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Top 10 French Language Courses in Gurgaon with fees, jobs, and Syllabus in 2023

Do you want to learn a foreign language? Would you like to explore the world? Do you feel language is a barrier? Are you looking for a job abroad? or do you want to apply for higher studies in reputed universities? Are you confused about which language you wanted to learn? 

However, somewhere you feel that learning French would benefit you and I guess that’s why you are here to read this article. I would say that your choice of learning the French language is undeniable. Further, you can also be a language instructor as the French language always has a huge demand for learning.

Indeed, the French language is one of the most popular languages in the world and it is also known as the language of romance. This language is mostly used in the world of business. Almost 300 million people in this world speak French and it is the 6th most spoken language in the world. If you are a traveler, learning French will help you to explore different parts of the world as you will find French-speaking people in every part of the world.

Here, I am going to present the Top 10 french language courses in Gurgaon for your reference and I hope this listicle will help you identify your desired institution to learn the most 

Popular fantasy language french. It is the 2nd most preferred language to learn after English in the world.

1 Henry Harvin Education (French Language Course in Gurgaon)

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutions in India and they offer the French language course online across the world. They offer all levels in the French language. The training sessions are conducted by experienced French tutors in the industry. The sessions are very fun and filled with activities like games, role play, discussions, and debates. The candidates have to speak in French during activities. Mistakes and doubts will be clarified within the sessions.

Other benefits include internship, recorded videos of all batches, placement opportunities, Boot camp sessions on career building. They are the best pioneers in offering quality content in their courses and were acknowledged by many reputed organizations and institutions for excellence in their training programs.

Course Duration and Fee 

LEVEL Duration Fees

    A1 30 Hours USD 300

    A2 30 Hours USD 300

    B1 40 Hours USD 500

    B2 40 Hours USD 500

    C1 40 Hours USD 800

    C2 40 Hours USD 800

Contact Number: 9015266266


Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World

2 Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francis, short for AF, is a language academy that exclusively offers French language course in Gurgaon of all levels across the world and the headquarters is located at Prais. To promote the French language and culture there are multiple local bodies across the world. The training sessions are conducted by the native and non-native speakers of French and you need to take an assessment test before taking up a course in AF.

Other benefits include study materials, a personalized library filled with French literature books, regular assessments, and in-depth concepts of the French language. Duration and course fee varies depending upon your expertise in the language and sessions you have attended.

Alliance Francis has multiple branches across the world and just visit their website according to your location and the availability of the course.

3 Babbel (french Language Course in Gurgaon)

Babbel is a German-based e-learning platform and web application, Babble offers 15 different global languages to date. The application is developed by a team of 100 linguists. The sessions conducted on Babbel are interesting. There will be grammar courses, vocabulary, tongue twisters, and idioms, etc. They offer french sessions in Gurgaon and it is a self-paced course. The Babbel application is recognized and awarded as one of the best online web applications.


Course Duration: 30 Weeks

Premium Amount:

1 Month- 12.95

3 Months-26.85

6 Months-44.75

One Year-83.40

4 Fluentu

Fluentu is an E-learning language platform. They offer multiple global languages including a French language course in Gurgaon. The training sessions are conducted by using regular videos like news, dramas, programs, and interviews. They use videos and subtitles which makes students follow and understand familiar expressions and phrases.

The Fluentu learning platform is mostly recommended for beginners. However, they offer French language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Course Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Course Subscription Fee

1-Month-$ 29.99

Annual- $239.99

5 Duolingo (French language course in Gurgaon)

Duolingo is an American language learning application and website. They offer around 40 languages on their website and they follow a freemium model. This means you can learn all the languages for free on their website. However, to avoid ads and to enjoy add-on benefits you need to make an applicable premium amount.

They will give you a free trial of 14 days. Learning in Duolingo will be interesting as you will be given certain tasks and games which will keep you hooked to basic aspects of the French language like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This application is recommended for beginners.


Course Duration

  • It is a self-paced course
  • There will be 119 topics and each chapter takes 5 minutes and all over it will take 10 hours. You will be able to complete the course in 20 days.

Course Fee: $9.99 per month

6 Udemy

Udemy is an Edtech platform in which instructors can conduct online sessions on multiple trending courses. Udemy provides recordings, PowerPoint introductions, PDFs, sound, ZIP documents, and live classes to individuals who would like to develop their skills in their area of interest. Instructors can likewise attract clients online.


Course Duration: 5 hours to 20 hours

Course Fee: Udemy offers any french course at INR 420/-

7 Preply

Preply is a language e-learning platform located in Ukraine and there are 140,000 tutors across the world and they teach 50 global languages in french language course in Gurgaon in 203 countries. The training program has one-to-one interaction between tutors and students. They use machine learning algorithms to increase efficiency.

Before accepting the application of the candidate the organization goes through certain parameters of individuals like price, other languages are spoken, learning objectives, and birthplace.


Course Duration: the duration of the course depends upon the course you apply for.

Course Fee: INR 75/- to INR 3000/- (per hour)

8 French Today

French today is an online application. It is an interesting app to learn french. The application is filled with many audiobooks and the content books include stories, Bilingual stories, a comprehensive guide, and exercises to practice the French language. They offer certain French language lessons for free. However to enjoy more benefits you need to make a premium amount and the sessions cover all levels from beginner to advanced.


Course Duration: 3 months to 1 year

Course Fee: $23.99

9 French Pod 101

frenchpod101 furnishes audio and video sessions with text development practices and other mentoring that is accessible to paid subscribers or “premium supporters”. 

Sessions on frenchpod101 come in both sound and video variations and reach in trouble from outright novice to cutting edge. Paid endorsers likewise get to example materials, like records, jargon, and other concepts. 

The learning place has different highlights for paid subscribers like word references, a cheat sheet framework, and organized example assortments, jargon, word of the day, and so on


Course Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Course Fee

Basic plan: $10 per month

Annual Plan: $23 per month

10 Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a language learning online platform in Gurgaon. They offer 13 different languages on their portal including The French language course in Gurgaon. They offer all levels in the French language and their course curriculum covers all the aspects of a language such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture.

The training sessions include a variety of activities like interactive tests, voice recognition technology, flashcards, and many more. You can access their courses from mobile and laptop and the course content is downloadable and the videos are available for a lifetime.


Course Duration: 150 hours to 300 hours

Course Fee: $179.94(beginner to advanced)

Levels in the French Language

The French language course in Gurgaon is divided into 6 levels based on the expertise levels of individuals and they are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

A1(Beginner)– After completion of this level you will be able to speak simple words, Phrases, and expressions. You will be able to make small talk with others.

A2(Advanced Beginner)– you will be able to understand common words which are used regularly in our daily life and you will be able to make conversations directly to fulfill your needs like shopping and you will be able to explain about your surroundings.

B1(Intermediate)– At this level, you will be able to travel french speaking countries and will be able to make conversation with native speakers and you will be able to navigate and communicate if it’s required.

B2(Advanced Intermediate)– At this level, you will be able to communicate with native speakers fluently and you will be able to express opinions without difficulty. You will be able to act spontaneously if some situation or topic is given to you.

C1(Proficient)– in this level you will be able to write complex sentences and you can speak fluently with native french speakers. You will be able to understand expressions, you will be very flexible with the language and use the same for social and academic purposes

C2(Expert)– the level itself says that you are an expert in the French language. This is the final level and after completion of this level, you can call yourself a bilingual or a multilingual.


The French language gives a strategic advantage in career decisions and improves listening abilities and memory. People can all the more successfully and dependably in a multi-social world if one knows another dialect. Your abilities in the worldwide economy are improved on the off chance that you ace another language. 

The French language offers a feeling of the past socially. The study of the French language educates regard for different people groups. It encourages a comprehension of the interrelation of language and human instinct. Learning an unknown language grows one’s perspective on the world, changes one’s encounters and makes one more adaptable and open-minded.

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What is the average time to learn french?

Ans: 3 months to 6 months is enough to make decent conversation with native speakers.

What is the annual income for a French tutor?

Ans. ₹4,22,100 per year

If I wanted to travel to French-speaking countries, which level should I opt for?

Ans: Intermediate(B1, B2)

Where can I check my expertise in the French language?

Ans: CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Can I have a french online session demo?

Ans: for your reference

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