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 Top 12 Instructional Design Courses Online 

Find the right  Instructional Design Course to boost your career

Do you want to increase your professional growth or are you happy with your career pace? Instructional Design Course will help you in your career development. Creating modern learning experiences is the need of today’s fast-paced world. This course guides you in modern design thinking. It is based on research outcomes for planning and designing effective study materials. This support the attainment of new knowledge and skills. In addition, it is a planned set of instructions that will bring a desired set of outcomes. Moreover, this course can accelerate your career in education, training, or many other corporate sectors. And this Online Course offers a varied range of programs. Therefore your work experience and knowledge will determine if you want to join a bachelor’s or a Master’s course.

Instructional Design for a new generation.

According to requirements here is a guide to choosing the top Instructional Design Courses Online.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin's Instructional design Course

Henry Harvin is an award-winning Institute and its Instructional Design Course is designed by subject experts. Remarkably it is one of the leading Institutes that has ranked among the top 3 courses in the field of Instructional Design. As well as this course is designed in a planned manner. It gives one mastery in recognizing learning goals, conducting information process analysis, and developing learning objectives to be a professional Instructional Design Specialist. Besides, the certificate received is recognized globally. 

Reasons to join Instructional Design Course Online

  • The Course offers 9 in 1 package.
  • Trainers are certified, Industry experts.
  • Can attend any number of batches for the next year without any extra cost.
  • 12 live projects you can undertake.
  • Guaranteed Internship for a practical learning experience.
  • The certificate is recognized by Govt. of India.
  • 100% Job Assistance for 1 Year post successful completion.
  • E-learning assistance of various tools and video content.
  • Weekly Bootcamps to enhance your skills.
  • Free access to Hackathons and Competition.
  • One-year Gold Membership.

Benefits of the Curriculum

  • Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course Online will help you to increase your worth. The course will definitely give you an edge in the field of Education as well as many corporate sectors.
  • The course will help you to gain higher positions in the field.
  • Become efficient in creating course-related and training materials.
  • Acquire the deep knowledge required to become a professional Instructional Design Specialist.
Course  Fees

Fees- Rs 15000, EMI option available

Instructional Design Course available in other cities like

Other Popular Courses of Henry Harvin

  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Research Writing Course
  • Adobe Captivate Course

2. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform of training by real Industry experts and their resources are up-to-date. Also, it provides you with technological and creative skills to attain your personal and professional goals.

Highlights of LinkedIn Learning Instructional Design Course Online

  • Learn about the Design Model
  •  Making Video Training
  • Measuring the effectiveness of learning
  • Knowledge of SMEs
  • Get a badge of completion for your Linkedin Profile after completion of the course.

 Course Fees

One-month free trial and after that Rs 2400/Month to access.

Suitable For

People who have an active Linkedin Profile got a Linkedin Learning Subscription and designers who want to get trained by Corporate Instructional Designers.

3. Instructional Design Foundation by Coursera 

This online Course from the University of Illinois covers the conceptual and theoretical foundation of Instructional design. Especially, this course is designed to solve performance problems in organizations. 

Highlights of the Course

  • The duration of the Course is 4 week
  • Solutions are taught to solve the performance-based problems of an organization.
  • Well-paced course, continuity between topics for better understanding.
  • Fees: Rs 4700/ Month with Coursera plus subscription

Suitable For

Newbies in Industry can grasp the concepts and theories well.

3. Udemy  Course- Instructional Design Pro Part 1

Udemy Course is among the top-rated course that helps you become a better instructor. Moreover, the Course teaches you in detail about all the aspects of Instruction Design. Also, it helps you to design a training plan that ensures behavioral change and improvement in learning.

Highlights of course

  • This Course is a self-paced on-demand class.
  • Trained by Jason Teteak, the founder and CEO of Rule the Room Train the Trainer.
  • Focuses more on practical skills than on theory-based learning.
  • Get all-around knowledge about how to teach efficiently.

 Course Fees

Fees- Rs 7600

Suitable For

Trainers who love making their own design materials and want real practical knowledge about this.

4. Intro to Instructional Design by Skillshare 

Skillshare course gives you a wide range of techniques and skills to take your teaching level to a higher phase. Besides, it also equips you with materials to teach someone efficiently.

Learn the step-by-step process to properly create eLearning content.

Highlights of the Course

  • Fees are Rs 1200/Month and discounted prices available for an annual plan.
  • Duration 48 hours expanding for 2 hours.
  • Trained by award-winning Instructional Designer John Hinchliffe
  • Guidance is given to avoid errors while designing online courses.
  • How to optimize the student learning process.

Suitable For

People looking for standardized Instructional Design courses Online.

5.  Instructional Design and Technology Micromasters by edX

edX Courses explore emerging learning theories to create engaging Instruction designs. In addition, this Course helps you to develop and publish online courses using the edX platform. 

Highlights of the Course

  • The duration of the course is 32 weeks and it is an instructor-led course.
  • The course is offered by Maryland University College.
  • The lectures of the classes are given by Maryland University professors.
  • The courses are graduate level.
  • Learn contemporary learning experiences to create online learning experiences.

Course Fees

Rs 85,949 for full programme 

Suitable For

The Course is beneficial for those who are looking for a structured course that applies the latest learning theories for online learning experiences.

6. Introduction to Instructional Design by Harvard

Harvard course uses a project-based approach to fill the gap in learning through a series of design programs. This course helps to understand how technology is used to manage their learning.

Highlights of the Course

  •  The course duration is 15 weeks.
  • Course fees are $1,700
  • Instructor-led course with six live projects.
  • Metacognition is learned as a learning process.
  • The course is offered in selected semesters and not provided on demand.

Suitable For

People who want to gather experience along with others on academic projects will get that facility.

7. IDOL 

IDOL courses encompass every detail of Instructional Design and eLearning. Moreover, this course helps you to build your career from scratch.

Highlights of IDOL Instructional Design Course

  • The course is for 8 weeks.
  • The course is created by Robin Sargent.
  • Projects are reviewed by former graduates and fellow subject matter experts.
  • Weekly Mentor Group Sessions
  • Create a Portfolio with real-life Projects
  • The IDOL Courses provide four-level credentials which are assets for your career. 
  • Course fees  $1497

Suitable For

This program fits anyone who is looking for entering to Instructional Design field.


OPEN LEARNING is a free-to-enroll program. Furthermore, the course is certified by Open Learning Limited.

Highlights of OPEN LEARNING Instructional Design Program

  • The duration of the course is 15 hours.
  • Free Enrollment 
  • The course timings are flexible.
  • Develop your own Instructional design Project
  • Certificate Fee is-Rs 3195 

Suitable For

The course is suitable for beginners. People who are looking for training materials can join the course.

9. ATD certificate in Instructional Design

ATD Instructional Design courses are specially designed for experienced professionals. It provides a step-by-step process that you can apply in your own training modules. Moreover, the course teaches you the latest best practice applicable in the industry.

Highlights of the Course

  • The program consists of 10 modules.
  • Access to previous batch assessments
  • Full-day live online sessions are available.
  • Active Participation is required to get credits
  • In-depth lesson plans
  • Course Fees: $1945

    Suitable for

ATD course online is suitable for those who want a piece of comprehensive information about Instructional Design. Thus, people who are looking for a professional certificate in Instructional Design.

10. George Washington University

 George Washington University provides Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. In addition, the University provides 18 credit graduate certificates. This Course Online is one of its kind in the US.

Highlights of this Instructional Design Course Online

  • The certificate in Instructional Design Course has 18 credit hours.
  • The course duration is 1.5 years.
  • Letters of recommendation are required.
  • An online application is needed.

Suitable For

People who are looking to meet their organization’s learning needs in a well-designed manner can go for this Instructional Design Course Online.

11. Georgia University

The University of Georgia’s Instructional Design Course and eLearning certificate will provide you with a promising career boost. The certificate will definitely help you in the advancement of your career.

Highlights of Instructional Design Course

  • The duration of the course is 60 hours.
  • The cost of the course is $799
  • Along with Computer- Based Training students also get hands-on experience in design creation.
  • Most widely used practices in Instructional Design are taught.

Suitable For

People who are looking to open up new avenues in their career can opt for this Instructional Design Course online. Surely, the certificate can meet the requirement of industry needs and help to climb the ladder of growth. 

12. Northeastern University

This Instructional Design Course helps one to face the challenges faced by one in the industry. Additionally, the Master Degree in eLearning and Instructional Design Course adopts a research-driven model. It gives innovative thinking to face modern-day challenges.

Highlights of Instructional Design Course

  • Eligibility criteria, any level can apply.
  • The duration of the Course is 2 years.
  • The fees are $27.9 K
  • Courseware consists of both foundation and advanced-level design materials.
  • Get a specific badge in every design-related course.
  • Connect with a network of students, alumni, and industry experts.
  • The accreditation is of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

Suitable For

People looking for world-class academics with professional experience. And to add up it gives you a transformative experience with countless opportunities for career growth.

Why Instructional Design

Now let’s delve into important concepts of Instructional Design, before choosing any Course Online. Basically ,a person who becomes a certified Instructional Designer can recognize the problem and bring out the best possible way. As a result ,Instructional Designers can bridge the gap between need and requirement. 

 Benefits of Instructional Design Course

Instructional Design

1. Result Driven

   The Instructional Design Course ensures to bring positive results in the learning requirements. 

2. Make one Digital Expert  

Instructional Designers pave a platform for eLearning. Therefore,  Learners with accessibility issues too can join. 

3. Bridges Gap

 Instructional Design helps to overcome the problems in learning through innovative design models. One does not need to stick to traditional methods and thus it helps to fill the gap which arises due to the limited traditional approach.

4. Student Centric 

Instructional Designer Course focuses on the learner’s abilities and is designed to solve workplace problems.

5. Improved Thinking Ability

   Instructional Designer Course can help one to understand the intrigues of the human mind. Without a doubt how the human brain functions in problem-solving are always interesting. Moreover, the quest for knowledge in a human being is always there and this course satisfies this by providing the required tools. People learn a lot by solving problems and making customized solutions. Thus you can learn how people process information. 

6. Earn a handsome Income

This course can land you in getting high-paying jobs. As a result, with your vast knowledge and expertise, you can reach a great hierarchy in jobs.

7. Link with like-minded ID Professionals

You can share your experiences and knowledge with other professionals and play an active role in enriching others in this field. Thus one can have the opportunity to learn and grow.

       Instructional Designers’ Requirements in various Industry

  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Training
  • Govt. Departments

Job Titles in Instruction Design

  • Curriculum Designer
  • eLearning Developer
  • Media Specialist
  • Authoring Specialist
  • Learning Management Specialist

Skills required to become an Instructional Designer

Technology Skills

Instructional Design Course provides you with the required skills in technology. Overall the Instructional Designer Course helps you to stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology. Along with this, the course deals with learning management systems, Project Management, and others. Hence it makes you an efficient in the field.

Analytical Skills

Instructional Designer professionals can analyze the teaching effectiveness by different models.

Time Management

Instructional Designers must learn to meet deadlines to enhance the learning experience.


Creativity is an essential skill to keep you ahead of learning requirements. Therefore, the Course trains you to make great stuff out of any simple process.


Instructional Designers are always ready to embrace any new events. As a result they are adaptable to every need. Above all they should be fast to react and bring solutions to keep everything on track.


Effective communication is required to understand the need of their clients and quickly find ways.


Ability to work as a team and help each other to maximize productivity.

Multimedia Design

Knowledge of web, graphic, and multimedia designs is crucial for the Instructional Designer Course. Multimedia is important in preparing learning designs.

Project Management

Instructional Design Course requires knowledge of Project Management. Especially skills like negotiating and leadership come under project management to handle everything efficiently.

Teaching and Training

Teaching and training are integral parts of giving presentations.

 Work of an Instructional Designer 

The Instructional Designer Course Online enables you to create new learning experiences. To understand the work we need to look at the various phases of Instructional Design.

1. Analysis

Instructional Designers first of all require a need assessment to determine the instructional goals and learning objectives for the project at hand. Hence the Designer through this step will get a clear understanding of the project.

2. Design

The most crucial phase of  Instructional Designing. The Design part consists of the following.

a. Set an Instructional Goal:

What is the goal of the design making, you need to set up in this phase? Whether it is cognitive, emotional, behavioral, attitude-based, emotional, etc it needs to be decided.

b. Establish Key Learning Objectives:

Instructional Designer Course helps you to develop strategies to measure the success of the program. And you need to break the goals into learning objectives to execute the program nicely.

c. Work with SMEs

The Subject Matter Experts help you to develop the relevant content according to the need of the learner. In fact, SMEs can provide you with deep insights based on their knowledge to create specialized designs.

3. Development phase

Based on all the information gathered, this phase requires the development of ideas into reality. Therefore this can be referred to as the creation phase. So many important decisions need to be taken at this phase. This phase tells in detail about the materials required to build the designs. It also decides on the technology. Technology is needed to fulfill the needs of the learning goals. Also, the evaluation system is decided in this phase.

4. Implementation Phase

It is one of the important phases as it converts the planning done till now into reality. All the procedures to follow will be given to the learners. Moreover, the training part is also carried out in this phase.

5. Evaluation Phase

This is the final phase of designing. Therefore, evaluating the whole process is very important. Altogether two types of evaluation are carried out in this phase- 

Formative Evaluation

This review process is done internally to check all the required parameters. Besides any correction required for future improvement is marked at this stage.

Summative Evaluation

This evaluation is done to come to an overall conclusion about the effectiveness of the whole process. Moreover, data is gathered to evaluate the whole course as a whole.

 Important Instructional Design Models

    Instructional Designers are responsible for making evidence-based design models. Evidence-based designs create effective and captivating learning experiences. Now let’s have a look at the most important Instructional Design Models and also try to understand them.

1. ADDIE Model:

Importance of the Model

ADDIE stands for analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. It is the most used and common design model.

2. Backward Design/ Understanding by Design(UbD)

Importance of the Model

UbD model is based on the ideology of cognitive psychology.


Stage One

Identify desired results- Identify the long-term performance goal. Simultaneously this stage requires examining all the requirements to carry out the project.

Stage Two

This stage gathers assessment evidence. Mainly the assessment is of two types based on performance and other evidence. It should be noted that quizzes and questionnaires are used in this stage.

Stage Three

Planning of learning experiences and instruction are there in this stage. In this case, proper planning is done to carry out the desired goals identified in the first stage.

3. Design Thinking Model

Importance of the Model

This Model is a solution-based model that caters to all the problems faced by learners. Furthermore, the designer addresses the problem and gives a solution accordingly.


Stage One-  Empathize

It helps the designer to think more efficiently about the learner’s needs without focussing much on the theoretical part.

Stage Two- Ideate

Bringing new Techniques to solve the identified problems.

Stage Three-Prototype

To create various sub-designs to bring out the best solution.

Stage Four-  Test

This phase put to test the model designed to look for its efficiency. Importantly it can test the understanding of the learners. Therefore whatever change is needed can be done at this stage.

4. Fink’s Significant Learning Model

Importance of the model

  Fink’s model believes that the success of the design shows a change in learner for betterment. To explain it is a non-linear model that points out the category that impacts the learner.


a. Foundational Knowledge-

To develops a working knowledge of various skills to gain.

b. Application-

To know how to apply the knowledge in the learning process.

c. Integration-

To understand the relationship between various categories.

d. Human Dimension-

To find the relationship between people and information.

e. Caring-

To build relationships based on personal attention for better learning.

f. Learning how to Read-

To determine the qualities of learners based on the human outcomes.

5. ARCS Model

Importance of the Model

ARCS Model is a problem-solving model to solve the requisites of the learner. ARCS stands for –


The learner is given various activities to find their specific needs.


The learner’s previous experience is used to design a program. This experience will hold relevance to the learner’s future.


It helps learners understand their inner potential and thus increase their confidence. Thus, they can understand the importance of success and get motivated to get it.


Learners will be given various reward systems to get motivation by praise.


Till now we discussed the top Instructional Design Courses Online and the basics of the course. But you must be thinking, what will be the future scope of the course. The future of this course is huge and promising. Moreover, with the advancement of eLearning platforms, there is a huge demand for this Course Online. Nowadays, tailor-made solutions to clients is in demand. This Course is undoubtedly a promising career option to choose. People who are looking for Instructional Design Course Online should consider all the points before entering this field. Thus a proper understanding of the subject is required to get success in the field. To conclude if you want to excel in this field get the Instructional Design Course Online that suits your requirement.

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1. I am a teacher. How can Instructional Design Course online help me to get a good package?

Ans: Instructional Design Course will definitely increase your pay package. It will upgrade your skills that are used in the Educational Institutes. 

2. I have done graduation in Arts. Is Instructional Design Course a good option for me?

Ans: Instructional Design Course can shape your career and give it a direction.  Therefore you can join many fields that require Instructional Designs.

3. Can you tell me the minimum qualification to join Instructional Design Course?

Ans: For Bachelor’s Course, a Twelfth pass is required and for the Master’s Course bachelor’s degree is required.

4. How I can get success in Instructional Design Field?

Ans: The Instructional designer Course will help you to excel in Education or Training Field. With an increased demand for online learning, the options are manifold. 

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