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Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Chandigarh


 Medical coding, and healthcare outsourcing jobs for the majority of internal hospitals and healthcare organizations. Therefore, the high amount of outsourcing jobs has trained medical coders.  Nevertheless,  certified and trained coders convert the doctor’s reports into medical codes. In fact, the resource person will ensure that all the data are  correctly entered to guarantee correctness and consistency with relevant codes.

The Healthcare system aids skilled medical coders.  The patients provide their reports for reimbursement to the health insurance companies. Afterwards, the medical coders will make review and then convert the patient’s diagnosis into unique codes.  Presently, many institutes are providing Medical coding courses In Chandigarh, there are many institutions that offer Medical Coding courses in Chandigarh. Here is the list of the top 10 Medical coding Institutions in Chandigarh that can help the candidates to make their excellent careers in medical coding.

Trainer The Trainer course in India
Henry Harvin Education

1. Henry Harvin

It bestows Medical coding courses in Chandigarh. As per the standards of the health industry, its course content is recognized as one of the best courses in the world. In Chandigarh, this Academy has self-paced sessions and online sessions. Of course, these coding courses are conducted in batches that have training sessions with 100% practical training.

The special features of Henry Harvin’s Medical coding course

This academy’s medical coding course is a nine-in-one course. Particularly, this course includes training projects, certification, internships, boot camps, placements,  gold membership, and e-learning. In fact, the curriculum has been designed with  CPT, IDC, and HCPCS. Likewise, the course has 26 modules and additional 2 modules. As I said these courses were taught by certified and experienced trainers. Through these 90 hours of live online interactive sessions, the aspirants get access to the tools,  techniques, assessment, and video content. Additionally, the aspirants undergo the project in the field of HCPCS, CPT, and CD-10 CM.

2. Genus Healthcare Solution -Medial coding course in Chandigarh

Genus Healthcare Solution provides a mixture of  Business Process Management technology and the healthcare industry. On the other hand, this institution ensures to deliver the best service and provides solutions based on industrial practices. Furthermore, the training in this institution was high -standard in providing technologies. Likewise. they were capable of rendering solutions for medical care in various dimensions.

  3. Elate Academy

on our list of top 10 Medical Coding in Chandigarh, is Elate Academy. Further, Elate academy demonstrates the fundamentals of medical coding. On the other hand, they offer free online training at the AAPC learning portal. Hence, it enhances the students with study materials, interactive sessions, and mock tests. Of course, Elate academy has more than 212 updated courses and 60 certified trainers. Additionally, it provides after the completion of the medical coding course offers a one-month free internship for the students

4. Medesun HealthCare solutions-Medical coding course in Chandigarh

This institution of health care provides many courses, in the field of medical coding courses in Chandigarh. The trending courses of Medesun Healthcare solutions are the medical billing training course and Medical coding specialty training medical coding. Apart from this, they offer quality and affordable education to the candidates.

In fact, the online mode of medical coding courses has several topics which cover the sample files for coding, billing, and five mock exams of various dimensions. They cover basic principles and they offer guidelines for medical coding in their training program. of course, CPC exams were scheduled after completing the course.

  5. IGMPI -Medical coding course in Chandigarh

IGMPI Offers medical coding courses for post-graduate diploma courses. The students who have a science background like B.Tech, B.Sc, in microbiology, Life science, Zoology, Food Technology, Food ScienceB.E, and B. Pharma, can undergo the medical coding course.

Further, it is a one-year duration course that contains13 modules. The course is designed with the guidance of industry experts in the field. so, IGMPI medical coding course has an updated version and is relevant to real-world examples. Moreover, IGMPI courses are   online and also they offer interactive live sessions for specific learning areas. At the same time,  the aspirants have the choice of flexible timing and the mode of teaching.

Nevertheless, all the modules are conducted at the weekend for the online classes. Additionally,  they have a separate session to clear the doubts of the learners before the examination. Hence,  They used to give assignments for every module and can track the progress of the candidates.

6. X pert Healthcare Group-Medical coding course in Chandigarh

Identically, XPert Healthcare Group is the certified American Association of Professional coders. However, it provides courses like medical billing, medical transcription, and medical coding. . Indeed, it also includes decisive reasoning activities. Of course, the mentors frame the questions for the mock exam. Nevertheless, it provides a self-paced course. Additionally ,they have the mock exams.

7. Acusis

Next, the leading healthcare institution in Chandigarh is Acusis. Indeed, they focus on e-learning training and medical coding courses. In fact, this training in Acusis offers qualified medical coding professionals. Furthermore, this institution produces candidates with depth knowledge of medical coding and it has certified trainers. However, the duration of the course is 3 months.

8. Resolve Medicode- medical coding course

Resolve Medicode institution is one of the best iso-certified institutions. Indeed, it provides medical coding with certification. Furthermore, it helps in the placement of their candidates who were placed in top MNCs .Resolve Medicode institution trainers were USA-certified trainers in the healthcare industry. It provides multiple services like clinical research -SMO services, clinical trial management services, and clinical data management services.

9. Odyssey informatics-medical coding course

Odyssey informatics has a number of years of experience in Medical coding courses. Indeed, its program is a self-paced online course. Certainly, it offers classroom sessions in Dubai and California, And at the same time, it offers online training to American students.

Odysseyinformatics online class offers the aspirants to learn from anywhere in the world. Indeed, it provides medical transcription training and it has a dedicated placement cell. Emphatically, Odyssey informatics has tied -up with Canada, the US,  and India.

10. NIMC- Medical coding course

Most importantly, the National institute of medical coding is one of the leading institutions for Medical coding. Nevertheless, NIMC bestowed online training for a medical coding course. This curriculum has international quality. On the other hand, the major aim of NIMC is to improve the employment of many Indian graduates. In fact, the teaching approach of NIMC is very easy even non-life science graduates can understand the modules .The endorsed mentors frame the study materials In NIMC.. Further,  This institution offers soft skills and leadership training. Additionally, NIMC focuses on the holistic development as well as personality development skills of the aspirants


The first thing to remember is Medical coding in Chandigarh is the backbone of the medical care field. Emphatically, the above article on medical coding courses provides offline classes as well as online class training in Chandigarh. However, it is your choice to choose the proper institution which suits you. The medical coder’s most required quality is the good analytical ability .The study of documentation is also needed for the candidates who want to become the medical coder or medical coding professional.


Q.1. After completing the medical coding training course do we get freelancing options?

Ans ; Yes, After completing the course they get freelancing opportunities.

Q2. Explain the process of medical coding work.

Ans A certified Medical coder reviews the physician’s notes from the previous day’s batch of patients.

Q .3. WhatA certified Medical coder reviews the physician’s notes from the previous day’s batch of patients. is remote medical coding?

Ans. The Remote medical coding, the certified medical coders who work from the Home of outsourcing allows paying for only what they require at the time.


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