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Henry Harvin vs. Francaise Alliance Online Courses: A Detailed Comparison

Many institutes are offering french language courses. Both the above institute offers some of the finest french courses. But selecting the institute for pursuing the course is very difficult. As the curriculum for both, the institute is up to the standard set by the European governing body and both the institute offers a vast course but I would still prefer Henry Harvin institute for the French course Read my blog to know the reason for my preference.

If the french course is pursued along with a college degree it offers lots of growth personally and professionally. With the evolving education system and growing career opportunities, people are interested in acquiring additional qualifications to strengthen their personal and professional growth. 

It is the second most widely learned language after English. And is spoken in 40 different countries and European territories. And is spoken in all 5 continents, and 29 countries. And  is also the official language in much international organization

Every year lots of people enrol in french institutes as its offers a wider career scope and opportunities. A person knowing the french language can be Freelancer, Content Writer/Translator/Editor/Proofreader, Tour Guide, Journalist, Teacher, Public Relation Officer

The representative of Foreign Companies, Research associates, etc.

Henry Harvin French Course

Henry Harvin is the Edutech known to provide standard quality education. The language academy of Henry Harvin has two courses. French language course and Spanish language course.

The french language course offered at Henry Harvin is a 9 in 1 course with training projects and internships. 

The course is 6 level course and has standards by which anyone can clear the important French Language Exams such as DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, & TCF.

The French course is in accordance with the University of Paris Saclay. And the curriculum is designed in accordance with the requirements of the European framework of reference for language.

The course at Henry Harvin is based on practical applications and promotes the use of the French language both speaking and writing. It also focuses on the grammatical aspect. The course at Henry Harvin Helps to Master the French Language.

The 6 levels at the course are divided as A1 The Beginners Level durations is 30 Hours  A2: The Upper Beginners Level durations is 30 Hours, B1: The intermediate Level durations is 40 Hours, B2: The Upper Intermediate Level durations is 40 Hours, C1: The Advanced Level durations is 40 Hours, C2: The Proficiency Level duration is 40 Hours. 

There are several projects to provide expert practice for the french language and Internships that provide the on-job training experience for the students.

The course offers 100 % placement assistance to its students and mentors them for their career advice.

There are Bootcamp sessions and hackathons E-Learning and membership. That is arranged for the students. It helps the student with the brush-up, updates, and additional study material. 

The course focus on teaching the students how to converse in the French language in all three stages that is past present and future, 

It helps to talk about memories, Describe feelings, and expression of your opinion, argue express your doubts, It also helps to increase the vocab for the french language. 

The course opens doors for jobs globally, and International brands. 

The course starts every week and has a fee of Rs. 15000 for live online classes and Rs. 13500 for self-paced classes.  

Learning any language is not very difficult if it is taught by trained and experienced teachers. with the correct methodology.

The Alliance Française de Delhi (AFD).

Created in 1884 and the organization is a nonprofit organization since 2007 and it has an exclusive label as “ Alliance Française” . the ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of national education both support the foundation. 

The course is divided into 3 segments as the Basic user that has A1 Beginner session 1  for 162 hours and A2 elementary session for 162 hours, Independent user that has Intermediate session B1 for 270 hours, and Upper-intermediate session for 270 hours. Then comes the proficient User that has C1 advance which is for 216 hours and C2 the master or proficient 

The course is a bit lengthy course and students who attend classes 4 times a week can complete the basic level in one year.

The course can be pursued by intensive and extensive batches and the sessions are held quarterly in January, May, and September.

In the covid time, the course has started to provide online classes through zoom video conferencing.

The course fee is approx Rs 21000  for each of the 6 levels. The institute is only for french language courses and has a library providing access to novels, French methods, comic books, DVDs, CDs, children’s documents, magazines/newspapers, etc the materials are not exclusive and can be accessed from anywhere.

.The institute provides a translation facility and its clientele includes the United Nations Foundation, the world bank, UNIDO, ICOMOS, CUNPK, Central Bureau of investigation, National investigation agency, Neeti Aayog, high commission of Canada, Embassy Of Gabon, Embassy of Belgium, Times group, GE power India Ltd. Sopra India Pvt. Ltd. Bharti Airtel, IGNCA, CODATU, GIZ, Pratham CCRH NHPC SPMCIL, etc.

Some things to keep in mind before selecting a french language course.

Is the placement reliable?

Before selecting an institute to research the institute and how good is the institute and what kind of guidance do they provide. Henry Harvin is the institute known to care for its students and guide them at every step.

How many students are there per class?

  A very important question that refers to the number of students per class? If there is a bigger batch size the involvement of students is reduced. Few student’s paper batch is the appropriate thing. At Henry Harvin, the batch size is kept small to focus on every student.

How good are the teachers?

The other most important question that arises is of teachers, The experienced and trained teachers provide a better learning environment to the students as compared to inexperienced teachers. At Henry Harvin, the teachers are experts and are experienced the hiring of teachers is done after careful consideration.

Is the french class as per your french level?

Another important question is of the curriculum. The curriculum that is designed is as per the standard and includes all the topics. At Henry Harvin, it is very important to maintain the standard and the curriculum is designed as per the curriculum of the highest governing body.

Tips for learning french

  1. Apart from theory study french with audio. There is a difference between written and spoken French, the latter involves thinking in french.  Listening to french audio helps you understand the way of speaking french the pronunciation the use of words etc. It helps to develop a better understanding of the French language.
  1. How to study the French language is it by writing, or listening or reading, or learning by heart. Whatever you prefer but try to arrange a time for others as well.
  1. Self-study or teacher-led training is the best-suited method for your to pick as per your choice, convenience, and learning habit. 
  2. Don’t opt for Free French learning tools.  Go for a structured French language learning course. Most of the tools will make you realize they are good and you would keep jumping from one to another and won’t learn a thing in the end.
  1. Don’t translate french into English. As the mind starts to work on translation rather than building on vocab and thinking in french.
  1. don’t link french to English words rather, Link French to Images and Visual Situations. As if you link to English words the mind works on translation and when you link french to images the mind starts to think in french.
  1. Be Careful With French Cognates some words are common in both languages but different in pronunciation, so it is important to maintain that difference similarly there are words that are having different meanings but are in both languages.
  1. Don’t write in your mind and don’t focus on spelling when you are speaking. It has to come naturally 
  1. learn french in sentences rather than single words. In that case, you will remember the context and to how to say the words. 
  1. Prioritize on what to learn first. Focus on things that would help to converse in french rather than going for difficult things.
  1. Study French Regularly. Study french for 15 -20 mins and then take a break. Studying for continuous hours doesn’t lead anywhere it just exhausts and pressurizes you. 
  1. Review means revising the older concepts as well. The students make the common mistake of learning new concepts and forgetting the older ones. 

Speaking French is also Singing in French…


Many institutes are offering french language courses. Both the above institute offers some of the finest french courses. But selecting the institute for pursuing the course is very difficult. As the curriculum for both, the institute is up to the standard set by the European governing body and both the institute offers a vast course but I would still prefer Henry Harvin institute for the French course. 

The course offered at henry Harvin is concise and crips, while one at Alliance Francaise is a  lengthy course the time involved is huge. Henry Harvin not only focuses on the course standard but also the other facilities like placement, projects, and training the brushup session, etc. It guides the students at every step of their career. The teachers not only teach but also mentor the students.

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