years.
  • You can take a demo class and meet the trainer. Search more about them and then join the course.
  • Provide job placement support after level B2.


These Spanish language course Online offer training in all levels beginners level – A1, A2; intermediate level – B1, B2; advanced levels –  C1, C2. They provide online classes across the globe.  They also provide offline classes. This institute’s main branch is in Bangalore and other branches are Banashankari, Marathalli, Jayanagar, Rajajinagar.


  • Best  qualify teachers
  • Customized syllabus
  • Flexible day and time
  • Small batch size
  • Brush up classes
  • Well equipped classrooms

Levels Course duration approx fees
A1 60 hours 13800 INR
A2 60 hours 13800 INR
B1 70 hours 18800 INR
B2 100 hours 28800 INR
C1 Hourly basis 1000 INR per hour
C2 hourly basis  1000 INR per hour

Apart from the Spanish language, they offer other language  courses,  such as:

  • French 
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Corporate foreign language training

7. BSL  BRITISH SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE INDIA (Spanish Language Course Online)

BSL has been involved in teaching foreign languages since 1971 so it is the ancient and best foreign language institute.BSL is the fastest growing brand name, offering services in the field of language training and IELTS Preparation This follows the CEFR, Below are the Levels of learning for Spanish Language Courses:

A1 Beginner

The learner can use common expressions and elementary phrases intended at the fulfillment of requirements of an actual type. The learner can understand some talk by person talks slowly and plainly.

 A2 Elementary

The candidate can comprehend sentences and often used expressions related to basic personal and household info. able to do direct conversation of info on familiar and routine matters. can describe themselves in simple terms.

B1 Threshold or Intermediate

Learners can able to explain dreams, expectations, etc. language hold on daily basis activities faced at office and college will be thought.

B2 Upper-intermediate level

Learners can do technical debates in their special field. can interact with native speakers without stress. You can explain problems and solutions at the end of this level.

C 1 Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced

Learners can recognize many challenges, lengthy scripts and identify implied meanings. Learners can present ideas naturally without much noticeable searching for expressions. You are now pro in the Spanish language so you can produce well-structured topics for organizational forms.

C2 Mastery or Proficiency

Learners can now read newspapers and heard radio programs and easily understand. Can express themself more precisely than before.


  • Nonstop 16 hours of back to back online Spanish classes
  • Cloud-based virtual classroom, LMS software, and mobile applications

Each level course fee is approx 12000 INR.

8. AE Academia De Espanol Mumbai

AE is an award-winning Spanish language school that offers the best services linked to the Spanish language courses online. Trainers who have passionate about education and native speakers of the Spanish language. The academic team stays updated on current best teaching practices and the latest teaching methods. The faculty is dynamic, open-minded, friendly, and motivated. Offer offline classes. This school also offers online Spanish courses for all levels of CEFR, students who live outside of Mumbai.


  • Flexible timing as per your choice
  • Well connected locations in Mumbai
  • Online classes who are outside of Mumbai
  • Follows CEFR and prepare study material as per this
  • Experienced faculties
  • Provide private training for students studying under IB, IGCSE, MYP at schools.

Course fee 

levels Approx fees (included tuition fee, access to the library, study material, exam fee, internationally accredited certificate)
A1 14000 INR
A2 14000 INR
B1 14000 INR
B2 18000 INR
C1 22000 INR
C2 22000 INR

Course duration

1 session per week-4 months

2 sessions per week- 3 months

3 sessions per week – 2 months

9. BHASHAPROFS. COM (Spanish Language Course Online)

The biggest and the most innovative language E-learning platform for Spanish language courses . This has tied up with top professors of industry and bring their online classes to your homes. Lectures are designed as curriculum by international curriculum bodies. So it’s very helpful for students preparing for the language certification exams. Bhashaprofs brings you the finest Spanish language courses as per your interest and level. This provides a course for beginners to a proficient level. lectures cover all aspects of language that you will learn Spanish in a friendly way. After completing the course, you will b able to speak, write and read the Spanish language in an easy way. Reputed Spanish trainers are taught our course

Course duration – 6 months

Total lectures – 153 

Price – 8400 INR

Other courses offer by Bhashaprofs are:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Chinese- mandarin
  • German
  • Korean
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

10. edX

edX offers basic Spanish language courses in online that you can take and learn online at your own home. If you want to learn Spanish for study, work abroad, and want an entrance to a foreign language, basic Spanish courses will help you. this provides a free online Spanish course from La Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in two terms.

First-term course -this course is seven weeks long and teaches basic conversational skills and verb conjugation. everyday phrases use for writing and speaking and know about the culture of Spain and Latin America.

Term two, four-week course. Teaches more advanced phrases and vocabulary. In this course, you learn Spanish jargon, language, articulation, sentence structure, new words to use in discussions. 


In today‘s increasingly independent and hyperconnected world, it has become essential for everyone to learn a foreign language. It can open doors for your future goals.

Advantages of learning the Spanish Language courses

  • Spanish is a global language. Spanish is spoken by 500 million people across the globe. It is the third most spoken language after English and mandarin in the world.
  • It is the most common language used on the internet among other foreign languages.
  • It is an official, national, or widely spoken language in 44 countries includes the united states.
  • If you plan to move to the USA, Spanish-language courses are important for your learning because, in many states like California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona major people use the Spanish language in daily life.
  • Numerous professional ways like the travel industry, unfamiliar help, interpretation, language coach, Journalism global business capability in spoken and composed Spanish can be significant resources.
  • You will go to Spanish countries in the future, knowing the language makes travel more meaningful for you.
  • Spain has produced famous painters, musicians, dance forms. So you know the Spanish language you enjoy Spanish music, dance, literature.
  • Many Spanish-speaking regions such as Latin America are seeking bilateral corporations in India. It is the major reason why learning Spanish is a significant value add to your resume.
  • You can explore endless career options and jobs after learning Spanish language courses online

If you are still unsure whether learning Spanish is worth it or not? Well, evidence suggests that it’s like an investment for your future.


Q.1 What is the oldest language on earth?

World’s oldest language is Sanskrit. It is called Devbhasha. All European languages seem inspired by Sanskrit. All the universities and educational institutes spread across the world consider Sanskrit as the most ancient language.

Q.2 Which foreign language is in demand?

The following languages are in demand:







  • can I get a job after learning Spanish?







After learning Spanish, you can work as a language specialist in the import and export industry.
You can find many jobs like BPO, KPO, MNC, and call centres since most of these BPO, KPO
come from the USA, Where Spanish is that the second most vital language.

Q. 4






  • Which languages are easiest to learn?







English, French, Spanish, Italian are the easiest languages to learn.

Q. 5






  •  Which language is most like Spanish?







The Portuguese language is similar to Spanish: Portuguese comes from Galicia in Northwest 
Spain. So it is considered the most similar language to Spanish.


  • I am happy to be part of this Spanish course. During this pandemic, I was engaged and I am proud to announce to the world that I have learned a new language.

  • The Spanish course changed my approach to the Spanish language. Now I am finding the language to be easy and interesting.

  • In this Spanish language course, each and every module is explained in a detailed way. They have differentiated activities too.

  • Thank you so much for making me super confident while conversing in Spanish. I will highly rate this Spanish language course.

  • Feeling so happy that I have chosen the right Spanish language course. After I have started these classes, I am getting the best marks in my college exam.

  • The Spanish language course has been planned in a very detailed manner. The lessons are explained using simple language, where we can follow them comfortably.

  • The Spanish course supported me in crafting the sentence structure. I won the third prize in the writing competition too.

  • I never knew Spanish could be learnt online. Great blog on Spanish Language Courses online. Gave me confidence to learn it online.

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  • I agree with Sonam. I too never felt a language could be learnt online. Thanks to your blog and Henry Harvin language academy. Learning Spanish online.

  • This Spanish course is cost-effective and is equally beneficial in developing speaking and writing skills.

  • As per my familiarity with this Spanish course, it is very well intended and learners will find it worthy to join it.

  • Each and every module in this Spanish language course is thoroughly explained. They also engage in activities that differ.

  • I’m excited to take this Spanish language course. I got engaged during this period, and I’m happy to say that I’ve picked up a new language.

  • This is really a beautiful blog on Spanish language course which is a significant city with lots of individuals interested in taking classes from reputable institutions.

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