Top 10 MLT courses in Delhi


The medical field is a vast ocean that offers a varied stream of learning opportunities. This field encompasses numerous courses to serve people of which MLT is one of the significant courses that you can choose. Let’s explore the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

If you are planning a career in healthcare, MLT courses in Delhi offer excellent opportunities for you. Here is a comprehensive guide that helps in selecting the MLT course in Delhi, which is best for you.

What is MLT?

In simple terms, MLT, Medical Laboratory Technology is a study of preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases using clinical laboratory tests. MLT is an all-encompassing discipline that includes majors like Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Medical Microbiology, Immunology, Histopathology.

A Medical Laboratory Technician is one who assists the doctors by collecting fluids and blood samples from patients.

As you know, the medical laboratory plays a significant role in the healthcare system. Of late, the demand for such specialized automated testing methods has increased exponentially, providing new avenues in MLT.

Now let’s explore the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin Institute

Henry Harvin is an institute of great repute which is globally recognized. Henry Harvin is a fast-growing Edtech company that has offices in the U.S. and India with a customer base in 97+ countries. According to the Higher Education Digest survey, Henry Harvin is one of the top 5 fastest growing start-ups in  India. Henry Harvin institute has 11+ affiliations in the U.S, U.K & India. 

Why is Henry Harvin the best institute for learning a Medical Laboratory Technician course?

Henry Harvin’s medical laboratory technician course is meticulously designed to support aspiring healthcare professionals. Henry Harvin has a unique teaching methodology comprising :

  • Live projects- In this institute you can gain experiential learning through live projects which in turn will help you gain hands-on practical exposure. This guarantees you  an in-depth understanding of the concepts. 
  • Unique curriculum- Their goal-centric , action-oriented curriculum aids you in preparing for a focused learning.
  • Persistent engagement – A highlighting  aspect of Henry Harvin is the active engagement of participants by way of presentations, group activities and brainstorming sessions .
  • They have over 109+ hiring partners and 100 percent placement assistance.

There is more,

Henry Harvin Health Care Program offers a 9 in 1 Healthcare course like training, projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning access, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership. These unique features, makes this institute, one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

Not only that,

Henry Harvin (registered) aims at upskilling the professional journey of healthcare professionals by harnessing their key skills. Henry Harvin, with the help of subject matter experts who are extensively experienced in paramedics, has handcrafted action-oriented learning solutions which go a long way in producing extremely efficient academicians. 

Healthcare professionals from leading organizations who are associated as Paramedics in Healthcare Academy ensure the delivery of meticulously crafted learning solutions in a unique manner. This facilitates the Health Care Academy in the empowerment of the Paramedics to reach full potential.

What is the process of getting admission to Henry Harvin?

The certification process involves Counseling and Registration followed by live classroom healthcare training sessions, recorded sessions made available in case of missed sessions. On completion of the training, the participants are assured to get 100% internship with 109+hiring partners to get practical training of the knowledge. An additional feather in the cap is to distinguish your profile with Certification from Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy in front of your name, with a Hallmark of COTT. 

What are the eligibility criteria for the Medical Laboratory Technician course at Henry Harvin?

Medical Lab Technician course – 12th with Science no entrance test – 12th without Science with technical aptitude test 8 months 4 months 12 months.

Hence, Henry Harvin is undoubtedly one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi

2. Impact Paramedical Health Institute (IPHI)

Impact Paramedical Health Institute offers B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology Institute in Delhi (BMLT) with a duration of 3 years (Full time) divided into six semesters. This is an institution that you can consider as it is one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi. 

The basic eligibility criteria are 12th (PCB) with a minimum of 45% marks

Other courses offered in IPHI are

  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Diploma in Medical Record Technology(DMRT)
  • B.Sc.Operation Theater Technology(BOTT)

What are the benefits of enrolling in  Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI)?

This is a  renowned and well-established institute with a set of high and noble objectives. 

  • This institute aims at contributing remarkably to the world-class and a very reasonably-charged education and training in the sphere of paramedical sciences and ancillary healthcare services, in India.
  • The institute  caters to the ever-growing needs in an optimum fashion to paramedical professionals and supporting staff. The institute is making its mark by  producing the maximum possible number of well-skilled and reliable paramedical professionals and supporting personnel every year at all levels in various medical fields in India’s fast-paced healthcare sector.

IPHI is one of the institutes that ranks among the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi which you may consider.

3. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute:

DPMI offers you a variety of professional paramedical and health courses. This helps to create a set of trained paramedical and allied health care professionals to provide efficient health care at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. 

Not only this,

  • The institute conducts an array of paramedical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also  aims at meeting the varying requirements of ambitious paramedical students, medical and healthcare practitioners, and other people aspiring to enter into the healthcare sector.
  • The courses in this institute are conducted by Paramedical professionals which assures you of the best quality with respect to diverse disciplines of medical treatments and healthcare sector.

MLT course details:

Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute, popularly known as DPMI, was established in Delhi with the objective of providing quality Paramedical and Technical Management education for under 10th, 10+2, graduate, and postgraduate levels. 

The MLT course in DPMI is one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician course is offered for 2 years. In order to be eligible to join this Medical Laboratory Technician course in Delhi, you need to have passed 10th or 12th.

Other such courses in DPMI include,

  • Diploma in First Aid  medical care and emergency
  • Diploma in Nursing Medical Assistant
  • Diploma in Multipurpose health worker
  • Diploma in Operation Theater Technology
  • Diploma in Radio Imaging Technology

Young aspirants like you who are willing to achieve in the healthcare sector will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience at DPMI.

The above-said factors make this institute one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

4. Institute Of Para Medical Technology – [IPMT], New Delhi

Why should you choose IPMT for pursuing a Medical Lab Technician course?

  • This institute was established in rural areas to make healthcare accessible to remote parts of Delhi. Primarily catering to dental care and eye care, this institute offers free check-ups, lens implantation, operating cataracts, YAG laser, etc. This institution is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality education.

What are the courses available in IPMT? 

IPMT offers a Diploma in Medical laboratory technology spanning 2 years. You should have passed 10th or +12 in order to be eligible to apply for this course. The fees may range up to Rs. 40000 per year in IPMT 

What is the curriculum in this medical laboratory technician course?

As a student, you’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of sampling, staining, pathology, testing, etc. Apart from these fundamentals, they also give you opportunities to get practical knowledge of the majors that you choose.

What are the other courses available in this institute?

Apart from this course in Medical Laboratory Technician Course, you can also choose some of these interesting courses:

  • General Nursing and Midwifery
  • Master of Science in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in dental assistant
  • Diploma in ophthalmic assistant
  • Diploma in physiotherapy assistant
  • Diploma in XRay technology

These aspects make the MLT courses in IPMT one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi that you could consider.

5. Delhi Institute of Technology & Paramedical Sciences (DITPMS)

  • DITPMS is one of the popular institutes in Delhi for paramedical sciences which is registered with the Delhi government. They provide both on-campus as well as online sessions for their courses.
  • The institute encourages students for the best possible performance through rewarding the meritorious and bright students with scholarships, awards, prizes, etc. by nurturing and facilitating research activities in various paramedical fields. The MLT courses in DITPMS, is one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi
  • The courses in DITPMS have a career-oriented approach that prepares you to be job ready as soon as you complete the course.

What are the medical laboratory technician courses available in DITPMS?

There are 2 specific courses for you to choose from,

  • If you are looking for a diploma course, you can take up a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology which spans across 2/3 years. The eligibility for this course is a 10 or +2.
  • If you are looking for a bachelor’s degree in medical lab technology, then you can opt for BSc. in medical laboratory technology,  which is for 3 years. To qualify for this degree you must have passed 12th with a science stream.

Other than these streams, you can choose any of these in the medical field depending on what you are looking for,

  • General Nursing and midwifery
  • Auxiliary Nursing and midwifery 
  • BSc in Nursing
  • MSc medical laboratory technology
  • MSc microbiology

This is an institute that you can look up to if you are aspiring to check for the Top 10 MLT Courses in Delhi.

6. Institute of Paramedical Science and Management

Why is IPSM one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi?

  • IPSM is established with a sole objective of providing quality paramedical and hospital management courses at affordable fees. IPSM provides top notch facilities with modern equipment. The trainers are highly qualified healthcare professionals who have knowledge in the latest techniques.
  • This institute offers different courses for aspiring healthcare professionals like you who are at different stages of their studies. They have courses for students who have passed 10th, 12th, graduate and postgraduate levels. Depending on your eligibility, you can opt for the specific medical laboratory technician course.

So, what are the different MLT courses available in IPSM?

  • If you are looking for a basic course, you can opt for a Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (CMLT) which spans up to 6 months to 1 year. You need to have passed your 10th standard, in order to take up this course.
  • If you are looking to do a diploma, you can choose, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT), which spans up to 1-2 years. For this course, you must have passed your 10th standard.
  • If you are looking to do a Bachelors in Medical Lab Technology, you can take up this BSc course, that spans upto 3 years. In order to be eligible for this course, you must have completed your 12th standard, with a science stream.

Apart from MLT, you can also opt for some of the other paramedical courses in these fields of healthcare like,

  • Operation theater technology,
  • Medical X Ray technician course
  • Ophthalmic assistants course
  • Sanitary inspector
  • Radio Imaging Technology, etc.

7. Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (IPH&H)

  • IPH&H identifies your need to learn as a student. They achieve this approach by giving you hands-on experience with real world education. This gives you an enriching experience at IPH&H
  • As one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi, IPH & H has a curriculum designed to make you employable.

So, what are the medical lab technician courses available in this institute?

Like other institutions, IPH&H also offers you diploma courses, bachelor’s or master’s degrees in MLT.

  • You can take up a Diploma course in MLT, if you are looking to do a course right after your 10th or +2. The institute gives preference to candidates from the science stream either PCB or PCM. This course spans across 1 or 2 years depending upon your level of education.
  • You can take up a Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology, spanning 3 years. In order to be eligible for this course, you must have passes +2 with Physics, Chemistry & Biology with 45% marks. Or 10+2 with any stream with 2 years Diploma in MLT.

IPH&H is one of the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

8. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute

In this Medical Lab Technician course, you will get hands-on industry. experience in a clinical environment through supervised internship programs. RGPI offers the following courses  which are recognized by UGC

  • Certificate in Medical Lab Technology spanning one year and in order to be eligible you need to have passed 10th.
  • Diploma in Medical Technology spanning two or three years based on your 10th or 12th certificate .
  • Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology course with a time span of two or three years based on your 12th certificate/ DMLT
  • Master in Medical Lab Technology with a duration of two years based on the Bachelor Degree in relevant subjects

Why choose RGPI?

Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute is approved by UGC and Paramedical and Education Research Organization PERO New Delhi. This adds value which makes you choose this institute. RGPI is a value-based institute that offers the best atmosphere for the overall development of the students. The institute offers high-quality teaching and practical knowledge ensuring students contribute in their respective fields and make their own identity.

The institute offers job-oriented and self-employment courses in the regular, distance, and online mode, which are valid in Govt. / Semi Govt. / Private sector in India. They also provide admission guidance, training & career counseling to seeking students. 

What are the career options after completion of this Medical Technician Course?

On completion of the course, it offers challenging career options in hospitals, Private Laboratories, Blood donation centers, Minor Emergency Centers, Doctor’s Clinics assuring handsome salary packages. 

Other courses offered by RGPI include

  • Radio Imaging Tech (RIT)
  • Operation Theater Tech (OTT)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cardiac Care
  • Nursing

These make it rank in the Top 10 MLT courses in Delhi which you can consider.

9. Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences

The course  Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) is offered by Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences, Delhi.

skill, the person can become a lab manager.

As a skilled Medical Lab Technician, you will be fully elThe duration for this course is two years, and the eligibility to enroll for admission is that the candidate should have passed in 12th standard. The best part is that students of all streams can apply for this course.

Why should you consider Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences, Delhi?

 The  advantage for you is that the Diploma in Medical Lab Technology from this institute is approved by the Indian Medical Association (IMA)

What can you become after successful completion of this course?

On successful completion of this course from this institute, you will be eligible to perform various tests and procedures for Physicians. It greatly helps them to diagnose, treat, monitor, and to even prevent diseases. Yet another vantage point for you is that as a specialized and skilled paramedic, you will be named as Laboratory Technologists or Medical Laboratory Scientists. You will have a wide range of areas to prove your skill and take up challenges.

What tasks can you handle after completion of the course?

 On completing a successful Medical Laboratory Technician Course from this institute, you will be competent enough to undertake various opportunities in many departments. This includes departments like immunology, hematology, biochemistry, blood banking, microbiology, and many more. You are assured of a variety of scope in your career, for sure. 

What makes CIPS one of the institutes offering the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi?

The scope is based on one’s training and qualification. MLT professionals may work as technologists or technicians at medical laboratories, to begin with, and may start off by working as a technician. After gaining work experience and

skills, the person can become a lab manager.

So, where can you take up career opportunities?

You will be eligible to work in hospitals, diagnostic centers, blood banks, pathology labs, private clinics, research and development departments of pharmaceutical companies, and many more.

As a Medical Lab Technician, you will be assigned duties like conducting medical research and analysis, preparing tissues for microscopic examination by pathologists, examination of body fluids and tissue cells for checking the abnormal chemical levels, cells or bacteria, conducting medical research and analysis, and determine blood type for transfusions, operating and maintaining sophisticated instruments and equipment used and is able to properly set up, calibrate, maintain, operate and shut down such instruments, conduct medical research and analysis. You will be able to handle such an extremely challenging job that requires extreme skill and precision like an expert. These make Cradle Institute Of Paramedical Sciences fall into the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.

10. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

This institute offers B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology, a  paramedical program with not only theoretical knowledge but also a strong practical experience about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various health problems by way of conducting clinical laboratory tests. Medical Laboratory Technicians play a vital role in the diagnosis of diseases and by providing the best possible care and treatments available at hand. These technicians eventually gain expertise on the collection and sampling of important data, testing, documenting, and reporting of these.

Good research skills and an ability to complete tasks on time help you excel in this program. An aptitude towards science, laboratory equipment, and instruments and also the ability to use computers and their applications go a long way to gain expertise.

What are the course details and eligibility of B.Sc in MLT?

This is an undergraduate program with a duration of three years.

Who is eligible to undergo this course?

Students who have completed 10th or 12th equivalent with a preferred stream in science. 

What is the admission process?

The admission to this course is based on merit or an entrance exam.

What are the popular job roles for this stream?

There is a wide range of job roles like laboratory technician, laboratory manager, research associate, medical officer, resident medical officer, medical record technician, etc. are offered as job roles. This also ensures handsome salary packages. Those students looking for an acknowledged institute can confidently consider this one as it ranks in the top 10 MLT courses in Delhi.


“It is very important to commit yourself to lifelong learning.”

As Albert Einstein rightly said on learning, these golden words are significant in their own might. They always drive you to learning mode. If you are one among this category, you have come to the right path which leads you to the right destination.

Henry Harvin, which is ranked 1st in the top 10 MLT Courses In Delhi, is an institution of great repute. Henry Harvin is well-established and has produced meritorious healthcare professionals who are achievers in their own might and have proved that” Sky is not the limit”.

The information shared here will be of immense help to young aspirants like you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Can arts students do a Lab Technician Course?

Yes, if you are a student from the arts stream and plan to take admission in the DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab Technician) course then you can get admission easily. The program is open for every stream and is generally approved by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). So, it doesn’t matter if you are from the arts or any other field. You are free to apply for this program.

2. What to do after  MLT course?

  • M.Sc  in Medical Lab Technology.
  • M.Sc in Nuclear Medicine Technology.
  • M.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology.
  • M.Sc in Medical Technology.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Genetics and Medical Laboratory.

3. Is MLT a good career in India?

Paramedical education and industry are one of the most under-rated areas of specialization which undoubtedly, are also an important tool in the healthcare industry. The career scope and future prospects of MLT and Physiotherapy are vast and immense as the number of qualified professionals in the industry is high. MLT is definitely a good career in India, you can get better quality, if pursued in one of these top 10 MLT courses in Delhi, as mentioned above. 

4. Which stream is required for a lab technician?

The primary requirement for a lab technician’s role is completing 10+2 in the science stream with physics, chemistry, math,s or biology as focus subjects. You can take up a diploma course or a degree program related to lab technology after completing 10 +2.


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