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Henry Harvin vs KPMG Six Sigma Course Review (Exposed)


Though KPMG and Henry Harvin Education both are great institutes to pursue Six Sigma Certification, clearly Henry Harvin Education must be the smart choice for today’s learners. Henry Harvin Education’s Six Sigma is a complete package in itself with bundles of perks like the best trainers, projects, internships, placement assistance, etc.Henry Harvin Education understands this need of the hour and encourages start-up culture with improved process quality and improvement.

Why Six Sigma?

It is a globally accepted benchmark to enhance business output as a result of quality and efficiency improvement. It is a statistics-based data-driven method that is adopted today by many companies worldwide to minimize defects arising out of lack of employee engagement or assembly line knowledge etc. The demand for Six Sigma certified individuals is increasing day by day across a large number of industries.

Henry Harvin Education

The essence of Henry Harvin Education’s technical courses lies in their real-world applications. Their trainers are so brilliantly equipped with their respective domains and subject-matter expertise that they naturally groom the learners with real-world applications which is the sole aim behind pursuing any course.

Henry Harvin Education’s Six Sigma Certification Course

  • Course Module- The entire course curriculum is spread across 28 hours of live online interactive sessions
  • Hands-on Practical Exposure and Training-After the formal training is completed, Henry Harvin provides 12 projects which are divided in 12 months. This gives the learners ample time to do the projects as well as grab the underlying practical concept
  • Trainers-Henry Harvin is very serious about the quality of its training, therefore it selects handpicked trainers who have the desired domain knowledge and subject matter expertise. They are the experts in their respective fields and have gathered experience of more than a decade. They have been the proud guest faculty/visiting faculty having delivered more than 100+ sessions on Lean Six Sigma Green belt training and presented lectures to more than 300 classes.
  • Membership-The participants of the Six Sigma Certification Course are eligible for a gold membership of Henry Harvin Academy along with a soft-skill development training program, resume writing training, and free access to complimentary modules strengthening the training program.
  • Affiliations and Accreditations- The participants of the black belt course are supported by the IASSC Book of Knowledge which is accepted worldwide and is regarded highly in the industry. 
  • E-learning facilities-The participants get the facility to keep the learning process alive with the aid of contemporary tools, techniques, video presentations, and various methods of assessments.
  • Lifetime Support-Henry Harvin provides lifetime assistance and access to its learners through various forms of support programs
  • Participants get access to 35 Professional Development units, which can be claimed with the black belt course
  • DMAIC Approach –The LeanSix Sigma Green Belt program is empowered by the DMAIC Approach by the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt body
  • Adopts a unique GCAO Pedagogy
  • Certification-At the end of the training program, the participants are awarded the course completion certificate, which boosts the CV and LinkedIn profile and distinguishes the candidate’s profile for better job opportunities and career hikes.

Henry Harvin or any other institute?

  • Prepares the participants for project management and leadership roles Rationalize processes and incorporates increased staff involvement from bottom to top levels
  • Decreased expenses and increased revenue generation techniques
  • Ranked No.1 by Training 360
  • Focused on experiential learning rather than theoretical lessons
  • Trusted by leading corporates and premium educational institutes
  • Every technical or non-technical course is a complete package comprising of live projects and placement -assistance, the two vital key elements required for any learner
  • Soft-skills training and Interview preparations and any other career guidance support program required by the participants
  • Regular boot-camp sessions and training with the aid of recorded videos
  • Guaranteed learning phase internship which provides the participants an opportunity to get real-time assignments with a deadline-bound habit so that they can be habituated to the deadlines, etc.
  • Paid Internships wherein they get exposure to the real corporate world before actually stepping into it while getting paid for the projects as well.

KPMG Learning Academy

KPMG learning academy is a combination of subject matter expertise along with the most contemporary technological upgrades that aid in advanced learning and grasping of knowledge. It provides a wide variety of courses that are delivered online, offline and blended classroom learnings. The online mode of learning is extremely secure and enables access to all learners. The academy hosts a thriving knowledge of working with its vastly diversified portfolio of clients dealing with industries and solutions from all possible niches. A unique concept that underlies this course program is that it provides a heterogeneous set-up to get a grasp of the statistical tools and techniques of the Six Sigma Program. It grooms the participants to take charge of the large projects independently, guide as a team leader, plan organizational growth, etc., and channelize the process capability.

  • Course Variants-The different variants of the Six Sigma program from KPMG Learning Academy include Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, etc.
  • Course Module- The course module differs for the type of program. For example, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification comprises a 5 day, 25 hours program whereas the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is an 8 days program, which makes it a 56-hour live virtual program. It is divided into phases4 days per phase with a gap of 3-4 weeks so that the participants can get accustomed to the concepts and adopt them practically. Also, it gives them time to accumulate the queries that they come across during this period.

Other courses offered by KPMG Learning Academy are

  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources

Henry Harvin vs KPMG Six Sigma Course

Every course has its pros and cons when it comes to comparison between two courses from two different institutes.

To arrive at a logical conclusion, it is necessary to compare the vital parameters of the courses from the two institutes. Let us explore Six Sigma from Henry Harvin Education vs. KPMG Learning Academy in terms of the deciding factors of quality Six Sigma. 


  • Henry Harvin Education -Henry Harvin Education provides extensive exposure to real-life projects during and after the course completion. These projects are from a variety of industries and cater to parameters requiring day-to-day operational complications in organizations. Also, these projects have proven to improve the work-life balance of employees. Rolled through output yield is taken care of, deals with BPO processes optimization reduces the occurrence of defects in die casting.
  • KPMG- There is an absence of mention of any projects whatsoever during or after the training program.

  Bootcamp sessions

  • Henry Harvin Education-Henry Harvin Education arranges frequent boot camp sessions that brush up the concepts throughout the year.
  • KPMG- Again lack of boot camp sessions in the course program.

    Soft skills and Interview preparations

  • Henry Harvin Education- Henry Harvin Education provides complementary training in soft skills so that the participants can get prepared for upcoming job- interviews and other placement procedures.
  • KPMG- KPMG is focusing more on the course curriculum rather than the associated requirements.


Henry Harvin Education-Henry Harvin Education is one of the institutions that take immense pleasure in giving the learners an amazing surprise every time its participants are looking for some new mental exercise. Hackathons are one such endeavor wherein Henry Harvin Education treats the participants with #AskHenry Hackathons and various other competitions. Henry Harvin Education understands that learning a technical subject like Six Sigma might be exhausting at times, so they believe in mixing fun activities that help in making a purely analytical subject into a fun job.

The participants can avail benefits of unlimited batches from different instructors to get a different perspective of the subject for the next 12 months and they don’t need to pay a single penny extra! Who would not be thrilled to have a hallmark certification of CSSE GB beside their name? It houses a vast range of names from corporate clientele in their hall of fame like IBM, NTPC, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc, and academic clientele like IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, etc. The list has a number too which surpasses more than 160 corporates and half a century of colleges.

KPMG- KPMG focuses more on regular training and does not venture much into other activities.   

Some questions before deciding the ‘Best Six Sigma Certification’

Before pursuing any course it is very important to ask ourselves a set of questions internally first. The beauty of these self-analysis questions lies in the fact that they are equally applicable to freshers as well as working professionals through the range of the answers and the applicability may differ. Let us explore these questions to get an idea.

1. Why shall I take this course? 

The Six Sigma course is regarded as one of the most rigorous courses that require experience and knowledge. Taking this certification ensures that you have accomplished special expertise in the business development cycles thus boosting the worthiness of your profile.

2. Am I interested in knowing more about this subject?

This is the most crucial one where one needs to be honest with him/her. For this, you have to explore your inner-self: what matters for you the most? Solid career beginning, sharpened business acumen, enhanced analytical abilities, improved career path, or being happy with whatever current position or pay packages that you have? A clear yes or no would decide that for yourself.

 3. What benefit would it give to my career?

The freshers would be more employable and can demand greater pay packages than their peers who have not taken the Six Sigma Certification. For a working professional, acquiring an additional qualification while on the job does two things. Firstly it would give your present and potential employer an impression that you are a growth aspiring professional and second it would boost your career path to the next level altogether.

 4.  What would happen if I don’t pursue the course? 

The professionals pursuing the Six Sigma Course are more in demand for optimum project support as compared to their non-certified peers. The certified professionals gain more exposure in both people and process front than their counterparts. Those working professionals who are not pursuing the Six Sigma Course are lacking on the above.

A self-retrospection of the interest in the subject, affinity to learn it, career inclination, etc. would give the desired answers.

After getting the above answers, it is time to think about the following question.

 5. Am I aware of the basics like which is the best certification of that course, who is the best course provider in the country etc.?

ASQ is the globally renowned certification body that defines the methodology standards and test capacities of Six Sigma. 

Difference between Lean and Six Sigma

Many times learners often think that lean and six sigma are the same course and some of them often use them interchangeably and some think it is mutually exclusive. The main difference between lean and six sigma courses is that while lean adopts a wholesome approach for the complete growth and development of business, six sigma aims at reducing the variation.

To get a better understanding and clarity it is very important to understand the various levels of Six Sigma belt rankings. 

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black
  • MasterBlack 
  • Champion 


Henry Harvin Educations has come a far way and it has set a benchmark to be achieved in the next years to upskill more than 2 lacs professionals. Media recognition and coverage are also outstanding by some of the leading newspapers and news channels of the country. Most of the Edtech institutions nowadays are aiming at producing highly-paid individuals, but it seems that none of them are concerned about producing entrepreneurs which are highly required today to make India a highly developed country. Thus strengthening the production of high-quality products and services.

Considering all the above points, it won’t be unfair to say that Henry Harvin Education is the best institute to pursue Six Sigma Certification Course.

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  • I really enjoyed the course and participated in all the exercises. Discovered a lot of brilliant ideas of what is going on in the world of technology.

  • HENRY HARVIN VS KPMG SIX SIGMA COURSE REVIEW was very great blog. I really enjoyed the course and participated in all the exercises. Discovered a lot of brilliant ideas of what is going on in the world of technology.

  • I have completed my Six Sigma Green Belt course from Henry Harvin. I have found it highly beneficial. Their Six Sigma Course curriculum is perfectly structured. I took online session and it was like classroom session only. They provide interaction session, debates and many more things. Gives depth knowledge of various six sigma tools. Overall, it was a great experience.

  • Six Sigma happens to be one of the professional certification course that deals with the enhancement of business output. This is one of the best institutes that offer this course successfully putting all the efforts by the dedicated trainer in preparing the professionals.

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