S R Hemlatha


Top 10 HRM -Human resource management courses in Mumbai

Preface In any organization, the term Human Resource Management -is the process that is concerned with managing people in structured ways. Emphatically, it incorporates the management of people in the form of relationships between management and employees. In the 21st century, emphatically, HR takes care of managing employee expectations vis-a-vis...

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Medical Coding

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Chennai

Preface Medical coding courses help many individuals to have various choices. In other words, Medical coding has become a most demanding career in the Healthcare industry. certainly, The effective function of the Healthcare system needs highly skilled medical coders. In getting reimbursement from health insurance companies the patients need the...

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Stock Market

Top 10 Stock Market Courses In India

Preface The most vital component of a free-market economy is ‘The Stock Market’. Generally,  the collection of exchanges and venues where buyers and sellers meet to exchange the equality shares of the public corporations. In other words, it legalizes trading access democratically. It exchanges capital for investors of all kinds....

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Top 10 SAP Training Courses In Delhi

Introduction SAP has been one of the most esteemed courses by many young professionals of today. The global market is demanding for professionals with SAP-related aspects and holds supreme certification for the same.  As the opportunities are constantly developing, several professionals are unique for effective SAP courses. But whilst performing...

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Top 10 GST Courses online with facts: 2022 (Exposed)

GST Introduction  India introduced GST by interfusing the central government and state government’s major indirect taxes.GST in India is established on the expenditure of value-added tax. The main indirect tax reform is the Goods and Services Tax, Yet it is in the development reform. India has chosen the dual GST....

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