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Top 10 French Language Courses in Chennai with Fees, Jobs and Syllabus in 2023

It’s difficult to learn a language from a different country, which is why it’s important to find the best institute. In this blog, I will help you with that as you look for French language courses in Chennai. You can find some of the best language schools online here. Most of these schools are private schools, while some are popular institutes affiliated with different universities. To help you select the best school, I have included courses that are completed in 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 week duration. If you are looking for easy learning French language course in Chennai, then check out my blog on top 10 French language course in Chennai. French language course training in Chennai are available online. You can learn the language online with the help of French language training available online. There are many institutes that offer French language course in Chennai to enable you to learn the language easily.

No matter what names you give the French language, it is no doubt an interesting and varied aspect of our global culture. Apart from being the official language in 27 countries, it is also spoken in many parts of the world including Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and the United States. They have arranged French language course in Chennai in a simple and easy to learn format so that you can memorize all these aspects with no difficulty.

The French language varies from the English, so it might be hard to learn to speak it. However, if you use our Top 10 French language course in Chennai, you should be able to learn the French language easily. Of course you will need other study material along with this guide. Get started today!

The French language, also called the language franchise, is a language spoken as a first or second language by about 188 million people around the world. It is an official language in 29 countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Romania. It is estimated that today at least 110 million people around the world spoke French. Out of these about 75 million people speak it as their mother tongue. The main thing that I like about the language is that it has no tenses.

With the advent of technology, learning a foreign language has become quite easy. You can get to know what makes people speak in that way. For instance, you are reading this review about the top 10 French courses in Chennai. The website gives out this information after doing thorough research on the French teachers in Chennai. It gives out specific information about them along with their experience in teaching the language to students.

For the language of love like French, you need to learn it correctly. There are several courses available in Chennai which provide quality education. It is also well known that spoken French differs from written French. In order to speak well, take a proper course in this language through a reputed institute in Chennai city.

So let’s look upon various French language courses in India:-

1. Henry Harvin and Education

Open your door to the world of French language with the Henry Harvin Language Academy. Composed of six courses, all designed around natural immersion, this Academy is for anyone who wants to learn French language quickly and effectively. It provides lessons in reading, writing, speaking, and listening—and it includes detailed grammar explanations to help you master the basics.

The Henry Harvin language academy provides the French Language Course in Chennai. The course helps you to acquire fluency with the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Levels of the French language. This course requires concentration, and the required amount of time wherein you should take your lessons daily. You can access this course on any device or technology like PC/Laptops, MACs, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone. It is available at a low cost. So learn French with Henry Harvin Academy Online.

Key Features of the course:-

  • The French language classes of Henry Harvin is 9 in one course which includes internship, training, bootcamps, projects certification and many more. 
  • Every student will be able to learn practically with a deep understanding of the language. 
  • Henry harvin also offer online course
  • You will get Gold membership of 1 year 
  • Job Opening updates
  • You will get free bootcamp sessions 
  • You will work on industry projects
  • Course Fee- 15000/-

Benefits of learning French language from Henry Harvin and Education:-

  • You will build conversation with your friends.
  • You can describe your feelings
  • You can learn it and become fluent in French language just like your mother tongue
  • Exposure in getting excellent job opportunities
  • You will learn advanced grammar of French language

Henry Harvin and Education also have their classes across Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. They also provide you with online and offline classes. 

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World

2. English Lab

  is a quality training institute for students building a career in the foreign language instructor field. English Labs offers a variety of coaching options to meet different learning styles and time schedules. They include, Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL, Corporate Training, etc.

English labs started in the year 2015 by a highly motivated bunch of young minds who, in their earlier years, had undergone Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other premier institutions training in India for a holistic growth. As a result, they have gained a lot of experience in inculcating the skills required to survive in the global scenario.

 English Lab is the No.1 institute in offering the basic English training in Chennai which is especially designed for non-native students to learn basic English communication skills. We also conduct various training workshops and courses on Spoken English, ielts, TOEFL, PTE, French and German. Our experienced faculties have worked with several corporate industries and trained their employees professionally.

English Labs helps students clear their doubts and understand the basics of English language to develop a fundamental understanding of grammar and pronunciation. They support students in achieving their professional development and professional goals. They offer Spoken English classes, IELTS preparation, TOEFL preparation and many more other courses. To know more about the other courses offered by them download their brochure.

FITA – The Language and Technical Training institute is one of the finest institutes in the India that provides Language Coaching and training IT related technologies. With a friendly environment, they have been providing coaching to over 10,000+ students since 2011. Having a friendly environment with the best coaching method from professionals makes them stand first in the crowd. They provide flexible class timing which falls on both weekdays and weekends. Most of the people prefer FITA for learning the course as they have designed their syllabus with more real-time activity.

3. FITA Academy

FITA is a certified language provider, which has been providing coaching to over 10 thousand students since 2011. They provide flexible class timing which falls on both weekdays and weekends. The primary aim of FITA is to focus on the improvement of communication skills to its students.

Key Features of the course:-

  • The course helps in giving better understanding of the language and makes you professional in reading, writing and speaking in French language.
  • It helps you to become confident with the language so that you can speak the language daily.
  • They have their weekend and weekdays batches as well
  • They have classroom and online training both
  • Trainers are highly professional having experience of over 10 years
  • All the trainers are real time experts
  • You will be assigned with live projects
  • Complete certification course
  • 100% placement support

4. Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Francaise in Chennai, India was established in the year of 1954. They are really committed to providing students with various tools that would help them in understanding French language and culture better. The methods used at their institution are French for Adults, French for Teens, One to One Courses, Business programmes and Summer School.

The aim of the Alliance Française de Chennai is to promote the French language and French culture in Chennai. Over 50 years, it has created an exceptional experience of French learning in Chennai.

Course Highlight:-

  • They also provide with 100% online or offline classes
  • They help in giving you a lot of course related activities
  • 24*7 support from Mon Alliance Apolearn platform
  • Regular group sessions
  • Regular assessment and evaluation of program


INaWORD is a marketplace for the French language coaching, which has been translated into INaWORD Flair, INaWORD Affinity, etc. It has a standard marketplace and provides French courses at the affordable price from 2000 onwards. They have been given internationally recognized certification for different levels of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

INaWORD has been one of the leading providers in language coaching. They have a variety of courses that can be chosen to accord with your needs and requirements. INaWORD Flair, INaWORD Affinity, INaWORD Excel and INaWORD Junior are four different courses for French. They also provide courses in other languages according to the need abroad. Different organizations have recognized them.The INaWORD coaching program has been running for the past 17 years. They charge a reasonable price for their services. Their courses cover fluent English speaking, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other foreign languages. Students don’t need to worry about the certificate; they are internationally recognized.

INaWORD provides both online and offline training in your language of choice. They want their students to be confident about the way they express their thoughts in different languages. They prepare course curriculum in such a way that students not only develop fluency in the target language but also gain skills to communicate with confidence.

Course Highlights:-

  • The course provides you online training
  • The trainers are highly professional and expertise in their knowledge
  • The course comes along with certification
  • The course is also for young learners of 11-15 years
  • Course Fee is – 14960/- 

6. Communiqua

Communiqua is one of the leading language training centers in Chennai. They provide quality language training. They provide them in different languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. And they find out the best way to teach them. Communiqua framed the syllabus into various levels at affordable cost to learn the course. And also provide online classes which fetch them a good number of students outside India to learn the course that suit their schedule because through online classes they can start learning any time once they receive the offer by Communiqua.

To learn any foreign language fluently, it is required to get into the mood of that language. This Language Training Center does just that. They give training in many national & international languages. They teach in an interactive method which makes learners understand and speak quickly with no confusion at all. It maintains a very good infrastructure with all the gym facilities for students to develop their personality along with the language capability.

7. Lingua Academy International 

Lingua Academy international is the top rated and most well-known language learning center in Chennai. They provide coaching on international languages like French, Russian and Spanish. Their main motto is to educate students with “The Joy and Fun” and they are the best place to learn French in Chennai at the cheapest rates. Many students choose Lingua Academy as they have a friendly atmosphere and professional trainers who give the best coaching in learning The academy not only provides coaching in French, Russian, and Spanish but also provides the best information about France, Russia, and Spain. With the help of their friendly environment and professional trainers (who all speak English!) they can get any learner up and running in no time.

A new age school that combines : The joy of learning the language with the fun of new friends and a welcoming atmosphere. A new age school that combines : The joy of learning the language with the fun of new friends and a welcoming atmosphere. We at Lingua academy know your passion towards languages and we believe in providing you an International Quality Education.

8. UrbanPro

UrbanPro started off as a Language training institute in 2005 and since then have helped thousands of students from across India to learn different languages. Their main aim is to empower children to be the best that they can be and help them discover their true potential. They not only provide language training, they give training on IT Courses, IELTS, UPSC Exam Coaching, extra-curricular, B-tech Coaching, Maths Coaching, and much more.

UrbanPro language institute offers best coaching in India for many languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese etc. they also give training on IT courses like CCNA, MCITP, All Microsoft Courses. They have been providing coaching for over 20 years and they successfully passed over 32000 students the exam which is very famous in India.They have branches in many parts of India, Services of UrbanPro are – Language Training, IELTS courses, UPSC Coaching. Number of students they accept in batches is 10 to 15 maximum.

9. Lets Speak 

Ideal for beginners and advanced learners, Let’s Speak is a place where one can learn a foreign language. The trainers here are professionals who have years of experience in teaching the languages. It is a center that provides training that is very much beneficial for the students to learn the language easily that is fun as well. 

It is an academy for language teaching. We teach English, Hindi, French, Japanese, German and Tamil languages. Also, we teach Arabic studies. All the language teachers here are professional and they have years of experience in teaching languages. They also teach us to speak these languages very clearly and fluently like the native speakers do.

The academy also organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, festivals with the help of government representatives to reach out to the mass people. Let’s Speak provides classes for everyone at their institute which are available at a very reasonable cost. The academy has developed an amazing atmosphere where the students feel comfortable. Let’s Speak is doing its best and working continuously to build a sturdy platform in the Language Teaching Education and it will try to cover more and more cities and states across India. 

10. IICT

IICT is a French Language training center where students from all age groups can get the best training. It provides very good coaching for the French Language, they also provide IT Coaching and Language Coaching for those who are interested in joining classes with them. They have designed IICT their curriculum as French for kids, French for school students, DELF- DALF exam coaching, TCF exam coaching, TEF exam coaching, and General French Course which has more subdivision courses for each category. Weekdays and Weekend classes are also available for students’ comforts. They provide good coaching at the correct cost.

For many years IICT has been producing Perfect French results for thousands of students throughout the world. The institute is based in Hyderabad and has a good training center with audio-visual aids, super qualified trainers, well-furnished classrooms, etc. categories like kids French classes, teenagers French courses, Bachelors level Terminal exams for DELF/DALF, TCF/TEF exams preparation for diplomat exams. The teachers are highly qualified; they provide training at the homeland of people (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai).


Learning an additional language is always helpful whether it be in personal life or professional. It works as an add-on benefit. Above are the best 10 courses of French language offered in Chennai. 

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