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Top 12 Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore


Mastery of a foreign language not only escalates your wit but also allows you to connect to different parts of the world. It sets you apart and avails new career options with better remuneration. Especially in India, innumerable people are keen to learn foreign languages because of the growing job opportunities. Alongside French and German, the Japanese language has become greatly sought after and is said to have immense scope in India.

Let’s have a look at the top Japanese Language courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an award-winning Ed-tech company with a global outreach with 200+ Programs. Its foremost goal is to help you attain expertise in the chosen course, coupled with extra hard and soft skill knowledge through boot camp sessions and webinars. 

Henry Harvin renders 5 levels in this training program-

  • N5- The Elementary Level

    This level comprises the basics of the Japanese language (like sentence structure, spoken conversation, typical expression and basic kanji)

  • N4- The Pre-Intermediate Level

    This second level consists of grammar and vocabulary in detail.

  • N3- The Intermediate Leve

    This is the part where linguistic skills enter. This level teaches reading and writing.

  • N4- The Pre-Advanced Level

    This level is divided into 3 parts- reading comprehension, listening comprehension and language knowledge.

  • N5- The Advanced Level 

    This level includes reading magazines, books, kanji and newspapers in the Japanese language.

The Japanese language course at Henry Harvin is an amalgamation of 9 courses i.e. training, e-learning platform, internship, projects, boot camp sessions, certification, placement, 1-year membership.


Fee structure





          80 hours

                INR 19500/-


          80 hours

                INR 21500/-


          80 hours

                INR 23500/-


          80 hours

                INR 29500/-


          80 hours

                INR 34500/-

Besides the Japanese language course in Bangalore, cities where Henry Harvin teaches the Japanese Language are-

  • Delhi 

  • Pune

  • Chennai

  • Jaipur

Related courses available at Henry Harvin 

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JLS is one of the top 3 institutes that provides the Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore. It is an organisation by the late H. Ganesh commenced in 1984, delivering a distinct syllabus designed exclusively for Indian learners. 

2. Japanese Language School

Why JLS?

  • It provides JLPT courses recognised by the Government of Japan. Thus, making its certification acceptable and honoured all over the world.
  • The teachers in this organisation are trained to help the students understand Japanese customs and behavioural norms, both on business and social platforms.
  • JLS is located in RT Nagar, an easily accessible place from all parts of Bangalore.
  • It is one of the oldest organisations, known to be an outset of the Japanese language in India.
  • The Japanese Language School uses the Indian language fundamentals since their grammar is similar to most Indian languages. Henceforth, breaking the myth about the Japanese language is the most strenuous.

Summary of teaching programs

  • Basic Conversation course

    No. of hours- 40

    Timings- based on request

    Frequency- once/twice a week

    Examination- written 
  • JLPT N5

    No. of hours- 90

    Timings- weekend

    Frequency- once a week (4 hours per session)

    Examination- JLPT by Japan Foundation
  • JLPT N4

    No. of hours- 90

    Timings- weekend

    Frequency- once a week (4 hours per session)

    Examination- JLPT by Japan Foundation
  • JLPT N3

    No. of hours- 100

    Timings- weekend 

    Frequency- once a week

    Examination- JLPT by Japan Foundation
  • JLPT N2

    No. of hours- 130

    Timings- weekend

    Frequency- once a week

    Examination- JLPT by Japan Foundation

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SNRC not only offers individual and corporate Japanese language training but also services like translation, interpretation and bilingual placements. In addition, it provides a MICHI program, Kyomi SNRC corner and a business etiquette program. This helps the learners get complete knowledge of the language as well as career support.


  • Conversation courses – Conversation Course includes basic and advanced 30 and 50 hours respectively. 
  • Special Courses – This course is for IT professionals and people who want to learn the Japanese language primarily with customised requirements.
  • Summer Camp for students- It is a 30-hour long course for students from 5th to 9th grade. Moreover, SNRC gives specialised courses like business etiquette, lifestyle in japan and culture and tradition for anyone and everyone.
  • Corporate Courses- This course consists of JLPT N5 (100 hours), JLPT N4 (120 hours), JLPT N3 (150 hours) and JLPT N3 (150 hours). Each level will give you more detailed knowledge in chronicle order.
  • For Academic Institutions- This course is specially designed for students and is available both online and offline for convenience.  Besides, they serve basic and advanced conversation courses, JLPT N4 and N5 and special courses based on customised needs.

Benefits of choosing these Japanese language courses in Bangalore

  • MICHI 道 Program- This program organises FREE webinars that SNRC conducts regularly. It is a great opportunity for students to get to know about the Japanese market from the leaders of huge organisations in Japan
  • KYOMI  興味- Kyomi is a student centre page on Facebook which promotes their students’ talents like music, dance, arts etc (which may or may not be related to Japanese) for absolutely free of cost.

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IULE is a massive company with numerous training and service programs. With expertise in 20+ major world languages, IULE helps its learners and customers with custom needs and professional training. It is one of the best organisations that offer Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore.

Why choose IULE?

  • This Institute lets you have a free demo of a language of your choice to have an idea about the teaching methods there.
  • IULE has courses designed differently for different requirements such as professional, social and personal needs. Hence, they teach you as per your custom goals.
  • They hold batches of mere 4-8 people to prioritise individual attention and to give you freedom of choosing flexible timings. Moreover, IULE allows you to approach the teacher anytime you need. 
  • The teachers in this institute are not only trained to provide you with prime knowledge of the language but are also trained enough to analyse your grasping power and teach you according to your comfort. 
  • Other than the usual classes, learners are provided with learning tutorials and e-learning platforms for better understanding. 
  • Special facilities for offline training are multimedia rooms, wifi-enabled classrooms, qualified and experienced faculty and native language speakers for language training and services. 
  • Most importantly, the modules are designed as per CEFR to measure our level of proficiency on the scale of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 AND C2 for mastery in this field.

Other languages taught at the Institute of Universal Languages and Education are- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Swedish and a lot more.

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Ocean Learning Academy is a part of ACZ Global Pvt. Ltd, offering prime training to students and professionals and conducting examinations by the authorised certifying body. The certification bestowed is recognised worldwide for education, jobs and migration. This academy provides only language courses focusing on communication and comprehension as well as the script and grammar.

Japanese language course in Bangalore by OLA

  • JLPT N5- Beginner level (80 hours)
  • JLPT N4- Elementary level (120 hours)
  • JLPT N3- Intermediate level (300 hours)
  • JLPT N2- Advanced level
  • JLPT N1- Expert level

Sections of the course

  • Study material
  • Face-to-face training with individual attention
  • Audio-video sessions
  • Assessments
  • JLPT exam preparations and mock tests
  • Assistance for JLPT registrations 
  • Certificate of completion


  • Placement assistance- The HR recruitment team of Ocean Learning Academy is associated with 100 corporates. These corporations prepare you for your dawning career and assist in personality development, interview attending skills, resume building, mock interview sessions, etc. 
  • Global exposure- This academy helps you associate with global communities and organisations. Further assisting you with education in both India and abroad, in addition, it gives Industry- oriented exercises. 

Other language courses offered by Ocean Learning Academy

  • German language courses
  • Spanish language courses
  • French language courses
  • Chinese language courses

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Sayuri Japanese School

Sayuri is a well-established school that provides Japanese Language courses in Bangalore that deliver various training programs and services. This language school prepares you for the JLPT examination through creative teaching methods and mock tests. 


  • Sayuri uses native Japanese teachers to provide the learners not only the ordinary Japanese language training but real-life stories, scenarios and role-plays to get a deep understanding of the language. 
  • This school also provides training sessions for workforce recruitment into Japanese companies. 
  • It delivers thorough knowledge about the language and country by giving immense knowledge about the culture, and ethics together with business practices and skills required for better communications. 

Course details



(in months) 



(in rupee)

























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IIFLS is an organisation based in Bangalore that offers foreign language courses including English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. This institute has its branches in the following areas of Bangalore- Banashankari, Jayanagar, Marathali and Rajajinagar.  Therefore, IIFLS is the most convenient institute with Japanese language courses in Bangalore.

Details of Japanese language courses in Bangalore by IIFLS

  • N5 Level
  1. Course fee- Rs. 13,800
  2. Duration- 60 hours
  3. Modules covered- listening, reading, writing, speaking
  4. Study material- textbook, translation and grammatical notes, Hiragana and Katakana worksheets and kanji book
  5. Examination- JLPT N5 by Japan Foundation
  • N4 Level
  1. Course fee- Rs. 20,800
  2. Duration- 80 hours
  3. Modules- listening, reading writing, speaking
  4. Study material- textbook, translation and grammatical notes, kanji book 
  5. Examination- JLPT N4 by Japan Foundation 

Reasons to be a part of IIFLS

  • Certified trainers
  • Affordable prices
  • Free demo classes and webinars
  • Learning in smaller groups
  • Standardised course structure

8. Nile Institute of Languages and Education

The Nile Institute of Languages and Education was established in April 2010 with the main motive to offer specialised training in both Indian and foreign languages to urban and rural areas.  Nile provides the Japanese language courses in Bangalore from level N5 to N2 only. 

The Japanese language course in Bangalore offered by the Nile has the following 


  • N5- Fundamentals
  1. Duration- 3 months
  2. Hours- 100
  3. Details- It includes learning 800 Japanese words and reading and writing three kinds of Japanese scripts i.e., Hiragana, Katakana, and around 100 Kanji (Chinese characters).
  • N4- Intermediate 
  1. Duration- 3 months
  2. Hours- 100
  3. Details- First, students will learn how to read and write simple sentences. Second, they will train on how to take part in everyday conversations.  
  • N3 and N2
  1. Sub-divided into Pre-Advanced Courses 1, 2 and 3
  2. Duration- 3 months for each course
  3. Hours- 80 for each course
  4. Details- Students will learn how to have polite conversations at the workplace and learn about the work environment in Japan. Further, 1000 kanji and 6000 words will be taught. Later, you will participate in listening and comprehension activities.
  • Basic Conversation Course (Business)
  1. Duration- 1 month
  2. Hours- 30 

Other courses offered by the Nile 

  • Spanish language course
  • Italian language course
  • French language course
  • German language course
  • Russian language course
  • Chinese language course 

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Ohana Japanese School

This is yet another school with Japanese language courses in Bangalore. Their main motive is to teach the Japanese language and its insights in the best way possible.  

Courses offered by Ohana Japanese School

  • Customised corporate training- This course is specifically designed for corporates from business firms set up in Japan. Customised corporate training at Ohana mainly focuses on business communication in Japanese. When customised as per your goals and requirements, this course would develop work relations with colleagues.   
  • Survival class- Survival classes is a short-term course which helps you learn basic conversation skills required for a smooth-sailing trip to Japan. With this intention, this course teaches you how to make small conversations while making payments, ordering food, asking for directions, etc. 
  • Cultural Training Program- This program helps you learn more about the work culture of Japan and understand Japanese colleagues’ motivations and aspirations. It also sensitises you about body language and the nuances of interaction with Japanese clients.
  • JLPT courses- These Japanese language courses in Bangalore are to train those people who are willing to learn the Japanese language thoroughly. These classes prepare you to attempt the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted by the Japan Foundation in July and December every year.

Levels of the JLPT course 

  • N5 level
  1. Total Hours- 80
  2. Duration- 5 months
  • N4 level
  1. Total hours- 80
  2. Duration- 5 months
  • N3 level
  1. Total hours- 120
  2. Duration- 5 months

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Saachi is a dedicated language institute offering Japanese language courses in Bangalore. This institute ensures that the students attain mastery of the four fundamentals- speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Courses available 

  • Basic conversation (36 hours)
  • JLPT N5
  1. Duration- 100 hours
  2. Timings- weekend classes once a week (3.5 hours)
  • JLPT N4
  1. Duration- 110 hours
  2. Timings- weekend classes once a week (3.5 hours)
  • JLPT N3
  1. Duration- 110 hours
  2. Timings- weekend classes once a week (3.5 hours)
  • JLPT N2
  1. Duration- 140 hours
  2. Timings- weekend classes once a week (3.5 hours) 
  • Cross-Cultural Program- This program is specially designed by Saachi Institute to let go of cultural barriers and increase awareness about business etiquette and social interactions in the Japanese language. Courses under this program are as follows: 
  1. Business Etiquette 
  2. Social Etiquette 


  • Placement Services- With the development of Japan-India relations, many Indian companies are planning to expand their client base to Japan. As a result, Saachi connects various students to such industries and also provides training to students who want to get into translation and interpretation services. 
  • With the help of conversational practices, this institute helps its students inculcate the habit of converse thinking in Japanese without feeling obligated to translate each word.
  • The study material provided here emphasises grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and reading to gain expertise in the Japanese language. 
  • Periodic tests and mock tests are held as a part of JLPT exam preparation at each level.

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Navis Nihongo is a Pvt ltd human resource company with 18+ years of experience in language training, and delivering services to businesses and enterprises. It is one of the oldest companies to provide Japanese language courses in Bangalore. Navis Nihongo also has branches in Chennai, Tokyo (Japan) and Nagoya(Japan). 

Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore by Navis  

  • JLPT N5
  1. Duration- 140 hours
  2. Learning Outcome- Learn to read and write simple sentences in Japanese. 
  • JLPT N4
  1. Duration- 150 hours
  2. Learning outcome- Learn to communicate in daily life with Japanese. 
  • JLPT N3 
  1. Duration- 160 hours 
  2. Learning outcome- Learn to communicate more professionally and also be able to work with Japanese colleagues. 
  • JLPT N2
  1. Duration- 160 hours 
  2. Learning outcome- learn to handle translation and interpretations. 
  • JLPT N1 
  1. Duration- 300 hours
  2. Learning outcome- Be able to read Japanese newspapers and magazines, and understand TV in the Japanese language. Also, learn to handle advanced translations and interpretations.


Zing Languages is a massive online platform that provides language courses in the form of both individual and group classes. It is one of the recent online institutes that offer Japanese language courses in Bangalore.  Zing Languages has also established its centres in Chennai and Coimbatore.  

Japanese language courses in Bangalore by Zing 

  • Japanese beginner N5
  1. Fees- Rs. 25,000
  2. Duration- 9 hours
  3. No. of modules- 101 (full-time access)
  4. Curriculum- Writing system, new friends, making a date, a trip to Okinawa, barbecue, kabuki, winter vacation plans, after vacation and feelings. 
  • Japanese elementary N4
  1. Fees- Rs. 25,000
  2. No. of modules- 22 (full-time access)
  3. Curriculum- Looking for a part-time job, a trip to Nagano, lost and found, grumbling and gossip, meeting the boss, burglar, Mary’s shopping, education in Japan and goodbye.
  • JLPT/NAT N5 Test series
  1. Fees- Rs. 499
  2. No. of modules- 8 (full-time access)
  3. Curriculum- Mock tests
  • JLPT/NAT N5 Question bank
  1. Fees- Rs. 2,900
  2. No. of modules- 6 (full-time access)
  3. Curriculum- Vocabulary and Kanji, grammar and sentences, reading and listening.   


  • Other than structural and functional methods, Zing Languages uses an interaction teaching methodology to help students not only learn the language but learn how to use it. 
  • Each chapter starts with a bilingual text with pronunciation drills and grammar. further, expressions and cultural facts are presented through the dialogues.
  • Language courses here are based on 800 most-used words in our daily life. 
  • Zing offers practical courses based on the language used in real-life situations. This course includes one teacher for written language and a foreign teacher for spoken language. It also offers Al course content to work on your pronunciation in the chosen language.

Other language courses by Zing 

  • English language courses (2)
  • German language courses (4)
  • French language courses (2)

Reference reads 


What are the 3 types of Japanese language?

The 3 types of scripts in the Japanese language are Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. 

Is Japanese a tonal language?

While other Asian languages are tonal, Japanese is certainly not. It does not have a particular rhythm or cadence to its words and sentences.

Is Japanese the most difficult to learn?

For an Indian, not! This is because syntax, pronunciation and scheme of alphabets are closely related to Indian languages.

How long can it take to learn Japanese fluently?

The duration depends on your grasping power but, to learn the language thoroughly, knowledge till the N3 level is sufficient.

Is learning Japanese worth it?

Definitely, with the growing Japan-India relations a lot of Indian companies are expanding their business in Japan leading to more job opportunities.

Where is Japanese taught in India? 

Pune is known to be the biggest centre of Japanese language education. Other than Pune, Japanese language courses in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi are also famous. 

Is Japanese popular worldwide?

Japanese is one of the most fast-paced spoken languages in the world. It has an informational density of 0.49, a syllabus rate of 7.84 and an information rate of 0.74.

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  • The Japanese language courses in Bangalore provide a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and language of Japan. The supportive learning environment and interactive sessions make it easier to grasp the intricacies of Japanese grammar and vocabulary.

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