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Henry Harvin Vs Miles CPA Course Review

CPA or Certified Public Accountant, a relatively new course with recognition from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Apparently, the world’s largest body in accounting and taxation. Not to mention the prestige attached to the degree that comes with intensive training. While in India, many institutes offer this course. On the contrary, one sees many ads on social media. In the world of many, the best needs proper choosing. Henry Harvin’s CPA course wins hands down against its closest competitor Miles’s CPA course. Read the blog below so that the perspective becomes crystal clear.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Finance academy has accreditation from many organisations. Besides the academy also has an ISO certification. Most importantly this becomes a testimony of how the CPA course design and certification meet industry standards.


Key features of the CPA program listed below:

  • First, the program comes with the 9 in 1 benefits. A systematic approach that involves training, projects, internship, certification, and access to E-learning. Above all the bootcamps, hackathons, and placements. In other words, helping students face all the challenges in the accounting segment.
  • Not to mention the power packed unique curriculum. 
  • Besides the benefits mentioned above. 12 bootcamps i.e monthly bootcamps help students go over difficult topics. In other words, brush up on tedious points happens frequently and thus concepts clarity gets enhanced. Access to these boot camps on the other hand instills confidence in the students.
  • Even though the subject becomes difficult, the methodology bring around clarity. Various Algorithms, and its functioning. Not to mention the data structures. GCAO Pedagogy helps students grasp the topics better.
  • In the same way, the learning on Moodle app gives students flexibility. The exclusive Learning Management System from Henry Harvin makes learning simple. Otherwise cumbersome programs come on the phone and learning gets simplified.
  • For the purpose of making this program the best, trainers undergo a rigorous selection process. Only the best come on board. Due to this trainers on an average have more than 12 years of experience. 
  • Another key point in the CPA program with Henry Harvin, Gold membership with a validity of 1 year. With the intention to support students, this membership rolled out. In other words the membership besteows the students with learning material for a lifetime. 
  • Nonetheless complimentary soft skill and resume writing sessions access provided. Hence students become prepared to face the interviews.
  • Notably the program post completion offers 10  weekly placements. In other words Henry Harvin takes care of its students till they get proper industry placements. 
  • Alumni of Henry Harvin spread across the globe. On the positive side this means students post completion joining this prestigious network. Thus attracts more work opportunities due to the alumni community.
  • Points often overlooked like 24×7 access to recorded lectures, relevant videos etc made available to all learners.
  • Presence across all metro cities and major business hubs in India.


Summarise the pointer above. We can clearly see how a student in the CPA program gets benefits. Flexibility, ease to train under another trainer, gold membership becomes the take home benefits. Trainers, moodle app, touch point activities like hackathons and bootcamps add lifetime valuable learning to the students. 


Miles CPA course

Miles education dedicates itself to teaching accountancy and finance. Headed by Varun Jain. The program finds its teachings based on the McGraw Hill – CPA Study Guides.


Key features of the Miles CPA course


  • Key point in learning with blended methodology. In other words recorded lectures and face to face classroom sessions
  • Concept notes and study material inclusive of 8000 MCQs and 500 and more stimulations. Significantly preparing students to take on the CPA exams.
  • To enumerate the success, 100 one on one mentor sessions. Additionally, these sessions help clear doubts and boost confidence. Surprisingly sessions rane from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • With the intention to make students industry ready, boot camps held. The guidelines of which laid by industry consultants.
  • Additionally license procurement assistance offered post exam clearance. 
  • Even though placement assistance only for self sponsored students.
  • Above all, continuous support offered to students. Assistance not only with examination and license but there after too.
  • Point to advantage as presence across major cities in India. 
  • Helping students overseas to clear exams by providing logistical support.


The CPA course from Miles education acts like a one stop solution to clear the CPA examination. Then again the placements in MNCs and Big 4 generated query in the students mind. The road map of being a certified CPA with Miles amazes the reader and students alike. Schedules and new batches starting every few days become a strong feature. 


Henry Harvin vs Miles CPA Course Review

While the above information spells out each program in detail. As a student before enrolling many parameters need clarity. As a result one needs to compare both the programs on very important and crucial parameters for easier decision making.


Comparative chart


Henry Harvin CPA Program

Miles CPA Program

Teaching methodology

All sessions are Live instructor led sessions. The recording of the same available for future use

Blended with recorded lectures and live classroom sessions


Regular Hackathons

Not mentioned

Boot camps 

12 boot camps held on monthly basis

Boot camp conducted but regularity not mentioned

Assistance touch points

Lifetime 24×7 access 

Assistance only till license obtaining


100 percent placement for all students upto 1-year

Placements for only self sponsored students

Alumni network

18,000 strong network

Not mentioned

Membership along with CPA course

1- year gold membership

Not mentioned

Exam and license assistance

Not mentioned 


Program modules 

All the 4 modules explained in details

Details not mentioned

Interview and resume writing assistance


Not mentioned

Self-paced sessions offered


Not mentioned

Other finance related courses 

Yes. A student can continue to upgrade in finance stream with the finance academy itself

Yes but overseas and other streams in India with tie ups


12 + years of experience

No mentioned other than the author


As seen, the above comparison helps us get an understanding on crucial parameters. All in all Henry Harvin CPA program surpasees Miles CPA program. In the final analysis, it becomes apparent that choosing Henry Harvin would make a smart decision. Given these points, decision making at a student level becomes easy. Click on the CPA program with the finance academy at Henry Harvin and step into the world of accountancy and global opportunities. Good luck!

Could you pls let me know the eligibility criteria for the CPA program?

Sure! Generally speaking a CPA program needs 120 credit points when you graduate. Another key point to remember that enrollment possible only after you have completed your graduation program and post graduation program. If you are a commerce graduate like B.Com/BAF/BBI/BFM/BBA/BMS. By all means 90 credit points achieved already. Additionally, when you do a post-graduation program like MBA or M.com or even CA. Your kitty becomes filled with 30 credit points. Taking the total to 120 points. Thus a CPA program becomes a part of global business education. Some institutes waive away this criterion. Kind this out before enrollment.

I have completed my CA. Will enrolling in a CPA program advisable?

Definitely, the CPA program broadens the financial approach. You can upgrade and enter the world of finance and investments. A CPA degree also brings forth many new opportunities, both in India as well as globally.

CA and CPA let me know the difference between them?

Chartered accountancy deals in all about taxation, finance, audit, accounting, makes profit and loss statements. On the other hand CPA deals in finance, investments, analysis of a portfolio, stock holding and wealth management. CA degree holds value in Indian and a few other countries. Compared to this, a CPA degree has global recognition. The salary expectation may vary from 6 to 8 Lakh per annum for a CA. Compared to that a CPA salary expectation may vary from 5-7 lakh per annum. This comparison in salary has Indian market perception.

CA or CPA the tough exam to crack.

Both exams come in the competitive segment. On the other hand, the passing percentage varies a lot. 0.5% from the total no of candidates who appear for the CA exam pass. On the contrary, the pass percentage of 10 % in the CPA program. Heartening to see this, I am sure.

Can you guide on the CA and CPA course structures?

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India offers the CA program. The duration ideally ranges to  4.5 years. 3 levels of the program that needs clearance. Level 1 – Common Proficiency Test. Level 2 – Intermediate course. Finally level 3 – Final.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants offers the CFA program. Other than being globally recognised, duration of the program ranges from 4 to 5 years. However, like the CA program 3 levels clearance required. The levels simply put as 1, 2, and 3.

Jobs offered after completion of CPA program. Kindly throw some light?

A professional with a CPA degree works at many positions. To name a few they would be budget analyst, finance director, senior financial analyst. Likewise, they work as information technology auditing and as corporate controllers.


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