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Top 10 MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) Courses Online

What is Medical Laboratory Technician Course????

MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) popularly also known as MLS (Medical Laboratory Scientist) or MT (Medical Technician) or CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist) deals with the collection and testing of blood and body fluid samples in clinical laboratories. This procedure aids doctors in diagnosing and curing diseases. MLT course familiarizes you with various kinds of medical tests like Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid Function Test (TFT), Liver Function Test (LFT) etc and operation of medical machinery like analysers.

Why choose Medical Laboratory Technician Course Online????

Dreaming of becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician???? If so, pursuing an MLT course can make your way clear in achieving your dream. Due to a huge demand for lab technicians in the medical field, most students are seeking to take up MLT courses. 

  • It facilitates ample employment opportunities in several fields like educational institutions, health care clinics, research laboratories, private and government hospitals. One can set up their laboratory services or health care centres after acquiring sustainable experience.  
  • Medical aspirants can choose any MLT course of their preference offered by many medical institutions. Below is the list of MLT courses.
Medical Laboratory Course Duration
  • Students those who want to set up their career as lab technicians usually choose either a diploma or B.Sc after 10+2.
  • Becoming a professional in this field can be quite interesting and challenging. 

As learning has become flexible, most educational institutions are offering both online and physical classes. Taking up MLT courses online helps in settling down as a professional at the optimal time. Here is the list of the top 10 institutions offering MLT courses online.

1. Henry Harvin

Among several Edtech platforms, Henry Harvin holds its place among the top 500 E-learning institutions in the world. It offers more than 200 courses in abundant fields across 97 countries. This institution is equipped with nearly 500 trainers, who are experts in their stream. It is affiliated with Amazon, AAEFL (American Association of EFL), MSME, KPMG, MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) etc. 

Henry Harvin's Medical Laboratory Technician Course

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

MLT course offered by Henry Harvin is a comprehensive 12 months course that acquaints you with medical terminologies, laws, ethics and emergencies. Its curriculum includes the study of chemical, microscopic, immunologic, haematology, serology, microbiology and bacteriological examination of human fluids. 

Why choose Henry Harvin?

  • Provides two-way live interactive training classes with 100% practical training
  • Access to course materials, resources and video recordings with 1-year gold membership
  • Participate in ongoing internships, live projects, hackathons and Bootcamp sessions
  • Offers 100% placement assistance and premium access to various job portals 
  • Issues hallmark certificate with global recognition after course completion
  • Handcrafted NSDC curriculum by professionals with stimulation sessions and case studies for a holistic approach

Learning outcomes:

  • After this course, you will be familiar with medical terminologies, able to collect samples, prepare and document medical tests and reports
  • Gains knowledge about material management, biomedical waste management, patient care, lab technology and medical machinery
  • Accustomed with medical laws and ethics, testing in laboratories, basic pathology and diagnostic techniques

Other Courses:

      Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, Henry Harvin offers abundant online courses like

  1. Hospital Administration Course
  2. Emergency Medical Technician Course
  3. CPR and Firstaid Course
  4. X-ray Technician Course

2. National Institute of Open Schooling

The National Institution of Open Schooling is a self-governed organization in the execution of NEP (National Education Policy) in 1986 by the Ministry of Education. It is one of the largest virtual open schooling systems around the globe. This institution offers plenty of online courses at all educational levels as Elementary, Secondary and Senior secondary levels.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

NIOS provides DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) as an online vocational course. Its broad curriculum covers most topics in Hematology, Blood banking techniques, Histology, Cytology, Microbiology and Biochemistry. It familiarizes the students with blood components, estimation of hemoglobin, registration and collection of blood from donors. It gives an overview of hormones and their functions, RNA, DNA, growth, nutrition and lab management techniques. 

Why choose NIOS?

  • Offers many online courses among various Indian Universities
  • Access to course materials, digital library, study resources, journals and videos
  • Motivates aspirants through success story videos, felicitations and awards
  • Conducts online examinations and provides a certificate after course completion
  • Updates job notifications on regular basis in the app and webpage

Learning Outcomes: 

  • By the end of this course, you will acquire knowledge on handling of medical machinery, conducting various tests, documenting them and diagnosing diseases.
  • Besides that, you will be acquainted with the collection of blood samples, a grouping of blood, hormonal assessments, tissue processing, Kidney functioning tests and Liver functioning tests

Other Courses:

      Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, NIOS  offers many online courses like

  1. Certificate in Homeopathic Dispensing
  2. Stenography
  3. Diploma in Insurance Services
  4. Advanced Web Designing

3. University of North Dakota

UND is a member of the ND University system and has been ranked as the best educational institute for its educational quality, affordability and career outcomes in the world. It focuses on student goals and helps them to overcome challenges and celebrate their achievements. This university offers more than 225 undergraduate, graduate and professional courses both online and on-campus.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

UND university offers MLT course online for both graduates, undergraduates and professional medical aspirants. The bachelor of science degree in MLT is for undergraduates is 4-year coursework. The course curriculum covers biology, physiology, molecular diagnostics, clinical laboratory operations, clinical immunology and advanced clinical applications.

Course Structure:

Why choose UND?

  • Provides Hallmark certificate accredited from NAACLS (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences) after course completion
  • Facilitates campus placement and clinical research to graduates post-course completion
  • Access to online student resources, articles, handbooks and textbooks
  • Continuous assistance by staff and dedicated faculty throughout the course duration

Learning Outcomes:

  • Through this course, you will have an overview of medical terminology, operation of medical machinery
  • Acquainted with the collection of human fluid samples, testing and documenting them to diagnose the disease, performing various medical tests

Other Courses:

          Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, UND offers many online    courses like

  1. Clinical Epidemiology
  2. Interprofessional Healthcare Course
  3. Master of Public Health
  4. M.S in Biomedical Science

4. Udemy

Udemy is the fastest e-learning platform providing ample open online courses to students and professionals. Its mission is to spread knowledge and transform lives through better learning experiences. This global community offers more than 196K courses in 75 languages. 

Why choose Udemy?

  • Provides two hours of on-demand video courses with lifetime access to your comfort space
  • Access to unique course content, and resource materials on mobile and TV
  • Get a globally recognized certificate after completion of the course
  • Classes are led by passionate subject experts with hands-on-experience

Learning Outcomes:

  • After this course, you will acquire medical terminology, operation of lab equipment, collection of samples, perform various tests and document them and identify and diagnose the root cause of the disease

Other Courses:

          Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, Udemy offers many online courses like

  1. Introduction to Medical Imaging
  2. Medical Coding CPC (Certified Professional Cooder) Training
  3. Medical Writing for Healthcare Professionals
  4. Basics of Medical Microbiology

5. Ontario Tech University

Ontario Tech University facilitates a diverse array of courses for undergraduates and graduates. It also offers continuous learning programs and workshops to professionals. This university provides learning through both in-class and hybrid online modes, exchange programs and internship opportunities across the world.  It collaborates with several international universities and research institutions for providing quality education.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

Ontario Tech University provides MLT course online for undergraduates and college to university transfer students around the globe. This course gives you fundamental knowledge and skills in biological, physical and health sciences. This course is accredited by the accreditation of Canada. 

Course Duration:

Why choose Ontario Tech University?

  • Offers full-time interactive classes with experimental learning
  • Provides career opportunities to both internal and external applicants after course completion
  • Assistance throughout the internship program and career guidance program
  • Issues accredited certificate from Canadian Medical Association
  • Eligible to write the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science national examination

Learning outcomes:

  • With this course, you will acquire knowledge on medical terms, operation of medical equipment, skills in biology and health sciences. After course completion, you can appear for the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science exam and work in all Canadian provinces

Other Courses:

          Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, Udemy offers many online courses like

  1. B.S in Health Physics and Radiation Science
  2. M.S in Health Sciences
  3. PhD in Applied Bioscience
  4. B.S in Health Administration

6. Griffith University

Griffith University is one of the top-rated public research Universities in Queensland, Australia. It holds a five-star rating from the good universities’ guides for delivering quality education, highly qualified staff and teaching skills. Its mission is to create social impact through teaching methodologies and innovative research by pushing the boundaries and make difference between itself and others.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

Griffith University offers MLT course online to undergraduate students with a few entry requirements like ATAR/ Rank or VET qualification/ Diploma. The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science program is accredited by AIMS (Australian Institute of Medical Scientists) and IBMS (Institute of Biomedical Science). It has collaborated with futureLearn to provide Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Its curriculum includes the study of Hematology, Molecular Medicine, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular genetics and language and communication for health.

Course Duration:

Why choose Griffith University?

  • Provides quality education at an affordable price and scholarships during the course period
  • Issues course certificate affiliated with AIMS and IBMS
  • Interactive classes through lecture theatres and hands-on-lab experiences
  • Offers access to the digital library, work-integrated learning and career placement opportunities

Learning Outcomes:

  • This course gives an overview of the collection of bodily fluids and performs diagnostic blood tests. It gives you knowledge of cell biology, chemistry, physiology and functioning of body structures under diseased conditions

Other Courses:

     Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, Griffith University offers many online courses like

  1. B.S in Biomedical Science
  2. M.S in Medical Research
  3. B.S in Nursing
  4. B.S in Pharmacology and Toxicology

7. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconson Technical College is a public institution located in Fennimore, Wisconsin. It offers nearly 500+ course programs to 250,000 students every year. Its goal is to provide detailed educational opportunities to the students and meet individual needs in driving economic prosperity. It collaborates with local, state and national partners to transform education.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

SWTC offers MLT Course online as an associate degree in the stream of Health Sciences. This course provides basic knowledge of Hematology, Pathology, Biology, potential illness and Health sciences. It is an online full-time 2-year associate degree program.

Why choose SWTC?

  • Provides quality education at an affordable price and placement assistance
  • Issues course certification accredited with the American Medical Association

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Through this course, you will gain knowledge and skills to work in a clinical laboratory, operation of lab equipment, learn the process of collecting biological specimens and perform tests on them. 
  • You will be familiarised with monitoring and maintaining medical machines and communication with patients, doctors and the public

Other Courses:

     Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, SWTC offers many online courses like

  1. Clinical Lab Assistant
  2. Laboratory Professor
  3. Phlebotomist
  4. Medical Laboratory Technologist

8. Seward County Community College

Seward County Community College (SCCC) is ranked among the top educational institutions. It offers around 45-course programs including adult basic education, certification programs, applied science degrees, general studies and associate degrees in arts and science. National Accrediting Agency accredits the MLT course online programs for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLC). Its mission is to enrich and improve student’s life by providing ample opportunities for their productivity.

Core Values of SCCC:

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

SCCC provides MLT course online through a lecture format with locally affiliated clinical sites. This course curriculum is a compound of basic immunology, Hematology, Pathogenic Microbiology, Urinalysis and body fluids. This institute also offers an Associate degree in Applied science degree in MLT course.

Why choose SCCC?

  • Provides one-to-one interaction with trainers through mail or online discussions
  • Offers self-paced learning and interact with your peers through mail or telephone
  • Practical schedule to balance work, family and access to clinical laboratory
  • Access to course materials and feasible plan for course completion

Learning Outcomes:

  • After course completion, you will gain knowledge on the operation of  medical machinery, collect human bodily fluids, perform clinical tests and document the reports to aid health care professionals

Other Courses:

     Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, SCCC offers many online courses like

  1. Nursing
  2. Respiratory Therapy
  3. Surgical Technology
  4. Phlebotomy

9. Regan Career Institue

RCI facilitates MLT course online, which is approved by the California Department of Public Health Laboratory field services. The course duration is approximately 1 year and aids to get California MLT license.

Types of Courses:

Medical Laboratory Technician Course:

RCI offers MLT course online in diploma and it also provides you to earn an associate degree. This program is approved by the California of Public Health and accredited by Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). This course plan includes the study of humanities, social, natural sciences and laboratory technology.

Why choose RCI?

  • Access to course materials and healthcare institutions for hands-on experience
  • Partners with healthcare institutions for externships to enhance the learning experience
  • Issues accredited certificate and eligible to take up the nationally certified exam

Learning Outcomes:

  • By the end of this course, you will be acquainted with the collection of blood samples, performing various tests and documenting the medical records to diagnose the disease

 Other Courses:

       Besides Medical Laboratory Technician Course, RCI offers many online courses like

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant
  2. ECG Technician
  3. Medical Assistant
  4. Phlebotomy Technician

10. Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu is an online e-learning platform that facilitates education in 500 international universities across the globe. It is one of the top trusted study abroad experts. This platform helps you to explore universities according to your preference.

Why choose Leverage Edu?


However, due to the increasing demand for Medical Laboratory technicians and the high employment rate, most students are aspiring to design their careers in the medical field. Seeking MLT courses from a reputed institution paves your career and provides job opportunities in clinical laboratories, research centres, hospitals and healthcare centres.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the eligibility criteria to pursue MLT course?

A. Any candidate can take up this course after completion of senior secondary education with a minimum of 50% marks.

2. Which countries are best to study MLT course?

A. Pursuing MLT courses from universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and Malaysia are the best destinations.

3. What could be the expected salary of a Medical Lab Technician?

A. Usually, it ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

4. Is NEET required for MLT course?

A. Absolutely not, NEET is required for medical entrance exams like MBBS and BDS but not MLT, Nursing.

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