Top 10 HRM -Human resource management courses in Mumbai


In any organization, the term Human Resource Management -is the process that is concerned with managing people in structured ways. Emphatically, it incorporates the management of people in the form of relationships between management and employees. In the 21st century, emphatically, HR takes care of managing employee expectations vis-a-vis the management objectives and reconciling the employee fulfillment and realization of management objectives. Nevertheless, The HR industry is the dynamic nature of the HR domain. That is to say, Human resource is the blood and life of all businesses. of course, In this article, we can walk through the top10 HRM courses, Human resource management courses in Mumbai“.

1. Henry Harvin -HRM courses in Mumbai.

Nevertheless, Henry Harvin is the top 100 Edtech companies in  India. Indeed it ranks among the top 500 Edtech companies globally. In fact, This Edtechis based out of the US and India. However, Henry Harvin Academy has 200+programs for reskilling and upskilling. Indeed, Henry Harvin is a competency development organization. of course, It is quoted as an online university that is recognized for its quality.

Henry Harvin’s -Human Resource Management course.

Definitely, Henry Harvin’s certified Human resource professional course is the most in-demand online learning platform. Despite this, It provides 100% practical learning sessions within the learning environment. Nevertheless, Henry Harvin’s CHRP’Scourse has the international syllabus

Benefits of Henry Harvin’sCHRP ‘S Course

  1. That is to say, It offers 9 in 1 courses.

2.  Certainly, The curriculum enables the participants to learn HR  fundamentals from the basics, and of course, it is globally accepted.

3. Of course, It provides 100% practical training.

4. Whereas, The participants will get 1-year gold membership of the HR Academy.

Henry Harvin’s Trainer

Emphatically, Henry Harvin’s trainers had more than 16 years of experience.

 Henry Harvin HR Academy‘s hiring partners

  1. Dell

2. Bosch

3. Myntra

4. Netflix

5. Walmart

6Honey well

7. Vodafone

Trending courses of HR Academy

1. Human resources professional course

2. HR-payroll -India

3. HR-Payroll -US 

4. HR-Generalist course

5.MasterHR  Payroll

6. HR Information System Course

2. CHRMP- HRM courses in Mumbai.

 Without a doubt, CHRMP-Certified Human Resource Management is a globally recognized certification program that enables the participants’ growth and opportunities in their HR careers. Whereas, It develops practical skills to implement in the workplace. Indeed, CHRMP is globally recognized and provides an all-rounded perspective of HR functions. Both locally and internationally give the competitive edge. In fact, Their programs are definitive and their course design is precise which meets the participant’s challenges and pace. on the other hand, CHRMP ‘s HR certification forms the stepping into the world of human resources of organizations management.

Courses offered

1. HR- advanced certification 

Course duration -1 year.

2. HR- Analytics certification

Duration of the course

Course duration – 1 year

 online courses

 3. JBIMS-HRM course in Mumbai

Despite this, JBIMS Mumbai offers courses at postgraduate and doctoral levels. However, JBIMS Mumbai courses market requirements, evolving business models, and changing management styles. In fact, It has a well-maintained campus. Certainly, It provides all the facilities like a library and labs. Without a doubt, JIBMSranking is no;1 in Mumbai. Whereas It comes in the top 20 in India. Whereas The placement ratio is great and has value for money. Indeed, The curriculum could share knowledge of new trends and upcoming JBIMS MHRD.

Duration of the course

Of course, Masters in Human resources development is a full-time master’s degree program. Nevertheless, it is a 2-year program. Indeed it focuses the areas like Human resource management, welfare, and industrial relations, labor laws, learning, and development, and Human resources information systems.

4. DYPUSM- HRM Courses in Mumbai

Certainly, Dr.DY Patil University, School of Management established in 2002, Navi Mumbai. Nevertheless, DYPUSM is recognized by the UGC and approved by the AICTE. of course, This school of management courses includes UG (BBA) and PG(MBA) programs in various fields. Indeed, The school of management has computer laboratories that offer practical knowledge to the students and enhance their knowledge. And also, The other facilities like smart classrooms and wifi are available.

Courses offered

MBA- 16 courses

BBA-5 courses

Mode of course -full-time

Duration of course- 2 years

5. NMIMS -HRM Courses in Mumbai.

Undeniably, NMIMS School of Business Management Indeed is deemed to be a university with the approval of  AICTE. of course, This institution offers diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels in  Human resources management courses. Indeed, This NMIMS Mumbai has ranked 4th among top private B-schools by outlook -I Care M.B.Aranking India 2020. That is to say, It has ranked 5th among competitive B-School 2020. It has collaborations with France, Germany, and USA Universities. In fact, this institute is a globalized center of learning.NMIMS provides balanced exposure to research, academics,  and the numerous practical aspects of the industry. 

Duration of the course

Courses are offered; MBA

Mode of duration; 2 years/full-time

Fee 3 lakhs

6. TISS -HRM courses in Mumbai

Tata Institute of social science in Mumbai otherwise known as TISS Mumbai is deemed to be a university. Without a doubt, TISS has ranked 37 under ‘university’37 under ‘University’, and by the NIRF 2021, TISS has ranked 70 under ‘Overall’.Indeed, This TISS institution provides integrated certificates, and vocational online courses in rural development,  Social work, health science, and other fields and over 65 PG doctoral courses. Nevertheless, this deemed-to-be university provides all these programs under 45 centers and 20 schools. Indeed, this also provides MA and diplomas in elementary education. It also offers digital library management programs through (ODL)open Distance Learning. Of course, It is considered to be the main campus of the four TISS campuses. 

The highlight of TISS

However, Academic giants located in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA, London School of Economics, the University of Sydney, and Victoria University have collaborated with TISS. Of course, Nevertheless, this deemed-to-be university provides all these programs under 45 centers and 20 schools. Indeed, this also provides MA and diplomas in elementary education. It also offers digital library management programs through (ODL)open Distance Learning. Of course, It is considered to be the main campus of the four TISS campuses. 

Courses offered


 Eligibility for this course is any degree UG/PG 

 Duration of the course 3-4 years

 Fee-Rs 88,600-Rs1,12,000/

7. Royale Institution-HRM courses in Mumbai

Nevertheless, Royale Institution offers online courses in Mumbai. On the other hand, they provide human resources management online classes at international levels. Indeed, Royale Institution’s Human Resource Management course focuses on the principles, strategies, and objectives of HR and its Management.

 The benefits of the Royale institution HRM Course

  • The examinations and classes are in E-learning mode.
  • The duration of the HRM course is 3 months
  • The fee for this HRM course is Rs 6,300/
  • That is to say, They provide study material via pdf, flash viewer, and CDs. In other words, there is no need for any prior qualification or experience to enroll in this HRM course. 

8. Seven Mentor-HRM courses in Mumbai

Seven Mentor institute offers a 6 monthly Human resource certification crash course. of course, the SevenMentor HRM certification course focuses to solve company issues, manage staff and some responsibilities related to Human resource management.

Nevertheless,Seven mentor  Human resource certification course has divided into 3 modules,i.e,process of recruitment,Depth study of HR management and focuses on the payrolls and calculation of salaries.

In fact, HR certification courses provide online classes and sessions with job placement support. Indeed, it also provides professional and expert training sessions. Whereas it offers study material via video, pdfs, and study notes.

Perks of seven mentor’s HRM course

Seven Mentor institution offers the aspirants with expert trainers who have 14+ years of experience in the HR Corporate field. After the completion of this course, they provide a certificate with theoretical and practical sessions would be provided.

The other courses related to HR

HR Training

HR Analytics

HRBP Training

HR Audit

9. Human Resources Management (Harvard University)

Harvard university is otherwise called Harvard Extension School. Harvard University provides instructor-led and also offers on-demand recorded classes. Nevertheless, this class helps in working professionals or HRMonline course understands the main principles. The study material is designed to help the students to build management skills, team planning, training, hiring, and reward designing.

The  benefits of Harvard Extension School’s HRM course

HRM courses are delivered by expert Harvard facilities.

This course get detailed insights into people psychology ,government regulations and legalities.

Indeed it shows all the functions of an HR and key terminology.

Without a doubt, the concept of the HRM  course is to stimulate real-world problems.

10. HRM Course Online by Wharton University

Wharton University’sHRM online course is the amalgam of theory with practical application. This program successfully gets a holistic view of strategic HR management and also the analytics of the people.  Hence, After successful completion of this HRM course , the participant will be able to understand  and able to use the basic principles of  HR analytics. Despite, They would able to improve the collaboration  to meet their goals. Moreover, they would receive their certificate of completion after finishing the course.

The highlight of this course

Indeed, it covers the mandatory topics of HR management which includes motivation ,reward,strategic filling tasks,jobs and collaboration networks. As I have noted,The participant would able to get real-world examples that will be delivered via a blend of video and live online lectures.


Emphatically, In the era of technological changes ,it is proved that Human Resources department is the backbone of the organization Nevertheless .an skilled and efficient HR’sis needed to gain high-quality work . That is to say,An HR upholds the real values of an organization. The skilled HR must evolve with the changing trends of technologies and problems.

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Q.1.Can any individual from non-management background apply for this course?

Yes, in fact, non-management background individuals can apply for this course

Q.2.Does this certification is mandatory

No, indeed, this certification is mandatory but it adds value to the portfolio.

Q.3.What is the average income of HR?

RS 4 lakhs to 9 lakhs

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