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Henry Harvin PMP Course Review in 2023 with Facts (Don’t Ignore)

PMP certification is a globally recognized certification that helps project managers stand out from the remainder of the group. Regardless of whether you were not into managing projects prior, the PMP certification course will assist you to become effective and execute improved project performance. Like how a CPA title ensures aptitude for accountants, the PMP certification course recognizes your capacity to manage projects.

It enhances your general career, current work, and expert portfolio. In India, the PMP certificate course assists experts with procuring a striking jump over their recently drawn compensation. The certified PMPs acquire approx. 25% higher than general project managers.

PMP certification course permits passage to the project management network across the globe. Numerous gatherings and online networks welcome PMPs to share important hints, experiences, and direction, which encourages everybody to be on the same wavelength regarding the most recent industry patterns and advancements. PMP certification course opens ways to rewarding career openings. Different overviews show that PMP qualifications make project managers more noticeable as they continued looking for the following huge profession break since the affirmation is a declaration of their project management ability and abilities. PMP Certification Course holders are in charge of undertakings in driving associations across the globe.

Role of PMPs

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an industry-perceived certification for project managers worldwide who are answerable for driving the execution and development of various projects at their associations. Here is a portion of the key jobs and obligations that PMP certified project managers perform

  • Plan and define the scope of a project
  • Planning and sequencing all the activities for successful project execution
  • Performing risk analysis
  • Providing cost and time estimations
  • Resource allocation and preparing budgets
  • Process documentation and developing charts & schedules
  • Paring down a project work into more manageable pieces
  • Tracking and reporting progress towards project completion
  • Effective team building and controlling dysfunctions in teams
  • Being accountable for team operations and strategic influencing
  • Applying best practices to leverage the PMP® methodology
  • Ensuring project compliance with all the mandatory rules and regulations
  • Maintain stakeholder’s enthusiasm in the project
  • Retain and protect confidential information

Among numerous institutes, we shall discuss in this blog the PMP certification course offered by Henry Harvin which is one of the top institute providing online certification training in various domains. This blog relates to the positive and negative aspects of the PMP course offered by Henry Harvin and is based on factual Henry Harvin reviews and Henry Harvin PMP course reviews.

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About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading pioneers in academics and online certification courses. According to the Henry Harvin reviews, the institute formally started its first professional training course in India in the year 2017. The institute has earned certified recognition from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Henry Harvin reviews suggest that the Henry Harvin Education runs more than 50 training programs in various disciplines such as Analytical courses, Finance courses, Writing courses, Law courses, Management course, Digital marketing courses etc.

Over four years of span, Henry Harvin has managed to train more than 3,00,000 lakhs students in various disciplines of education. As per the Henry Harvin reviews, they have more than 150 corporate partners and more than 60 college partners.

Henry Harvin acts as a bridge between the university graduated candidates and the industry required skills and knowledge. Thus, it helps the professionals in bridging the gap and building up themselves with the skill and knowledge required by the industries.

Henry Harvin has managed to grab the attention of top media houses for the quality education provided by them. According to the Henry Harvin reviews, the name of a few media house and publication who have recognised the success story of Henry Harvin is India today, News world India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, Financial Express etc.

As per the Henry Harvin reviews, Henry Harvin has been credited with numerous awards to its account. To name a few prestigious awards arethe Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and 40 under 40 Business World Award.

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Positive Aspects About Course

The PMP course offered by Henry Harvin possesses a 98.8% Pass Rate in PMP Exam. The course is assured with protection by 100% Money-Back Guarantee, 35 Contact Hours / PDUs Certificate and PMP certification which is the gold standard for Project Management professionals. As per the Henry Harvin PMP course reviews, the Henry Harvin PMP course is designed to cover the latest best practices highlighted in the PMBOK Guide – 6th Edition and aligns with the latest PMP Examination Content Outline 2021. At the end of each chapter quizzes & Simulation Exams are conducted for the students.


According to the Henry Harvin reviews, Henry Harvin Educations is privileged to be affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, Govt. of India and ISO 29990:2010 certified.

Course Duration

The PMP course offered by Henry Harvin is 36 hours of Instructor-led Core Sessions with 50 hours of E-learning facility. On completion of the training, the learners are provided with 24 hours of Live Online Bootcamp Sessions which is optional and followed for 12 months.


According to the Henry Harvin PMP course reviews, the PMP course is offered with Internationally acclaimed certified PMP trainers having more than 10 years of Industry Experience. The trainers possess topic expertise and also an enormous teaching experience of training over more than 900 individuals globally. The learners can attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers.

Training Methods

Henry Harvin PMP course reviews state that the courses are offered with the best infrastructure and technology to accommodate online and offline classroom training programs. The training rooms are well organized and furnished as per the standard requirements of training centres.

The training methods adopted for the PMP course are described below.

  1. Self-paced training

Self-paced training is a self-study learning model. The learners are provided with lifetime access and support to the course. The fee structure of the PMP Self-paced course is INR 13410/-.

  1. Online virtual classroom training

The online virtual classroom training includes the features provided in self-paced training along with instructor-led online classes with a flexible schedule. The instructors provided are highly experienced, subject experts. The course also includes the beneficial facility of 1year Gold Membership.

The online classroom training is inclusive of monthly Bootcamp sessions along with video recordings of all batches for Lifetime. The fee structure of PMP online instructor-led classroom training is ₹ 14900/-.

  1. Corporate training

Corporate training is a Customized Learning method specially designed for corporate company learners. The training is customised as per the requirement of the company and the training sessions are meant only for company learners. The learners are facilitated with a customised Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS).


Module 01- Creating A High Performace Team (As per latest PMP 2021 Exam Format)

Module 02 – Starting The Project (As per latest PMP 2021 Exam Format)

Module 03 – Doing The Work (As per latest PMP 2021 Exam Format)

Module 04 – Keeping The Team On Track (As per latest PMP 2021 Exam Format)

Module 05 – Keeping The Business In Mind (As per latest PMP 2021 Exam Format)

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Trainers

The course is also enriched with unlimited access to all the classes scheduled for the next 12 months from the date of enrollment without paying anything extra. Facility to attend unlimited batches with multiple trainers during the membership period. The trainers are Internationally acclaimed and certified PMP trainers with more than 10 years of industry experience. The trainers not only possess topic expertise but also carry enormous teaching experience in the field.

Case Studies and Projects.

The PMP course is offered with 9 industry case studies and 16 real-world projects. The course also provides Virtual Project Management Experience with abundant content of over more than 20,000 words on the LMS.

24×7 Lifetime Support & Access

As per the Henry Harvin reviews, the PMP course is supported with Live Projects, Guaranteed Internship, Weekly Job Support, Recorded Videos, Monthly Bootcamp Sessions, Interview Skills and Career Services. The PMP course helps in upgrading your knowledge by providing you with newly recorded videos and monthly brushup sessions. Besides, get career services, regular job updates, and much more.                          Practice Questions

The students are provided with more than 1500 Practice Questions that covers 91 Quizzes & 7 Exams as part of the PMP Certification Course.

Materials from PMI and LMS

The learners are provided with access to the exclusive digital material from PMI in Henry Harvin’s new PMP Certification Course. The students are also given 24×7 Lifetime access to Web, Mobile-Based App with Abundant Data Sets, Case Studies, Useful Content, Recorded Videos, PPT and Study Notes.

Alumni Status from Henry Harvin

According to Henry Harvin reviews, the PMP course offered by Henry Harvin covers a wide network of alumni employed in successful domains all across the globe. The candidates are facilitated to earn the prestigious Henry Harvin alumni status and become part of more than 3,00,000 strong global alumni network.

Course Membership

The learners are facilitated with 1-year Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy for PMP Certification Training. The membership includes access to digital material from PMI and LMS, case studies, projects, Practice question paper, internship and job opportunities, and lifetime support.

Internship and Job Opportunities

The PMP course assures Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms and more than 10 job opportunities offered on weekly basis.

Course Outcomes

Henry Harvin’s PMP Certification Course ensure that the participants get expertise, confidence, and leadership skills that are essential to meet project requirements.

  • The course assists the candidates to acquire advanced knowledge in project management, resource management, risk management, value management, integration, change, control, schedule management, Gantt charts, and various other cross-cutting knowledge and skills.
  • The course boasts the candidates business skills and project management capabilities to a higher level.
  • The course boasts the candidates career with a PMP certification course that is accepted as the gold standard in Project Management across a wide range of sectors.
  • The course enables project managers to apply PMP certification course concepts and best practices in the overall handling of all kinds of projects at different levels.
  • The course enhances the candidate’s abilities to identify, analyze, and solve project management issues.
  • The course nourishes the candidate’s project management, leadership, team management, sharp thinking, and customer-centric management skills.
  • The course increases organizational productivity with exceptional time-management skills.
  • The course makes the candidates eligible for over more than 3,000 job listings across the globe requiring PMP certification training experts.
  • The courses help to realise contemporary tools used in project management such as task fragmenting, structure, resource allocation, mathematical project organizing models, Gantt charts, project cost estimation, and cost management.
  • The course helps to develop flexible strategies and adapt them to the context and constraints of specific projects, deliver projects on time and with the allocated budget & resources.

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Positive Henry Harvin PMP course Reviews

According to the Henry Harvin PMP course reviews, the alumni reflects a positive response towards the course in all aspects. The course ensures 35 PDU’s on completion of the course that helps the candidates in taking up the PMP exam.

The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is a profoundly perceived qualification for project managers. The PMP certification course offered by Henry Harvin Management Academy depicts the exhaustive information and abilities of the project managers.

The Henry Harvin PMP Certification Course in India causes members to acquire the capabilities needed to lead and oversee huge and complex undertakings easily. The Project Management course shows you the worldwide style and voice of projet management, consequently associating you to a boundless organization of specialists and associations universally.

The candidates accomplish their organisational/business objectives by utilizing PMP procedures that include instigating, executing, managing, and closing undertakings.

The PMP certification course in Delhi, PMP certification course in Bangalore, and PMP certification course in Chennai cover the most recent educational plan and practices, and centre abilities that project management professionals need to succeed. The course underlines the job of a project manager just as spotlights on improving key and business information. The PMP certificate course from Henry Harvin will help you arrive at worthwhile situations in different areas like Manufacturing, IT, Finance, Healthcare, and so forth.

Henry Harvin’s Training Methodology

As per the Henry Harvin PMP course reviews, the PMP training methodology adopted by Henry Harvin includes

  • Live Projects: Live Projects are carried out during the training tenure to develop experiential learning for the participants. This drastically improves the understanding of the concepts and helps them gain an in-depth practical insight.
  • Unique Pedagogy: Uses a combination of techniques that is closely aligned to our unique G.C.A.O. (Goal-Centric & Action-Oriented) pedagogy. This enables participants to derive focused action-oriented outcomes from the training.
  • Leveraging Industry Case Studies: With Henry Harvin®’s advanced LMS, you can leverage more than 9 industry case studies and 16 real-world examples for exposure to actual project management challenges and industry best practices.
  • End-to-End Engagement: Participants are kept engaged throughout the training through reverse presentations, group activities, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on experience over both statistical and non-statistical tools. The idea is to focus on value creation.

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Negative Henry Harvin PMP course Reviews

The Henry Harvin PMP course reviews suggest that the PMP course offered by Henry Harvin is satisfactory and fulfils all the desired requirements of the PMP Training as per PMI. The Alumni reviews on various testimonial platforms show contentment towards the course except for one or two.

Some of the Henry Harvin reviews/ Henry Harvin PMP course reviews are displayed below.                                 Click here for details on Henry Harvin reviews/ Henry Harvin PMP course reviews

Other course offered by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin reviews suggest that they offer more than 50 courses in various domains globally. The courses offered by Henry Harvin are recognized by multinational companies such as Accenture, Philips, SAP, HP, Adobe, McAfee etc.

A few courses offered by Henry Harvin are Analytics (Data Science, R Programming, Python), Finance (GST course, Income Tax specialist course, Accounting and Taxation course), Writing (Content writing, Technical writing, Creative writing, Medical writing), Law, Management (PMP- Project Management course, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt), Digital Marketing, TEFL, Coding and TEEN

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According to the Henry Harvin PMP course reviews, the PMP certificate course offered in India by Henry Harvin Management Academy is conveyed by senior industry experts who have broad experience and have been professionals of this space with global organizations. They will help you acquire active involvement in industry-standard devices and strategies that are appropriate in true circumstances.

The novel GCAO teaching method received by Henry Harvin for all the courses permits students to get engaged activity arranged results from our PMP Certification Training. For working experts and distantly found students, live online sessions, and the live post-course brush-up sessions offer an extraordinary method to proceed with their PMP Certification Training without settling on their everyday schedule.

With our high-level LMS, the students can use over 9 case studies from various ventures and 16 real-world projects to apply hypothetical ideas to real project executive obstacles and circumstances that are basic to PMP exam preparation.

Takeaways Of Your Investment

  • 36-hours Instructor-led Training a virtual tour on project management strategies, principles, and implications.
  • Lifetime Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy.
  • Live Bootcamp Sessions of up to 24 hours, spread over the next 12 months after completion of core training sessions.
  • Updated Study Material.
  • Access to the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Recorded Videos of Multiple Sessions.
  • 100% Placement Assistance, Internship, and Project Support exclusively entitled for PMP® certification training course enrollees.
  • Hallmark of PMP next to your name. For Ex: Karan Singh (PMP®)
  • Excellent marketing knowledge about all social media platforms.
  • Opportunity to work with renowned companies.

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