Best 10 OTT courses in Delhi (Leaked)

The health care industry is a great career option for anyone without a medical degree. You can begin your career in the medical field with the OTT course. An OTT stands for an operational theatre technician. Those who complete the course will be prepared for challenging and highly professional careers. By the end of this course, you will be able to start your career in nursing homes, hospitals, Intensive care units, CSSDs, and emergency rooms.

There are three levels of the best OTT course in Delhi, including a certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma. In general, the operation technique training course lasts one to two years. To pursue this course, one must pass 12 classes with at least 50% marks in any subject.

Job Description, Salary, Education & Career Options for Operation Theatre Technicians

Private hospitals, Academic institutions, pathology labs, Medical content writing, and Military services are among the top OTT Course Top Recruiting fields available.

You will gain all the necessary knowledge of disinfection and sterilization by taking Operation theatre technician courses. A learner learns to perform surgical procedures under the supervision of surgeons and anaesthetists. This enhances the quality of patient care provided in the health care facility. Operation theatre candidates play a crucial role in preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative scenarios. 

In the healthcare industry, operation theatre technicians are highly sought-after. Therefore, you will find in this article the top 10 best OTT course in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin

There is no doubt that Henry Harvin is one of the institutes offering the best OTT course in Delhi. It assists numerous students to improve their skills in a wide variety of fields. Our instructors provide students with practical guidance. The teaching and provision of different courses across all of India always add value to the life of students.

Training on a professional course is set to be provided by Henry Harvin. It will help students upgrade their skills in various platforms. The school has courses in every field, such as IT, Technical, Academic, Medical, etc.

For students interested in a healthcare career, Henry Harvin offers OTT courses. To enhance their careers, they are provided with the best trainers. This program offers live, interactive sessions for 12 months. Furthermore, boot camps will last 24 hours over the next 12 months. There will be live projects and case studies for candidates to understand the subject.

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 Best OTT course in Delhi features

  • It is designed to provide you with practical knowledge of the operation theatre technician course.
  • In addition to the certificate, you would have the global credential of Operation Theatre Technician. 
  • You would be able to showcase your expertise by using the Hallmark of OT Technician next to your name.
  • 100% placement support from the institute for one year.
  • E-learning material for the operation theatre technician course.
  • The Henry Harvin healthcare academy offers a 1-year gold membership for its Operation Theatre Technician course.  

The benefits of taking an operation theatre technician course

  • During this course, you will better understand the OT technician’s role and responsibilities.
  • In this course, you will learn how to report and document everything that happened.
  • The course helps students understand the importance of nursing care and management.
  • You will have the chance to learn about operation theatre planning.
  • This demonstrates the importance and work of bodies like NABH.
  • Already 5000 students have completed this course in Henry Harvin

2. Council of Education and Development Programmes (CEDP)

India’s leading skill development institute is CEDP. In CEDP, ignited minds are invited to explore career and growth opportunities. In 2010, CEDP began making efforts to make the industry more helpful through short-term professional courses and on-the-job training, ensuring that students have the skills and knowledge to succeed within their respective fields.

Integrating technology into the modern world is its mission and vision. Its goal is to create a curriculum, training pattern, and job market that will impact 1 million lives by 2022 and 1 billion by 2030.

The CEDP offers the best OTT course in Delhi. This course enhances students’ abilities in paramedical courses. Operation Theatre Technician is a one-year course that also includes degree courses. Practicals are conducted in modern labs equipped with modern facilities for hands-on training and to maximize student learning.

Gaining skills as an operation theatre technician

  • As a result of the best OTT course in Delhi, you will be able to learn pre-and post-surgery procedures.
  • Maintaining and preparing an operation theatre for surgery.
  • By understanding how to set up an instrument trolley for surgery, you will perform it correctly.
  • This article explains how to clean and disinfect surgical equipment after surgery.
  • After surgery, you will learn how to handle and shift patients to wards and recovery rooms.

 Best OTT course in Delhi’s unique features

  • After the 10th grade, you are eligible to take this course.
  • The diploma course lasts for one year, and the degree course lasts for three years.
  • The purpose of practical learning is to gain practical knowledge about the course.
  • During on-the-job training at hospitals, students can acquire the necessary skills.
  • Maintenance training, basic nursing skills, operating room assistance, and critical care training.
  • Academicians educated in OTT provide the theory classes for the course, keeping them abreast of its changing nature.
  • To improve their skill set, students will participate in health check-up camps.
  • Operation theatre technician courses are available through CEDP’s easy EMI plans.

3. Tech Mahindra foundation- Smart Academy

90 centres in 11 cities provide skill development for Tech Mahindra employees. Four Smart Academies are dedicated to healthcare, three to Digital Technologies, and one to Logistics and Supply Chain Management as the flagship program in employability. The company is currently offering the best OTT course in Delhi.

At a leading hospital, become a skilled Operation Theatre Technician by joining the institute for healthcare. Training for Operation Theatre Technicians is designed for students in class 12th Science or Graduate School interested in starting a career in the medical field. 

Operation theatre technician course: basic features

  • Scholarships are provided to students interested in taking the OTT course.
  • The OTT course is affiliated with the Indian Medical Association (IMA).
  • There are state-of-the-art hospitals simulated labs and equipment that aid students in learning.
  • Highly qualified healthcare professionals provide training. 
  • In leading hospitals, students receive on-the-job training.

4. Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute (DPMI)

DPMI is well known for its Paramedical quality. The school offers paramedical and technical management education for under 10th, 12th, graduate, and postgraduate levels. DPMI has over 25 years of experience in the paramedical and technical industry. A highly qualified and experienced faculty provides complete guidance and imparts knowledge. In addition, students benefit from the institute’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing them to upgrade their skills with real-world technology.

The mission and vision of the organization are to provide career-oriented quality education and training in a stimulating environment in various streams and disciplines. DPMI has come a long way through its evolution as an educational and technical institute in different fields. 

DPMI strives to enhance the paramedical sectors of Health Education, Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Tourism, and Veterinary Sciences. Its goal is to provide quality education with advanced programs. A well-trained pool of professionals is created when the students are rewarded for their creativity.

Students who take the Operation Theatre Technician course assist surgeons and anaesthetists during an operation. This institute offers the best OTT course in Delhi that prepares students to maintain OT equipment for surgical procedures. In addition, students learned how to use a variety of diagnostic equipment.

Operation theatre technician courses have unique features.

  • Training in OTT focuses on monitoring infection control policies and procedures in the operating room.
  • In this course, students are prepared for the major responsibilities of operating rooms, such as preparing OT for surgery, setting up, checking, and maintaining equipment, etc.
  • One year is required for the Certificate of Operation Theatre Technician course.
  • It takes two years to complete a Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology.
  • Under the supervision of senior doctors, students will receive guidance.
  • It is a government-sponsored course and charges a reasonable fee for job-oriented programs.
  • It has tie-ups with healthcare organizations for internships and placements.

5. Virohan- Institute of health and management science

To build a generation of amateurs who can have careers, the Virohan Institute aims to develop a generation of apprentices. To prepare learners for a healthcare career, they aim to provide them with the best learning opportunities. In Ahmedabad, Delhi- East of Kailash, Delhi- Kalkaji, Faridabad, Meerut, Nagpur, Pune, and Raipur. More than 650 trainers have trained more than 5000 students in healthcare. Most students have earned their living through this field. The university offers several healthcare and best OTT course in Delhi.

A glimpse of the Virohan Institute

Virohan offers a new-age learning experience through modern classrooms and fully automated content delivery on the myCareer app. Trainers engage students in fun learning sessions. Virohan also provides students with 5-6 months of practical training and theoretical knowledge. This enables them to deal with real-life situations.

Virohan allows students to learn from medical experts and experts in the healthcare industry. Besides mentorship sessions, students are able to participate in hospital visits and Disha Saathi sessions.

Virohan offers the following healthcare courses:

  • EMTS
  • Technician in Medical Laboratories
  • Technician, Operation Theatre
  • Administration of hospitals
  • Technologist in radiology

OTT course highlights

  • The institute is affiliated with the NSDC.
  • The best OTT course in Delhi has a placement network of 650 companies.
  • Virohan provides a Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician who can serve as a source of income for a full-time operating theatre technician.
  • They can revise their work at least once a week to assess their progress.
  • This program offers affordable and accessible courses on a fee-based basis, with the option to pay with instalment plans.
  • Students can access their course through the “MyCareer App”.

6. Vivo Healthcare

Vivo Healthcare is an excellent institute in the healthcare industry for providing the best OTT course in Delhi. The institute offers several healthcare-related programs. Vivo Healthcare provides many options to prepare students for a long-term career in the healthcare industry. It provides students with a combination of theory, simulation, and practical skills to make them successful in the technical world of healthcare. 

The university has several placement partners that provide multiple career opportunities. Programs offered by VIVO Healthcare provide participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students are offered services related to healthcare, such as high-quality programs, technology innovations, and innovative ideas to work in technical fields. In addition, they provide the best OTT course in Delhi to the students to help them in their careers.

Students receive certificates that recognize their skills and work. Assisting surgeons and nurses before, during and after surgery, students get a chance to prepare operation theatres.

OTT course highlights

  • A certificate of OT technician can be obtained from the institute.
  • As a junior operation theatre technician, you begin your career.
  • Students will have the opportunity to prepare themselves individually.
  • You can start your career with different placements institutes.

7. Astron Institute of International studies

It is an international institute for the paramedical and healthcare industries. In addition to promoting excellence in public health, AIIS is dedicated to improving health standards globally through education, research, consulting, and training. In addition, the institute offers interactive online programs. 

The institute’s best OTT course in Delhi has been designed to give the participants the necessary expertise to be a surgical team members. In addition, these courses are designed to prepare technicians for real-world situations. 

In addition to maintaining OT equipment and instruments, the institute offers OTT course training to check infection control practices and sterilization levels.

Operation theatre technician courses have unique features

  • Through the E-library, the institute provides reference material.
  • Expertly crafted learning materials.
  • The OTT course lasts one year.
  • Every block concludes with the assignment being equipped.

8. Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute

Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute has contributed to other healthcare services, including the best OTT course in Delhi. Training in every field is provided by highly qualified staff. The trainers reliably answer the students’ questions. It offers certificates, diplomas, degrees, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees among the courses.

The Operation Theatre Technician course is divided into four semesters. The institute has highly qualified trainers available to support candidate personnel at all levels every year. The institute also offers career counselling to students and professional training for theatre technicians.

 The best OTT course in Delhi has unique features

  • Students are guided by their own rules and regulations.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Experts guide students in the operation theatre.
  • Assignments for the OTT course next semester.

9. Lord Krishna Institute Of Paramedical & Allied Science

It offers students the best OTT course in Delhi, to those interested in medical and healthcare fields the best environment. Lord Krishna Institute of paramedical and Allied science is also known as LKPS. The Lord Krishna Institute of paramedical and allied science offers a course for Operation Theatre Technicians at its Delhi Campus. Students interested in the school will always receive guidance from highly motivated and dedicated staff members. Moreover, the students can contribute to the paramedical field through its teaching and practical knowledge.

Students who study at this institute can pursue careers in healthcare. In addition to theoretical knowledge, LKPS provides practical skills to its students in leading hospitals. In addition to regular and distance learning, they offer Online learning, so students can continue learning in any way that works best for them. 

Below are a few of the courses offered by the Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science:

  • Technology in Medical Labs
  • Technological advances in radiology and X-rays
  • Medicine/Microbiology
  • Therapy for occupations
  • Therapeutics
  • Technology in ophthalmology and optometry

OTT’s unique features

  • The trainers at the institute provide students with support in a wide range of fields.
  • Leadership is encouraged in this environment.
  • LKPS encourages both regular and distance education.
  • The institute offers career counselling to students interested in taking the OTT course.
  • The program provides certificate, diploma, and degree courses for one, two, and three years.

10. Institute of Paramedical Science and Management

IPSM is also known as this institute. To enhance students’ technician skills, IPSM provides advanced studies courses. It asks for affordable fees in paramedical and hotel management for candidates with 10th, 12th, graduation, and postgraduate degrees.

It is one of the most well-known courses offered by the Institute for Operation Theatre Technicians. Students of this institute are guided to maintain surgery equipment before, during, and after surgery by experts. In addition to the diploma, bachelor, and certificate programs, IPSM also offers a two-year, three-year, and one-year certificate program.

The best OTT course in Delhi highlights

  • Dedicated candidates receive separate OTT course training and placement.
  • Our students receive regular mock interviews, on-the-job training, and a personality development program.
  • The training department is always in contact with the students to provide them with the necessary information.
  • The training in different hospitals, nursing homes, policlinics, diagnostic centres, and pathology labs must be completed during the 8 weeks.

The following are some of the major responsibilities of an Operation Theatre Technician:

  • During and after an operation, the technician should prepare.
  • Before the operation, they need to ensure that all the required supplies and surgical tools are sterile and ready.
  • During surgery, the technician keeps track of all items used to ensure nothing gets misplaced before, during, and after the procedure.
  • During the operation, they provide other assistance.
  • Transferring the patient to the designated ward for recovery.
  • OT Technicians assist the surgical team during an operation.
  • In the recovery rooms, they must provide support to the patient.

OT technicians play an important role in the medical and healthcare industry. There is growing interest in Operation Theatre Technician jobs. In the rapidly expanding medical industry, there is a need for more professionals in healthcare. Optometrists are always in high demand in the medical field. This best OTT course in Delhi provides training and helps students acquire specialized skill sets and keep abreast of the healthcare developments. Occupational Therapists work in hospitals, nursing homes, and emergency rooms.

 Best OTT course in Delhi course concludes.

The Operation Theatre Technician course prepares students to be competent and reliable professionals in an operation theatre and other health care team members. In summary, an operation theatre technician organizes and manages the operation theatre. Neither a surgeon, hospital or nursing home could run or be complete without Operation Theatre technicians.

In conclusion, the Operation Theatre Technician Program is a course designed to help you to gain experience in the healthcare industry. The OTT course is mandatory if you are looking for an OT Technician. You can obtain the required training from the institutes listed above. 

 I have listed the top 10  best OTT course in Delhi in this article. The choice of the best institute is in the hands of the student so they can maximize the use of their money. If you’re interested in OTT courses, I recommend Henry Harvin because they have multiple courses, highly skilled trainers, and gold memberships. Consider all factors and benefits related to learning about operation theatre Technician courses in your area of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the full form of the OTT course?

OTT course stands for Operation Theatre Technician course.

Q.2 What is the average salary for an OT technician?

Salary ranges from Rs 20000 to Rs 40000 for Operation Theatre Technicians. Annual salaries in India range from Rs 2.2 Lakh to Rs 3 Lakh.

Q.3 What are the responsibilities of an OT Technician?

A theatre technician’s responsibilities include maintaining equipment, preparing the operating room, and assisting the surgeon. 

Q.4 How long is the OTT course?

OTT courses have varying durations based on the degree, bachelor’s degree, and certificate. Diplomas last one/two years, Certificates last one year, and degrees last three years.

Q.5 What are the career opportunities in the Operation Theatre Technician program?

Recognizing practical experience as an OT technician
Assistant to an anaesthetist
Consultant anaesthetist
Consulting Associate
Technician in charge of operations.

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