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What are the Reasons to Learn Data Science?

            The reasons to learn Data Science remain unsurmountable. Data Science, Data scientist, Data analyzer, Machine learning engineer, Business intelligence developers, etc., are the fondest terms of today’s generation.

Over the years, business agencies found that data from different stretches is the greatest asset for money-making. Absolutely, these stretches form the Reasons to Learn Data Science.

Globally it is figured that data will reach 180 zettabytes by 2025. To handle this massive data, The Humans of Data Science report revealed that by 2026, this would create 11.5 million job openings.

Currently, the job opportunities in data science are clear-sighted, and it is one of the most highly paid jobs internationally. The broad application of data is high in every agency.

Thereupon, the demand for data professionals who can effectively analyze complex data and disclose its results is also high.

What is Data Science?

             In simple terms, it’s alloying the surplus raw data of all kinds. The blend of advanced technology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence helps refine data. Re-organized data assists the organization in upholding its stand in the data-driven world.          

Examples of Data Science in Action

Absolutely, data science solves the pooping-practical problems by using its pertinent raw data.

As an example, to prevent the effect of COVID-19 on the mental health status of a country’s senior citizens, data science should build a predictive model.

In a second instance, to understand the cause of why customers were not using certain customers, say on Amazon, the focus will be on data mining using Tableau.

Alongside, it predicts the future existence of an organization based on its past and present performance.

Sooner or later, these become the reasons to learn data science.

Quickly, let us first understand some basic facts before proceeding to the topic ‘reasons to learn data science.’

What is the Scope of Data Science?

The IT boom has created quite a high demand for data scientists. The field has enrooted in to almost all business sectors and service sectors.

The extensions of data are clearly visualized from simple calculations, in the everyday life, of a common man to the billion-dollar business magnet, and from a basic start-up to a multi-national company.

In reality, the scope of data science is high in various sectors such as E-commerce, banking & finance, manufacturing units, health, cyber security, and transport.

These reasons to learn data science make the boats of youngsters float in the vicinity of data science.

Prerequisites to understand The Reasons to Learn Data Science

Now let us review the related terms that go hand-in-hand with reasons to learn data science.

Big Data

The data, which comes from all the spheres of life, keeps growing exponentially every day. Also, Big Data is the data that is huge to be handled by traditional data management methods or tools.

Machine Learning

Basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics, and a solid grip on machine learning are a must to become a proficient data scientist. 

Data Modeling

The data acquired is accessed, analyzed, and amended to draw solutions. Machine Learning and algorithms aid in data modeling to identify various patterns and trends.


Sound knowledge of statistics is the core of data science. Proficiency in statistics paves the way into this hottest field.

Programming Languages

Various programming languages like Java, Scala, Python, and R and frameworks like Apache Hadoop offers the opportunity to focus on some aspects of the field.

Similarly, it also helps to specialize in the respective fields.


The data will be present in crude form. Data scientists must know about mining, cleansing, and extracting data from databases.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process that makes the life of humans, intelligent beings, tranquil in a sensible fashion.

In a nutshell, the advance of computer technology in the 1940s, programming robots are aiding in carrying out complex tasks with high proficiency.

10 Reasons to learn Data Science

The 21st century has mitigated the distance between the countries and continents. Communicating with someone miles away has become effortless. The panorama of talent, technology, and technicality is been given the thumbs up to surmount.

Given that, in this eon of data explosion search engines such as Google and social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Gifs are used by billions of customers daily.

Data from government offices is categorized public & private sector, health sector, and academic records of universities all over. Now, how and who has to handle this data.

To simplify, here comes the fascinating subject of ‘reasons to learn data science.’

10 Top Reasons to Learn Data Science –

1. Blooming Career Chances for Unicorns

Blooming Career Chances

            The growing role of Big Data is now the driving force behind an organization’s success story. COVID-19 Pandemic has predominantly caused the digital transformation of business organizations, e-commerce, banking, health care, what-not all aspects. By all means, this change is to stay forever while everyone needs to adopt the change.           

            A new concept known as ‘competitive advantage’ emerged that necessitates the unification of business and technology. The unification helps to rebuild the organizational structure and to create business value.

At the rear, every organization needs efficient professionals to bottle the benefits of data.

Are the reasons to learn data science the best option in today’s Tech World?

  • Revenue Management Services – The pandemic has redefined banking services. Predominantly, everything has become online, and customers demand hassle-free, fraud-free financial services. The banking services should aim for customer satisfaction.
  • Trading – The chaos of the pandemic has shifted the industry from the retail market to digital marketing. Without any delay, the investments also changed from retail to online business. The shift has reduced the need for a physical store creating a 25% increase in e-commerce. Hence, there is a need to mitigate the disruption created in the retail market.
  • Consumer Durables – Shopping today is digitalized. Customers surf the internet for their trusted brands, ensuring the safety and worth of the product, delivery facilities, and return policies. So, based on the emerging changes in human behavior, entrepreneurs need to plan how to work, socialize with customers, improve shopping strategies, and eddy the pace of digital transformation.
  • Telecommunication, Technology, and Mass Media – The lockdown during the pandemic created the need for ways and means of communication. Business firms, industries, educational agencies, the health sector, and public and private sectors were in want of this. The critical situations led to the emergence of apps in categories like video conferencing, teaching, learning, social media, and gaming. The demand is continuing, and thus, startups have bright chances.
  • Health Sector and Life Sciences – COVID-19 pandemic is not yet conquered. The fight is still on in many parts of the world. Despite the development of virtual care solutions that can identify people at high-risk even before they reach the hospital emergency rooms, the virus remained unconquered due to its ability to mutate fast.

“In the next 10 years, data science and software will do more to medicine than all of the biological sciences together.”

Vinod Khosla

Startups are required to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Explicitly, the power of data engineering helps to conquer the monster. Thus, by all means, managing COVID-19 patient care and also other health problems gets reformed and remodeled.

Other Reasons Include
  • India being the second-fastest digital adopter among 17 other major digital economies is now opening up newer opportunities in the domestic market. Government initiatives like Digital India and Startup India are likely to strengthen the digital transformation & local demand. Around 75% of the global digital talent pool is based out of India. And the Indian IT companies will continue to be one of the major skilled talent employers for the economy.
  • A further reason to learn data science, as per research and business experts’ by 2025 – the global revenue will reach 68.09 billion dollars, which will open new avenues for unicorns that will add a spark to their careers.

2. Plenteous Job Opportunities

Plenty of Job Opportunities


The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in the global crisis. It taught us the importance of big data and its uses. The data has been crucial in helping the experts to understand, measure, address the problem and propose the solutions. 

Data science jobs in the industry – The data growth rate is exponentially large and handling the vast amounts of data requires highly trained data analysts, scientists, and savvy business executives.

This demand for data professionals is the reason for incredible job growth and so the second of 10 reasons to learn data science.

Job categories in a science degree programs:

  • Data Analyst: A data analyst transforms data into readable information and offers actionable insights into business decisions.
  • Data Architect: A data architect creates database structures based on their particular data storage and retrieval needs. They use data software and computer programming skills to monitor and troubleshoot database issues.
  • Data Scientist: A data scientist turns data into value. They retrieve data and analyze it to improve business performance and build AI tools that can automate tasks.
  • Information Officer: An information officer has to manage, maintain and organize databases and digital resources. Further, utilize their expertise to ensure data is both highly protected and easily accessible.

                         Other fascinating and lucrative jobs in this field that can suit your passion are Business intelligence analyst, Data warehouse analyst, Data Visualization Developer, Data mining analyst, Big Data Solutions Architect, Data Modeler, Database administrator, Data strategist, and Data engineer, and Machine learning engineer.

3. Learning is Easy, Fast, and Flexible

The world has moved from the classic classroom learning pace to the virtual and self-learning rote. Now virtual learning is in vogue for anyone can learn data science from any corner of the world.

Correspondingly, various sites offer both specific duration courses and self-learning courses at flexible timings.

If one has the subject already, learn specific courses like R, Python, and Java to hone the skills. Passionate ones can also enter with zero knowledge and experience into any data course to learn, do internships in data science, and set the boundaries off.

4. A Treasure Trove of Generation Alpha & Generation Beta

Magnanimous Remunerations


Data Science is the most in-demand field today. Wondrously, data science wizards are rewarded magnanimously across the world.

Generation Alpha is born from 2010 to 2024, while Generation Beta will be born from 2025 to 2039. These generations experience a surge of information and technology, and their lives will be more digitized. In a word, this field could certainly be a treasure trove for them.

It is a great career path with plenty of possible scenarios. A data scientist’s salary is affected by several factors such as the location, education, and experience that play a vital role in how much one can earn in this exciting career path.

           According to Glassdoor (May 2022), the expected salary of a median Data Scientist is Rs.11,50,025 per annum in India, with an average of Rs.10,00,025 per annum. Apart from this, Rs.1,50,000 per annum will be as incentives, commission, tips, and profit-sharing.

Tips to become rich with Data Science are:
  1. Location affects Salary – Salaries for data scientists can vary significantly from region to region. Join the companies located in big cities with the biggest hubs of data and its related jobs to earn more. For this reason, always have an eye on companies open for both freshers and experienced professionals. While, applying for jobs at these companies, you can refer to the present as your previous experiences.
  2. Education affects Salary – The higher the education level, the higher you generally expect your income level. Under graduation plus coding skills, or Master’s Degree and PhDs can result in higher income. A certification program from a data science boot camp can also add a feather to your cap. Besides, the reputation of the college also affects your pay.
  3. Experience affects Salary – The more your experience more is your salary. Most compelling evidence is that, 1400 data scientists working in India are earning a salary of more than 1 Crore with experience of 15+ years. Yes, it is correct.
  4. The career path affects salary – Large companies pay more, and your role in the company fetches you more salary. For instance, the Top 5 companies like Pinterest, Inc., Snap, Airbnb, and Netflix pay more when compared to others.

Expect a salary bump every time you level up from a Level 1 data scientist to a Level 2 data scientist, and so on. Also, a data scientist manager tends to earn more as it typically requires supervising others.

5. Fifthly, your skills affect your salary – Mastering as many skills as possible makes you more valuable to the company, and it pays you more.

5. Learn to have a good head (screwed) on right

Decisions shape destiny. A business firm springs up with a courageous decision. The multidisciplinary skills acquired makes data professional the nucleus of that organization. 

A decision-making position serves the dual role of gaining a specific identity and being the driving force with the feet firmly on the ground. This eliminates the dissatisfaction and burn-out associated with traditional jobs.

6. Hone One’s Skills

The inflow of information/data is enormous and is from various sectors. Managing the data requires knowledge of cutting-edge technologies for definitive outcomes in the field of data.

A set of technical skills and sufficient knowledge of data structure, data analytics, computer science basics, programming, statistics, communication skills, and prediction of data-driven insights are pivotal.

A sound knowledge of AI, Machine learning, R, and Python will add a feather to the cap. Therefore, anyone can become savvier by just honing new skills.

7. Rehire oneself to be the Finest

              The good news is that data scientists can choose to work in various realms. The data professionals can utilize their knowledge and skills across different fields. IT, Telecoms, banking and other financial services, public and private sectors, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and automotive industry, to name a few are the arenas of data.

            Depending on the niche, a data scientist can choose from this vast arena to impact the organization’s success and sharpen the competence to the finest.

8. Be a Crackerjack in the Empirical World of Data

The Crakerjack

The word Data science is re-echoing. Data analytics, data structuring, and modeling is on the pace. In deed, Generation Alpha and Beta will be the crackerjacks in the empirical world of data. Currently, children are already learning coding programs and preparing to match up to the speed of the data-driven world.

Reason to learn data science is the right choice now, if one is fond of big data, with added business acumen. Leveraging the insights from data, algorithmic thinking, computational abilities etc., creates better job opportunities and career progression options. 

9. Be Advantageous to Society

Man, no doubt, is a social animal. Every invention and discovery was to make this planet the best of all worlds. The data need to be handled and evaluated genuinely.

The pandemic proved that science and technology can create miracles if used aptly. Medical experts and data scientists struggled to build models to contain the disease, used technology to trace COVID cases and contacts, and extraordinarily developed the vaccine expeditiously.

10.  Galore in Freelancing World 

Data Science opportunities
Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners: ULTIMATE Guide (2022)
Freelancing Opportunities


The trend of lengthy cricket ODIs has turned to crazy T20s. People are bored of long 9-5 jobs, sitting in the same chair for long hours. Added to this, there is less dependence on one job, and want to convert that extra time into earning potential.

As a consequence, the avenues for earning potential flared up and side hustles, part-time jobs, work-from-home jobs, freelancing jobs, passive income jobs have solely occupied the internet. Many websites offer these jobs like Fiveer, Upwork, Brybe, Ironhack, etc.

Exactly, this too applies to the data science field. Unhesitatingly all Data scientists’ can also opt for freelancing jobs. Flexible hours of work, choice of the work area, and the clients to work with have found their way in the Tech industry and opened the doors. There are plenty of opportunities in cyber-security, data analysis, web development, web designing, etc., available for deep passionate professionals. Jump-start with a freelance career today. 

Steps Involved in Data Science Work

Data Science has become essential in every aspect of life. Search engines are leading this generation. The pizza one consumes, the movie one enjoys, health maintenance apps, and updates on weather, are innovatively done by data – the top 10 reasons to learn data science.

With this in mind, Data scientists, Data engineers, Data analysts, etc., use both structured and unstructured data scientifically and leverage more sophisticated statistical and predictive analysis using algorithms and other techniques.

The Data Science Circuition

Having learned what data science is, the next focus is the data science lifecycle. The circuition of data science consists of five specific stages. They are as follows:

  1. Capture: The acquisition of data – both structured and unstructured, data entry, and data extraction.
  2. Maintain Data Warehousing, Data Cleansing, Data Staging, Data Processing, and Data Architecture. Secondly, the data is organized for further use.
  3. Process: Data Mining, Clustering/Classification, Data Modeling, Data Summarization. Now, the set data is meliorated in terms of its patterns and ranges to determine its usefulness in predictive analysis.
  4. Analyze Exploratory/Confirmatory, Predictive Analysis, Regression, Text Mining, and qualitative analysis. This mandatory stage involves assaying the data in possible ways.
  5. Communicate Data Reporting, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, and Decision Making. Afterwards, the analysis are presented in fluently readable forms such as models, charts, graphs, and reports.

Who Can Pursue Data Science Courses?

The 21st century’s charismatic job is Data Science. The field is all about data from different sectors. It may be structured or unstructured.

An enthusiast with love for numbers, statistics, analytical skills and a good story teller can make this his/her profession. There are multitudinous professional degree courses as well as online courses to help.

An undergraduate degree along with any programming language and good analytical skills is sufficed to jump-start with.  

The hype around data has attracted many people towards it. It has become the reason to learn data science. Yet, the unrealistic expectations few land up in disappointment. Proper research and a strong niche to learn data science are most important to keep up with the pace of this field. The above commended top 10 reasons to learn data science will probably unravel your doubts to pursue this course.

What skills should a Data Scientist have?

Being successful is not a story of one day. It demands hard work, a strong niche, and passion for it. Learning is important but practicing it daily is mandatory. Developing necessary skills to perform it to the full is what is to long after.

Advanced IT field professionals must possess in-the-bag core skills for being out in front.

Data is the Language of Powerholders

Jodi Petersen

The core skills required are:

  • Caliber to formulate the crude data
  • Caliber to leverage self-service applications
  • Caliber to write effectively the results
  • Efficient application of mathematics and statistics
  • Good understanding of the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In a Nutshell

Data is omnipotent. Data science has brought a tectonic shift in the tech world, and it became more crucial during the pandemic. The sum and substance of the big and small industries and businesses are constituted by.

Therefore, a career in this vicinity of data is the craziest choice of this generation. Behemoth vacuity of data professionals benefits double-domes to bootstrap to the top.

Learning data programs are flexible and naïve and proved vital for a brilliant destiny. As the retail industry is on board, breaking up the analytics helps to improve shoppers’ satisfaction and readopt accordingly.

On the grounds of this, turn all the top 10 reasons to learn data science into a passion profession and launch a career in data-driven big blue marble.

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Q.1 What is Data Science?

Data science includes acquiring data for cleansing, analyzing, remodeling into readable information, and offering actionable insights into business decisions.

Q.2 What is the salary of a data scientist in India?

According to Glassdoor (May 2022), the average salary is Rs.10,00,025 per annum and Rs.1,50,000 per annum in the form of incentives, commission, tips, and profit-sharing.

Q.3 Is data science a desirable career to opt for?

The job opportunities in data science are clear-sighted, and it is one of the most highly paid jobs internationally. By 2026, this would create 11.5 million job openings.

Q.4 Is freelancing possible in Data Science jobs?

The Data scientists can also opt for freelancing jobs with no hesitation. There are plenty of opportunities in cyber-security, data analysis, web development, web designing, etc.

Q.5 Who Can Pursue Data Science Courses?

An undergraduate degree along with any programming language like R, Python, Java, etc., plus analytic skills are sufficient to jump-start.


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