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Henry Harvin vs Coursera vs Duolingo Spanish Language Course Reviews 2023

“If you know how to spell, you would know how to pronounce.”

One of the most accurate phonetic languages of all, Spanish is popular from drama to the dictionary. Students, professionals, and artists prefer to learn the Spanish language above any other foreign language. To begin with, catering to a larger audience, the Spanish language has more than 570 million speakers across continents. Also, India has marked the Spanish language course as an important tool for bilateral trades and business Thus, promoting more Indo-Spanish interaction through various study programs, and job opportunities. The level of interaction is such that, there is a shortage of multilingual professionals especially the ones who speak Spanish as the natives do. 

To fulfill this gap there are numerous institutes and stand-alone academies that offer Spanish language courses. That being the case, there is always a comparison, competition, and evaluation of the institutes based on the services they offer and the kind of learning experience they promise to provide a learner. 

In this blog, we are going to focus on the facts that came across after going through multiple reviews about the following institutes- Henry Harvin, Coursera, and Duolingo. 

Let us begin!

Spanish Language Course Review

Aprender otro idioma no es solo aprender diferentes palabras para las mismas cosas, pero aprender otra manera de pensar. – Flora Lewis (Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things)

In today’s world, we are fortunate enough that we have access to many Spanish language courses in our cities and almost in every part of the world. As you research, you come across many institutes with their own set of promises and success stories. It is very instrumental to keep a note of several points that work as a checklist and ensure that you are not lost in the process of searching for the best Spanish language course. The following are some of the major points that govern the ultimate call!


  • Credibility of the institute
  • Course structure
  • Course fee
  • Duration
  • Accessibility regarding doubts and queries
  • Trainer’s experience and outlook
  • Flexible hours of learning
  • Exposure to relatable reference material for better understanding
  • Guidance by the trainers on key areas
  • Facility like internship programs boost the confidence and also give 

an experience for future

  • Importance of the certification in job market
  • Constant backing from a well-functioned team
  • Recognition from the top leading hiring partners and governing bodies

These factors works as a checklist for deciding which institute to choose for. 

Here we are discussing some of the academies, and their Spanish language courses. Apart from that we also try to find out which course would suit which kind of learner. Let’s check out more on these courses.

Henry Harvin

 Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course has been the most searched academies recently as it provided almost 100 courses in different subject areas. Applauded for its work by the leading news agencies like Indian Express, Zee5, APN Live, Asian news, and Times Education, Henry Harvin has been consistent with creating value and upskilling talents.


          As one of the leading Edtech companies with a base in more than 97 countries, Henry Harvin Henry has established its vision of reskilling and upskilling. Harvin institute has more than 5000 live classes every month. Isn’t that amazing! With more than 180 corporate associations, Henry Harvin ensures that the overall training provided to the learners helps them to achieve growth in their careers. The language skills taught at Henry Harvin are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the goal-centric pedagogy. 


The USP of Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course is the award-winning trainer. Considering their years of experience, these trainers bring along clear, concise, and industry-related information and tips. To put it in other words, the experienced faculty knows how to bring out the best in a learner’s learning ability. This is so crucial for anyone who enrolls in a Spanish language course or any other course for that matter of fact. Because, we all know that no matter how much you go through books, a teacher’s perspective has always led the path and has helped in achieving excellence.

Mode of Teaching

For Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course, the academy provides a flexible mode of learning. That is, the mode of teaching at Henry Harvin is self-paced as well as comes with live classes. Additionally, there is also support for corporate training by our trainers.

Course module

The course module at Henry Harvin is divided into six major modules. 

Beginners level

The beginner level is again divided into modules, A1 and A2 respectively.

Level A1 focuses basically on describing small objects, getting familiarized with daily expressions, and the ability to introduce oneself or ask for someone’s introduction. Also, getting to know about days of the week, months, and numbers helps in getting the fundamentals strong for a learner. Effective use of SER and ESTAR is introduced at A1.


In continuation to A1, level A2 is taught as an extension to the topics covered in A1. apart from this social greetings, offers, expressing, asking, or verifying anything in the Spanish language are also covered under A2.

Intermediate level

The intermediate level is completed under two modules, B1 and B2. Level B1 begins with distinguishing present, past, and future in grammar as well as a series of events of own life. What also is taught here is reacting to a particular situation, expressing opinion through world-building, and relating it with the event.

Level B2 trains an individual in writing a thesis in the Spanish language. Moreover, developing jokes, understanding idioms, and even the slang vocabulary are taught in B2.

Advanced level

The advanced level is completed in two levels as well, C1 and C2. in level C1, the focus shifts to the colloquial part of the language. Also, the prefix and suffix find their place in level C1. the reason for introducing these at C1 and not at B1 is very simple. The base needs to be as concrete as possible and to avoid any confusion in understanding, anything that seems tricky is kept for later.

Level C2 teaches rhythm, accent, and intonation of the Spanish language. By now, the level of proficiency is such that most of the literature is comparatively easy to comprehend. Writing from scratch in Spanish becomes a habit by now.

Apart from the above, learners also get additional two modules in the form of soft skill training and resume building.


With the help of multiple simulation sessions and training projects, the Spanish language course certification makes you eligible for Spanish proficiency tests. The certification program at Henry Harvin is highly recognized by not only the Govt. of India but also by UKAF and UKCert. This kind of certification adds value to your job profile and makes you the preferred choice of employee-seekers.

Course Fee

The course fees for Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course are different for different levels. The fees seem nominal for the kind of training the course promises. Have look and you would agree to the same. 






56 hours

INR 12,500


56 hours

INR 12,500


66 hours

INR 15,500


66 hours

INR 15,500


66 hours

INR 17,500


66 hours

INR 17,500


Course Benefits

A good and value-addition course is known for the benefits it provides. The Spanish language course by Henry Harvin gifts you with the following benefits for a lifetime:

  • Express yourself as a native Spanish speaker would
  • Become the conversation initiator, not just a participant
  • List yourself as an advanced Spanish language proficient 
  • Learn from the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Take complete advantage of the extensive learning program
  • Be it training, internship, hackathons, boot camps, gold membership, projects, placement assistance, or the certification itself, the package you get is unmatchable and unheard
  • Get the prestigious alumni status from Henry Harvin
  • Avail access to videos, quizzes, projects, and many more study material through LMS
  • Whether you aim to go global in your work or you want to work as a solopreneur, this course suits all
  • Experience better job security
  • Get noticed by more than 2100 hiring partners of Henry Harvin


5000 courses and more add up in the list of vast courses offered by Coursera. But, what remains striking is more than 14 new Spanish language courses have been initiated by Coursera. With the purpose to offer learning as a skill, Coursera has played an important role in changing lives.

Apart from the paid courses, free courses work as a benefit for the learners. Not only individual training, but training for businesses is the next step forward for Coursera. 

Now what sets Coursera apart from others is the kind of choices with Spanish language courses. For example, you have the option to choose the subject and skill you want to excel on, which of course here would be the Spanish language. Then you can choose the level, need not be the first level, it can be anything based on your motif. Based on the level chosen you decide the duration of the course, whether weeks or months. 

Now after this you have a choice to go for basic learning, specialization, or professional certification. The most striking feature is you can choose from which university or college you wish to have a trainer. That’s one amazing feature!

But, even if you get all these features, one thing which is missing here is a structured way of learning. Often when we get too many choices to choose from, we tend to get confused and go for not so liking option. 

This can work in reverse while learning a language. Because a step-by-step process of learning works better for language skills.Thus, Coursera has its hiccups when it comes to free choosing your course and trainer.


This has gained immense popularity as one of the leading apps for Spanish language learning. The most popular app claims to provide the most fun way of learning. 

The mode of teaching is online and it’s free. That’s quite lucrative! Isn’t it? But there is the flip side to it too. You get access to the Spanish course content for a capped time slot. Not more than what is already set you would be able to access in a day.


There is no formal course or certification provided by Duolingo. If you switch to Duolingo plus then there are some charges for the same. The Spanish lessons are a mix of quizzes, listening drills, fill in the blanks, match the columns, and some set of mock conversations. The Spanish podcast at Duolingo works well as listening practice material.


As it is a digital platform, it’s preferred by many. Initially, this works brilliantly! Later, it has not much significance. Because it doesn’t have the bandwidth to provide you with lessons relevant to exams or even advanced levels of the Spanish language.

Henry Harvin vs Coursera vs Duolingo



Henry Harvin



Mode of Learning

Both online and offline

Online and offline


Course Fees

INR 12500 -INR 17500 depending on the level of the course



Course Duration

Average 60 hours

30 hours

5 minutes

Prepares you for

DELE and SIELE exams

Basic conversational

Beginners level

Trained by

Subject matter experts with more than 15 years of experience

The faculty of the tie-up university

AI-generated app-based data

Perks of the course

9-in-1 training, with projects, internship, regular boot camps, hackathons, career assistance, lifetime access to course-related videos, and 1 year of gold membership

Apart from the course, the hands-on project is provided for getting more insight about the language

No such benefits


Get a Govt. Of India recognized certification

Get certified from the Coursera academy

Get a certification at the completion of short-term course

Overall Comparison

To look on the brighter side, these Spanish language courses emphasize one thing Which is, bringing the Spanish language closer and making you familiar with its transitions. From knowing the basics to excelling at the advanced level. So what should be your deciding factor, if all serve the same purpose? My answer would be, to look for a course that would work for a longer run. That means, when you devote your time and resources to something, ensure that those are credited with a good and fruitful result. 

The Five Ws of Spanish Language


Who started speaking Spanish?

Spanish language or Español was a remote language somewhere in Northern Spain, which spread its wings to the entire Castile Kingdom later. From there the explorers and business people carried it to various countries.


What is the Spanish language?

Spanish is a Latin dialect, that mainly is inflected into a two-gender rule. The main feature of the Spanish language is the words can be pronounced by following the written words. There are no silent alphabets or different word pronunciations in Spanish.


 When did the Spanish language rose to fame?

As early as the 9th century with the changing kingdom, the Latin dialect which was commonly referred to as Castilian started to shift from north Spain to southern Spain. The dialect saw a shift in its literary words by the 15th century when written Spanish also came into existence.


 Why Spanish is the most spoken language around the world?

More than 18 million students and most of them learning it through online mode, have made Spanish the third most popular language in the world. The reason for its popularity is migration, ease to achieve a solid foundation in the Spanish language, and the phonetic quality of the Spanish language.


Where all in the world do people speak the Spanish language?

21 countries contribute to this widely spoken language apart from the official organizations like the UN and European Union.

Learning Resources for beginners in the Spanish Language

  • Online Cambridge dictionary
  • Lexico dictionary
  • Book on Vocabulary A1 Espanol 
  • Spanish made easy
  • First Spanish- a bilingual book
  • News in Slow Spanish
  • Brainscape app
  • Coffee break Spanish
  • Spanishpod101


Why Spanish language courses are so important?

  • Because it is the mother tongue of 350 million people
  • The Spanish language is ahead of the other foreign language
  • Interestingly, most of the popular tourist destinations in the world use Spanish as one of the major languages
  • Also, for studying abroad, the Spanish language makes the transition quite smooth
  • Some of the best shows and literature belongs in Spanish
  • Thus, it opens up options in the world of entertainment, both as a viewer and as a professional
  • The language doesn’t have a teething issue. Moreover, it is the best language to pick up fast
  • Spain is the highly preferred place for ex-pats



In a nutshell, understanding the Spanish language and developing your skill around it open a platform wherein one can showcase their multilingual proficiency. Spanish language course has expanded broadly on the global scale. Based on the course reviews above, you would be certainly able to decide which course you should choose and why.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Why one should learn the Spanish language?

Ans: The language of Latin origin, Spanish proficiency would help you in travel, science, and jobs in medical, law, and theology to highlight a few. The benefits are much more as it’s the official language in many countries.

Q2. What is the ideal way of learning the Spanish language?

Ans: You might choose to connect yourself with Spanish movies, shows, operas, and radios. But, the ideal way of learning the Spanish language professionally is by enrolling in a Spanish language course.

Q3. Is there any economical benefit of doing a Spanish language course?

Ans: Businesses look for professional Spanish speakers as they know that as a language Spanish alone ranks 4th in the level of global GDP. This has a direct impact on the economical benefit ratio for any business to prosper in terms of linguistic ability. 

Q4. Which is the best online Spanish language learning course?

Ans: Henry Harvin provides the best Spanish language course and helps you prepare for the proficiency exams. The course at Henry Harvin is designed thoughtfully under the guidance of experts with years of experience.

Q5. Why do some people call the Spanish language Castilian?

Ans: If you go back to history, then you would know that the Spanish language has been formed from the Latin language in Castile, Spain.

Q6. How to practice the Spanish language on our own?

Ans: Most Spanish language courses come with extensive course material along with video and audio tutorials. Going through these every day develops a deeper understanding of the spoken part of the language. Also, reading articles written in Spanish or watching a movie in Spanish is a good idea for practicing listening skills.



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