Discover Your Beauty Potential: Beautician & Makeup Courses

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This skin-deep beauty that beauticians enhance. Makeup covers flaws and highlights the beauty. Cosmetology is one field that never goes out of business. The makeup and beauty industry never sees a downfall. A career in cosmetology and beauty thus has greater scope. Since personal appearance is important. Hiring beauticians to improve the look of clients. Thus making them more confident in their field of work. Additionally, beauticians and makeup artists are self-employed. Paving way for budding entrepreneurs.

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A guide into the beautician and makeup world

The demand for beauticians has seen growth in the past few years. By 2026, the demand will grow by 13 percent. More than 7 lakh people run this business. An upscale stylist can earn 900 rupees per hour. With proper practice, patience, and timely up-gradation. A career in this segment is rewarding.  As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists fall under the beautician’s category.  There are various courses to study beautician and makeup. With certificates, diplomas, and degree programs, early specialisation can happen. 

Beautician and makeup courses: Eligibility

Courses can be certificates, diplomas, degrees, and masters. Depending on the area of interest, students take either of the programs. Eligibility criteria may vary.

  • Admission to certificate and diploma courses is always direct.
  • Entrance tests are not mandatory. The institute may have a personal interview. This is to understand the interest of the candidate.
  • But, for degree and master’s programs, the criteria may vary. Taking these courses after the 12th standard.
  • The package includes Personal Grooming, Makeup, Skin Treatment, Hair Styling, Nail Arts, etc. 

Beautician and makeup: course details

Beautician and makeup courses are after the 10th standard.  Sometimes after the 12th standard. Find out the details of each of them below

After the 10th standard Beautician and makeup programs 

Normally only certificate and diploma programs are available. 

Certifications in Beautician Courses with the fee

Course NameCourse Fees
Herbal Beauty Care CourseINR 6000
Beauty Parlour CourseINR 10,000
Beauty Care CourseINR 15,000
Ayurvedic Beauty Care CourseINR 12,000
Beauty and Make-up courseINR 20,000
Certificate in CosmetologyINR 15,000
Certificate in MakeupINR 18,000
Certificate in Hair StylingINR 15,000
Certificate in Beauty TherapyINR 20,000
Certificate in Beauty TechnicianINR 30,000

Diploma in Beautician Courses with fee

Course Name Course Fees
Diploma in CosmetologyINR 20,000
Diploma in Professional MakeupINR 25,000
Diploma in Hair StylingINR 18,000
Diploma in Beauty TherapyINR 30,000
Diploma in Beauty TechnicianINR 25,000
Advanced Diploma in CosmetologyINR 20,000
Advanced Diploma in Beauty TherapyINR 15,000

Additional short term workshops are done

Hair Cutting WorkshopINR 18,000
Professional Makeup WorkshopINR 25,000
Waxing WorkshopINR 10,000
Hair Coloring WorkshopINR 18,000

After 12th standard Beautician and makeup programs 

Degree and master programs that help students are given below:

Bachelors in Beautician Courses with fees 

Course NameAverage Fees
BSc Beauty CosmetologyINR 80,000-2,00,000

Masters in Beautician Courses with fees

Course NameAverage Fees
MSc CosmetologyINR 30,000-50,000
MTech Cosmetic TechnologyINR 45,000

Subjects and syllabus 

All the various courses may have a different syllabus. However, the subjects taught do not differ much. Common subjects are as follows:

  • Skincare and Hygiene
  • Makeup Techniques and Consultation
  • Bleaching, waxing, threading, masques
  • Makeup Techniques for Special Occasions
  • Basic Haircuts
  • Cleansing and Toning Practice
  • Creative Haircuts and Hair Coloring
  • Massage Manipulation
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Blow Drying and Heat Styling
  • Hair Spa and Hair Treatments
  • Hair Fall Treatment
  • Dandruff Treatment
  • HD Makeup for Photography, Films, And Fashion Shows
  • Skin Treatment
  • Foot and Hand Spa
  • Client Management
  • Airbrush Techniques for Flawless looks
  • Corporate/ bridal/ party makeup
  • Brow shaping


Beautician Online Course

Certificate NameDurationFees
Beautiful You2 MonthsINR 7,500
Certificate in Personal Makeup by Bhaavya Kapur6 WeekINR 7,000
Beauty Therapy Training Course4 WeeksFree*
Certificate in Advanced Makeup by Bhaavya Kapur6 WeekINR 40,000
Assistant Beauty Therapist – Introductory Course1 WeekFree
Professional Makeup Artist2 MonthsINR 60,000
Social Etiquette1 WeekFree
Professional Hair Stylist1 MonthINR 12,500
Online Beautician Course45 DaysINR 7,000

Beautician and makeup: scope

Grooming in recent years has become an art. In today’s time, people are conscious about their looks. Looks and beauty are important for Professional success. Due to this fact, the beauty and fitness segment becomes a career. With very little investment, armed with a degree, professional practice can get started. Diligence clubbed with professionalism, the candidate becomes a name to reckon with. 

Professionals can opt to work in various areas. Spas, beauty parlors, salons, resorts, hotels, etc. hire professionals.  A concrete degree goes a long way in shaping advisory firms. Firms that tell on makeup, hairstyling, skincare routines, and more are in demand. A confident entrepreneur thus shapes the confidence of its client. Institutes like Lakme academy and VLCC train the students. They also offer placements to their students inhouse.

Beautician and makeup: Jobs

Segmentation in the beauty area leads to job creation. The various jobs offered are:

  • Makeup artist – Prosthetics, high fashion, airbrushing, high definition, and light blending techniques. By meeting the needs of the client using these techniques. Above mentioned techniques need precision. Separate courses to learn their helps.
  • Cosmetologist – Skin, the largest organ of the body, is also the most sensitive. Cosmetologists do this study. Suggesting the client the facials that will suit their skin. Making a skin routine possible for their clients.
  • Hair Stylist – Hair shading, trimming, blow drying, styling, and hair extensions.  Doing separate hairstyling courses to meet the requirements of clients. Hairstylists are always in demand as hair completely changes the aura of the person.
  • Nail Care Artists -Specialists of these types not only do manicures and pedicures. Offering services like nail extensions and medicines.
  • Manufacturing Sales Representative –  Help reach the right product to the right customer. With knowledge in beauty, these professionals are of great help. Making the right brand available for customers.
  • Salon sales consultant – Off-shelf products are available at the salon. A salon sales consultant offers them to customers. To do that, a salon sales consultant must know all about the product, its ingredients, and the benefits.
  • Beauty magazine writer – Significant experience and name in the beauty segment. These are necessary for this area. 
  • Fashion show stylist – Fashion show requires a different kind of hairstyling.  Hairstyles have to suit the theme of the fashion show. Hence the need for these professionals.

Beautician and makeup: Salary

As a fresher, a beautician, and a professional can earn around 1 – 1.5 LPA.  Experience clubbed with the skill set, the earning can go up to 3 LPA. Entrepreneurs after making a name for themselves earn around 5 LPA. Salon specialists in various salons by L’oreal or Lakme earn 5 LPA. makeup artists earn around 7 LPA. 

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Hairstyling courses details

An inherent part of makeup is hairstyling. Hairstylists are in demand since they change the look of hair. Details are given below:

Introduction to Hairstyling 

The Importance of Safety and HygieneWhy We Practice on Mannequins
Types of HairStyling Products and Tools


French Braid Fishtail Braid 
Dutch Braid Flower Braid 
Simple Updo Braids Messy buns 

Classic Up do’s

Blow Drying TechniqueStraightening 
Wavy hairstyle Red Carpet curls 
Ponytail Beach waves


Bridal Trial Client Relationships 
Extensions French Twists 

Film and Fashion

Messy Do for short hair Ponytail with hair extension 
Casual Evening Updo Hollywood Style Updo 
Hollywood Style Updo Pin Up Rolls 
Victorian period Updo Floral Messy Buns 

Beautician and makeup: recruiters

  • B Blunt
  • Geetanjali
  • VLCC
  • Shahnaz Hussain
  • Javed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Toni and Guy
  • L’oreal
  • Lakme


Q 1. To become a good beautician. What is the required skill set?

A stylist first has to be a good listener. Understand the needs of the client. So, communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Secondly, personality traits like creativity, innovation, self-motivation, and passion are necessary. Finally, a beautician works in a team. Hence, team skills like adaptability, precision, and decision-making skills are mandatory. 

Q 2. What is the scope of beauticians and makeup artists abroad?

The answer is simple, enormous. Overseas, all salons are unisex. Thus this serves as an opportunity to style both genders. Jobs like a manicurist, pedicurist, aromatherapist, masseur. Even a beauty consultant are the jobs offered. In the USA or even in Europe, Indians have a great scope. This is thanks to our technique of healing and repair using natural products. These services are a rage and in great demand. An estimation predicts that around 87 thousand new jobs are available. These are for makeup and beauticians.

Q 3. Can you throw some light on air-brushing?

Airbrushing is playing with colors on the skin. It sees a great demand in the bridal makeup sector. The specialty of this makeup is that you do not have to do frequent re-touchups. Therefore, makeup stays for the entire day. Since it uses silicon, the makeup becomes flawless. Hence, preferred by brides. 

Q 4. Can you give details of the stage makeup?

4 segments form the stage makeup. They are Cake Makeup, HD makeup, Greasepaint, and Special Effects. Let us understand each in detail.

Cake makeup – Popular as dry makeup. Products are available in powder form. But, when mixed with water the end result could be different.

HD makeup – When the shoot happens on an HD camera, the flaws and the pores of the skin become visible. Thus to cover these, HD makeup usage.

Greasepaint – The oldest form of makeup known to us. Since the makeup products are oily, hence the name greasepaint. 

Special Effects – Used to show special emotions like anger, age to name a few. 

Q 5. What do beauticians do?

A beautician dons many roles. They ensure the comfort and peace of the client. Cleaning the place before getting the client to the workstation. Talking to the client and understanding the needs. Analyse the need and accordingly suggest the treatment or routine. Take time out to explain the details of the procedure. Keeping in mind the comfort of the client. Performing various procedures as promised to the client. All in all, making the visit to the salon a good experience for the client.

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