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Top French Language Classes in Bangalore with Fees, Jobs and Syllabus: 2023


Want to maestro of the most popular languages in the world with all the correct accents and pronunciations, then we need to book a course at French classes in town. Are you want to explore the Foreign language courses in Bangalore. Bangalore is amongst the top destinations of Karnataka.. when it comes to foreign language courses. In a period of increasing globalization, a new language is a significant value -add to the resume as the career choices in foreign tongues are growing like never before. Now we list the top 10 French institutions in Bangalore.

1. Henry Harvin  Academy (French Language Course in Bangalore)

Henry Harvin Academy is a multi-award-winning organization. In 2021. Henry Harvin holds the laurel of being the best out of 5 fastest-growing Edtech startups in India by Higher Education Digest Survey. 2021 company of the year award by prime insights magazine.

This academy provides over 200+online and classroom courses globally in more than 97 countries. The courses of Henry Harvin spread across different academies like Analytics, block coin, Finance, Law, Management, Digital Marketing, TEFL, IT service management, cyber security, writing, and others. This academy also facilitates professional training, project support, internship support, certification, placement support, E-learning, boot camps, Hackathons, Membership program, and consulting.

Benefits of the French course

The learning benefits of the French language course in Bangalore will initiate the conversation about the present, future, and past events. It will explain the habitual action and talk about the memories. It also describes feelings and expresses present and future wishes. This course helps to learn the basics of sentence and word building. The learners can learn extensively about the advanced French Language grammar to express their opinion.  The learning of the French language provides exposure to millions of jobs globally. French course certified were get hired by international brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan. They were highly paid as a freelancer or as a full-time professional. They can improve their CV and link in profile with technical and professional development. They can able to distinguish their profile from peers and get promoted. This course gets better job security with exceptional growth opportunities to reach the pinnacle of their career.

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World

2. Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore has a vast network in India and around the world. It teaches the French language and played a vital role in cultural exchanges between India and French. It has the learning methods adopted for all ages. It supports preparing for official DELF and DALF certifications. The Alliance Francaise De Bangalore offers companies with the French language on specific objectives.

All internationally recognized diplomas were awarded by the French Ministry of National Education. It is set in the green environment of AF Bangalore which is student-friendly. The trainers were experienced teachers who specialized in teaching French as a foreign language. Alliance Francaise’s teaching method is interactive and the learning is a very delightful experience with a convivial atmosphere.

This non-profitable organization’s mission is to offer the public unique opportunities that expand linguistic and cultural sensibility. This is open to dialogue with institutional or private partners, including artists and project creators. It is the authorized examination center to conduct official French language examinations certified by the French National Education Ministry and the Paris chamber of commerce and industry. The cost of the regular class is 12,900 for two hours a day. The course includes the cost of the book. Vasanth Nagar center has courses for adults, children, and even corporates in the French language.


3. Inlingua Bangalore (French Language Course in Bangalore)

Inlingua is a globally recognized French online course. It has a virtual classroom, live sessions, and certified Trainers. It offers full-fledged learning in French Language online classes of inlingua. This french language course in Bangalore will help to speak like 100 million native French and make the learners fit for speaking in the official language of 32 countries. This course will help to converse in the official and working language of UN, NATO, EU, IOC, IRC, and international courts.

Inlingua believes in addressing the individual needs of students and giving them more practice time inside the class. so they have small class sizes and customize their programs as per their needs.

Their certificates are accepted by the embassy for visa purposes. And their certificate has been recognized the world over for jobs, travel, visa, admission to foreign universities, etc. Inlingua conducts its own exam and provides certificates for the candidates who successfully clear the exams. Common European Frame Work of Reference corresponds with all the inlingua levels. The combination of its methodology and the material is unique in inlingua  French language classes.

4. FITA Academy, Bangalore

FITA teaches the French language course in Bangalore right from fundamental like alphabets, words, daily phrases, grammar, and pronunciation. This academy enables the participants to get proficient with the French’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. The Experts of French language professionals were the trainers of this FITA Academy.

The modules of this course are set by the council CEFR. The aspect of this course is to make the learners well-versed in phrases, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The French language mentors of this academy possess 10+ years of experience in training the candidates.FITA Academy updates the learners with all the tense forms. The tutors of this academy equip the learners to pronounce the words like a native French speaker. The learner will be equipped with the caliber to talk fluently and coherently in French with no mistakes. The instructors support in clearing the global certification exam such as TEF, DALF.

5. Institute of foreign language and culture

The Institue of foreign language and culture has french classes. They offer French beginner courses as well as professional courses. They also provide a spoken French course. It is a well-structured conversation class, for vocabulary building and fluency in speaking the French language. The beginner enrolls start at INR 52,500/and the conversational classes start at INR2,500/ of classes. The institute of foreign language centers is located in Basavanagudi and also.

6. FIFL (French Language course in Bangalore)

French Institute of foreign languages is an international school of Foreign languages where French is taught. According to the common European Framework of Reference for languages by CEFR and their French course were under the direction of their Ministry of Education. They offer a wide range of courses and it is open to all ages. Their vision is to look forward to becoming a global network of independent language training centers. their goal is to fulfill the diverse needs of the candidates. Their method consists of teaching in small class sizes, smart boards, and a friendly environment. E-learning language courses have a variety of benefits and flexibly. It improves their language skills at their pace with tailor-made FIFL e-learning modules. This module offers interactive training units. The students learn by hearing and speaking. The trainers build on students’ knowledge. they give examples not theories. They encourage creative usage of language and they teach structures through functional situations. The trainers address the individual needs of the students

7. Fluen -c (French language course in Bangalore)

It is a level-based French class in Koramangala. It assures the passing of certification exams. Fluent C has effective learning of fun fille with energetic processes and pedagogy. The learners get an immersive learning experience ensured by hand-picked and well-trained faculty. Their spirit to spread learning which infuses participants with enthusiasm and interest to learn. Their trainers imbibe the nurturing cornerstone values for learning They value their learners by boosting their confidence in facing certifying exams.

8. Institute of Universal Languages and Education

IULE  has courses in the French language. This institute is located in Thippasandra. The common European Frame of reference of language standard has been followed by this institution. Institute of universal languages and education provides foreign language translation services, interpretation services, and specialist foreign language staffing solutions. IULE is one of the first ISO9001:2015 certified foreign language institutes in Bangalore. It is the complete solution for the French language and its related requirements. It adopts innovative ways for continuous improvement to provide the latest and most adept services. They managed to reach the pinnacle, French. IULE is the renowned for quality and affordability and effectiveness of the French language training programs. Their classroom is well equipped and their curriculum is holistic and well structured ensuring successful learning of the French language from all facets. Their class session is interactive. They have a partnership with top MNC’s like Bosch, Accenture, Infosys, and government agencies like BEL and IOC. They are in the process of extending the world-class French language services in Chennai, Pune, Kochi, etc.

  9. J and C French online course (French Language Course in Bangalore)

J and C’s French online classes are rated the #1 French language course in Bangalore. It is the French classes with the experts. They focus on quality teaching. It starts with the basics of French language learning with the guidance of the experts teaching. It is trusted by thousands of people around the world. They focus on literature, writing, and being fluent in speaking French. It provides the golden deal of 50% off on the course.


10. Duolingo

The world’s most popular way to learn French online is Duolingo. It offers game-like lessons. For a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice the reading, writing, and speaking through Duolingo. It provides bite-sized French lessons. Fun, effective, and 100% free. The research shows that this app helps to improve the french skills very fastly. And the learner gets the flexibility of learning new skills.  


Every new language has the space for various situations and creates a new platform to achieve success in various fields. Proficiency in French and English can easily find a job with various multinational companies. It is widely used in retail, automotive, luxury goods, and tourism industries. It attracts people to France from around the world. The third commonly used language is French on the web. I recommend Henry Harvin‘s French-language training course for its special features.

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