Aslita Rodrigues

Method of Teaching English
TEFL Certification

10 Different Methods of Teaching English

Teaching, like any other profession, is an artistic endeavour. It necessitates knowledge of its subjects, proper implementation methods, openness to new teaching approaches, and patience. It is critical to lay the groundwork for any language for it to flourish. Learning a new language, such as English, necessitates knowledge of grammar,...

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Scope of English-speaking Course

Language is a system of conventional, spoken, and written symbols that enables humans to communicate effectively. In this scenario, English is regarded as "the best second language" in a number of countries. Not to mention that English is a widely spoken language all over the world. As a result of...

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Top 10 SAP IBP Courses in India

What is SAP IBP? Looking for top SAP IBP Courses in India? If so, this article will help you move closer to your goal of finding the best SAP IBP courses available in India. To begin with, Sap IBP short for Integrated Business Planning is a HANA-powered on-demand planning application....

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