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Hello folks, welcome to my Blog! By profession, I am a Software Testing Engineer. But my zeal for research and writing has landed me in the writing club. So, I can say that from testing web applications, I have switched to searching web applications to write more and more on the subject related to my blogs. I am excited to restart my career in writing. Thank you!
Korean Language Course

Top 12 Korean language courses in Pune

한국어 language  The use of Korean is becoming more common in India, and K-pop has helped a lot of young people in major cities like Bangalore, and Delhi becomes fascinated with the language and culture. They are taking the Korean language courses in Bangalore because they want to better understand...

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Miles CPA course Review

Know CPA (Certified Public Accountant) The CPA credentials are U.S authorized. They are trusted financial advisors to help people, businesses, and any organization to operate on many issues like accounting and taxes. CPAs as an entity focus on business and accounting management. Let me take you to the institute naming...

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English Speaking

Top 12 English Language Course Online

English language course online: English is a familiar language to most of us and is an important part of our daily conversations at school, college, or work. However, many of us hesitate to speak in crowds or front of large groups of people for fear of making mistakes or mispronouncing...

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Top 12 HRM – Human resource management courses in Bangalore

Preface HRM-Human resource management is the department of a business organization that hangs around hiring, managing, and firing the staff. HRM is centered around developing a strategic approach to finding and recruiting the right professionals for the right job and at the right time. Also, HRM manages to retain the...

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