Top 12 Operation Theatre Technician books

All hospitals hire a technician to take care of the preparation of clothes, tables, and stretchers that are required for the Operating procedure.

Just like a Movie theatre is cleaned post every show, an operation theatre also has to be cleaned up and sanitized frequently before and after a surgery executed on a subject. Apart from these chores they also need to take care of other related works which we will discuss in the upcoming blog.

 All these crafts are done by an OTT, No it is not that OTT (Over the top) platforms as you think. In medical terms, OTT stands for Operation Theatre Technician.

The operation theatre (OT) is a key area in the healthcare sector, and OT technicians must be well equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care.

Now you all know what are the responsibilities handed over to an OTT. So to hire a Technician, he/she should have completed a course that is covering up all these above-mentioned skills in depth.

The following is a list of the top 12 operation theatre technician books

Operation Theatre Technician book by Henry Harvin

1. Operation Theatre Technician Handbook published by Henry Harvin :

Henry Harvin is one of the top Edtech Institutes offering 200+ certified courses globally along with the Operation theatre technician books. They offer it at a reasonable fee with top-notch services and guidance throughout your learning process.

Henry Harvin’s handbook has received wider recognition when it comes to Operation theatre technician books. As it concentrates on the scenario which is frequently asked in the pre-PG exams.

This publication is the outcome of 5,500 + man-hours spent on giving their best to make their laborers understand it better. It also consists of several illustrated examples for every topic.

Henry Harvins OTT Hanbook is designed in such a way that every Trainee Anesthetist, Professional anesthetist, and PG students should get prospered. This book has 9 pieces that are segregated to make your study easier. The text consists of 354 pages which are concluded with a summary of key notions in each chapter.

In 2015 The American Heart Association  (AHA) updated its Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) recommendations.

This edition also includes Nursing Care and Management, Anesthesia, Operating drugs, and many other related concepts.

For great learning, about the course, you can check out the Operation Theatre Technician course offered at Henry Harvin.

They provide 24 hours of boot camp sessions scattered over the 12 months of live classroom sessions along with Live projects and case studies.

2. Basic Surgical Techniques by John B. Murphy

It contains significant techniques that are more precise than the other Operation theatre technician books. John B. Murphy is a professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. He has been teaching surgery since 1976 and has served as Chief of Surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center since 1982 who has contributed to the field of surgery with his expertise in Basic Surgical Techniques. The book is an excellent resource for beginner surgeons and it provides a comprehensive overview of surgical techniques and procedures.

Basic Surgical Techniques is a comprehensive textbook of surgical techniques that are designed to meet the needs of medical students and residents.

The book includes all the fundamental principles, procedures, and skills in general surgery required for an understanding of surgical principles and techniques as well as for mastery in the operating room.

The 12th edition has been thoroughly revised with extensive updates based on changes in technology, new developments in both basic science and clinical medicine, recent innovations in surgical methods, and new information on the latest equipment available to surgeons

The book starts with the basics, including the use of instruments, equipment, and supplies in the operating room. It then covers various surgical procedures such as appendectomy, hernia repair, mastectomy, prostatectomy, colonoscopy, and more. The text also includes various complications that may arise during surgery as well as how to handle them appropriately.

This book is an excellent addition to any library for anyone who wants to learn about basic surgical techniques or refresh their knowledge on a particular topic

The article is a summary of the surgical techniques used to remove kidney stones, which are usually done by endoscopy or through an incision in the back. The use of lasers is also mentioned as an alternative to other methods.

Correlated to other Operation theatre technician books this provides a concise guide to the most common surgical techniques and procedures that are used in the operating room. The author’s intent was not to provide detailed descriptions but rather to provide an overview for anyone who might be interested in learning more about these topics

3. Essentials in Perioperative Medicine by Edward J. Boyer Jr., William R Holmes, George A Morrisey

When it comes to Operation theatre technician books this book will be on the wishlist of everyone.

Perioperative medicine is the branch of surgery that deals with procedures around the time of surgery. It includes preoperative assessment, intraoperative care, and postoperative care.

The Essentials in Perioperative Medicine is a compilation of knowledge and skills needed to optimize patient safety and outcomes during perioperative periods. It includes both pre-and post-surgical issues. This book covers all aspects of perioperative medicine, from anesthesia to pain management to nutrition counseling, as well as provides a framework for the integration of information technology into the perioperative process.

Despite other Operation theatre technician books, this is targeted at a wide range of healthcare providers including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, dietitians/nutritionists, social workers, and many others who provide or support

Essentials in Perioperative Medicine is a book that provides an overview of perioperative medicine for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals.

The book is divided into five parts:

  • – Pre-operative evaluation and pre-operative preparation
  • – The intraoperative management of patients
  • – Post-operative care
  • – Routes of administration and pharmacology
  • – Complications and emergencies.

The book starts with a few chapters on evaluating patients before surgery. This includes a brief overview of the various fields of medicine that are typically utilized in pre-operative evaluations as well as other methods of evaluation. The next chapter is on pre-operative preparation which entails the patient’s intake and diet, medications, and any tests or scans they might have to undergo. The next chapter goes into the intraoperative management of patients which includes anesthesia and monitoring, surgical interventions, and perioperative events. Post operative care encompasses what happens in the first few hours after surgery is completed as well as in the days following surgery. Routes of administration and pharmacology discuss how drugs are administered before surgery to anesthetize a patient; this chapter also covers the pharmacology of intraoperative and postoperative medications. The final chapter deals with crisis management and focuses on what happens when a patient is struggling with an adverse event after surgery. The third chapter of the book begins by briefly reviewing endocrine disruption in animals that is relevant to humans. Then, it reviews how anesthesia affects a patient’s endocrine system. Thus this book is added to the list of Top 12

Operation theatre technician books to look over.

4. Textbook of Operation Theatre Technician by M.M Ray

Operation Theatre Technician book

Unlike the Operation theatre technician books, this textbook has explicit information provided about OTT divided into sections.

Section I encloses with basic anatomy and physiology of various systems in the human body, the introduction of terminology related to the science of medicine, and the basics of physics for understanding the operation theater (OT) equipment.

Second section narrates the planning and management of Operation Theatre, supervision of asepsis, and sterility in OT premises.

The Third section resides on the perioperative management of surgical patients and the role of the OT technician.

Sections IV and V comprise general surgical procedures, perioperative complications, and anesthesia relevant to the OTT.

Section VI to VIII not only illustrates the OTT but also explains the significance of medical ethics and communication for health care providers.

This OT Technicians Book gives a knowledge of the fundamental materials sciences just like the networks involved with building different hardware used for administering anesthesia, and also the essential requirements needed for OT.

During this study, an actual C-arm was operated by a certified radiology technician, typically operating C-arm image systems during operations. They proposed an in-loop, mark-free, Augmented Reality (AR) technician-in-the-loop solution to C-arm positioning.

5. Operation theatre techniques and management by M.P Sharma

Operation Theatre Technician book

This publication has good acclaim in the field of Operation theatre technician books, which conveys basic and critical knowledge about operation theatre techniques.

This book helps to obtain the general requirement of understanding about operation theatre for health care experts. The effort has been written to educate about all crucial departments, and protocols of the operation theatre. This edition is composed in a well-planned and organized way.

Characteristics of the Book:

•   It Contains techniques for almost all major surgeries.

•    Planned to  Cover all the regions of the operation theatre.

•    It has different categories that encompass anatomy and physiology, operation theatre, microbiology, emergency techniques, and disaster management.

•    Contains anatomical charts.

•    Illustrates pharmacological and medical-surgical terms.

•    Provides in-depth description of medical and surgical devices.

•   Has Coloured drawings of mechanisms and numerous surgical procedures.

•    Contains queries for training and assessment preparation.

6. Manual of Anesthesia – S. Ahanatha pillai

Operation Theatre Technician book

S. Ahanatha pillai is a well-known anesthesiologist and author of the Manual of Anesthesia, a book on anesthesiology that was published in the year 1956. It was the first textbook on anesthesiology in India. The book is written in English and Tamil languages.

The book starts with an introduction to the field of anaesthesiology, followed by a systematic description of the various aspects of anesthesia and related fields like pharmacology, physiology, psychology, obstetrics, and gynecology. It also includes chapters on surgery and dental care during general anesthesia. The book contains sections on pre-operative care, and post-operative care as well as appendices with tables for conversion into various units of measurement for different fluid volumes.

This section provides a brief overview of the book. It is a book that has been written for undergraduate students of medicine and nursing, anesthesiologists, and other health workers interested in this field.

7. Operation Theatre Assistant – Pankaj Singhal

Operation Theatre Technician book

The book talks about the role of an Operation Theatre Assistant, with a brief overview of the curriculum for Operation Theatre Assistants. It talks about their responsibilities and what they do in a hospital just like the other similar Operation theatre technician books.

The book is an excellent resource for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of surgery. It provides an overview of the surgical profession and various surgical specialties.

The book is well-written and has a straightforward approach to its subject matter. The author has done a commendable job in proposing the material in a rational manner that is simple to understand for students looking for Operation theatre technician books.

8. Pocket Guide to the Operating Room (4th Edition ) – Maxie.  A.Goldman

This pocket guide is the fourth edition of a series that has been published since the 1950s. The author, Maxie A. Goldman was an orthopedic surgeon and he wrote this book to provide an easy-to-understand overview of the operating room procedure and its equipment.

The first thing you will notice about this book is that it is written in very simple language. This makes it easy for anyone to understand what is going on in the operating room and what each piece of equipment does.

This pocket guide also provides step-by-step illustrations and photographs of surgical procedures with detailed descriptions of what each step entails. Hence it is on the recommended list of Operating Theatre Technician books.

9. Textbook on operating theatre Nursing – Clement I

Operation Theatre Technician book

It is one of the Operation theatre technician books that has a detailed summary of the proficiency and skills required by a registered nurse to work in an operating theatre. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of operating theatre nursing, including pre-operative care, anesthesia, surgical procedures, post-operative care, and discharge planning.

This book provides information on the Framework which gives guidance for the development of educational programs. It is intended to be used as a resource for nurses working in an operating theatre setting or preparing for registration as an operating theatre nurse.

10. Clinical Anesthesiology Medical Specialities -6th Edition – Dr.Ajay Yadav

This is the 6th Edition of the Short Textbook of Anesthesia that describes in Nine Sections. Begins with Basic Concepts of Anatomy, and Physiology and climaxes with intensive care control, cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation.

Below you can find the overview of this book

Dr. Ajay Yadav is an Anesthetist, and pain specialist whose textbook of anesthesia has commercially created a trademark in the area of Operation Theatre Technician books among undergraduates in India, Africa, and South East Asia. He is a logical and rational thinker. He always had a passion to engrave a topic that can certainly unfold on the other side of the curtain, unlike the other Operation theatre technician books.

This book has 9 Sections i.e

  1. Fundamental Concepts
  2. Equipment in Anesthesia
  3. Quintessential in Anesthesia
  4. Introduction to Anesthesia
  5. General Anesthesia
  6. Regional Anesthesia
  7. Anesthesia for Coexisting Diseases
  8. Subspecialty Anesthetic Management 
  9. Cardiorespiratory Care

11. A Practical Guide to Surgical Instruments, X-rays and Operative Interventions.

Operation Theatre Technician book

This book is published by three medical experts Ajay Kumar Agrawal, Neelabh Agrawal, and Sneha Agrawal. It is a Practical Handbook to all Surgical Instruments,

Operative Interventions and X-rays which are penned in an understandable manner enclosing all the significant topics.

The book has been halved into four compartments i.e.,

  • Metallic instruments,
  • Non-metallic surgical objects,
  • X-rays and
  • Operative steps.

The first compartment of the volume entails sterilization of the instruments and explains briefly about forceps, kidney trays, scissors, clamps, and retractors. The second section explains the non-surgical objects like drip sets, drains, and bags required for the Operation. The last two segments underwrite the operative steps and X-rays that are needed to perform surgeries for different body parts.

This book is the thorough edition among the Operation theatre technician books that helps many MBBS students to prepare for their exams.

12. Textbook for Operation Theater Technicians

Operation Theatre Technician book

by Neelam Rai, Arpit Ravindra Lal

 This textbook for Operation Theater Technicians is written by Neelam Rai and Arpit Ravindra Lal. The book contains all the essential information regarding different areas of OT such as ophthalmic OT, eye banks & donation, sterilization & disinfection, patient care management nursing management in OT medical gas pipeline system in OT trauma OT plastic surgery orthopedic surgery neurological surgery vascular surgery ophthalmology.

This is one of the easiest references in the list of Operation theatre technician books. It is a useful reference guide for those who are interested in learning more about the field of OT. It has 11 sections segregated to pick up the required topic as it consists of various technical skills. This book also includes information about the anatomy of the human body as well as surgical procedures and equipment utilized during surgeries.

Conclusion :

Did you know that your textbooks can help you land your dream job? Yes, by reading your books and connecting with fellow learners on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, you can build a professional network that can help you find a job.

The books in this blog post cover all the crucial topics in detail with appropriate illustrations, case studies, and visuals to make learning simple and desirable.

As an operation theater (OT) technician you are accountable for delivering medical care to patients who are undergoing surgical procedures. You have to work under annoying situations and complete your chores efficiently. To provide excellent service to the patients, all Health care expects their OTT to be well-trained and knowledgeable about the equipment and instruments used during and after surgery.

By referring to the above-mentioned Operation theatre technician books you can gain knowledge and add many skills to make you an outstanding employee in the medical industry.

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Who does an OTT book educate?

Operation theatre technician books teach the techniques and management that are useful to nursing technicians, staff members, operating theatre assistants, medical students from various branches, house surgeons, and other related personnel.

What are the responsibilities of the Operation Theatre Technician?

Operating theatre technicians are responsible for the smooth running of a surgical operation. They are often called upon to help with the preparation and sterilization of equipment, assist with anesthesia, and take care of patients who are recovering from surgery.

Is it important for an OTT to learn about digital equipment?

OT technicians need to be aware of the latest developments in the field of OT, as well as current standards, guidelines, and protocols carefully as it is dealing with human life.


  • Every theatre technician and technician around the world needs to own this book. It provides much more information about theatre work and builds on the already established concepts.

  • I think this book is one of the best I’ve ever read, and I’d strongly suggest it to anyone interested in learning about operating theatre technology.

  • The HENRY HARVIN Institute course offers students the chance to take part in what appears to be one of the world’s most unusual medical experiments. The main protagonist was a surgeon, and the action took place during an operation on a patient in what appeared to be a theater.

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