Top 15 Highest Salary Jobs For Commerce Students

As we all know, the need for commerce career choice and commerce stream jobs is at a high level in today’s market.   Engineering and medical are no longer the only two job options for a promising and secure future. The field of commerce is widening daily, with new career choices for Commerce students flooding the market and shooting employ rates worldwide.

All businesses, regardless of their focus on the arts or science, are involved in some aspect of commerce, such as finance, human resources, public relations, marketing, and management. Consequently, commerce-related jobs are always in demand. Looking for the best commerce course, it is a wise idea to take the aid of Henry Harvin

If you are eager to find more about the highest paying jobs in commerce, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will find more about commerce high salary jobs that will give you a great future.

Here are the Top 15 Highest paying Jobs in Commerce

Finance head

Average salary/ year- 10 lakh

On our list of highest salary jobs for commerce students is finance head. The head of finance or finance head is a top-level finance leader who predicts financial results, conducts risk management, and handles Organisation budgets. In addition, they also manage the rejection and approval of the financial budget. Sometimes, a finance head has to assign resources, manage cash flow, and conduct profit and cost studies. Moreover, they consult with the board of directors to nail funding options for the organization. In order to make informed decisions, these experts have experience in creating forecasting models and studying data. 

Retail Manager

Average salary/ year- 10 lakh

One of the other famous and respectable career choices in commerce is the retail manager. In this profession, they help manage supermarkets as per company principles. In simple words, the retail manager’s job is to successfully run the whole company’s sales and store, making it one of the highest paying jobs in commerce. It may be necessary for them to hold a degree in retail management. Eager to have a retail management career, contact Henry Harvin’s experts.

These managers watch and manage all parts of the daily operation of stores, including staff, stock, sales, and resource control. In addition, this job requires you to be familiar with the market and product stand. Retail managers also use a clever marketing plan to attract clients to buy the product from the store.

Research Analyst

Average salary/ year- 4-5 lakh

In the industry, a research analyst prepares analytical reports on stakes or assets for use in-house or by clients.

Research analysts review, find, and revise facts, principles, and theories for internal use by financial institutions or external clients.

Analysts examine public records of securities of companies and industries and usually recommend “buy,” “sell,” or “hold” based on those facts. Therefore, it comes under the highest-paying jobs in commerce.

Professional Accountant

Average salary/ year- 4-7 lakh

Professional accountants come under the commerce high salary jobs and is a good career option. They help CAs with accounting, taxation, keeping, and reporting. Therefore, they must have an excellent working knowledge of complex softwares like Excel, Tally, and SAP.

Despite this, they earn a lower salary than Chartered Accountants since they are not as skilled as CAs in performing audits and analyzing financial reports.  

Professional Accountants are in high demand in accounting firms, so students who choose this career path are more likely to be hired.

Budget analyst

Average salary/ year- 11 lakh

A budget analyst is an expert who helps firms and people understand how their cash is being spent and where it could be spent in a better way. These experts also worked in the private sector, for a regime agency or non-profit society. In order to work as a budget analyst, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or public administration. Moreover, many budget analysts also have a Master’s degree. Furthermore, budget analysts usually have several years of skills working in budget or a linked area. 

Therefore, this job is among the highest paying jobs in commerce.

Financial controller

Average salary/ year- 10.5 lakh

The financial controller is a senior management expert looking after an organization’s accounting and finance unit. These experts study and manage financial risk and blend the audit process. In addition, they also integrate fiscal firms like foretelling and budgeting, manage tax matters and ensure complete economic constancy. The primary duty of the financial controller is to comply with the central and state rule related to tax filing and financial reporting.  Hence, it comes under the highest paying jobs in commerce.


Average salary/ year- 9-10 lakh

Another famous highest paying job in commerce is an actuary. Actuaries are individuals who work in the insurance sector. Their task is to study and assess the risk involved in the industry and help prepare the firm for any harm in the future through risk control and mathematics. 

These risks contain everything from property laws to disability and anything else that could affect a business or a person. You will have to master control and mitigating hazards to become an actuary. This is a famous job for those with a clever, analytical mind. You should have a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, finance, or mathematics for this field. It is wise to contact the experts at Henry Harvin to learn more about the highest paying jobs in commerce.


Average salary/ year- 9 lakh

Economists learn about various financial Trends like bonds, inflation, exchange rate, spending, and stocks. These financial experts study multiple marketing activities during the course to become skilled economists. Their primary duty is to look at social, economic, and financial data that helps a company to make critical firm decisions. In addition, they study data using statistical plans and mathematical models. Aside from providing product and service evaluations, they also offer business talks. Therefore, this famous job option comes under the highest paying jobs in commerce for students.

Hotel manager

Average salary/ year- 2-5 lakh

Hotel managers are one of the top highest paying jobs in commerce. They are the one who handles and organizes the hotel’s process. It includes managing and organizing services from catering and welcome to dining menus and many more. Hotel managers are the most vital part of the hotel because they eventually work towards sustaining and offering timely facilities to the client. In addition, they are always looked after the management, staffing, coordinating, directing, and controlling the hotel related services. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Average salary/ year- 10 lakh

The all-time favourite highest salary job for commerce students is CEO. This is the highest-ranking leader in a company. Their primary duties include making major corporate findings and handling a firm’s operations and resources. In addition, they act as the main point of talk between the board of leaders and corporate functions and are the public trade face. In most cases, the board of directors and the shareholders elect the CEO.

Human Resource Manager

Average salary/ year- 10 lakh

Human resource managers are the people who have the responsibility to recruit, interview and hire new workers for the company. The purpose of strategic planning is to manage the staff of an organization in a way that maximizes profits and meets its needs. The scope of the human resource manager is higher in the commerce field due to its great demand in the business sector. Therefore, it is one of the highest paying jobs for Commerce students.

Marketing Manager

Average salary/ year- 6-7 lakh

A market manager manages the marketing of a product or other firm. They can be liable for different services or products or be in charge of a single product. They require outgoing and intuitive natures. Furthermore, they must be highly attentive, detail-oriented, and moral about budgetary rules and deadlines. Therefore, it is under the highest paying jobs in commerce.

Company Secretary

Average salary/ year- 6-8 lakh

Obtaining certification and completing a course are the first steps towards becoming a Company Secretary. Company Secretaries play an essential role in ensuring that a company adheres to the statutory rules and regulations that govern it. Eager to know more about the highest paying jobs in commerce. Contact excerpts at Henry Harvin.

Chartered accountant (CA)

Average salary/ year- 6-8 lakh

A chartered accountant is a person in charge of a business’s taxation and accounting. The task list of CA contains tax returns, reporting, financial accounting, auditing financial papers, preparing and scanning financial reports, and maintaining asset records. Students have to complete the CA course in order to become chartered accountants.

Chartered accountants are the persons who are experts in auditing and accounting. Their duty is to manage the accounts of their clients and employees. In addition, they also provide analysis, tariff, and financial advice to the firms. 

CA is the best career option and highest paying job in commerce for students.

Compliance officer

Average salary/ year- 4.8 lakh

Compliance officers are the top highest paying jobs in commerce. Their duty is to manage legal risks and prevent firms from facing costly lawsuits. They also make sure the company sticks to its policies and bylaws. Compliance officers create policies and create metrics to track compliance audits. To make sure compliance, these professionals work with state and federal regulators. A compliance officer also makes sure compliance issues get reported.

The bottom line,

These jobs mentioned above are the highest paying jobs in commerce. This field offers the highest salary jobs for commerce students that are very difficult to get in another field. Then what are you seeking? Contact Henry Harvin and learn more about commerce high salary jobs for them. This will help you to get your dream job in future, and you will earn handsome money.


What’s the best job for commerce majors?

It is important to know what your strengths are before applying for a job. Depending on your talents and skills, you should find the job you are most suitable for. Regardless of what you are passionate about, master it.

Can you tell me which job pays the most?

The CEO is the highest-paid employee in the commerce field. They have a lot of responsibilities, but it’s worth it.

Is there a safe future for me in these commerce stream jobs?

Students who complete their class 10th board exam often aim for jobs in the commerce stream. A student takes commerce as a major subject and pursues a degree or advanced degree, such as a CA or CFA. 

Science vs commerce: which is better?

Your passion determines what you do. Science is broad, but you wouldn’t enjoy it if you didn’t have a passion for it. It is possible to work in any industry you’re interested in with a career in commerce.

Do we need maths for CA?

CA is a rare commerce career option that does not require mathematics as a subject in class 12.

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