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Top Instructional Design with Certification Courses in India

Instructional Design

Instructional design! I have heard about it. But I want to know more.

We all work with instructions. As a matter of fact, instructions dictate our lives. Instructional design simply means a set of instructions put in a sequence such that understanding becomes easy. Often people wonder where did it originate from. Well, instructional design finds its roots in the second world war. But with the change in times, today Instructional design moved the boundaries of education and finds bearing in many fields. 

Not to mention how professional instructional designers have a glorious career. Many institutes offer instructional design courses in India. However, we made a list of a few instructional courses in India that give professionals a  kick start in their careers. Regardless of how many institutes offer courses. If wishes were horses, we would want to list all of them. Yet since the list based on experience and feedback. The list of top instructional design courses in India proves beneficial.

Top 10 Instructional design courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

The instructional design course in India by Henry Harvin ranks in the top 3 according to In reality, the course takes the learner on the path to becoming an excellent designer. Excellence through the process. With this intention in mind, the instructional course became the most sought-after course.

While students learn identifying goals. They also develop learning objectives. In other words, students conduct information to process and analysis. Especially in the area of education and technology. The key features of the instructional design course in detail will help students align learning goals with the course.

Key Benefits

  • 9 in 1-course benefit. Significantly important and major benefit. 
  • As soon as a student enrolls in the instructional course. They work on 12 live projects. Not only that during these projects the students align and customise programs for the end user. Next, the student gets a chance to upgrade within a period of 1 year. 
  • The most compelling evidence that the course ranks the best corroborates the curriculum of the institute. Not only are industry standards met, but globally recognized too.
  • As seen from above,  able trainers only train during the course. For this reason, all trainers, help and groom students on live projects.
  • Nonetheless, placement guaranteed towards the end of the program. Commitment and the most compelling evidence on that being the placement assistance of a year.

All about the 9-in-1 course benefit

  • First, 16 hours of interactive instructor-led sessions. Nonetheless, it churns out the best from students. Thanks to the interactive mode adopted in the sessions.
  • Second, as mentioned earlier 12 projects for each student. Projects are undertaken in many areas. Namely, Course Creation, Training Evaluation Design, and Accelerated Learning to name a few.
  • Third, internships help create value for students. Thus practical hands-on comes in handy before approaching final placements.
  • Finally, placement and certification.
  • Not to mention the lifetime e-learning access to various tools. Access to tools like recorded lectures, video assessments, and much more.
  • 12 boot camps spread over a period of 1 year. Additionally helps to gain knowledge and find the edge in design.
  • #AskHenry Hackathons an act different from the other institutes. Helps a student gain knowledge and also know what their peers know.
  • 1-year of gold membership for each student. As a result, a student gets access to the Henry Harvin writing academy.

Why did the gold memberships prove beneficial?

  • In the first place, the membership helps with revision and clears students’ doubts. Thanks to the periodically conducted book camps. The membership entitles free access to such events.
  • Not only do students get access to LMS learning via recorded lectures but also access to many tools and techniques.
  • Furthermore, opportunity to network among peers in the writing academy and industry experts.
  • Placement support coupled with weekly updates helps students get the best job opportunities.

Tool and techniques taught under the instructional design course

  • Making Google forms, SurveyMonkey together with / form the Survey Rollouts module 
  • Additionally presentation tools like PPT, Google slides, etc.
  • Furthermore, Canva helps in learning infographics and graphics.
  • Similarly, learn broadcast and information sharing with WhatsApp, Google Drive, Google meet, and Microsoft teams to name a few.
  • Likewise, video editing with Kinemaster and iMovie. While audio editing with Audacity and Watson text to speech.
  • Translation tools like Google translator coupled with writing tools like Grammarly, Hemingway, etc.

A great course to learn instructional design. Not to mention the exquisite flow and content of the course. Learning with Henry Harvin provides the right door for a great career. Visit their website to know all the details and any queries

Course Duration and fee: 16 hours and 15,000 INR

Web address:

2. Udemy

Udemy in the context of other institutes has become popular. Likewise, the courses look 

very appealing and helpful. In the same way, the instructional design course has a universal appeal. Notably from the plethora of courses students can pick and learn the course. 

Key Benefits

  • First many courses to choose from.
  • Second, levels based on where a student starts learning.  Beginner level videos to Pro level video availability.
  • Third, instructor-led videos guide the learner at every step. 
  • Finally, simple tasks simplify for better understanding. 
  • Furthermore, the usage of the English language helps with better understanding. 
  • Along with certification lifetime access to all videos and access to both TV as well as a Mobile mode for learning.

Course Duration and fee: 2-6 hours. Fees range from 1,499 INR to 3,499 INR

Web address:

3. Coursera

Coursera placing among institutes comes across uniquely. The various tie-ups with universities and organisations of repute make it a good choice among students needing credit points. Not only is the focus on theory but on the concepts as well. 

Key Benefits

  • Learn at all levels. In other words, you can enroll as a beginner or mixed level and keep learning until you become a professional. 
  • 39 beginner courses to choose from. Learn what interests you along with certification. 
  • Similarly, learning not restricted to only the education segment. As a matter of fact, even a cyber security specialist can do an instructional design course to update the cyber security segment.
  • Not to mention that these courses touch all the facets of professional life

Course Duration and fee: 2-6 hours. Fees depend on course to course or on Coursera subscription

Web Address:

4. KPMG Learning Academy

After all, the instructional design aims at excellence in processes. Thus the program aims at creating impactful learning solutions and building better learning experiences. 

Key Benefits

  • Owing to the increasing demand for designers. The course has a strong basic foundation that enables the learner to learn all the basics this discipline offers. 
  • 36 hours in duration. However, the session spacing allows ample practice and doubt solving.
  • The self-paced program not only has peer-to-peer engagement and interaction with industry experts. But also work on extensive projects and timely assignments.
  • Because of paid internships, a learner gets a fair idea of industry leader interactions. Not to mention learning the typical project flow.

Course Duration and fee: 36 hours for 6 weeks. Fees 41,500 INR

Web Address:

5. EDX

Micro master’s instructional design program by EDX has roots in association with the University of Maryland. So that learning becomes unique, blending traditional teaching with data analytics and rapid prototyping. 

Key Benefits

  • Learn the contemporary language. For example learning tools to connect with the digital-ready students.
  • Designing an implementation process. In other words, enhance the online learning experience through an implementation process.
  • Evaluation of the learning experience by applying design techniques but also data mining techniques.
  • Identify, evaluate, enumerate, discuss and integrate not only the technology but also support the learning experience.
  • Moreover, understand all the conventional theories to learn online teaching.
  • Additionally, assignments and examinations on set due dates. Furthermore, all these are instructor-led and time-bound. No spillage whatsoever.
  • Not to mention the 4 levels of graduate courses.

Course Duration and fee: 8 months (8 – 10 hours per week).  Fees 85,875 INR

Web Address:

6. The Symbiosis Center For Distance Learning (SCDL)

To begin with, Symbiosis Center For Distance Learning (SCDL) ranks No.1 in distance learning education. Hence, has high acceptance in the industry. Also quickly stating the fact that it offers excellent professional programs. Consequently, the contemporary style of the programs coupled with a dynamic assessment system makes it an ideal choice among students. 

Key Benefits

  • Develop computer and web-based content but by using traditional methodology.
  • Until now only specific goals get achieved. Henceforth in the program desired result generation goals get included. 
  • Along with self-advancement eventually, career-related skills imparted too.
  • Amalgamate not only the content but evaluate and enumerate its effectiveness.
  • Since instructions need specification as the student learns value generation coupled with practical application
  • Additionally, proficiency command imparted to each student with projects that students take in semesters.
  • Not to mention the growth a student experiences in job and career-related skills.

Course Duration and fee: 1 year.  Fees 35,000 INR (general), 27,000 INR (Defence), 1151 Dollars (NRI students), and 850 Dollars  (Saarc Nations students)

Web Address:

7. International Society For Education Technology (ISFET)

International Society For Education Technology offers instructional design courses under the guidance of Dr. Edmund Forest. In the first place, ISFET has a reputation of providing high-quality online courses. Moreover, the Instructional design courses top this list. 

Key Benefits

  • Firstly, a student learns measurable learning objectives. Additionally, these become effective during the course.
  • Secondly, students learn to comply with not only set standards but also all about copyright.
  • Identify, evaluate, and integrate not only the process but the technology for online learning too.
  • Research coupled with practice helps students identify the goals and objectives of Instructional design.
  • From time to time apply theory, research, concepts, and learning styles. These not only help in learning but propel the learner to reach desired goals.

Course Duration and fee: Self-paced. Fees 189 Dollars

Web Address:

8. Skillshare 

Skillshare takes pride in the fact that it provides creative professional courses. In other words, a learner discovers lifelong learning. Moreover, the option ranges from discovering new skills to brushing up on an existing skill. Not to mention how it inspires and surprises an individual.

Key Benefits

  • Since the online platform mode allows flexibility, students can pick courses of their choice. Moreover, a particular topic interests the learner. The Learner learns it in-depth. 
  • Video with a specific topic and time duration help retain the attention of the students. For example a basic beginner course video of 1 hour. Once you begin you can gradually look up relevant videos.
  • Given that the field has no limit only to the educational segment. Many videos available point to other areas of a career in instructional design.

Course Duration and fee: Self-paced. Fees first month free, then from next month a monthly subscription of skillshare.

Web Address:

9. Middle Earthr

Given that Instructional courses in India often get searched. The institute has classroom sessions in all major metro cities in India. Namely, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.

Key Benefits

  • Excel, with this intention the program design and structure made as per industry requirements. 
  • Learn ID styles and methods, even the Kolb’s & honey Mumford model.
  • As an illustration of their methodology, areas like Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels, the ARCS model, Gagne’s nine events of instruction, and also BARS for knowledge & Skill analysis covered.
  • By all means, many managerial-level professionals join the instructional design courses. 

Course Duration and fee: 6 months. Contact the local office for fee structure

Web Address:

10. CommLab India

The program aimed at not only developing instructional sound programs but also performance-based training programs. As a result, acceleration in performance impacts and also decreases time-to-proficiency.

Key Benefits

  • First online learning based on LMS methodology.
  • Second, access time for 1 year. So students can brush-ups their skills and clear doubts
  • Third, self-paced sessions offer flexibility and learning at ease.
  • Finally practice examinations as well as assessments done. These help in generating confidence in the learner community.

Course Duration and fee: 8 online self-paced sessions Fee 9,500 INR

Web Address:


To Summarise, Finding an ideal choice. Yet people advise that by getting all the information, with pros and cons. A decision made will prove beneficial in the next decades of life. Before even applying, get the information and knowledge, and then do not look back. Since with all this preparation, you may never falter. 


Q 1. Who can do the instructional design course in India?

Anyone, Yes you read right. Any graduate can do the instructional design course in India. Not only a Training and Human Resource Manager, E-learning Developer, or Educational Technologist. But also Organizational Development Consultant, Performance Technologist, or L&D Manager/consultant. In reality, anyone can do the course by aligning the learning and career objectives together.

Q 2. Can instructional design become a good career option?

Yes, Look before you leap. By all means, anyone can become a designer. But pause and wait and list down your objectives. Thus, it becomes important to realize why it would be a good career. First comes your experience. Second, your analytical and writing skills. Third, the ability to unlearn to learn. Since a designer works on new projects practically every week. Finally, evaluate your visualisation skills. Since you need to visualise
the content first before even you begin designing.

Q 3. How does the future look up to Instructional designing? 

Artificial intelligence or AI in the future looks up to instructional design. Since the way we learn has also changed. Although, scalable e-learning modules become the future. Curating interesting programs soon becomes the job of the instructional designer. 

Q 4. What career option does an instructional designer have?

As the e-learning sector booms. Being a content writer to start from the bottom. As you go up to the position of not only a content generator but also in journalism. Associate manager – operations become a great career option. Chief learning officer, L and D manager/ consultant, or even a team leader.

Q 5. Before enrolling in instructional design courses. Asking for demo classes becomes a good option?

Definitely yes, When you as a learner ask for a demo. First, it prepares you for what comes your way. Not only do you know your interest area, but also get to evaluate the gap if any in learning. By taking a demo lecture you ensure that you will stick to the program diligently and thus give a boost to your career.

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