Top 18 Healthcare Institutes in Delhi


The Indian healthcare industry has seen steady growth in both employment and revenue. Additionally, the high demand for medical personnel by healthcare institutes is making this a profitable sector.

The covid 19 pandemic brought to light the need for a stable and proper healthcare system. Also, it underlined the importance of trained medical professionals. Amid the covid 19 pandemic, healthcare institutes in Delhi and other cities are offering virtual training. 

Read on to know the 18 top healthcare institutes in Delhi.

The top 18 Healthcare Institutes in Delhi are as follows-

1. Henry Harvin

About Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy

Whether you’re a graduate, manager, or technical workforce looking for career advancement, Henry Harvin has the right solution for you. Moreover, industry experts deliver customized hands-on learning solutions.

Firstly, this healthcare institute in Delhi features a unique healthcare academy. Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy teaches all courses related to the medical profession. Secondly, the academy offers both practical and theoretical knowledge. Thirdly, Henry Harvin aims to provide 50,000 employable professionals in the healthcare industry by the year 2030.

Courses covered in Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy

Emergency Technician Course

The best out of the 5 fastest growing Edtech startups, Henry Harvin offers the most competent EMT course in India. In addition, applicants from any stream can enroll in this course.  Henry Harvin’s Emergency Medical Technician course covers subjects that develop the essential skills needed in basic life-saving emergencies.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course

In addition to the EMT course, Henry Harvin also provides an MLT course. This is a comprehensive course that teaches patient care, medical terms as well as biomedical waste management, and medical ethics. Not only these but also be well-versed in routine lab tests.

Hospital Administration Course

This course aims to train a student in management technicalities as well as prepares the student to deal with the administrative work that includes finance, HR, Information systems, etc.

Operation Theatre Technician Course

This course enables a student to deal with the responsibilities of an OT technician. Also, learn the nuances of managing the day-to-day administrative work of an OT technician.

CPR and First Aid Course

The CPR and First aid course is an accredited first-aid training that includes training on CPR. Also, it teaches the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

X-ray Technician Course

This course enables a student to produce high-quality X-ray images. It not only trains on X-rays but also on other clinical services that may be required in an urgent situation.

Key points Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy

  • Multi-faceted advantages in each course. For instance; Bootcamp sessions every month, unlimited online sessions, recordings of each session, etc.
  • Likewise, qualified and experienced trainers for each course
  • Furthermore, internship opportunities to deepen the concepts learned
  • Additionally, each course has a Gold Membership that allows e-learning access to the Learning Management System (LMS) of Henry Harvin.

Upon the completion of the 12th standard, anyone interested in the medical field may enroll in Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy. Furthermore, this is the best option for professionals looking to improve their skills.

Henry Harvin is the best of the 5 fastest growing Edtech companies in India. Given these points, it is the best choice amongst the healthcare institutes in Delhi.

2. Coursera

About Coursera

Coursera not only offers a fabulous learning experience but also connects anyone from anywhere in the world with knowledgeable and experienced trainers. The courses are so remarkably diverse that they transcend the borders of one country.

It offers certifications and degrees from world-class universities and companies. Accordingly, it associates with 200+ companies worldwide to bring to the fore flexible, job-oriented learning for individuals.

Coursera courses

  • The Business of Healthcare-Specialization
  • Healthcare Organisation Operations- Specialization
  • Become an EMT-Specialization
  • Medical Emergencies-Airway, Breathing, and Circulation
  • Trauma Emergencies and care
  • Introduction to Healthcare course, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Coursera learning transcends the boundaries of a nation. It has a global reach and of course, numerous courses.
  • Moreover, partnerships with 250 plus universities and leading companies develop the best courses.
  • Affordable. So much so that there’s a free trial to set you on the path to success.
  • Equally important is the flexible scheduling of the courses.

This open online learning institute offers a one-stop solution for beginners to advanced levels. College students, recent graduates, beginners as well as seasoned professionals can enroll in any of Coursera’s courses.

Though it doesn’t have a physical presence in India, this training institute is one of the leading healthcare institutes in Delhi.

3. Udemy

About Udemy

Similar to Coursera, Udemy is another online learning platform changing lives with its diverse courses.

Courses for everyone, Udemy provides learning from all over the world. The instructors are experienced and passionate about their fields. Even though it is an open online learning platform, it is among the preferred options of students when it comes to healthcare institutes in Delhi.

Courses by Udemy

  • Certificate in Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Project Management
  • Certificate in Emergency Medicine
  • First-Aid masterclass
  • Become a Pharmacy Technician
  • Become a Microbiology Technician, etc.

Key features of Udemy

  • It is open to all online training platforms.
  • Plus, flexible, self-paced learning options are also available.
  • Likewise, diversity in courses and programs.
  • Plus, it appears on Fortune 2020’s Change the World List.
  • Affordable pricing for specifically designed courses.

So, who can register for these courses? Firstly, all college graduates want to advance in their careers. Secondly, professionals who want to improve their skills to move up the corporate ladder. Lastly, the experienced people who want to go back to basics and acquaint themselves with new trends in their field.

4. upGrad

About upGrad

Being the largest EdTech company in South Asia, they create a world-class online learning exposure for learners globally. Coupled with trending technology, coaching, and partnership, upGrad fosters success for the global workforce.

Although there is no dedicated healthcare academy, it does offer an Executive Post-graduate program in Healthcare management. Nevertheless, the course will enable you to prove your worth in providing quality care. Also, it prepares you to deal with marketing, budgeting, and planning for Covid-19 and beyond.

Key points of the postgraduate program

  • An online program with 300+ hours of learning.
  • Designed specifically for working professionals.
  • Moreover, 30+ hours of live sessions.
  • Additionally, hands-on capstone practical projects.
  • Also, doubt-clearing sessions every week.
  • 8+ case studies throughout the course.
  • Lastly, 360° career placement assistance

Since this is a post-graduate program, all applicants who have a university degree or professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelor’s degree can take up the course.

5. edX

About edX

Another open online institute that offers healthcare courses is edX. Founded in 2012, this institute believes in “transformation through education”. 

To that end, edX provides high-quality advanced learning through extensive research. edX offers many online courses in the field of healthcare. In addition, they are affiliated with many leading organizations around the world.

Courses offered by Edx

  • Clinical Fundamentals
  • MicroMasters Program in Healthcare Administration
  • Medical Terminology
  • Innovating in Healthcare etc.

Important Features of Edx

  • Learning from over 160 member universities which include Harvard University, Boston University, UC Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.
  • Online, self-paced courses support learning flexibility.
  • Also, expert guidance for each course offered
  • Furthermore, excellent placement opportunities after graduation

While some courses require no prior knowledge or experience in the healthcare industry, others require a college degree or similar for enrollment. 

Nonetheless, edX has a course that will give any career in the healthcare industry a head start. Also, the list of best healthcare institutes mentions edX as one of them.

6. MedLern

About MedLern

MedLern is a unique digital healthcare institute in Delhi. Its online courses are specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare professionals. MedLern aims to continuously re-train the existing healthcare workforce.

Moreover, MedLern aims to provide a comprehensive solution to all of the training and development needs of healthcare professionals. From beginners to advanced, everyone in the healthcare profession can benefit from the wide range of courses.

Course includes

  • Healthcare courses such as cardiology, emergency care, medical terminology, etc.
  • Soft skills such as health, safety & well being, professional development, and compliance
  • NABH 5th edition courses
  • Nursing courses are collaboratively offered by RCNi (A subsidiary of the Royal College of Nursing, UK)

Key Features of Medlearn

  • A comprehensive healthcare institute in Delhi for the healthcare workforce.
  • Special courses for every level of experience in a hospital environment.
  • Flexible learning with self-paced courses
  • A healthcare institute can efficiently manage employee productivity, training & talent management, professional development, and compliance after the course.

In a healthcare institute dedicated solely to improving the skills of healthcare professionals, those currently working in the field may benefit from these courses. Additionally, healthcare institution management may opt for team courses to improve the productivity of their employees.

7. GD Goenka Healthcare Academy

About GD Goenka Healthcare Academy

GD Goenka Healthcare Academy intends to give first-rate technical and career-oriented courses in the field of paramedics and allied healthcare studies. 

That is, this healthcare institute educates and creates new entrants into the healthcare industry. Secondly, it offers upskilling courses for exiting healthcare body of workers. Thirdly, it offers courses that allow the retraining of people who need to get in touch with the needs of modern industry. 

GD Goenka Health Institute offers a blend of studies. These courses go beyond the conventional methods of training and offer a holistic approach to strengthening technical knowledge and building the future of healthcare professionals.

Courses offered by GD Goenka Healthcare Academy

Certificate Courses

  • Medical Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Patient Relations Associte
  • Vaccinator Training Course

Diploma Courses

  • Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic
  • Radiology Technician
  • Cardiac Care Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • X-ray Technician

Salient features of GD Goenka Healthcare Insitute

  • The courses are suitable for all audiences, i.e. newcomers to the healthcare industry, current healthcare professionals, and experienced workers who need to grapple with present-day industry requirements.
  • In addition, this healthcare institute in Delhi offers a curriculum that conforms to the National Vocational Qualification Framework and industry occupational standards.
  • In addition, this institute collaborates with the US International Accreditation Organization, the Indian Medical Association, the National Skills Development Corporation & the GD Goenka University’s School of Medical and Allied Sciences
  • It offers a combined major. It is a blend of online and classroom training. Of course, do not forget the placement assistance.

So, in this healthcare institute in Delhi, the students who have passed standard 12, diploma holders, and healthcare professionals are eligible for the course.

8. Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute

About Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute

The Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute were founded with a vision to provide today’s youth a better foothold to meet challenges. Due to the demands placed on the youth today, the Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute University nurtures and prepares them through Engineering, Medical, Dental Humanities, and Sciences.

A healthcare institute that is approved by the University Grants Commission and the Union Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India, New Delhi.

This healthcare institute offers an online MBA in Healthcare Management which can be easily accessed from anywhere in India. So, it doesn’t matter if it is a healthcare institute in Delhi or Chennai!

About MBA in Healthcare Management

Despite years in medical school and undergoing internships, medical professionals are ill-equipped to tackle the most important aspect of healthcare: the business of healthcare itself.

Today’s medical world emphasizes that professionals not only have the right skills but also some business acumen. As such, more and more healthcare professionals are turning to an MBA in healthcare to acquire those skills.

Features of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute

  • A specific online post-graduation course for healthcare professionals
  • Industry leaders as trainers
  • Flexible, easy, and appropriate for online training
  • Best industry exposure upon completion of the training
  • Gain exposure to not only healthcare but also other skills like understanding finance and accountancy, operations, and leadership.
  • Moreover, learn to initiate medical startups
  • Learn cross-functional knowledge

Candidates who have graduated in a discipline with at least 50% marks from a recognized university.

Given these points, an MBA from the Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute is one of the competitive courses amongst all the other online courses offered by the different healthcare institutes in Delhi.

9. Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute-DPMI

About Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute-DPMI

Known in the education sector as DPMI accordingly, it is an established healthcare institution in Delhi. DPMI focuses on creating internationally recognized professionals with a global outlook.

For promoting the Indian Healthcare system, DPMI works to provide its students with quality education and a real-time learning experience.

Courses on offer by DPMI

  • Diabetes Educator
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Introduction to Infectious Diseases
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Covid-19 Protocols
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Patient Positioning

Key Feature of DPMI

  • No need to juggle between work and classes due to weekend courses.
  • As a result, this course is suitable for working professionals too.
  • This health institute offers government-approved programs.
  • This course not only widens the scope but also secures promotions and careers.
  • In addition, you can master the English language and develop your personality.

This healthcare institute in Delhi offers quality education for under 10th, 10+2, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

Overall, with over 50 skill centers and a placement rate of 95%, DPMI health institute is the perfect fit for anyone with a strong interest in starting their career in the healthcare industry.

10. All India Institute of Medical Sciences-AIIMS

About All India Institute of Medical Sciences-AIIMS

This healthcare institution needs no introduction. AIIMS is one of the healthcare institutions in Delhi that has a status of national importance. Equally important is that this institution issues its own medical and other distinctions.

Owing to such a status, the medical qualifications awarded to the candidates are equivalent to those of other recognized universities in India. This institution was established for training medical personnel with such practices and principles that benefit the nation.

Courses AIIMS provide

  • MBBS (Bachelor, Postgraduate & Super-Specialist)
  • Dentistry (Postgraduate)
  • Nursing (Bachelor & Postgraduate)
  • Biotechnology (Postgraduate)
  • Paramedic(Bachelor & Postgraduate)

AIIMS Key Features

  • AIIMS is the #1 healthcare institute in the world. And so, it is the dream destination of budding doctors in the country.
  • It has minimal costs for the courses and yet they offer the best infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories.
  • Superspecialty courses are offered. Not only that but also reservations in PG courses.
  •  In addition, a student obtains their medical positions from the second year of their studies. Therefore, there is practical training right from the start.
  • Applicants face the rarest cases across the country which are referred from other hospitals.
  • Ample opportunities and exposure to students through national/international conferences as well as exchange programs.
  • This institute is not just about studying, but also about leisure, sports & extracurricular activities.

The eligibility criteria depend on the course chosen. In general, students who have cleared 10th and/or 10+2 can apply for the distinct courses in this healthcare institute.

11. VIVO Healthcare

About VIVO Healthcare

The VIVO Healthcare Institute works under the motto ‘Skilling India to save lives. It is one of the leading healthcare institutes in Delhi. Also, it is affiliated with National Skill Development Corporation and Skill India.

With many programs on offer, this healthcare institute works on skill development to help learners climb up the success ladder. Furthermore, the courses include theory, simulation, and practical skills development.

In addition, the VIVO healthcare institute participates in various CSR initiatives by partnering with leading organizations. This offers an additional benefit to the participants in these initiatives.

Courses offered by VIVO Healthcare

  • Dialysis Technician
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • General Duty Assistant
  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Phlebotomist
  • Radiology Technician
  • X-ray Technician

Key Features of VIVO Healthcare

  • It is one of the leading healthcare institutes in Delhi. Moreover, it has a well-curated curriculum.
  • In addition, it has a great placement association. In other words, it partners with more than 1800 institutions for its student placement drives.
  • As a result, they have a course curriculum that meets the industry standards.

With holistic courses of study, this healthcare institute aims to provide skilled and able healthcare workers. The courses of this institute are best suited for standard 12th students who want to enter the medical field. Additionally, professionals already working in the medical field may choose to enroll and expand their skills and knowledge.

12. SMART Academy-Tech Mahindra Foundation

About TMF SMART Academy

Established as a CSR initiative of the Tech Mahindra Foundation, TMF SMART Academy is a state-of-the-art healthcare institute in Delhi.

SMART Academy for healthcare institute was first launched by the Tech Mahindra Foundation in the year 2016 in Delhi. Subsequently, the second and the third were launched in Mohali (2017) and Mumbai (2018) respectively. 

SMART Academy offers world-class healthcare institutes with 13 paramedical courses, providing knowledgeable and trained professionals in the healthcare industry. 

Courses in offer

  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Hospital Hygiene Assistant
  • ICU Technician
  • Nursing Care
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • General Duty Assistant etc.

Key features of SMART Academy courses

  • State-of-the-art hospital simulated laboratories and equipment that support training and learning.
  • Moreover, training with highly qualified professionals in the healthcare field.
  • Additionally, on-the-job training at leading institutions.
  • SMART Academy healthcare institute not only focuses on medical skills but also on other useful skills like English communication, personality development, and IT skills.
  • On-the-job training and placement assistance.

Eligibility is different for each of the courses offered. Therefore, it is best to select the course you want and then review it to know about the admission criteria.

13. New Delhi Health Care Academy-NDHCA

About New Delhi Health Care Academy

The New Delhi Health Care Academy (NDHCA) is an institution that offers an evolved learning experience. Uniquely, it prides itself on providing a way to conquer the world with knowledge and skill.

Moreover, it offers dynamic and up-to-date healthcare programs. The courses are known to have an impact not only on students’ skills, but also on their values, attitudes, and character. 

Diploma courses to enroll in

  • Echo Technician
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • O.T. Technician
  • X-Ray Technology

P.G. Diploma to enroll in

  • Clinical Cardiology
  • Diabetology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Hospital Management etc.

Other courses

  • MBA in Hospital Management
  • B.SC. in Radio Diagnosis

Key features of NDHCA

  • International guidelines and a first-class course structure 
  •  Moreover, courses are recognized by many reputable Indian institutes 
  •  Additionally, certificates are issued upon successful completion of courses 
  •  Finally, the education aims to enhance the skills of professionals 

Students who wish to take on challenges in healthcare can do this and enroll. However, a student should have completed the 12th Standard with at least 50% marks at an accredited university.

14. Atharv Institute of Allied Health Sciences

About Atharv Institute of Allied Sciences (AIAHS)

This institute is a brainchild of the Kauzalyam Charitable Trust. Not only is this institute one of the leading healthcare institutes in Delhi but also hosts a unique infrastructure for joint training and education in several fields.

In addition, AIAHS combines the traditional and contemporary form of teaching and training that enhances the student’s skill and aptitude. With a mission to provide multi-skilled healthcare professionals, AIAHS is a leading healthcare institution in Delhi.

Some of the courses offered:

  • Eye Technician
  • ECG Technician
  • Emergency Medical Sciences
  • Optometry
  • Anesthesia Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Technician, etc.

Key features of AIAHS

  • An institute with air-conditioned classrooms, a library, and a clinical laboratory.
  • Moreover, multidisciplinary training and education by the best doctors and clinical researchers.
  • Specifically, an encouraging atmosphere that supports new ideas and discoveries
  • A mix of modern as well as traditional teaching that provides skilled & self-sufficient healthcare professionals to the industry

A candidate should have passed at least the 10th standard in any stream from a recognized board to enroll in one of the courses.

15. Institute of Public Health & Hygiene

About Institute of Public Health & Hygiene (IPHH)

Inaugurated in the year 1976, the Institute of Public Health & Hygiene (IPHH) is one of the known healthcare institutions in Delhi. Since its inception, the institute has been working towards imparting skill training and employable skills for the healthcare sector.

IPHH educates the country’s youth, especially youth from the backward section of society. The duration of the courses depends on the course selected.

Courses in offer

  • University programs (Master’s and Bachelor’s degree)
  • One year Diploma courses
  • Under & Postgraduate Certificate programs
  • Diploma Programs for Doctors/Professionals
  • School of Nursing

Key features of IPHH

  • State-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Moreover, distinguished faculty.
  • Also, hostel accommodation
  • Furthermore, assured placement assistance after course completion.

To enroll in the courses the student must pass the 12th standard from a recognized university with 50% marks.

16. Impact Paramedical & Health Institute

About Impact Paramedical & Health Institute

Impact Paramedical & Health Institute in Delhi is a recognized institute for the paramedical and healthcare sector. IPHI conducts many educational and training programs in the healthcare sector. Not only does the institute offer certificate courses but also degree and diploma programs.

The students who complete the training programs get better employment opportunities.

Courses offered

  • Paramedical Master’s degree program like M.Sc. in Medical Lab and MBA in Hospital Management
  • Paramedical Bachelor courses like B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology, B.Sc. Radiology & Imaging Technology, B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology, B.Sc. Ophthalmic/Optometry Technology
  • Paramedical Diploma Courses in Radiology & Imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Operation Theatre Technician, Medical Record Technology
  • Paramedical Certificate courses like General Duty Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, First-aid Provider, Emergency Medical Technician, Home Health Aide.

Key features of IPHI

  • Modern campus environment together with comfortable infrastructure.
  • Also, well-equipped classrooms with modern teaching tools like LCD, display, and whiteboards.
  • In addition, laboratories that comply with Indian and international standards
  • Moreover, the Institute has an extensive library of important supplementary books and reading materials.

Similar to the other institutes, this healthcare institute in Delhi also offers courses with different admission criteria for different courses. Some require candidates who have passed the 10th standard while others require candidates who have passed the standard 12.  

17. Global Institute of Healthcare Management

About Global Institute of Healthcare Management

The Global Institute of Healthcare Management (GIHM)is among the top-rated healthcare institutes in Delhi. GIHM offers world-class facilities to the students of Hospital Care and Management as it aims to become the first choice of all aspiring physicians.

Courses offered

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics, Clinical Research, Diabetes Educator, Health Insurance Management, etc.
  • Diploma Courses in the above-mentioned fields
  • Certificate courses
  • Training Program courses

Key features of GIHM

  • Owing to the vast pan-India radius of Six Sigma Star Healthcare, you get a definite placement after course completion.
  • Due to strong and collaborative tie-ups with corporates, students receive wonderful corporate exposure.
  • Tie-ups with international universities and institutes such as WHO, Harvard University, etc.

18. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute

About Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute

Rajiv Gandhi paramedical institute is one of the fastest-growing healthcare institutions in Delhi. The institute provides classroom-based learning as well as online/Live classes. The institute was established in 1999 and is a unit of the S.M. Group of Institutions.

Courses to offer

  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Radio Imaging Tech
  • Optometry
  • Operation Theatre Tech
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cardiac Care
  • Nursing

Key features of RGPI

  • The Institute promotes regulation, self-assessment, and acceptance of the responsibilities toward the community
  • Furthermore, it ensures constant learning and encouragement through workshops, group discussions, and cultural activities.
  • Not just that but also support from the placement cell which works closely with the students to help them find employment opportunities and internships.


The pandemic tested the developed healthcare systems of the world. Naturally, India’s healthcare structure was not spared either. In response to the covid 19 pandemic, both the private and government sectors were seen working together to bring a change in the healthcare system.

India’s healthcare market is expected to reach USD372 billion by 2022. In addition,  The Indian government’s healthcare spending is estimated at 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product by 2025.

If we consider these points, we can say that the Indian healthcare system is ripe for great career opportunities. As the demand gap remains large, healthcare facilities must recruit skilled and capable healthcare workers.

In this context, many institutions offer healthcare courses and diplomas to improve the skills of workers in this sector. Equally important is your discretion in assessing the feasibility of your chosen institute and degree/diploma program.


Q.1 What is a healthcare management course?

The MBA in Healthcare Management is a 2-year course that creates professionals for the healthcare industry. Those students who have a Bachelor’s Degree in any stream from a reputed university and an overall of 50% marks may apply for the course.

Q.2 Is nursing a paramedical course?

No. Nursing is a job-oriented course that enjoys a distinct identity of its own. It should not be linked to or clubbed under paramedical education.

Q.3 I have cleared my 12th examination. Can you let me know the best healthcare courses I can opt for?

Some of the preferred choices are Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Allied Health Sciences & Paramedical, B.Sc & GNM Nursing, etc.

Q.4 Do healthcare institutes include Ayurveda as a course?

Many healthcare institutes, especially in India, do offer a course in Ayurveda. The duration, fees, and curriculum entirely depend on the institute.

Q.5 Has Yoga been included in the medical curriculum?

The Medical Council of India, the statutory body that regulates medical education, has made yoga a part of the curriculum for undergraduate medical education.

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