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Kodak consulting SAP Course  Reviews- 9.7/10

Reviews of Kodak Consulting SAP course

Kodak Consulting Review by Tulsi Kumar 9.7/10

I would recommend Kodak Consulting SAP course because it is a well-structured course. This systemized learning experience helped me a lot in understanding as well as preparing to be a financial expert. This course has proved a stepping stone in my career. At the same time, it helps to upskill and enhance my knowledge. 

Kodak Consulting Review by Mahajan 9.7/10

The SAP Course developed a brilliant start to my career. The Faculty of  Kodak Consulting helped me to plan better for distinctive learning. It provides a complete package of application advances and fundamentals in the pragmatic learning environment. Thanks to my faculty members for changing my career path.

 Kodak Consulting Review by Rajan Sharma 9.6/10

I would recommend Kodak Consulting SAP course to all the aspirants. It helped me in polishing all my skills to the expertise level. At the same time, it helped me obtain resourceful practice for business management. I  thank my trainers for upgrading my   

  skills and attitude toward coding.

Kodak Consulting Review by Pravin  9.5/10

I experienced a wonderful learning experience. I got a deep understanding of SAP Concepts. It is worth learning. This opportunity made the. the highest caliber and I thank Kodak Consulting 

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Abishek 9.6/10

Kodak Consulting SAP course helped me a lot in developing the techniques and skills which are essential to building my business. SAP trainers were very interactive and supportive.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Keshav Kannan  9.7/10

They provide flexible batches. And also allowed to attend various batches when I missed any sessions. I thank my trainers who helped me to complete the course successfully. It gave me an excellent learning experience.  

 Kodak Consulting Reviews by  Pooja  -9.6/10

As an SAP consultant, I recommend this course to all who wish to learn SAP and likes to change their career path in the IT industry. Don’t delay, just get enrolled in the SAP course.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Rakesh Kumar 9.6/10

I felt more confident in handling the implementation projects after doing the SAP FICO training course by Kodak Consulting. The kind of practical learning imparted during this course is matchless with other courses in the same domain.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Kajal Verma 9.5/10

The SAP FICO training course helped me get a concrete understanding of the concepts and techniques through an immersive training process. Additionally, working on projects and assignments gave me practical knowledge as well.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Abhijeet 9.7/10

The trainer for Kodak Consulting’s SAP MM Training course simplified the course content and helped us understand through case studies and examples. His expertise in the domain helped me draw insights into various aspects of the Material Management module.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Om Kumar 9.5/10

The SAP MM Training course from Kodak Consulting was very constructive in terms of the course content and practical application of tools and techniques. The e-learning facility was very helpful in revisiting the training sessions and brushing up on the topics.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Nisha 9.7/10

Kodak Consulting provided one of the most remarkable learning experiences during the SAP MM Training course. The masterclasses were extremely useful and thought-provoking for me.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Toshi 9.6/10

Learning the SAP PP module was very useful for me in advancing my career as an SAP Production Planning Consultant. The instructor for the Kodak Consulting course was very supportive and encouraged us to adopt the best practices in this line of work.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Versha 9.5/10

Kodak Consulting’s SAP PP Training course is a complete training course that provided theory and practical knowledge. The course content was aligned with the most advanced tools and techniques used in this sphere and helped me in preparing for the SAP Exam.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Avinash 9.7/10

The real-world projects that were included in the SAP PP Training course by Kodak Consulting were extremely useful in getting an in-depth understanding of the application of tools, and topics. The mentors were also very supportive the entire time and helped us grow professionally as well.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Amit shah 9.6/10

The SAP SD Training course provided me with the material and exposure for preparing for the certification Exam. The comprehensive teaching by our instructor was one big plus for me during this course from Kodak Consulting.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Fatima 9.7/10

Kodak Consulting’s SAP SD Training course was worth the time and effort put in because it had all the elements for a complete learning process. My knowledge of this module increased substantially after doing this course.

Kodak Consulting SAP Course

In the present tendency of business, there is a prerequisite to controlling your chain of distribution and to relating with your suppliers in a structured way. of course,To improve a strong supply chain, you must have a distributor with a pioneering and cutting-edge approach. Without doubt, Along with the part of procurement proceeding, they can control a streamlined supply chain and help organizations to improve their own business.

  Indeed, SAP is a cloud-based solution predicting new ways of approaches. It permits the suppliers and buyers to interact and trade on the same platform. This procedure has the entire businessperson management system of an organization by announcing the economic ways of achievement and making the business easy. Of course, SAP functions as a supply chain, and attainment service to do business internationally. SAP Modules digitally modify the supply chain, attainment, and contract management functions.   SAP courses are taught at  Kodak Consulting, the foremost  SAP Training Institutes

Kodak Consulting SAP course

Kodak Consulting, is the leading online training offering with more than one million learners in 155 countries. Of course, they specialized in the online certification training program and focused on assisting people to obtain the skills they need to succeed. Nevertheless, they offer accurate online training in education such as SAP FICO, PP, SD, and MM. Furthermore, Kodak Consulting specializes in technologies and best practices as well as the demand for qualified learners necessarily exceeds the supply.

In other words, they create courses in collaboration with the foremost universities and MNCs for employability like the university of Essex, the university of Liverpool, and IIT Madras.IIT  Guwahati.IIT Roorkee, IBM, SPJIMR, Microsoft, etc.Indeed, their goal assumed pedagogy which enables the fast learning of difficult topics. Further, they provide 24/7 technical support and career services through which they help the aspirants to start their careers. 

Kodak Consulting SAP Arabia is a famous cloud-based solution. It provides end to end mechanized system to discard complexities and it will help the suppliers and customers to manage everything in one place. Further, SAP is a B2B solution that links the world’s suppliers and their networks. They improve business collaboration with other appropriate business partners.

The curriculum of Kodak Consulting SAP course

Sourcing, Bidding Rules Setup, Creating RFI, RFP Supplier Lifecycles, Event Management, Supplier Request, Supplier Invitation, Auctions, and Advance Features in SAP, LP vs SIPM are modules covered in Kodak Consulting. At the same time, these modules are job oriented. It is an industry-endorsed curriculum and it is designed to master financial and control management learning.

The highlights of the Kodak Consulting SAP Course

It has 44 hours of live Bi-directional interactive sessions which include contracts, sourcing, downstream, and reporting. Nevertheless,Its agenda is designed to produce the maximum benefits and projects which help to boost their practical knowledge.  That is to say, their E-Learning access provides accessibility to video content, tools, techniques, and assessment. and after the successful completion of the course, they provide a 100 % of placement guarantee and support for one year. The most important is the industry trainer, they have 13 years of working experience. They bestow 12 months of boot camp training and also one-year gold membership

The Technical Benefits of Kotak Consulting SAP Course

  • Promote knowledge about the SAP cloud system architecture
  • learn to create RFP, RFI, and Auctions
  • Develops an understanding of supplier lifecycle and its performance
  • Study of the full cycle of the bidding process
  • Gives  full-end -to end procurement  
  •  Depth knowledge of Data integration methods, configuration, and integration manager

The Career Enrichment benefits with Kodak Consulting SAP Course

  • Attaining Alumni status of the institute
  • 10 plus job opportunities, every week.
  • Onsite projects during the training
  • Globally, millions of jobs in the field of SAP
  • Placements in MNCs like Amazon, Google, and JP Morgan.
  • Get a maximum pay package with successful completion of the SAP course
  • With professional growth upgrade the profile and differentiate from others.
  • Kodak Consulting helps aspirants to land big jobs with high salaries in the best organization around the world.

The process of certification in Kodak consulting SAP Course

The first step is to get counselling to choose the excellent batch to start the SAP course. The next step is to attend the SAP training courses with Instructor-Led sessions. Get in-depth knowledge and do hands-on projects and submit assignments Then, successfully get the SAP certification.

    By completing the course, becoming a certified SAP professional, and promoting your certificate on social networking sites to attract your recruiters, you can also interact with the experts or develop your networks as a freelance. 



  • SAP training enables us to learn directly from experts and stay current on the most recent advancements. It helps us to work together and get knowledge from our community’s peers. It provides access to all training and educational editions and modules.

  • SAP streamlines the enrolment procedure in accordance with employee requirements and HR instructions. Using a blended learning strategy with group participation improves interactive learning methods.

  • My name is Mohit , and I just wanted to let you know how much I have learned from your blogs. The topics are simple enough for anyone to understand. I was chosen by one of the major four firms after successfully passing the interviews. Without your advice, I would not have been able to.

  • It covers every subject needed to finish the certification. Useful examples and first-hand knowledge of sandbox servers

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