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Top 10 Spanish Language Courses in Bangalore with Fees, Jobs and Class Details in 2023

If you want to learn and speak Spanish and impress everyone around you, then we’ve got the list of the Top 10 Spanish Language Courses in India to make it easy for you. If something goes wrong or not as per your expectations, you can at least feel safe as there are several options available to choose from.

Knowing Spanish has its perks – it can see you scoring a job in Europe and opening the doors to Colombia, Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries! We take a look at 10 of the best Spanish language courses in Bangalore. Whether you are heading to South America for work or want to grasp opportunities to interact with locals when you are on vacation, learning the country’s language is one of the best ways to enhance your experience. We understand that choosing a course can seem an arduous task, especially if the language has always eluded you. That’s why we have considered you in our choice of Top 10 Spanish Language Courses in Bangalore.

Whether you are in Bangalore or Mumbai, at Career Launcher, we offer the most comprehensive Spanish language course in the city. Our trainers are experienced and have taught at prestigious institutions of learning like Jain University, working with an array of students from diverse backgrounds. So whether you are a parent, want to enrich your child’s knowledge with Spanish, are planning to relocate abroad or simply planning an enriching experience visiting these countries – Spanish is something that ought to be on your checklist.

The CEFR is a standardized scale to measure language proficiency. Language learners are graded based on this six-level scale. A level 1, for example, is someone who can understand and respond in basic phrases and simple sentences. A level 3 can understand the main points of clear standard input with occasional mistakes in spontaneous speech and can also produce simple, coherent sentences. If you’re looking to take up a Spanish course, knowing about these levels will help you choose the best Spanish language course in Chennai for you, depending upon your goals.

Alright, let’s take a closer look. Let’s start with the certificate courses. The duration of these courses ranges from one semester to two years, and it can take them as a part-time or full-time course. These Spanish language courses cover the basics of understanding and speaking Spanish and teach you basic grammar lessons, too.

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy- Spanish Language Course in Bangalore

One of India’s premier, successful upskilling, training and development organizations, Henry Harvin Education has a dedicated language academy that offers a detailed Spanish language course. Over the years, more than 65000 students have been trained by the brand. Over the past two years, it has ranked Henry Harvin Education as the 76th best training institute in India. Henry Harvin Education offers a detailed Spanish language course in Bangalore. The program is designed to help learners grow their Spanish language skills, and the lesson contents are the same as those offered for other languages such as French or German.

Henry Harvin Education believes that they should teach the Spanish language to become an integral part of their lives. They should develop a healthy passion for the language, which is why we have crafted this 8-month course. We strive to create a balance between talking and writing. Within you, you will find a combination of theoretical and practical aspects embedded in every lesson and exercise to ensure effective language learning.

Learning a new language is all about total immersion in the language and the culture. Narayana IELTS offers an end-to-end solution for learning Spanish in Bangalore. They have designed the course curriculum keeping in mind the DELE and SIELE exams (Spanish-level proficiency tests). They have divided the course into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. 

Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course in Bangalore is among the most engaging, live projects and exposure to the global market. The course provides learners ample Spanish language practice with proficient, native Spanish teachers and can also avail hands-on training in the language with live projects, internships and many more. 

They offer the best Spanish language course in Bangalore at Henry Harvin Language Academy, spread over 3 locations. Proficient, native Spanish teachers conduct the classes. Through this course, one learns about the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the language and its culture and customs. Students also get the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills by working on live projects and internships provided by instructors.

The fees Structure of the course is as below:-

A1- 8999/-


B1- 12000/-

B2- 12000/-

C1- 15000/- 

C2- 15000/-

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, United News of India, APN Live, Times Education

2. Inlingua

Inlingua is a language training institution with branches in various locations in Bangalore. Learn German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin and 20 other languages. Inlingua is one of the world’s leading language training organizations, with its 300 centres in 35 countries teaching over 20 different languages for the last 50 years. At inlingua, you can learn German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin and 20 other languages!

Learning a language is an essential part of your journey to travel, business or study abroad. Inlingua is the official language training centre of the Bangalore International Airport, so you can be sure that your language training will help you understand and communicate with people in the region you are visiting.

Inlingua has been imparting Spanish language training in Bangalore for the past twenty years. Inlingua is one of the best Spanish language training institutes as it makes use of interactive and communicative methods to teach students as per their needs. For those who wish to pursue their career as a Spanish Translator or Interpreter, Inlingua offers a certificate program in Spanish Translation and Interpretation Studies.

They have training of all the six levels as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. They have their weekend and weekday batches you can choose from according to your convenience.

3. Instituto Hispania -Spanish Language Course in Bangalore

Instituto Hispania is a Spanish language school specializing in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. They also provide online Spanish courses and offer customized courses to suit the needs and requirements of people and businesses travelling abroad. The institutes’ teachers are mostly native speakers from Spain, while an experienced international teacher at Instituto Hispania itself has developed the course content. Since its foundation, Institute Hispania has trained thousands of students through its classes, structured programs, or corporate training. Students at Instituto Hispania have also appeared in Telesur exams with excellent.

Discover a world of travel and a great way to a whole new culture with Spanish classes. Spanish is a popularly learnt language in Bangalore. Instituto Hispania is one of the BEST institutes offering a solid foundation in learning spoken and written skills. It’s been 20 years of providing quality language education in the city.

Instituto Hispania provides Spanish courses in India. It also organizes events such as parties and concerts to help you learn Spanish in a fun way. The institute offers one-on-one classes, weekend crash courses and much more.

Instituto Hispania, the only Spanish School of its kind in Bangalore, offers Spanish classes for students and individuals at all proficiency levels. Also, it offers an exclusive school program for kids. Instituto Hispania holds certification from different language proficiency examinations such as DELE and D.I.E.

4. Institute of Foreign Languages and Culture

e Institute of Foreign Language & Culture, Bangalore, is accredited by the Government of Karnataka to conduct the Italian Language Program. The IFLAC was established in 1992. It is a private venture, a non-profit organization that imparts foreign language training to expatriates and locals alike

With their diverse portfolio of Spanish courses, you can now learn to speak Spanish in Bangalore with IFLAC! Learn quickly and effortlessly the fundamentals of the language with three levels available to suit your needs. IFLAC also offers special courses for professionals who wish to broaden their skill sets for those looking to expand their knowledge.

The Spanish language courses at IFLAC Bangalore include a thorough linguistic curriculum and a special focus on Hispanic culture, history and geography. To help you gain confidence in the language, the school organizes things to Hispanic bars, restaurants, movies and clubs in Bangalore City.

IFLAC is a sincere effort of a few people who have been engaged in teaching languages for more than twenty-five years. They conduct our courses from the premises of IFLAC located on Cunningham Road, Bangalore. The institute is a keen participant in community activities and takes an active part in society’s cultural and moral rejuvenation.

5.FluenC – Spanish Language Course in Bangalore

FluenC — Foreign Language Institute in Bangalore is the best language centre for learning Spanish in Bangalore and has been recognized as one of the top 10 language institutes in Bangalore. Our Spanish language courses in Bangalore institute delivers quality and purposeful education to adults and children, working executives and executives. FluenC, the Foreign Language Institute in Bangalore, offers Spanish classes in a well-structured setting. The director, Mr Ignacio Gómez Rodicio, and assistant director Pablo Ruiz De-Santaella monitor the students’ progress by attending every class and proactively correcting the mistakes made by the students. The institute’s friendly and flexible atmosphere and personal attention make it an ideal location for anyone interested in learning a language.

They aim to provide quality foreign language training in Bangalore at affordable prices. FluenC focuses on meeting the needs of students by offering customized classes in their native languages, starting from individualized lessons to group sessions.

FluenC has been an integral part of the language education sector in India, offering courses in language, literature, translation, interpretation, linguistics, phonetics and much more. With a strong focus on building interpersonal skills, fluent offers courses in foreign languages to students with little or no exposure to the target language.

You will quickly find that learning languages comes naturally to you. FluenC immerses students in the language first using real-life situations to build conversation skills using an innovative approach. More important still, the centre requires all students to take German, French or Spanish proficiency exams. This step makes fluency achievable for all our students.

6. Inventateq

Learn Spanish in 6 weeks with InventaTeq’s unique training program. Our instructors are native speakers of the language, so that you will learn it with the best teachers possible! We have different levels designed to meet your schedule and goals, so come in and let us help you speak and understand Spanish.

InventaTeq Spanish Language Training Institute in Bangalore helps make learning Spanish easy and fun. Whether you want to speak Spanish in international business meetings, fall in love with a Latin lover, find an apartment in Spain or make the most of your travels to Latin America, InventaTeq can help. We offer flexible class schedules and a range of levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Whether you want to take a trip to Spain, find a job that requires Spanish, or would like to learn a fun language, InventaTeq’s Spanish courses in Bangalore has been designed to keep you in mind. With a team of expert trainers who have experience teaching Spanish for over 15 years, our Spanish Course in Bangalore is one of the best Spanish Language Courses in Bangalore.

7. Institute of Spanish Studies -Spanish Language Course in Bangalore

If you want to learn Spanish, you need to join the best Spanish language school in Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and other cities of India. The Institute of Spanish Studies provides complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the Spanish language. Our guests have imparted training on the following modules, which helps them get an insight into the world of the Spanish language. 

The Institute of Spanish Studies is one of the best places to learn Spanish in Bangalore. We are among the top 10 Spanish language courses in Bangalore due to our excellent teaching methods, expert trainers and teachers, well-equipped library, and experienced management team.

The Institute of Spanish Studies should be your destination. The institute is one of the best places to learn Spanish in Bangalore. The institute has expert trainers and qualified, experienced and well-versed in different aspects of the language. With the basics of Spanish under their belts, students will be able to expand their language skills further, continue learning Spanish at school; and, confidently engage with individuals of Spanish-speaking identity in an everyday setting. After completing the course, students can communicate effectively in situations of immediate basic needs through the Spanish language by performing simple tasks.

8. Lets Talk

Let’s Talk, a new and unique course on the most widely spoken language in the world. This package includes a rich collection of 24 learning lessons to help you explore various topics from the Spanish language study guide. Accompanied by two separate assessments, they will continuously assess your performance, and you will have a chance to evaluate your progression from basic knowledge of the Spanish language to advanced level course.

It is an interactive Spanish language course in Bangalore that will help you learn Spanish efficiently by emphasizing the three key areas of reading, writing and speaking. It contains crucial grammar points which will enhance your knowledge of verbs, sentence structure and vocabulary.

They designed this course to help you learn & understand the basics of Spanish as a foreign language. The content and activities in the course will help you learn and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and widen your knowledge on sentence structure, verb formation, and the use of vocabulary. Let’s Talk is part of the Open Learning Initiative courses specially designed for today’s students. The course follows an interesting and interactive format that will help you learn Spanish quickly and easily!

9. Langecole -Spanish language course in Bangalore

A leading brand in Spanish training courses in India, Langecole offers extensive training in all six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Our class is designed to follow the institution prescribed guidelines on using the Spanish Language for International Communication. Langecole has grown to become a trustworthy name in the industry and is preferred by customers over other brands.

Experience the tuition from a highly qualified Spanish language teacher ready to provide you with the right training to start learning from scratch to get to your maximum level in the Spanish language. Aimed at providing you with the experience of a Spanish tutor, our trainer in Bangalore offers various levels of courses. The course brings you in contact with a native speaker in a very active and motivating environment.

10. CLIC- Centro De Lenguas E Intercambio Cultural

CLIC-Centro De Lengua E Intercambio Cultural is a Spanish language school in Bangalore, India, with students worldwide. Our institute provides the best quality of learning in Bangalore with a native level environment in classes. They customize classes according to the need of students, hours/times are flexible to suit the busy schedules.

Clic: Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural is a Spanish language centre for training Spanish and cultural exchange in Bangalore and surrounding areas. It is an initiative of a group of enthusiasts whose main concern is to make learning the Spanish language fun and rewarding.CLIC organizes Spanish language courses in Bangalore, India. The institute has gained fame for teaching the Spanish Language to foreigners in an understated yet clear manner. They conduct classes through BPP (British Professional Partners), which helps students learn the magical sound of the Spanish language.



Learning a foreign language in a country inhabited by a different ethnic population would help you connect with them better and prepare yourself to better face the challenges of intercultural communication in general. It might be unclear to any learner if they’re studying this language without the help of translation programs. That’s why we at Verified Market Research provide you with all the data that would help you make wiser decisions while choosing an online Spanish course.

The passage of time is constantly evolving the language landscape in Bangalore. The growing influence of Spanish in the globalized markets has resulted in its high popularity, hand in hand with other international languages. They saw the same impact when American English overtook British English in India in the early decades after independence. Business executives had benefited greatly from this change, adapting to the language demands that served them well when communicating. This similar phenomenon can be experienced by anyone aspiring to lead in their respective field, which is why learning Spanish will help you to carve out a niche for yourself within your industry.

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Q1 How can we spell our name in Spanish?

Ans- You can say ‘Me llamo,’ which means My name is? 

Q2 What is SIELE about?

Ans -SIELE is a Spanish Proficiency Exam. It is an international exam that validates the level of Spanish in an individual. They target it at people seeking career advancement in fields in which Spanish language skills are essential. To be eligible to take the SIELE examination, candidates must have Native or Full Professional Proficiency in the Spanish Language.

Q3 What is the first thing to learn while learning Spanish?

Ans- You need to build and improve your vocabu

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