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Hey, Thank you for showing your interest in my blog. My name is Ananya Chatterjee, a teacher by profession. I am a seeker of knowledge and love writing.
Income tax practices book
Income Tax

Top 9 Income Tax Practices Books in 2024

Good Income tax practices book can help you save money and gain a deeper understanding of the tax laws. Whether you're a financial advisor, HR specialist, entrepreneur, or recent graduate, tax knowledge is essential. Taxation books provide a thorough introduction to the subject. Only a select few books maintain their...

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Cybersecurity books for Mango Man

Top 7 Cybersecurity Books in 2024

Are you embarking on your cybersecurity career and seeking an opportunity to gain practical experience before starting your certification course? You need not be concerned, as there are numerous excellent Cybersecurity books for Mango Man  that can illuminate your way toward a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity. This article will...

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Diabetology books for Mango Man

Top 8 Diabetology Books in 2024

Online resources are helpful, but there is no substitute for good Diabetology books for Mango Man for learning about diabetes. Getting your diabetes under control might be challenging, but the benefits are well worth the effort. High blood sugar, despite diabetes treatment, is considered uncontrolled diabetes. Also, you may experience...

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Six Sigma certification Mumbai
Six Sigma

All about Six Sigma Certification in Mumbai

Getting a Six Sigma Certification in Mumbai can help your work life, significantly impacting your career future. Adding your Six sigma certificate to your CV will show your commitment to advancing and improving business acumen and analytic skills. So let's learn detail about the Six Sigma Certification in Mumbai. What...

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Product management courses in Bangalore

Top 10 Product Management courses in Bangalore

Product management, one of the growing areas of today’s business world, is a thrilling and stressful duty with its busy pace and demanding skill requirements. Therefore, it should be well-equipped with specialized skills in managing products and knowledge to succeed wherever it lands. And as a grinding PM or PM-to-be,...

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Teaching English to children at home
English Speaking

How to Teach English to Children At Home

Open up a world of chances for your child's future by teaching them to speak English. People believe that English speakers frequently earn more money, have exposure to the best universities in the world, and have more travel options. Who wouldn't want that for their child? So parents are eager...

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Future of Data Science

What is the Future Scope of Data Science?

The world is changing following the most recent trends, and data scientists are one such trend in the contemporary world. It is one of the most desired employment possibilities for today's students. Every company, from large corporations to small startups, needs a data scientist to properly use the enormous quantity...

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Latest technologies in 2022
Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Latest Trending Technologies You Should Learn in 2023

A massive digital revolution is taking place all across the globe. The latest trending technologies have boosted innovation, agility, and market development. The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated digitisation and automation, allowing businesses to survive even in difficult economic times. As a result, many companies have adopted disruptive technologies and changed...

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Business Analysis courses in Hyderabad
Business Analytics

TOP 10 Business Analytics Courses in Hyderabad

Are you looking for Best Business Analytics Courses in Hyderabad? Choose from our list of best courses on Business Analytics formulated by industry experts and take your skills to another level. With the inflow of data in the 21st century, the demand for business professionals to collect and analyse this...

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GST courses in Bangalore

Top 10 GST Courses in Bangalore

Shout out to  GST Courses in Bangalore that have modelled learning GST easier, simpler, and homelier. If you are a fan of Bangalore city and want to learn an in-demand new skill or course, check out these best GST Courses in Bangalore.  Indeed, as the Goods and Services Act stormed...

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