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Myself Sushma Nande, a Certified Digital Content Writer, and a level 4 Japanese language proficient. With a niche in life learnings, parenthood, travel, art and culture I enjoy giving life to my hearty musings through my blogs, short stories and nano tales. My passion for words and the ability to observe, evaluate and imagine a particular situation has helped me create fresh content for my blogs. Having traveled to various places in the world and long-term stay in countries like Japan, Singapore gave me first-hand experience of various cultures which inspired me to learn Japanese. As a content creator, my strong vernacular skills and my language adaptability teamed up with passion brings out the best in me. I love doing mandala and doodle to reconnect to myself.
Business Analytics

Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

For every business to succeed and sustain, a continuous cycle of improvising is required. This can be achieved by exploring and understanding the past performances that had driven the business. Also, make specific changes and improvements for the success of the business in the future. Business analytics has seen a...

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English Speaking

Top 15 English Speaking Courses in India

English was always a need, whether academically, officially, or in daily life. English speaking is a completely different skill than reading and writing in English. Therefore, India has always considered English speaking an important skill. Thus, English-speaking courses in India are some of the most searched courses. As a native...

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Top 90 AWS Interview Questions and Answers: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

Amazon Web Services, AWS is a market leader in delivering cloud-based services for organizations across the globe. Today, adopting AWS has come to be one of the key strategic initiatives for firms globally to continue to be competitive. There is a huge demand for AWS-certified authorities globally. AWS certification training...

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All about SAP Course: Overview, Eligibility, Duration, and Fees

SAP is one of the most searched certification courses. With changing times, SAP courses are structured to meet industry standards and global requirements. With a wide user base of 200mn+ worldwide, SAP and its application requires highly skilled professionals. While number of candidates choosing SAP course is slowly increasing, it's...

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