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Uncovering the Truth Behind Henry Harvin Reviews

Henry Harvin Education Reviews:  Are you a working professional or a student who is pursuing academics? Would you like to register for a certification course that is focused on getting a job? Has Henry Harvin’s education ever come up in conversation? If you were looking for Henry Harvin reviews, you must have found this page. The truth about the Henry Harvin reviews will be revealed in this blog, and I’ll walk you through every particular aspect of Henry Harvin, including the full training procedure.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a multinational edtech company with offices in both the US and India. Mr. Kounal Gupta, who firmly believes that every educated person must be employed and whose main objective is to close the gap between the present educational system and the employment standards of the present industry, formed the institution. Students and working professionals who want to upgrade their skills with emerging technology can do so at affordable pricing through Henry Harvin’s on-demand courses.

Your knowledge will increase as a result of the certification programs, especially if a particular course is pertinent to your industry or sector. By differentiating you from the competition, these qualifications will enhance the value of your resume. If you are employed professionally, these courses will assist you in keeping up with your skills, which will lead to a promotion and a respectable rise.

Courses offered by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin provides more than 600 courses to anyone who wants to advance their skills in a particular field of interest. The courses include a range of topics, including business management, technology, finance, and quality assurance, among others. The courses are organized into various academies depending on the topics taught, including the TEFL academy, the quality academy, the technology academy, the coding academy, the medical academy, the mechanical academy, the language academy, and many others.

How does Henry Harvin Education actually operate?

At Henry Harvin, everything is organized, from your enrollment through your certification. Numerous additional institutes exist. You won’t be able to contact them after you complete your course and receive your certification.

However, because Henry Harvin adheres to the idea of continuous learning, the entire system is set up such that you would have contact with the company for the rest of your life. You will receive all new updates, information about your courses, and support for freelancing work if you wish to earn extra money or work from home due to commitment concerns.

You can get in touch with the Henry Harvin team in one of three ways if you already have a course in mind: by sending a message to the chatbot that appears on the website, by sending an email to [email protected], or by throwing a ping on the WhatsApp number 9892953953.

A relationship manager will get in touch with you after you contact them through the aforementioned contact points. He or she will provide you with the course brochure, information about the course, such as batch times and days that work best for you to attend, as well as payment method alternatives. They will set up a demo session if you request one.

Throughout the whole training term, the session will be accessible to you both online and offline, depending on availability in your area. The team will provide you with complete help if you encounter any issues. Your issue will receive the highest priority, Additionally, you get access to the whole course content through the Henry Harvin LMS (learning management system), which is an online learning platform. 

Benefits of taking up courses in Henry Harvin

There are numerous edtech companies offering certification programs all around the world, but what sets them apart is how the programs are presented to students and the advantages they provide. They benefit from the course. Does it merit it? Every student and working professional wonders where they should put their hard-earned money to advance their careers. For your information, the study found that upgrading your skills is the finest investment you can make in this generation, especially if you are interested in technology, which is developing quickly every day.

So in this Henry Harvin education reviews blog, let’s count the benefits offered in Henry Harvin courses. In Henry Harvin, mostly every course is a “9 in 1,” which means nine benefits in a single course. Let’s see what they are.


Henry Harvin always hires certified trainers who have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the industry and are well-versed in the concepts of the course. The training sessions are comprehensive and aim to develop the individual’s skills by introducing various training methodologies. The trainers will deliver the topics with techniques of transferring hands-on skills, to train skilled manpower for the industry.

Access to Henry Harvin LMS

Accessing your course in learning management is an advanced form of learning, and only a few institutions in India offer you this support. On this platform, you can access the entire course material, including PowerPoint presentations, live online interactive sessions, sessions conducted by multiple trainers, your performance dashboards, your certifications, and last but not least, placement alerts. You can access LMS by entering your user ID and password, which will be sent to your registered email ID.

Live Projects

The chance to acquire new abilities through functional experience is without a doubt the most persuasive motivation behind why students decide to do live tasks. In live projects, the students take on new and challenging tasks that enable them to develop multiple sets of new skills.

Placement support

Henry Harvin offers 100% placement assistance to help you land your dream job. Once you complete your certification, You will receive job alerts on your registered email ID, and mobile number, and you can also apply for jobs by logging into your LMS page.


The internship is an optional program offered to every student at Henry Harvin who would like to gain some practical experience after completing their course. You would get a chance to work under industry experts. They will give you tasks related to your course, and all you need to do is do them before the allotted time. The mentors will give complete guidance to implement your skill on a practical platform.

Master class sessions

Master class sessions are given to the individual who completed their course and is seeking career-building sessions such as mock interviews, resume building, email writing, emotional intelligence, soft skills, and many other topics that will be introduced to enrich your skills.

Complementary Modules

Additional modules will be given to students to make them more competent. These sessions include software skills and resume writing, and a few courses include certain topics that are related to their course.

Gold Membership

Henry Harvin offers a one-year gold membership worth Rs. 6000/- for free to each student who completes the course. The gold membership includes all the benefits that you have during the training period for the next year after course completion. The benefits include hackathons, accessing recorded lectures of multiple batches, the latest upgrades, 24-hour support, placement alerts, etc.


Hackathons are referred to as a method or means of doing something more directly and quickly than normal procedure, and often not as thoroughly, using techniques to quickly catch up with course concepts.

#Henry Harvin Student Reviews

Difficulties faced by most of the students

Many students often face technical glitches while going through the course or are unable to follow the concepts or jargon as they are trying to learn a different concept that is not part of their educational background, and some people are unable to attend sessions due to some emergency. Some students had issues with the support team. Some students say the course fee is very high and some say that they were not placed after the course completion, etc.

As you go through the above mentioned details, every difficulty faced by the students has an answer, and regarding placement, Henry Harvin does offer 100% placement support and cracking interviews depending upon the individual’s abilities. Further, you would get job alerts regularly on your mail ID and LMS. All you need to do is apply for the job opportunities without any delay.

Here, I am going to give a few genuine Henry Harvin Student Reviews

#1 Henry Harvin Student Review- I am incredibly grateful that my buddy referred me to Henry Harvin Education. I’ve just finished a machine learning course. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this organization. The instructor is competent and reliable. He assisted us, even with a small problem. Every live virtual class is recorded for us by Henry Harvin, and the course material is excellent. Great customer service. It aids us in exercising. Timing is negotiable. – Supriya Menon

#2 Henry Harvin Student Review– I completed the SAP FICO course and am now effectively employed by one of Henry Harvin’s partner firms. You receive instructions that include detailed knowledge of financial accounting and controlling. All SAP modules are covered in the course material, following current business trends. Additionally, the course will assist students in using SAP FICO on the SAP HANA Server. I gained a lot of knowledge. – Rajeev Reddy

#3 Henry Harvin Student Review- I attended Henry Harvin’s content writing course. Additionally, the session was worthwhile. Finding a reputable institute was very challenging among the many possibilities that were accessible online. I eventually arrived at the Henry Harvin location. I’m overjoyed to have found such a wonderful and supportive trainer. I used to eagerly anticipate attending her classes. Even after class ended, she assisted in answering the questions. Her practical expertise in the sector made the lessons more applicable. – Mrunal Yadav


According to the evaluation on Henry Harvin Reviews, the organization is a legitimate one that helped many students get employment in their dream jobs, which improved their professional lives. Some students can experience technical difficulties or training process interruptions. Always feel free to contact the support team. The sole purpose of the support team at Henry Harvin is to respond to student concerns, and they give each one top priority. Additionally, a relationship manager has been assigned to you, and you can get in touch with them if you need anything.

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Q1. Why are there some negative comments about Henry Harvin Reviews?

Ans. Students who are disappointed generally express what they were expecting and how the course failed to meet their expectations. The support team always addresses their concerns with utmost priority.

Q2. How do I apply for a trainer job at Henry Harvin?

Ans. If you are interested in applying for a trainer position at Henry Harin, all you need to do is click on the career option on the website, fill in the necessary details, and submit your resume. The recruitment team will contact you.

Q3. Is there an interview process to do an internship at Henry Harvin?

Ans, There is no interview process to attend the Henry Harvin internship. Once you receive your certification, you will get internship alerts in the mail. It is an optional program you can accept or reject.

Q4. What is the exact rating of Henry Harvin Education Reviews?

Ans. 4.5 stars, according to glassdoor.com
          4.5 stars, according to mouthshut.com
          4.5 stars, according to ambitionbox.com 

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