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Know CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

The CPA credentials are U.S authorized. They are trusted financial advisors to help people, businesses, and any organization to operate on many issues like accounting and taxes. CPAs as an entity focus on business and accounting management.

Let me take you to the institute naming ‘Mile CPA Review’ for the CPA course 

M – Mission-Driven

I – Integrity

L – Leadership and Teamwork

E– Excellence

S– Services

Miles CPA Review aims to build careers and transform talent to upskill career progression. As the first step, Miles CPA Review conducts personal counseling to know your understanding and your appreciation of the CPA course to know your caliber in this career. The best course and support team are available to provide you with efficient knowledge to become a CPA.

A vision of ‘Mile CPA Review’

‘Miles Education’ is founded by Varun and Meenakshi Jain the alumni of Harvard and Stanford. The core vision behind the establishment of ‘Mile CPA Review’ is to up-skill the professionals and students by helping them to get industry-ready for the future innovative revolutions. They offer Certification which is recognizable globally in the areas of Finance and Accounting (like US CPA, US CMA, CFA, FRM), Analytics, and also Emerging Technologies like XLRI.

They are partner with the Certification programs like-

  • XLRI Delhi-NCR
  • AICP(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
  • IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
  • DMI (Digital Marketing Institute)

Miles education provides a unique classroom model with the provision of CPA study materials to help students to get the best support to reach their dream/desired destination CPA. The Education at Miles is the largest international ranking in the CPA Review providing the strong and thriving alumni who have cleared successfully the CPA examinations. Miles CPA Review is in collaboration with the many corporates and training faculties who are professionals with decades of experience, facilitating their career progress.

Features of ‘Miles CPA Review’

‘Miles CPA Review’ works with the below agenda to help students reach their dream job and earn the best pay.


  • Provides global credibility to the CA equivalent in the US
  • 12-15 months of duration with 4 examinations
  • Placement guaranteed program
  • Almost 80%+ CPAs in India are Alumni 
  • Learn from the world’s favorite instructor -Varun Jain
  • You can join Varun Jain’s live online classes 

By Canada CPA –

  • Provides global credibility
  • Work opportunities in Canada, the USA, and many more countries of the world
  • Agreement to Mutual Recognition
  • US CPAs can earn CPA Canada directly with no extra exams
  • End-to-End learnings with the placement support 
  • 360-degree help for Canadian Immigration 

Career benefits of the CPA course

  • CPAs are equivalent to Black-belt accountants – CPA professionals are the expertise beyond the ‘normal’ accountants in Finance and Accounting.
  • CPA course has global credibility – CPAs can work across the world and are also recognized for their work for both US and international organizations/companies.
  • CPAs are needed everywhere as they have huge demand in the market – They are needful at every firm (it can be public or any small/big company) including MNCs.
  • CPAs are cardinal – CPAs are so crucial to audit in the US as well as US companies. Along with this, they have corporate accountability as they hold their place as one of the positions for companies and their respective shareholders.
  • CPAs are necessary in all the business areas of the world – CPAs are necessary in auditing, financial advisory, IT, tax, investment banking, and many more areas in the business world.
  • The pay scale of the CPAs is much higher – The annual income of fresher is INR 600,000+ in India, $60,000 in the US, and AED 120,000+ in the Middle East.

Why select ‘Miles Education’

  • Around 80%+ CPA in India are Miles Alumni
  • 20+ offices located across India, the USA, and UAE
  • 82% of the pass rate
  • 240% placement rate (can be during/after CPA course)
  • Big4 L&D and placements tie-ups
  • CPA career with 220+ tie-ups with MNCs and Fortune 500
  • 130+ hours of CPA-recorded training videos
  • 220+ hours of live online interactive classes with Varun and the team. Along with the follow-up sessions
  • 100% 1-on-1 mentor sessions
  • 360-degree support for a CPA license, eligibility, NTS

Course Details 

  • Miles CPA Review provides both online and classroom training. 
  • Modeling the classroom sessions to train the CPA aspirants by enforcing the perfect discipline required to clear the CPA exam.
  • Study Guides for Certified Public Accountants – International Series. Authored by Varun Jain. It covers all content areas and tasks according to the AICPA blueprint. Also, exam-oriented and usage of multiple mnemonics is in a presentable format.
  • Online practice questions and mock exams are available on the Miles Online Test Bank (including 8000+ MCQs and 500+ simulations, including Document Review Simulations).
  • Miles has designed the CPA classes over 28 Sundays. Here the sessions have divisions of 9 classes (for FAR),7 classes (for AUD),7 classes (For REG), and 5 classes (BEC). Facilitating students to utilize the best opportunity of learning by following the conceptual masterclass, practice sessions along with offline follow-up classes if needed (as per the doubts). 
  • CPA eligibility check is provided by a well-qualified CPA member, an evaluation agency, and state boar of selection for appearing in the CPA examination, NTS(Notice to Schedule), and CPA examination scheduling assistance.
  • Students can attend ‘N’ number of classroom and webinar training sessions for US CPA exams till they clear the CPA exams. In addition to the above details, the Miles LMS is valid for 11 months post completion of the course and with the validity of the course videos for 12 months or 5 views of the recorded videos (whichever is earliest).
  • Also, on clearing of CPA exams, students have assisted with the CPA licensing procedure and ensured to provide placement assurance program. Furthermost, Miles assists to clear the CPA exams following 100% placement assistance with the Big4 and MNCs (especially for self-sponsored candidates only).

Blended Learning Model

  • 130+ hours of pre-recorded videos by Varun Jain inclusive of “annotations on your book” and “concepts on the whiteboard”
  • 220+ hours of blended learning ( including live online training sessions by Varun + Team) spread over 86 sessions through webinars conducted on the weekend (every Saturday & Sunday) along with the practice sessions on the weekdays. Inclusive of face-to-face class follow-up sessions on Sundays
  • Around 100 1-to-1 mentoring sessions for managing CPA formalities in addition to the doubts and queries sessions 
  • The online training caters the flexibility for the student to prepare for CPA exams. This kind of online class helps students situated anywhere in the world to get help to clear CPA exams. Especially, for the students who do not have enough facilities for CPA classes. Based on the concepts the course has a tailor-custom design with the relevant notes and illustrations of the CPA course materials.

Miles CPA Review Offers the below Certifications

  • FRM – Financial Risk Manager
  • CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant
  • CMA – Certified Management Accountant
  • MBA in Strategic Finance- Jain (Deemed-to-be University)
  • Masters in Accountancy (MAcc)
  • B.Com in the Professional Accounting and Finance – Jain (Deemed-to-be University)-
  • PG Program in Digital HR Transformation and People Analytics – XLRI | Delhi-NCR 
  • Young Leaders Program in Business Excellence – IIM Indore

Contact Details 

Mail id:: [email protected] 

Phone No. :: 

– INDIA – +91-7674858877

– US – + 971 568245020

– CANADA – +1-3134961731


  • India (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram)
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York)


Hence, in conclusion, Miles is the leading and the largest international CPA Review. Miles CPA Review offers an extensive stack and blending of best-in-class study material, a unique training delivery model, and assistance with all necessary formalities. This will not only help with the CPA exams but also to get the CPA license.

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Q.1 What is the role of a CPA?

Ans. CPA has many duties like examination of Financial records for the preparation of tax returns, creation of budget reports, and audit conduction for their clients. They ensure that the Financial Records follow state, federal, and local laws and regulations.

Q.2 Can I take online CPA classes?

Ans. CPA is the best career opportunity with high demanding offers with job security across the world. So, yes you can take online CPA classes.

Q.3 Can I go for a CPA after the completion of my 12th?

Ans. No, like other courses you go for CPA post completion of your 12th. To start with the CPA you need to pursue 12th in the commerce stream and have good knowledge about economics, mathematics, and accountants as core subjects.

Q.4 Is it tough to crack the CPA exam?

Ans. CPA is considered to be challenging when obtaining standardized professional credentials. To take the CPA exam you need to dig into the maximum possible resources to get an edge into it.

Q.5 Can I take the CPA exam after completing the CPA course?

Ans. That is the best option. As you will get a better platform to learn more and more from the experienced trainers. And also, few institutes provide certification courses to crack the CPA exam and get placed into the top MNCs.

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