Top 10 Operation Theatre Technician (OTT) Courses in Yamuna Vihar


 Since the primitive period of human life, our predecessors tried to save their lives from different diseases. Through their observation of nature, they invented medicine from herbs At the same time they realized the necessity of surgery. In ancient Greece, medical science was developed. Even today after completion of study medical students take the Hippocratic oath before the entrance of their medical practice life. In ancient India, the famous physician Shushurata(6th Century B.C.) wrote a book named Sushruta Samhita where he discussed 1,100 diseases and surgery. In middle-aged Arab medical science developed at a high peak and from the 16th Century modern medical science developed gradually. From the early 19th Century, paramedics became important in the field of medical science and now in the age of technology, it becomes an integral part of medical practice, Technology, and medical knowledge are complementary to each other. 


        The Bachelor of Operation Theater Technology is a 3 Year Under Graduate Course offered by the School of Allied Health Sciences. Brain Ware University is one of the best Universities in Jamuna Vihar proposing the Operation Theatre Technology program. It is made to prepare Health Care professionals to become Operation Theater Technologists involving direct and indirect patient care, equipment set up, and operation procedures through huge hospital tie-up. Students are exposed to extended sessions of hands-on training under the guidance of health care professionals. Intensely pre-placement training is offered right from day 1. Such students are employed at the end. There is the following scope for the courses – Pathology, Medicine, Principles of Anesthesia, the Basic procedure of Anesthesia, Basic Surgical procedures, CSSDprocedures, Advance Anesthetic Techquine, Basic Intensiv Care, Electronics Technology in Surgery, Basic Administration and equipment maintenance, OTT Directed Clinical Education.Top10 OTT Courses in Jamuna Vihar is very relevant and very lucrative for future prospect.

1. Henry Harvin

.These additional paramedical courses will help you to be equipped for certification in a specific domain. It will enhance your skills and confidence. You will see why Henry Harvin courses are not only one of the best paramedical institutes in Jamuna Viharbut also all over India.

Henry Harvin offers a total of 5 Paramedical Courses namely

  • Emergency Medical Technician Course.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Course.
  • Operation Theater Technician Course.
  • X-ray Technician Course.
  • CPR First Aid Course.

Trainers at Henry Harvin.

  • Trainers with a minimum of 12 years of industry experience and global certification.
  • Expertise in the topics as well as extensive teaching experience having advised 977+ people worldwide.

2. Institute of Paramedical Science –

The institute is also known as IMPS. It is recognized by UGC DEC Govt. of India MHRD New Delhi. Paramedical courses are offered to students who have successfully completed their 10th,12th, Graduate, and Post Graduate levels.IPSM  offers lab classes and placement assistance. 

3. Life Care Institution

     Life Care Institutions are leading paramedical and health care coaching centers near Jamuna Vihar. Offers students wholesome guidance and requires step-by-step practices. It exhibits professionalism in providing the latest Auxiliary Nursing and Mitwafary Diploma Certification courses. It helps train women in childbirth, pregnancy, and maternity support.

4. Ashray Institute of Paramedical Sciences

    It provides advisory and customary services for Medical, Dental, Paramedical, and Pharmacy courses. It offers its course through Diploma, Advance Diploma, and Bachelor courses. Moreover, a total of 7 courses are offered which include a Phlebotomy Technician course a6 months course

5. Smart Academy

Tech Mahindra Foundation’s Smart Academy offers core courses in its paramedical institute located in Delhi, Mohali, Pune, and Mumbai. Indeed all these courses are certified by the health care skill council. Similarly, the institute prepares students with equipped tools and medical care though it has its regular course was. 

6. Atharv Institute of Allied Health Sciences

AIAHS is well known for providing service-oriented health care courses. Obviously govt.  the recognized institution was established in 2016. All are well equipped in the paramedical domain aspiring to grow in their particular sector likewise assisting in childbirth, general eye checkup, EEG, EMG, and medical 


7. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute.

The main purpose of DPMI is progress in paramedical health education. In order to achieve this, it is providing quality education with an updated program benefiting students to imagine in a positive way and finally, general well-trained faculty.It offers operation theater technology, medical lab technology, paramedical technology.

8. Impact Paramedical and Health Institute

Impact paramedical and Health Institute (IPHI) offers all the certificate degree diploma courses by its own infrastructure. It also trains students in a variety of paramedical courses and programs

9. Cradle Institute of Paramedical Science.

With advanced infrastructure, high-tech laboratories, supported with library and determined faculty are the parameters of the quality training services. It is recognized under the SR Act of XXI of 1860 with the Govt. of Delhi as a nonprofit organization since 2006. Furthermore, Diploma and Certificate Course are being imparted in the institute provides 100% placement assistance to all their students. Student’s behavior and their development are the priorities of the institution.

Jamuna Vihar in Delhi

Jamuna Vihar is a posh locality and it is the Northern part of Delhi. It is surrounded by the Directorate of Education and part of a major educational hub in Delhi. A center for paramedical science and research autonomous organization under the intellectual society of India in New Delhi is established. In order to develop in the paramedical field CPSR to give all support and engagement to the students. In 2020-2921 India saw a sudden upsurge in the need for medical health care workers. Many State Governments and private hospitals have offered advertisements for their staff. For this reason, many institutes open various courses after 12th or Graduation.  

Here Jamuna Vihar got many paramedical institutes sanction easily being the part of an educational hub and its prime location.


7 Benefits 1 Programme

  • Live Interactive Class Room Session for 12 months of training.
  • Internship: Internship support is guaranteed to obtain learning
  • Certification: Set yourself apart from the global credential of Operation Theatre Technician and use the Hallmark.of OT Technician next to your name to describe expertise.
  • Placement – There is no such thing as worst placement support for 1 year of e-learning access after successful completion including a wealth of tools and approaches, video content, test, and more.
  • Regular Boot Camps will be organized throughout the next 12 months.


Carrier and learner benefits from the course.

  • Recognizing the tasks and responsibilities of an OT Technician in the workplace reporting and documenting in great detail.
  • Recognize the importance of Nurse Management and care.
  • Learn how to plane an Operation Theater.
  • Describe the importance and effectiveness of the institutions such as NABH.
  • Open doors to international job opportunities that require specialization.
  • With talent, shortage fills the gap for thousands of empty high paying paramedic jobs.
  • Obtain a promotion in your current position by acquiring the most in-demand expertise.
  • Job, interviews set you apart from your peers.
  • Earn a certificate in hospital administration that is both emphatic and educational.
  • Support a high return on investment strata.

Application process

  • Candidates must register and create a user name and password by providing a valid e-mail address and mobile phone no.
  • To pay the registration cost, candidates must check in with their individual login id.
  • Print online receipt for future reference.
  • Following that candidate should accomplish the online application form with all of the necessary information. If a candidate provides false information his/her candidature should be canceled.

Diploma OT Technician

  • Eligibility – H.S./10+2 Pass from any stream
  •  Age 18 years minimum
  • Duration 2 years
  • Certification – BSS (Bharat Sevak Samaj)
  • Competency – After successful completion of the training candidate will be able to care for the emergency condition of the patient. How to organize theatre and assist, emergencies in OT, central oxygen supply, vacuum system, maintenance of personal hygiene, oxygen therapy, 4 parameter monitor evaluation, suction machine operation, bandages, handling various OT instruments, method of using various antiseptics, correct technique of gowning, method of sterilization, the concept of emergency drugs, aesthetic technique of anesthesiology equipment, linen requirements of OT.
  • Mode of Admission – Direct Admission, Limited Seats.
  • Training Methodology- 1st-year Theory and Practical in the campus, 2nd-year Internship and OJT at private hospitals/nursing homes.
  • Employability- After completing the training and internship the candidate will be prevalent to prepare for the Doctor in OT, work as an independent Operation Theatre Technician, in the post of Freelancing, etc. In private hospitals, Nursing homes, Diagnostic centers, etc.
  • Placement- Through campus interview, only for a competent candidate

The Operation Theatre Technique Course focuses on teaching various skills and knowledge-based equipment training and management approaches.OTT courses help to gain interpersonal and technical skills necessary to work under the supervision of Nurses and other surgical personnel. Different Universities have different admission processes. However, the majority of colleges admit students on the basis of merit. Before giving admission to students there are some Universities that emphasize personal interpretation. Jamia Hamdard University, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Hamdard University of 

Medical Science and Research, Geetanjalee University Udaipur are among the best colleges for obtaining a diploma in Operation Theatre Technique. The usual course fees for Diploma are Rs.100000 to Rs. 400000 for a 2-year duration


The University has a central placement cell that oversees all areas of selection recruitment and counseling when we say they belong from a variety of domains. The institute teachers project the job prospect, excellent students skill development. It hosts workshops and seminars to help students develop their employability,interviwing, and entrepreneurship qualities.

10. Institute of Paramedical Technology, New Delhi

IPMT, New Delhi or Institute of Paramedical Technology New Delhi is a private college in New Delhi, Delhi associated with NIMS Jaipur. In the year 1994, IPMT New Delhi was established.IPMT New Delhi is NAC approved. The application for DIP DENT, DIP MED, and DIP NUR.

What do the OTT Courses in India entail?

  • The course teaches students how to use examine equipment such as ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, and heart rate monitors.
  • Interpersonal and assessment skills were also taught to the students.
  • The course also focuses on teaching students infection monitoring skills and information as well as other operation techniques.
  • Students also are taught suitable protocols and techniques for assisting various professionals in the operating room such as Anesthesiologists and Nurses.
  • They also learn how to sanitize and disinfect the operating room as per NABH guidelines and nursing their duties.

The necessity of studying Diploma OTT courses

  • The student will develop interpersonal and technical skills that will prepare them to work as qualified health care managers.
  • They also have thorough aftercare and infection rates in post-surgical patients.                                                                                                      They are taught all the abilities they will need to operate effectively under the supervision of surgical personnel in the operating room and help them in the various surgical procedures.
  • The students are also taught techniques for cleaning and sanitizing the operation room which is an important aspect of any operation success.
  • Students might also pursue higher education degrees in order to improve educational prospects they can get a Master’s degree in the same subject for a better employment profile, they can get degrees in Nursing and other health care management degrees.

The medical industry is always in need of paramedical staff. In addition to the many hospitals have to operate 24/7 without delaying one. Thus to attend to huge demand many paramedical institutes in Jamuna Vihar have opened up. 

What is the role of a paramedic?

A well-planned paramedic can handle medical emergencies. A highly professional paramedic in handling equipment and advanced level of caring performance is required to deal with emergency and traumatic cases. They are found coordinating with Doctors and Nurses. Undoubtedly paramedics are genuinely committed to protecting life or giving hope in terrible situations. 

Best 10 Paramedical Institutes in Jamuna Vihar.

Henry Harvin eduction’s health care academic courses are ranked no #1 in paramedical institutes in Jamuna Vihar. A total of 6 courses are available at Henry Harvin Health Care Academy. All courses are designed with the NSDC Study Program. Besides, it is a government-certified institute that owns many awards. Henry Harvin Institute in Jamuna Vihar offers courses that enhance you for advanced equipment through practical sessions. Apart from this, it deals with how to manage emergency cases. The mandatory program of the internship is the hallmark of this course. Students get updated assistance right from admission. They get placed as paramedical staff. 

Benefits of EMT

  • Know about Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Get familiarised with medical terminology and medical ethics.
  • Obtain mastery of infection control and biomedical waste management.
  • Get close proximity with patient communication and patient assessment
  • Learned through trauma care emergency.
  • Hand over medical support to patients.
  • Move patients in critical condition to a medical facility.
  • Supervise and dispense cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Benefits of x-ray Technician course

  • Learn skills of Radiographic Imagine material and apparatus.
  • Acquisition of learning about Imagine Technology.
  • Be a master in the basic concept and production of x-ray
  • Gain knowledge in basic Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology.
  • Be associated with Radiographic Photography and Darkroom Technique.
  • Evaluate x-ray images and interpret with the physician.
  • Serve and aids patient to get preparing for an x-ray.


It is observed and concluded with the proximity that there is a huge demand for OTT in both Govt. and private-run private-run hospitals. In supporting the govt. took initiatives to grant funds under UGC and other paramedical societies. Thus aspiring students need to take courses in the best-rank institutes in Jamuna Vihar in New Delhi. Since the early ages of history like Greece, Rome, or India nursing and other paramedical subjects took an important role in medical science but in the present era of technology, it becomes more and more important and indispensable. In this regard, the Top 10 OTT courses in Jamuna Vihar are very much relevant.


Q. 1. Which OTT course in Jamuna Vihar is best?

Ans. The most important of OTT is MLT. Henry Harvin is the top institute

Q. 2 What is the duration of the OTT course?

Ans. 2 years.

Q. 3. How good is an OTT carrier?

Ans. OTT carrier is the productive and reproductive field. One can earn a good amount as a freelancer also.

Q.4. What is the qualification of the OTT course?

Ans. H.S. pass with 50% marks from any stream.

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