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Top 12 Mandarin/ Chinese Courses in Bangalore.

Want to learn Mandarin?

Check out these Chinese language courses in Bangalore!

Nowadays foreign language acquisition has become a popular thing among the masses. May it be to understand the culture, the traditions of the country, the mannerisms of the people, to travel or just to watch series in that language!

Why Mandarin?

Mandarin or the Chinese language is considered to be one of the most spoken languages in the world. A lot of people are curious to learn more about the culture, the way of living of the people and the most obvious reason- the Chinese cuisine!

Naturally, the Chinese culture is more than just food. It is one of the most beautiful places to travel, to meet new people and make unexpected friendships too! And obviously in order to understand, comprehend and assimilate all this, one needs to learn the language to communicate. 

Chinese or Mandarin?

There is no big difference between these two. Mandarin is considered the official language of China. Chinese is actually an umbrella term. Several other regional dialects and languages come under this general term. Mandarin is one of the languages that fall under the Chinese language. Though most of the time both the terms are used interchangeably.   

To make your ‘Learn Mandarin’ journey a bit easier, here is a list of twelve Chinese language courses in Bangalore!  

1. Mandarin School of India

About the organization:

This particular institution has dedicated itself to teaching and imparting knowledge of the Chinese language. The institute is located in Mahadevpura in Bangalore.

Services provided by the institution:

  • Trained and professional educators.
  • Effective learning and training.
  • Systematic coaching and preparation pattern for examinations (HSK exams).
  • Chinese Translation Services.
  • 3 levels of educational services.

About the trainers:

  • The trainers have former teaching experience and in-depth knowledge about the language.
  • The educators are well aware of the challenges in learning the language. Therefore they dedicate themselves to training the learners in an efficient and easy manner. 
  • This Chinese language course considers the imparting of knowledge as their passion and goal.
  • Trainers have lived in China in order to understand the Chinese language and culture.
  • Have trained more than 50 participants in 6 months.

Check out their profile on IndiaMART for contact details and to know more about the institution.

2. Yellow River Chinese Academy

The YRCA is famous for its motto: “Where Mandarin is made easy”. This Chinese language course is located in Bangalore, India.

The course is divided into 3 levels of proficiency for the learners:

  •   The Beginner level: Very basic and foundational level. It covers modules like the tones, construction of simple sentences, phonetics, and introduction to the script.
  •  The Intermediate level: It covers modules like listening and speaking exercises, advanced vocabulary, and the construction of more complex sentences.
  • The Advance level: This level has rigorous training in listening, writing and speaking exercises, more advanced vocabulary, and an in-depth study of language.


This Chinese language Course offers:

  • Training for learners to prepare for the HSK Chinese proficiency test.
  • Translation services and Onsite corporate training.
  • The study material is designed by professionals.
  • Interactive sessions and personal (one on one) or group training.
  •  Certificate of completion.
  • A small paid trial class before enrolling.


Course for Children:

The Course also has a separate course for children. The course is a foundation for junior learners where they will learn the basics of the language. The course will have a lot of videos, audio, songs and much more to make the learning process easy and interesting for the children.

Course fees:

The course fees have to be paid in entirety but if the participant has some difficulty in paying the specific amount, they can then discuss it with the institute.

Check out their official website for contact details, course registration or for any other doubts regarding the course.

3. Xpress Mandarin

About the institution:

The Xpress Mandarin is a part of the Fundaskills private limited. The institute has dedicated itself to teaching the Chinese language. The course guarantees interactive sessions, an active and relaxed environment of learning, and a lot of writing and speaking practice. As per the HSK Chinese proficiency test, the course is divided into 4 levels.

 The course offers:

  • Listening and Reading practice.
  • Chinese characters – writing proficiency.
  • Teaching new vocabulary as per the level of proficiency.
  • Speaking or Oral exercises to practice the language.
  • Separate Oral practice course. 

The Fundaskills course has professional trainers and expert faculty. The course strives to make learners more skilful in order to learn more about China, the language, the benefits and reasons to learn the language. The official website provides you with testimonials from previous learners.

Contact details:

You can connect with this Chinese language institute through their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. For more contact details you can visit the official page of Xpress Mandarin- Fundaskills page.

4. Elegant IT Services- Chinese Language Course

About the institution:

The Elegant IT Services provide courses like Microsoft training, java, oracle, networking, web designing and many more. Along with this it also provides foreign language courses.

It is an eminent institution for foreign languages in Marathahalli, Bangalore. They have competent and experienced trainers to deliver and provide a quality education through their courses. The main agenda of the institution is to make the learning process interesting and fun in order to motivate and encourage the learners.

The course modules have been divided according to the current industrial or corporate needs. This prepares the learners to interact and communicate effectively in the target language. The course is designed according to the convenience of the learners.

The Elegant Chinese Language Course offers:

  • Daytime regular classes.
  • Weekend classes.
  • Fast-paced training classes.

The course can be taken up by people looking for jobs, students or even corporate workers. This Course prepares learners to face and handle real-life situations professionally. It also teaches you to crack interview sessions and acquire jobs in the corporate field.

The Elegant Chinese Language course provides:

  • E-Learning services.
  • Interactive and communication friendly space.
  • Professionally designed content.
  • Placements through the institute.

About the trainers:

  • More than 8 years of teaching experience.
  •  Former work on 3 real-time projects.
  • Working experience in the corporate field.
  • Trained more than 60 students.
  • Strong knowledge of the language.
  • Theoretical and Practical knowledge.

Contact details:

In order to contact the institute, refer to the phone numbers on their official website or via email – [email protected]

Also check out their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr pages.

5. Inlingua Mandarin Language Courses in Bangalore

About the institution:

The Inlingua course provides a range of foreign language courses like German, French, Spanish and English in Bangalore. It even teaches other rare languages like Arabic, Czech, Danish, Hebrew and of course Mandarin and many others too!

The institute has over 300 centres all over the world. The institute teaches over 20 languages. This institute particularly stands out because of its teaching methods and material provided by the institute. The institute prepares you for the HSK Chinese language proficiency test. The institute has almost 50 years of teaching experience too!

Services provided by the institution:

  • Certified and expert trainers.
  • E-learning sessions and virtual classrooms.
  • International certificates shall be provided.
  • Online mode of examinations.

Features of the course:

  • Translation and online training for the corporate world.
  • Limited students in one class (small class size).
  • International certification.

The aim of the Institution:

  • To impart knowledge in the target language only.
  • To make students construct sentences in the target language.
  • To impart precise and correct learning.
  • Address problems and difficulties of students.
  • Teach via interactive sessions. 

Course Fees:

The institute provides online as well as one on one classes. Therefore the fees differ from ₹700/- to ₹ 21,000/-

Contact details:

For contact details refer to the official website or contact the institute via email- [email protected]

6. Prizma Academy Language House.

About the institution:

The Prizma Academy provides online Chinese language courses in Bangalore. The course is divided into 3 levels of proficiency:

  •  Beginner level.
  • Intermediate level.
  • Advanced level.

Special course for juniors:

  • 8+ years of learners.
  • Online mode of learning.
  • Foundational and basic knowledge about the language.

The Prizma Academy trains you to face real-life situations as well as handle corporate situations in a professional manner. The Academy prepare you for the HSK Chinese proficiency exam. The course has been divided into 6 levels of proficiency.

The academy covers several topics and a wide range of vocabulary along with grammatical constructions and sentence formation.

Benefits of learning the Chinese language via Prizma Academy:

  •  E-learning service
  •  Interactive sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  •  Connectivity through any device.

Contact details:

Connect yourself with the Prizma Academy through their official website and social media pages.

Email id: [email protected]

7. IITE- Foreign Language Training Institute

About the institution:

This Chinese Language course is located in Bangalore and the institution has dedicated itself to providing quality education and professional training in foreign languages.

Teaching Methodology:

The institute follows a specific teaching methodology. It is a ‘full immersion’ technique called “Eclecticism” or “IITE Immersion Teaching Method”. The focus remains on the sounds of the language and the hearing method. The more a student hears the language, the better he will be able to comprehend and understand the language.

Practice obviously is the key to success! Full immersion means being able to think as well as communicate in the target language. The institution claims that this method of teaching has proven to be successful most of the time.

The institution conducts:

  • Interactive Sessions with group discussions.
  • Speaking or oral practice in the target language.
  • Writing practice.

Services provided by the Institution:

  •  Original and unique study material designed by professionals.
  • Practice sessions.
  • Expert trainers.

The institution has weekend as well as weekday courses. The course covers all modules required to gain expertise in the target language.

8. Institute of Universal Languages and Education

About the institution:

IULDE claims to be the number 1 training centre for foreign languages in Bangalore. It has designed courses for students, corporate workers and even every commoner. They provide online courses as well as customized pieces of training as per the need and convenience of the learners. Apart from this, the institute also provides translation and interpretational services too. The institute provides courses in more than 20 languages across the world.

Services provided by the institute:

  • Flexible schedule which meets the requirements of the learner.
  • Small batch size.
  • Individual attention to each and every learner.
  •  Interactive training and sessions.
  • All necessary facilities and types of equipment.

Aim of the institution:

  • Provide quality education
  • Train learners professionally
  • Train individuals to work in the corporate world.

For contact details refer to the official website of IULE.

9. Forefront Academy

About the institution:

The Forefront Academy is one of the best academies for providing training and translation services in Bangalore. It was established in the year 2012. Its unique services have definitely proven useful to several learners.

The institution provides a range of different questions and answers on their website as to why learn Mandarin or the Chinese language.

Course structure:

  • Tones of the Chinese language with appropriate pronunciation.
  • Reading, writing and oral practice.
  • Construction of sentences and establishment of dialogue and conversation.
  •  Focus on Chines culture, traditions and ethics.

The course has been divided into 6 levels as per the HSK Chinese Language Examinations:

  •  HSK1
  • HSK2
  • HSK3
  • HSK4
  •  HSK5
  •  HSK6

Online as well as offline mode of study is available according to the convenience of the learner. The course also provides weekdays and weekend classes.

Contact Details:

9742133467/ 8050033467

[email protected]


About the institution:

The Institute of Foreign Language and Culture was established in the year 2007. It provides a range of foreign language courses. It aims to promote the culture of that particular nation through an interactive and fun method of teaching. IFLAC’s goal is to make its learners communicate in the target language with ease as well as broaden their scope of thinking and communicating in the foreign language. IFLAC has more than 15 years of teaching experience too!

Services provided by the institution:

  •  Professional trainers and expert educators.
  •  Certified courses.
  • Online courses, courses for juniors, express as well as enterprise courses.  

Connect with IFLAC through their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

11. Namaste Mandarin

About the institution:

Namaste Mandarin is a Chinese language training institute located in Bangalore, India. The institute aims towards promoting the Chinese language and culture among enthusiasts. The goal of this institute is to teach Mandarin in simple and easy to learn methods. They teach the target language through modern technology.

Services provided by the institution:

  • Proper introduction and in-depth knowledge about the tones and characters of the language.
  • Oral and written practice material
  • Preparation for HSK examinations.
  •  Videos, audio and study material.

The institute trains students, working professionals and even enthusiasts who just want to learn the language as a hobby.

The Institute has made several categories in the Chinese language course:

  •  Course for Young learners (Age 5 to 10 years)
  •  Course for Advanced learners (Age 10 onwards)
  • Course for working professionals.
  •  Course for corporate training.
  •  Online or e-learning courses.

Contact details:

+91 98806 87766,

[email protected]

12. Go Lingua- The Institute of Foreign Languages.

This Chinese language institute is a premier academy located in Bangalore, India. The institute provides courses in 10 different foreign languages. The institute trains you to gain sufficient knowledge about the target language in order to comprehend as well as communicate in it.

The institute has expert trainers and professionals to impart training in the Chinese language. The Go lingua Institute of Foreign Languages attends to the needs and requirements of the students. The institute looks after its learners and imparts quality education. It also trains you to give competitive and international certification exams.

Contact details:

098863 19100


The world is a storehouse of most wondrous dialects and languages. Each dialect varies with the equally magical topographies it dwells in, each language showcasing the uniqueness of the culture it bears, traditions at its core, and the people at its helm.

Mandarin is one of those peculiar dialects, abounding with the distinction of the Chinese from the rest of the world. In our quest to explore the world, garner the beauty it presents and venture through the people and their mindsets, a dialect is your way through. Mandarin is your way through. One that will lead to the simplest yet profound conclusions of how diverse and varied the soul of the country is.


Q.1 How to contact the institute if I have any doubts regarding the course?

Every course has its own website where one can find contact details. The course either provides a contact number or email id. You can also contact them through their social media pages.

Q. 2 How can I pay for the courses?

Every course has its own payment and admission procedure. Check out the respective website of the course or contact the institute for the same.

Q.3 Is Mandarin difficult to learn?

The Chinese characters or the script and the tones might be a bit of a hurdle at the beginning but the grammar is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Naturally, every language needs practice and the will to learn. As the saying goes “where there is a will there is a way”.

Q.4 Does it take a lot of time to learn Mandarin?

Time and perseverance are the keys! In order to learn a foreign language, consistency is the most required thing. It is important to dedicate specific time to learning the language. Day to day practice and surrounding yourself with the language can definitely help you learn the language more quickly and efficiently.

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