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Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Review (Don’t Ignore)


Proficiency in a second language is often an asset, and one cannot withhold the truth that being fluent in it has its advantages. Learning a new language expands your perimeters, helps enhance language skills in your native language. 

It is commonly examined that people who know numerous languages also maintain superior problem-solving abilities, better memory, and better-listening aptitudes. Therefore, there are countless languages spoken all over the realm out of which Spanish is an extremely prominent language & has increased a lot of significance as a means of worldwide communication. In this blog, we will go through the Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Review.

Moreover, Spanish is the third most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely uttered language in the nation. Thus, the Spanish language also occurs to be the third most studied language after English and Chinese. 

However, in recent years, people from other nations have formulated a fascination for learning Spanish mainly through Spanish Language courses that are accessible in India and among those at the Henry Harvin Language Academy.

Therefore, its importance has gained manifold. Even learners who aspire to study abroad want to be proficient in the Spanish language before they go there for elevated studies. So, let’s dig into it!

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Review 

Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course in India is one of the broadly comprehended courses to improve the bilateral aptitudes of the nominees. It is rated no.1 for Spanish language courses training In India by elevated Education synopsis. Thus, this course has been developed to give genuine proficiency in the Spanish language at moderate levels.

Moreover, the training course is distributed into various levels- beginners level (A1 & A2), intermediate level (B1 & B2), advanced level (C1 and C2)

  • A1- it is 30 hours live interactive online session where fundamental idioms and formal expressions used in the Spanish speaking realm will be developed.
  • A2- this is similarly a 30 hours session, where communication aptitudes will be taught in a simplified technique. Learners will increase a better awareness of types of sentences and easy artistic understanding will be given.
  • B1- A 40 hours course will sharpen the writing, reading and hearing skills. Sentence configuration arrangement will be taught effectively.
  • B2- this similarly is a 40-hour session, where nominees advance from easy to complex text formulation and Spanish languages. You will be eligible of transmitting long speeches by the end of this level.
  • C1- nominees will be prepared of affirming their notions more fluently and flexibly using the Spanish language by the end of the 40-hour session at this phase.
  • C2- this phase will ultimately be the cherry on the cake as nominees will become pro with the Spanish language, use it at comfort and get hands-on understanding in grammar, artistic and social aptitudes connected to the Spanish language.

Advantages of Henry Harvin Spanish language courses are-

  • Complimentary entrance to soft skills and resume building courses will be a blessing in job placement openings.
  • Substantial hands-on projects will be given for the logical implantation of the course.
  • Internship service to get on the ground knowledge of the learning.
  • Certification DELE and SELE from the government of India recognized by and the award-winning foundation will be administered to showcase your skill.
  • E-learning access with excess tools and techniques, video content, appraisals and LMS will benefit the nominees in their prospective active improvisation.
  • Bootcamps on several topics that dissipate across 12 months will be another particular benefit to the trainees.
  • Free access to the Ask Henry Hackathon and competitions will be given.
  • 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Academy will allow endless access with several educators for the next 1 year without additional pay.
  • Spanish language specialists drummed into the nominee’s intuitions as well.
  • Fees for the Spanish language course at Henry Harvin are about Rs 15,000/per level.

Therefore, originally Delhi-based, this foundation has branches in Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, etc., and also delivers online courses.

Gold Membership Benefits

Benefit 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Language Academy that involves E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, tournaments, experiments, CPDSPe analyses.

Free Bootcamp Sessions for 1-Year

  • Obtain the prestigious Henry Harvin Alumni Status and become one of the respected 3,00,000+ Alumni across the world Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or companion companies.
  • Weekly 10+ job alternatives offered
  • Experience business undertakings during the training.

Learning Advantages

  • A prompt discussion about the present, future, and past events
  • Explain established activity and talk about the recollections
  • Describe emotions and express present and future desires
  • Learn the basics of sentence and word facility
  • Convey impressions and contend with people
  • Talk and characterize past events and express doubts & proportion
  • Assume the past events and clarify them
  • Learn extensively about the Advanced Spanish language Grammar

Career Advantages 

  • Disclosure to millions of careers globally in the field of Spanish language
  • Get hired by Multinational Brands like Google, Amazon, and other prime brands in the industry
  • Be highly reimbursed as a Freelancer or as a full-time specialist after the prosperous culmination of the Spanish Language Training Course
  • Enhance your CV & LinkedIn profile with Technical & professional advancement
  • Differentiate your profile from counterparts and get expanded in the current profile with the most in-demand aptitudes
  • Differentiate your profile with the course culmination certification of the Spanish Language Training Course 
  • Better job assurance with outstanding growth alternatives

Customer’s Review

There are various reviews if you go through the websites. Picking out some reviews from there I’ll be sharing some of them in this blog. These are-

  • The Spanish language course from Henry Harvin is a tremendous forum to start with. 
  • The educator clarified everything very well. I found it susceptible to understanding. 
  • The Spanish language course has distantly fueled my desire to learn Spanish. 
  • It is an incredible course for beginners of Spanish. I relished the interactive nature of this course.
  • I recommend Henry Harvin for seeking a Spanish language course.


Spanish is a very vibrant language and there have been multiple deviations of it through the years. Learning all these kinds of deviations in Spanish enables you to interact better with locals and get entailed with Spanish civilization.

Therefore, the scope of online schooling in Spanish Language Courses in India has drastically boosted in the last couple of years. Spanish being the third-most recited born language in the world after Mandarin Chinese has its importance. Therefore, learning Spanish as a new different language is a satisfying experience.

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  • This course is perfect for people looking to learn a new language. A lot depends on your enthusiasm to learn but the clarity offered in this course regarding the basics of Spanish is unparalleled.

  • Really I loved the Spanish course. I am enrolling for this course at this institute. I will definitely finish basic courses this year.

  • Spanish language is very good and taught as a spoken language. Good trainers are available at this institute.

  • This course is moving way too fast and is incredibly demanding. I have studied Spanish quite a bit before, but even I am not complete it. now I join again this course.

  • This course is very interactive! Though they only give brief lessons, what I like about it the most are the activities it offers for you to brush up your skills more. Definitely a good recommendation!

  • Spanish is an excellent language to know if you plan to travel the world. It can help you get around many countries. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to refresh your Spanish speaking skills, Henry Harvin has a Spanish language course that can help you. Join over a million learners and begin online Spanish classes today.

  • I thank you for the wonderful classes and presentations, it really didn’t made me feel that i was learning online course but as in class learning.

  • Henry Harvin to learn Spanish language course. The intensive course system is very well prepared & well structured course.

  • Very good course well define study material provide. Trainer make a good balance on grammar, vocabulary and speaking.

  • I am so happy to this institute, I learned Spanish course. l learned Spanish course this institute provide a good trainer.
    Thanks for every viewer.

  • It’s good to see a blog containing a tonne of Spanish-related Reviews. Keep up the good job and blogging!

  • We greatly appreciate you reading and sharing this fantastic post with us. This information on the Spanish language course review is really helpful.

  • According to your blog, studying Spanish is enjoyable and will be very helpful for my job. I appreciate your posting.

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