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Top 10 French language Courses In Delhi with Fees, Jobs and Syllabus in 2023

French Language courses in Delhi have observed a massive rise in the volume of learners, as French is the most selected language following one’s Mother tongue. 

Therefore, the major motive why numerous people are opting to comprehend French in Delhi is not only because it will expand several job alternatives but will also benefit them to conquer their field of interest. 

Hence, we cannot say that French Language Course in Delhi are as lenient as a breeze but understanding something different is fascinating.

However, French Language courses in Delhi are a true partner if you want to give up on French language learning. 

Beneath, you can discover some of the academies/institutes which offer you to learn French in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin Education (french Language Course in Delhi)

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French Language Certification Course in Delhi is formulated to interpret principles and lexis. Besides, you will understand grammatical beliefs to improve your prowess in the French language. 

Upon culmination of the course, you will be eligible to depict a variety of texts. Thus, Henry Harvin will help you in communicating the French language. You can become a language apt once you finalize the course with them. The French language is accepted worldwide.

Hence, beneath are the levels of french language course in Delhi from beginners to advanced.

A1- The Beginners Level- This level pacts with the essential French language, acknowledgements in French, basic grammar such as nouns, pronouns, and more.

A2- The Upper Beginners Level- This Level pacts with the French Language to express an opinion, make a comparison, illustrate annals, express reality, grammar like Future tenses, relative pronouns, and more.

B1- The intermediate Level -This level pacts with proficiency in composing, examining, and listening. Thus, candidates will boost their skills to be capable of structure passages in the French Language Course in Delhi.

B2- The Upper Intermediate Level -This level pacts with extra awareness about the French language and problematic texts. Hence, the candidate will develop knowledge to create lengthy speeches in French and smoothly clarify sophisticated understandings.

C1- The Advanced Level- This level will formulate the candidate with an understanding of prolonged texts and their indicated significance. Thus, candidates will learn to transmit fluently without much evident searching for articulations.

C2- The Proficiency Level- This level will motivate the candidates to learn everything that is essentially heard or examined. Though the candidates will be eligible to translate data from different spoken and written derivations, reconstructing articles and reports in an apparent demonstration.

9 in 1 Course;

  • Training 
  • Projects 
  • Internship 
  • Certification 
  • Placement 
  • E-Learning 
  • Bootcamps  
  • Hackathons 
  • Gold Membership

Career Advantages

  • Exposure to millions of employees globally in the domain of French Language course
  • Get contracted by International Brands like Google, Amazon, 
  • Be highly paid as a Freelancer or as a full-time specialist after the Thriving completion of the French Language Training Course
  • Enhance your CV & LinkedIn profile with specialized & skilled improvement
  • Discern your profile from helpers and get approved in the prevailing profile with the most in-demand proficiency
  • Proper job security with extraordinary growth opportunities
  • Sharpen your prowess to get a handsome income hike

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World

2. World Languages Centre

The World Language Centre, with its highly competent experienced trainers, is an outstanding intersection for educating learners in foreign languages. Thus, the facilities deliver adequate educational assistance and detailed courses by giving them an aesthetic atmosphere. 

Therefore, they acknowledge making the world a fulfilled accepted town and acquaint pupils to the civilization and traditions of the nations. However, with the French Course, they also deliver training in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc. The academy is adequately recognized for French classes in Delhi. You’ll be benefited from the following:

  • They educate learners beyond slabs and pens. And are completely furnished with the latest technology and procedures so that understanding could become engaging.
  • The Institute delivers weekday classes i.e three times a week.
  • They emphasise examining, hearing, writing and grammar factors.
  • They even have a lab, an audiovisual compartment to devise learners’ oral portions.
  • The academy has a library so that learners can study as much as they wish.

3. Oracle International Language Institute French Classes (French language Course in Delhi)

Beginning a program at Oracle International Language Institute will assist you to exceed your French language proficiency since you will be eligible to recite French in a very precise way. 

Further, you will be apt to comprehend grammar which is crucial in any language. Distant from that, vocabulary, articulation comes along with the program.

Therefore, the benefits of enrolling in Oracle International Language Institute-

  • The institute delivers lots and lots of multimedia files through which you can understand French 
  • Taped French language by French locals, you will infer the way they communicate.
  • It’s just not about earshot but learners will be executed in consecutive exercises.
  • More than seventy thousand learners who are enthusiastic about learning French
  • When you wish to get the pronunciation right, it’s often crucial to making your brain know it.
  • Examining French audibly will enable you to understand it specifically.
  • Tracing your execution regularly.
  • You can learn from anywhere and there is no duration limit to begin the training.

4. Alliance Française French Language Classes 

Alliance Française Delhi offers language assistance like interpretation, translation, supporting, language aspect check, content improvement, proofreading, cultural activity, analysis and surveys, consultation conduction, and workforce supply. 

Therefore, two hundred million people across the world speak French which indicates the significance of understanding the French language. Hence, it is one of the crucial languages that everyone has to learn after English which we are now obtaining as a transmission tool. 

Hence, with an adequate economy, Alliance Francaise appears to be the best spot for foreign possession. Here are the top courses that learners can benefit from by registering in the institute.

Therefore, there are four levels, which are-

Level A1 – basic language aptitudes. On a grade scale of six, you will be at the beginning which is A1.

Level A2 – finishing this program will enable you to interpret the French language.

Level B1 – once you complete this phase, you will have a strong basis in the French language.

Level B2 – If you finalize this level, you are on level four and this is the advanced learning level for French learners.

5. ILSC (International Language Schools Of Canada)

International Language Schools of Canada is one of the best private language schools in the world. Here, they deliver superior educators and supervisors who deliver quality learning understandings. 

Hence, here the learners are prepared to learn French and about their civilization and art. Therefore, the organization is asserted to be the excellent French language Institute in Delhi as they provide a language lab so that the learners could have understanding and with learning, they could admire it as well.

The objectives of ILSC are to-

  • Develop learners language abilities within the context of their interest
  • Enjoy with enthusiasm and comfort
  • Formulate an awareness of cross-cultural rural significance and keenness.
  • Effortlessly adapt to their nation of study.
  • Abandons learners in 4 language groups i.e., speaking, writing, reading and listening.
  • They deliver 1.5 hours of class where they concentrate on analysis abilities and 3 hours class which combines transmission aptitudes as well.

6. JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

JNU is the initial university to establish a centre for learners to learn the French Language in the country. Thus, the university holds an entrance exam for enrollment to full-time French language courses in Delhi.  Therefore, if you wish to make your career as a translator, then this university delivers you with the best understanding.

Besides, the desire to learn foreign languages is rising day by day and with that, the university offers to learn in Delhi. Moreover, before choosing and registering yourself, we conclude you must attend the spot and clear any question if you have, after all, you would wish to learn from the best.

Nonetheless, whatever may be your intention to learn French, it will unlock a world of amusing careers implicating French.

7. Multilingual French language (French Language Course in Delhi)

Multilingual Institute is an outstanding fate for you if you wish to learn the French language. English is a global language. Therefore, you can learn other languages as well.

However, the best French Language Course in Delhi has formulated Multilingual known to the trade by initiating the integral foreign languages all over the world. 

Also, when you walk into learning a different language, it indicates that you are prepared to unlock your mind to give yourself a new belief and new prospects. 

Consequently, Multilingualism assures that when you take a course in a foreign language, you will not only confront the technological facets of the language, such as grammar and articulation but also delve into other elements such as the past of Language, its significance and its position throughout the world. 

Hence, the Multilingual will confirm that it is a french language and will seek to deliver it in its factual aspect. Therefore, they are popular for hosting one of the best French Language institutes in Delhi.

Thus, anyone who prefers to wander to France for employment, vacation or business tours must know a minimum level of French. Therefore, learning French is an additional advantage if immigration to Canada is your fiction. 

Moreover, as the best French Language Institute in Delhi, they offer courses at a beginner level intermediate level and advanced level. Thereupon, finalizing these levels, you will be eligible to effortlessly communicate with people and maintain your day-to-day life run smoothly. 

Therefore, their certified French educators have a prosperity of academic knowledge.

8. Bonjour French language Academy 

Bonjour Academy offers language assistance like interpretation, understanding, aiding, language training, content growth, artistic training, exploration and analyses, consultation conduction. You will learn all the basics of the French language.

Bonjour Academy has a committee of enthusiastic and committed educators who have renovated the lives of thousands of learners through their susceptible and beneficial way of educating using demonstrations, tapes, books and classroom training.

Therefore, at Bonjour Academy, you can learn with professional mentors who know how to instruct these kinds of languages in a simple and amusing atmosphere.

Thus, many people around the world speak French which conveys the extent of understanding the French language.  However, it is amongst the languages that many of us want to learn. 

Hence, with the best frugality, France appears to be a profitable spot for foreign investment. You can also enrol for several other language courses in Bonjour French language Academy. Here are the maximum courses that learners can benefit themselves from by registering in the academy.

9. Swiss School Of Language 

Swiss School of Language is an institute that gives the best learning atmosphere. The institute extends four levels of classes in which you can outshine speaking the French language. Hence, check out the courses below.

  • French DELF A1
  • French DELF A2
  • French DELF B1

Beginner Course DELF A1

The beginner course will assist you with the French language and allow you to understand the basics of French grammar. Thus, this course is authorized by the preferences of university learners.  

Elementary Course DELF A2

This is an introductory course where you go beyond the fundamentals and learn language laws for french. Hence, mastery in speaking, reading, and writing.

Intermediate Course DELF B1

Experts who want to entail the French language in their resume should surely make use of this course.

10. Cosmolingua 

Cosmolingua Institute of French language is another incredible institute in Delhi. It is one of the well-known institutes which offers language courses with a communicative technique. 

Thus, the basic objective of the institute is to empower instructive sources to devise their foreign language aptitudes. Moreover, they indulge themselves with contemporary faculties and free internet permits so that learners could explore and learn anything and everything they want.

Wrapping Up

Thus, different educational institutions are delivering French language course in Delhi. Foreign language understanding can be of exceptional importance for learners seeking overseas teaching as well as for job improvement. 

Thus, take the support of this blog to examine the French language courses offered around Delhi and discover an excellent variety of program and university that suits your curiosities and job aspirations.

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1.   I want to join an online French language course. What will the syllabus cover?

The syllabus of an online French course usually includes French grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. Furthermore, the curriculum allows students to practise their speaking and comprehension skills. Students are acquainted with the French language’s sound system in class session to help them properly speak the language. 

2.   What Qualifications Do I Need to Teach French?

Expert knowledge of the French language is a fundamental requirement for becoming a French teacher. You must be able to clearly teach others how to speak French in addition to being fluent in the language. To be eligible to teach in primary or secondary school, you must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

3.   What steps can I take to improve my oral French comprehension?

You can improve your French comprehension by watching French content such as Netflix shows, YouTube channels, and French movies regularly (initially with and later without subtitles). Also go through French audio books. This can be quite effective for improving comprehension.

4. What are the main points that I should consider while learning French?

There are four main points to consider to learn French: Pronunciation, Grammar, French verb conjugations and Vocabulary.

5.   Where can I find the best French Language course in Delhi?

Henry Harvin’s French Language course training in Delhi is widely regarded as one of the best in Delhi. The trainers at Henry Harvin are experts who are skilled at passing on knowledge to students. Trainers provide constant feedback on each assignment they assign. Students can also take advantage of the institute’s internship opportunities and placement assistance


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