Henry Harvin Vs EduPristine CPA Course Review

Are you confused about where to enroll between Henry Harvin’s CPA course and EduPristine’s CPA course?

Don’t worry; in this article, you will get every detail about the course and a brief comparison of the CPA course between Henry Harvin and EduPristine.

What do you mean by the course CPA?

CPA is the abbreviation for Certified Public Accountant; it is said to be as the highest and most prestigious certificate in the accounts field. CPA is global recognition certification.

The American Institute of Certified Accountants conducts a CPA exam every year. Certified CPA professionals are responsible for Auditing, Financial Planning, Litigation services, Business valuation, Company management, Tax preparation, Forensic Accounting etc.

Henry Harvin CPA course Vs EduPristine CPA course

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education delivers the best CPA course online. If you want to leapfrog your career from generic to hallmark then get enrol in Certified public accountant training at Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin focuses on quality education and students get the ultimate division out of the course. The trainer of Henry Harvin is highly experienced and devoted to delivering refined and updated knowledge to the students.


The comprehensive curriculum of the Henry Harvin CPA course is a double power-packed curriculum. The course is a combination of Public Accountant, online and classroom designed as per industry standards.

 A certified professional can enjoys a handsome salary and hike in salary after completing the course. CPA is a job-ready course for every student.

 Module covered in CPA course by Henry Harvin

●      Module 1:Financial related topics

●     Module2: Auditing and Attestations

●     Module3: Regulation

●     Module4: Business Environment and Concepts.

●     Complementary Module: Soft skills development and Resume writing.

CPA program of Henry Harvin

The CPA program of Henry Harvin offers training, projects, internship, placement assistance, boot camps and most importantly Gold membership.

CPA course is based on practical training, so Henry Harvin provides a hundred per cent practical training. 


Trainers have more than twelve years of experience in their field. They have expertise in the syllabus of the CPA and the tools. They have experience in teaching thousands of candidates all around the globe.

The students have the option to attend multiple classes from multiple teachers during the course.

Learning benefits at Henry Harvin

●     Earn a global recognition certificate as Certified Public Accountant Practitioner.

●     Henry Harvin will help to build a CV and Linkedin profile.

●     Full assistance from the faculty during the interview.

●     Boost startup with the ROI.

●     Invitation for the Bootcamp sessions for one year.

●     More than ten job opportunities every week.

●     Scope to experience industry projects during the training and internship.

Duration of the CPA course- 150 hours of the online classroom and the self-paced option are also available.

Total Program Fee- 95000 is the fee for the online mode of the Henry Harvin CPA course. EMI facility is there, starting at 10556 per month. 85500 for the self-paced course.

Phone no:9891953953

Email id: [email protected]


EduPristine is an authorized training partner of Becker.they provide exclusive teaching methods, curriculum and learning tools to the students. EduPristine supports its CPA students to prepare for the exam and also in licensing process.

Focus on practical and experiential learning; also soft skills and career support.


●     In the CPA course of EduPristine, the content is exam-oriented.

●     The students are prepared for mock exams to create an environment of real exams.

●     The institution focus on task-based stimulation.

●     EduPristine question paper follows the problem-solving questions.

●     Discussion forum for the students related to doubts and queries.

●     EduPristine provides various skill development trainings.


Exam1- Financial Accounting and reporting

Exam2- Auditing and Attestation

Exam3- Regulation

Exam4- Business Environment and concepts

CPA program of EduPristine

●     This institution has interview skills workshops with resume preparation classes and career assistance.

●     Trained faculty with in-house qualified US CPA.

●     Previous year question bank to practice and gather knowledge on question paper patterns.

●     Multiple mock exams to check the level of understanding.

Learning benefits in EduPristine

●     300 hrs instructor-based classroom training and learning materials prepared by Becker professional education.

●     24*7 access to the learning materials, multiple-choice questions bank and exclusive videos.

●     Daily mock test to prepare you for the CPA exam.

●     A study planner is available with task-based simulations.


The candidate gets 160 hours to complete the course. They must complete the four-part assessment in 18 months. Many institutions want 1-2 years of experience in CPA to get the licence.

 course fee for the EduPristine CPA course.

Auditing and Attestation- 26741.22

Business environment and concepts-27416

Financial Accounting and Reporting-27416


Eligibility criteria for CPA course

●     The criteria for the CPA exam vary from one country to another; here I will list the criteria followed in India. All the criteria must be fulfilled by the candidate to appear for the CPA exam.

The candidate must have a graduation certificate from a recognised university in the field of B.Com(Accounting), BBA(Finance), MCom(Accounting), and MBA(Finance and Accounting).

●     Or, the candidate is a member of the Institution of Charted Accountants of India(ICAI) or ICMAI( Institute of coast accountants of India) or Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI).

●     CA’s with B.Com certificates are accepted in a few companies in USA and UK.

Future of CPA-certified professionals

A Certified Public Accountant person clears the CPA exam which is administered by AICP(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This is one of the most prestigious certifications in the world. CPA set a global standard of work in the field of accountancy.

A CPA degree opens the doors of your career graph not only in India, the whole world.

Some of the career options-

●     Public accounting: In an accounting firm, CPAs look after the accounts, auditing, tax and consultation with the clients. They are also responsible for auditing the financial statements of companies.

●     Financial Advisor: CPAs can be appointed as financial advisors of a company. They have the power to take decisions related to the financial statement on behalf of the company. CPA certification paves many opportunities to work in MNCs.

●     Specialist: A CPA assist an organization in risk assessment and management. They analyse the situation and implement a solution according to the result. CPAs know the latest technology in the collection of data.

●     Corporate controller: CPAs overview all budgets, and accounts received billing of a company. They also support the assessment and management budget of an organization. Controller also oversees the financial billing including payroll.

●     Assurance and attest services: CPAs undertake the task of auditing in internal control of a firm. The service is independent and involves integrity.

●     Information Technology: CPAs have advanced knowledge of IT audit, no other professional has this knowledge. Non-CPAs follow traditional accounting audits.

Salary of a CPA-certified professional in India.

In India, an entry-level CPA are offered around seven lakhs per annum whereas the average salary starts from ten lakhs per annum. MNCs offer around thirteen to eleven lakh per annum to a CPA expert in India.

Final Takeaway

This article tried to provide non-biased information about both the institution on the Henry Harvin CPA course and EduPristine CPA information. Now at the end of the article, you have acquired a fair and true picture of both the CPA course structure, fees, syllabus and curriculum.

It’s your turn to decide where to enrol based on your requirement and preferences. 

Start to roll your selves to kickstart your career with a CPA. Focus on your choice to grow your career graph high or want a good hike from your company. Most importantly CPA certification opens door to work abroad. Don’t wait too much if CPA is the ultimate goal; enrol now at your dream institution.


1. What is the duration of the CPA course?

Ans: A CPA course usually takes 9-12  months, and exams are conducted every month.

2. Weather CPA is a course or a degree?

Ans: Certified Public Accountant is not a degree, there is no university or college where you can study CPA. It’s an exam one needs to clear to be a CPA holder.

3. Which is difficult CA or CPA?

Ans: I believe, CA is tougher than CPA because CPA has 4 papers whereas CA has 3 levels with 18 papers. Moreover, CA needs 3-4 years to complete whereas CPA takes a year.

4. What do you suggest in CA Vs CPA?

Ans: If you compared CPA and CA in terms of salary and recognition, obviously CPA is better. A CPA person can earn 15 lakh and can work abroad whereas CA earns 8 lakh and work only in India and Nepal.

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