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Top 10 Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Courses in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi.

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Interested in becoming an expert in Medical Laboratory Technology? Then check out this article to find some of the best Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. 

Statistics show the rapid growth in the medical and healthcare industry which has significantly increased in the past years.  

But wait a minute…what exactly does a medical lab technician do? 

What is the role of a medical laboratory technician in the healthcare field?

Medical lab technicians perform an important role in the healthcare field. Similarly, these expert technicians perform and analyse several lab tests to examine the body fluids with the aid of advanced laboratory equipments. 

These tests help the doctors in determining the complications or diseases present in the human body. 

According to Wikipedia, a medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a place where tests are carried out on clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Clinical Medical laboratories are an example of applied science, as opposed to research laboratories that focus on basic science, such as found in some academic institutions.

The following are some of the tasks performed by the Medical Lab Technicians: 

  • Maintaining, cleaning, organising and testing the cleanliness and sterility of the lab and lab equipments.
  • Collection of blood and other fluid samples and preparation of solution samples required to conduct tests. 

Check out this list of the Top 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin

About the institution: 

Medical Laboratory Technicians are specialists who execute various diagnostic examinations of the body or human fluids and blood, in laboratories. Today, rapid progress in the field of medicine and technology is witnessed by the entire world. Therefore, a career in the medical field especially as a Medical Lab Technician has considerably gained prevalence. Henry Harvin provides one of the best training programmes in Medical Laboratory Technology. 

Henry Harvin Institute employs expert trainers and professionals to provide Medical Laboratory Technician Courses with the following essential benefits: 

  • Hands-on training with in-depth study and analysis of Anatomy and Physiology. 
  • Curriculum designed by professionals and experts with reference to NSDC Curriculum.
  • Easy access to the E-learning portal.
  • Benefits of 1-year Gold Membership
  • Job portal with promising weekly job support. 

The institute provides a free demo and a detailed syllabus upon request too!

The Medical Laboratory Technician Course consists of 14 modules with 2 complimentary modules too. 

The course provides the following learning benefits to its students:

  • Acquire knowledge about hematologic disorders, digestive and skeletal systems, cells, tissue etc. 
  • Learn Medical laws and Medical Ethics. 
  • Get acquainted with testing in laboratories and preparing medical tests. 
  • Know about lab technology, biomedical waste management etc. 

One can download a brochure as well as view the schedule for the upcoming batches and enroll for the Medical Laboratory Technician Course at Henry Harvin Institute. 

Check out the following cities in India offering Henry Harvin’s Medical Laboratory Technician Course.

Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Coimbatore. 

Other training courses provided by Henry Harvin Institute:

2. Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science. 

About Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science: 

Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science (LKPS) provides courses in Paramedical, medical and allied science. The UGC-approved Institute provides quality education and hands-on training to its students through expert trainers and dedicated faculty. It is located in Yamuna Vihar in Delhi. 

The institute meets the requirements of its students by offering job-oriented courses via online, regular or even distant modes of learning. 

The institution provides the following educational programs:

  • Certificate training in Medical Laboratory Technician Course.
  • Diploma, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. 

One can download their syllabus available in pdf format on their official website. 

Contact details: 

Check out their official website to get admission procedure and fee payment details. In order to contact the institute, check out the online message portal, mobile number, or email id on the Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science website.  

3. Impact Paramedical and Health Institute.

About Impact Paramedical and Health Institute: 

Impact Paramedical and Health Institute is a vocational and certified institute. It is one of the best institutes to offer professional and expert training in paramedics and the health care field.  

The institute offers a diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) where the course has been divided into 4 semesters spread across 2 years of educational training. 

Besides the Diploma, the institute also provides a B.Sc. degree in Medical Lab Technology. 

Students will learn the following units: 

  • Haematology, clinical pathology, microbiology.
  • Cytological techniques applied Microbiology.
  • Serology.
  • Lab management and many more critical and important units related to this field. 

Eligibility criteria for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology:

Successful completion of 10th and 12th std. from any stream. 

Duration of the course: 

It is a full-time 3 years course. The course has been divided into 6 semesters spread across the entire duration of the course.  

Location and contact details of the Impact Paramedical and Health  Institute: 

The institute is located in Paschim Vihar in New Delhi. Check out their contact details on their official website to know more about the Medical Laboratory Technician Courses. 

4. Tech Mahindra Foundation- Smart Academy. 

About Tech Mahindra Foundation- Smart Academy:

The institute trains its learners to become expert lab technicians. Similarly, students learn to create and analyse reports, manage biomedical waste, collect samples, maintain lab equipment etc. 

Eligibility and duration of the course:

Students who have successfully passed their 12th exam from the science stream or graduate students are eligible to undertake this course.

The duration of the course is 2 years. 

Benefits of joining this course:

  • Expert and professional trainers to impart excellent educational services.  
  • Well-equipped labs to make learning easier for students. 
  • Additional skill training to meet the latest industry requirements.
  • Job assistance and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The course covers a number of modules right from basic introduction to lab technology to NABL training and supply chain management. 

Location of the institute: 

The institute is located in Gandhi Ashram, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi. 

Check out their contact details available on the official website of Tech Mahindra Foundation- Smart Academy. 

5. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute.

About Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute: 

The Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute commonly known as DPMI is a vocational institute which provides education in paramedical health as well as other courses. Similarly, it also provides quality education and professional training to its students through its excellent faculty.   

The institute trains its students to examine various body fluids, diagnose and identify diseases through several lab tests, maintain lab instruments etc. 

Benefits of joining this course: 

  • E-learning mode with audio-visual clips.
  • Specialised and well-designed programs.
  • Internship and placement assistance. 

Programs provided by the institution: 

  • Certificate course in Medical Lab Technology.
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology.
  • B.Voc in Medical Lab Technology. 

Location and contact details of the institute: 

Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute is located in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. 

Check out their email id and contact number on their website to know more about the course. 

6. Ozone Healthcare Institute.

About Ozone Healthcare Institute:

Ozone Healthcare Institute is located in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. With the help of professional trainers and expert teachers, the institute trains its students to learn various units related to Medical lab technology. 

The institute provides a number of courses with quality education to its students. 

With the increasing demand for medical lab technicians, the institute imparts knowledge on several training modules to keep up with the industry standards. 

7. National Institute of Paramedical and Management. 

About the National Institute of Paramedical and Management:

The National Institute of Paramedical and Management or commonly referred to as NIPM provides a variety of courses ranging from paramedical science to hospitality management courses.

The institute aims at providing value education in a learning-friendly environment. 

The institute provides the following educational programs : 

  • Certificates course in Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Eligibility for the course: 

Young aspirants who have successfully completed their 10th, 12th, graduate or postgraduate education are eligible for this course. 

Contact details: 

Check out their official website for the institute’s contact number or one can send a message through the online portal available on the website. The institute promises to respond within 24 hours. 

8. Arogya Institute of Health Sciences. 

About Arogya Institute of Health Sciences: 

This paramedical institute in Delhi provides opportunities to its students to become experts in the fields of paramedics, management, engineering, teaching etc. 

Arogya Institute of Health Sciences imparts expert knowledge via professional trainers. The Medical Lab Technology course is a two-year programme. Successful completion of 10th std. is the eligibility criteria for the course. 

Contact Details and location of the institute: 

The institute is located in Laxmi Nagar in Delhi. Check out their official website for contact details and email id. 

The website provides an online message portal to get in touch with the institute and its authorities.  

9. SV5 Healthcare and Consultant. 

About SV5 Healthcare and Consultant: 

SV5 Healthcare and Consultant is a certified institute that provides Medical Laboratory Technician courses in Delhi. The institution trains students by providing quality education to carve out and build their careers as MLT. 

Duration of the course: 

The Medical Laboratory Technician Course is a 12 months course with 1200 hours of theory and simulation class and 800 hours of internship. 

Eligibility for the course: 

10+2 Science or Level 3 qualification.

The course covers a number of modules related to Medical Laboratory Technology. Download the course details from their official website. 

10. The Asian Academy. 

About the Asian Academy:

The institute is located in Delhi and provides a wide range of services and strives to meet the requirements of its students. With the amazing faculty, the Asian Academy imparts quality education and excellent services. 

The staff of the institute is prompt, helpful and responsible. Check out the Asian Academy’s contact details on Justdial. Similarly, the admission procedure or the enrollment procedure for the course can be successfully carried out once you contact the institute.  


This article gives an overall idea about the Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. Most of the courses listed above provide certificate as well as degree or diploma courses too. Each institute has its own well-planned and organised academic syllabus spread across semesters. 

Most of the training institutes mentioned above strive to provide theory as well as practical training to their students to gain in-depth knowledge about the discipline. The syllabus of these academic institutes has been divided into several modules right from basic introduction to the course to advanced knowledge about the subject.

This field involves the treatment, testing and diagnosis of ailments and diseases with the help of clinical lab tests. All these activities are carried out by an expert medical lab technician. These tests basically aid the doctor to treat and cure the diseases of the patients. 

Thus, the growing demand for this particular field has increased significantly which has actually increased the number of students to become a part of this discipline.   

Now, enrol yourself in one of these amazing Medical Laboratory Courses. Happy Learning! 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q.1. What is the duration of the Medical Laboratory Technician Course?

Ans. The duration of the course depends upon what type of programme you are opting for. For example, the duration of the course differs for certificate, diploma and degree courses.

Q.2 Do the Medical Laboratory Technician Courses accept students from other streams?

Ans. Generally, most of the institutes prefer students, especially from the science stream but there are some other institutes too who willingly accept students from other streams.

Q.3 What is the eligibility for Medical Laboratory Technician Course?

Ans. For most of the institutes, the eligibility is either 10th std. or 10+2. 

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