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Top 10 Instructional Design Courses In Bangalore

Instructional Design Courses

Are you searching for Instructional Design Courses in Bangalore? If yes then you are at the right place. We will give you every detail about Instructional Design Courses but before that let’s start with the very basic question: what is Instructional design? Instructional design is instructions given to a person for a learning method. It is a design of instructions that could be used in any field of education. Whether it’s science, arts, or commerce. Today we live in a digitalized world where time is money. So to save money that means to save time we use a new method of instruction which is instructional design. It saves time, money, and energy. Moreover, instructional design makes instructions reach every learner. The main role of instructional design is to create and develop layout activities for learners to acquire the learning objective.

Why Instructional Design and Why Bangalore? 

Instructional Design is highly cost-effective. It makes sure that students learn by making high-quality learning materials. These materials give stress on customized and particular needs of students and educators. The instructional design engages learners and develops users’ experiences. Instructional design helps to give a direct message to learners. 

Now coming to my next point, why choose an instructional design course in Bangalore? Bangalore is a Center of the IT organization. Many big companies like Infosys, IBM, and Wipro started their main head office in Bangalore. Bangalore has an infrastructure that allows industries to grow and flourish in every field. Instructional design courses in Bangalore are blooming up and taking the top position in the IT industry as well as in other fields like education etc. There is a great scope for Instructional designers in Bangalore. 

The Top 10 Instructional Design Courses in Bangalore are as follows

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes offering instructional design courses in Bangalore. It provides an all-round, versatile, two-way, course module with E-learning tools and resources. The hallmark course completion certificate from Henry Harvin is recognized by the Govt. of India and equally acknowledged by MNCs.

In this Module, You learn

  • Survey Roll Outs
    • Google forms
    • Survey monkey
    • E-learning courses:
  • Graphics & Infographics
    • Canva
  • Presentation tools
    • Google slides
    • Prezi
    • PowerPoint
  • Broadcast
    • Facebook Workplace
    • Skype
    • Whatsapp broadcast
  • Audio Video tools
    • Audacity
    • Watson Text to Speech
    • Kinemaster
    • iMovie
  • Writing tools
    • Grammarly
    • Hemingway
    • MS Office 365
  • Translation


16 hours of live online sessions



Main characteristics of Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course

  • Henry Harvin gives a 9-in-1 program That covers training, projects, certification, internship, placement, and boot camps along with its one-year gold membership benefits.
  • The Trainers at Henry Harvin are highly experienced with more than 10 years of industry experience moreover they not only have expertise in the subject but also have extensive teaching experience. Teachers reach the core of the student’s problem they try to give you the best solution to your problem.
  •  The teacher at Henry Harvin stands with you in every situation. The best part of Henry Harvin is that you can reach teachers even after you finish your course. you can approach them and feel free to ask any doubt whether that is the silliest. they never refuse or make fun of you.

Educational benefits of Henry Harvin Instructional Design course

  • We make sure that you understand the concepts and use them at your workplace.
  • Identify the needs and goals of your audience.
  • Provide your audience with an easy curriculum.
  • Figure out how to reach each student while preparing the class by making learning simple and pleasant
  • Become the best at working inside a period with an interesting and clear educational program
  • Learn center methods concerning how to successfully plan, figure out how to comprehend, follow, and execute complex instructions.

Professional benefits of Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course

  • 100% Placement support
  • Adds value to your CV and freelance work
  • Develop training materials and curriculum that grab the attention of more and more job opportunities
  • Make eligible for a higher position in your job by enrolling yourself in Instructional Design Course

Why Henry Harvin 

 It is one of the best Instrumental Design Courses as it comes with Hallmark certification and is recognized by the government of India not only does Henry Harvin provide practical knowledge along with course knowledge.

Related Courses

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2. TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited 

TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited is an organization that gives and trains for technical services. They fulfill the need for technical writing and train you for corporate as well as government jobs. Today Technical writing is needed in many sectors like corporate, government, business as well as in NGOs. Instructional design courses are offered by TechTotal which is highly in demand these days.

In this Module, you learn

  • Instructional Designing
  • Instructional System Designing
  • Instructional Theories
  • E-learning
  • Instructional designing Standard
  • ID Contents Framing
  • Instructional Delivery Method

Duration:15 sessions (2 hours per session)

Reasons for Choosing TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited

  • Flexible online learning with live sessions
  • Exceptional curriculum designed for high performance
  • A mixture of teaching and learning processes with the latest technology
  • Real-time Projects
  • Increase the value of your CV with publications, designs, and development.
  • Increase your experience with Dream weaver, Photoshop, Camtasia, and MS Office which are extremely important for Instructional Design.
  • Get Practical and Theoretical knowledge

Who will get the benefit

  • Mentors/ Facilitators dealing with groups
  • Educational Planner
  • Facilitators looking to increase their skills in giving training etc.
  • Individuals keen on improving subject matter in education 

3. StrengthScape 

Strengthscape is a worldwide counseling organization with an emphasis on People and their effect on business. It provides Instructional design certificate courses. Strengthscape’s Instructional Design Certification course envelopes a better approach to learning content planning standards and procedures. Learning is a cycle and we, at Strengthscape, comprehend that well overall. Instructional Design has now picked up speed because of the focus on User Experience (UX) Design.

In this Module, you learn

  • 5 Modules divided into chapters and Units
  • Content Designing Principles and Strategies
  • Theories and Models of Instructional Design

Duration: 25 hours of live virtual sessions

Reasons for Choosing StrengthScape

  • Strengthscape has an experienced team of trainers with practical knowledge
  • Mixed approach- Strengthscape conducts both educator-driven classroom and internet preparation to improve comfort and make the programming savvy.
  • Time learning approach- Strengthscape gives time to understand the concepts and leads to better learning and retention.
  • Delivers high-performance and problem-solving techniques
  • Aims at higher goals

Who will get the benefit

  • Educational program designers.
  • Instructors and Educators.
  • Preparing, supervisors, or facilitators.
  • Human Resource experts.
  • Learning and Organization Development Experts.
  • People looking for a vocation change or position inside the instructional design plan field.
  • Experts who have taken on preparing jobs inside their specialty.

4. IDOL Course Academy

IDOL is the exchange school for Instructional design and web-based discovery that serves clients while fostering the upcoming age of innovative learning architects. They are across the board inventive instructional design organization. 

In this Module, You learn

  • 8 weeks of the program
  • Introduction to IDOL
  • Instructor-led classes
  • Models and Documents of Instructional Design
  • Theories and Practical knowledge
  • Assignment and Assessment 

Duration: 18 hours

Reasons for Choosing IDOL

  • The IDOL courses Academy will assist you with turning into a corporate Instructional designer. The course is organized to construct a bridge between Theories and practical Instructional design.
  • The range of the program is two months. This carried out program tells the best way to make your employment form declares and fabricate a portfolio from scratch. This remembers mentorship and encounters open doors for educational plans and web-based learning.
  • In this course, you will get a bit-by-bit 12 little example modules. Each example gets explicit activities to take you to an unbelievable professional resource.

Who will get the Benefits

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum Planner
  • IT Professional
  • Program Developers
  • Students who are looking for Jobs in the IT industry or the digital world

5. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

SCDL is known for giving viable distance learning courses in Bangalore. It offers different Diplomas and Certificates, and postgraduate courses for different industries. This education Center gives incredible understudy benefits and spotlights for students. It offers Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design in Bangalore with a theory and practical methodology. It will give you an understanding of conventional preparation strategies (like ADDIE) alongside the advanced and solid details to create and execute guidelines unequivocally.

In this Module, You Learn

  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Instructional Design
  • Effective Communication
  • Advanced Instructional Design
  • Educational Psychology
  • Course Design
  • Project

Duration: 1 year

Reasons for Choosing SCDL

  • Great Range of Program
  • Center around employment opportunities
  • Dynamic Course system
  • Great student service
  • Dynamic evaluation system
  • Unique delivery style
  • SCDL is a training provider to top companies like Bharti Pvt. Ltd., Cipla, Insightful, Collabera, Airtel, Vodafone, IBM, etc.
  • Magnificent Student support administrations for problems and queries.

6. Middle Earthr 

Middle Earthr is a globalized HR-certified agency. It provides one of the best Instrumental Design Courses in Bangalore. Middle EarthLink is unique in quality, workshops, training, projects, and certification support. It is based on furnishing students with designated learning ventures which is a Wow insight with an exceptionally strong climate.

In this Module, You Learn

  • Itemized program content
  • Outline of Instructional design 
  • Advancement of Instructional design and Instructional Design models
  • Making high-level plans utilizing expanded Theories
  • Execution and Assessment

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Reason for Choosing Middle Earthr

  • Highest level Course- Middle Earthr courses rank among the best 10 courses worldwide in all verticals. They have won various honors from  and
  • 100 percent Functional Preparation-  Projects with live personnel backing and tutors will assist you with rehearsing the abilities educated. Middle Earthr gives  one year of instructing and boot camps which will improve your abilities
  • Adaptable LEARNING Way- The members can pick an adaptable gaining way from 40+ certificates in HR and L&D incorporating capability classes in HR tech and legitimate nation framework
  • Worldwide AND SENIOR Member POOL- The members who sign up for our projects have an encounter going from 7 to 25 years and they come from 60+ nations.
  • Expert Workforce- The program is conveyed by the personnel who were experts in HR with 15-40 years of involvement in the best organizations
  • Local area Occasions- MEHR conducts more than 15 local area occasions consistently. Middle Earthr has a dynamic enrollment gateway and gives work backing to our graduated class.

7. Coursera 

Coursera is the worldwide online learning stage that offers anybody, anywhere admittance to online courses and degrees from top-notch colleges and organizations. It collaborates with more than 250 famous Universities and companies. Coursera  brings adaptable, reasonable, work-related web-based learning to people and associations around the world. It offers Instructional Design Course which is an upcoming course these days. Instructional Design Course centers around students’ Theories and conceptual thoughts of ID. The insightful part of Instructional Design configuration is to produce an innovative educational arrangement.

In this Module, You Learn

  • Introduction and definition of Instructional Design
  • Theory and concept of Instructional design
  • Analysis, E-learning, Strategies of Instructional Design
  • Evaluation of Instructional Design
  • Make E-Portfolio
  • Projects
  • Internship

Duration: depends on the University you choose

Reasons for Choosing Coursera

  • Top Notch Content – It offers student content from 250+ famous colleges and Industry
  • Active learning, Increase abilities, Capabilities, etc.
  • 100% Online Classes + live sessions
  • Abilities you will acquire – Students analyze learning goals, develop Instructional Procedures, develop learning results, assess, evaluate, select and implement learning technology

8. SkillShare

SkillShare is an online learning stage with a huge number of classes for innovative and inquisitive people. They include various topics, videos, freelancing, etc. On SkillShare, individuals meet up to track down motivation and make the following stride in their creative world. It makes student learning easy through hand-picked, sequential classes. SkillShare focuses on the creative journey of students. It is another great institution for learning Instructional Design.

In this Module, You Learn

48 lessons some of them are listed below

  • Pedagogy of Instructional Design
  • Theories, and Practical of Instructional Design
  • Mapping of Instructional Design
  • E-learning, Authoring Tools, Insightful into Audio and Video 
  • Setting your Style Statement and Guide
  • Free Graphic Tools
  • Assessment etc.

Duration: Depends on Self Learning

Reasons for Choosing SkillShare

  • Full Access to each class
  • Active class projects that will assist you with getting into Work
  • Gives short illustrations of each course which makes it simple to finish
  • Assessment of your tasks
  • Professional Touch
  • Amazing Platform to start from Scratch
  • Create more ideas and trendy skills for Jobs

9. Udemy

Udemy is another global destination for online learning. It connects people globally. Udemy provides various courses and one of them is Instructional Design. They excel in business and technical courses which help companies, governments, and NGOs, in further learning and creating strategic goals. It is not difficult to opt for Udemy courses, begin the course at your convenience by sitting at your home. Instructional Design Course is an upcoming course that you can try from Udemy.

In this Module, You Learn

  • Instructional Design for E-learning- This will teach methodology, skills, and techniques for developing E-learning. It will give Theories and Principles.
  • Instructional Design for Classroom Training- This will include types of classroom training and learning, the need for training, and preferences of learning that can be applied in the classroom.
  • Instructional Design for Learning and Development- It includes Pedagogy and learning styles with hundreds of free images. How to deal with Subject Matter Experts
  • Practical Approach to Instructional Design- It will teach Instructional Design concepts, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructional Design Model. It will tell you how to create storyboards, quizzes and feedback questions, etc.

Udemy gives a variety of Instructional Design courses which I have listed above.

Duration: Depends on the course you choose.

Reasons for Choosing Udemy

  • Access to more than 34 lectures including videos, articles, templates
  • Advancing Skills and showing knowledge and creativity in your work
  • Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts
  • Create podcasts and vodcasts 
  • Gaining social networking tools to enhance your cv
  • Performance-based course
  • E-book for becoming a successful Instructional Designer 

10. Queen Mary Academy

Queen Mary Academy is a digital platform that provides various courses. It supports learning and development through online training programs and courses. It offers Instructional Design courses which are upcoming these days.

In this Module, You Learn

  • Introduction to Instructional Design 
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Identify goals of Instructional Design
  • Create lessons and curriculum etc

Duration: Self Paced

Reasons for Choosing Queen Mary Academy

  • 50000+ Students around the world
  • In demand skills that will help in job
  • No extra expenses
  • 24×7 access to the portal


Instructional Design courses in Bangalore give learners various skills and techniques for making effective learning materials. These days Instructional Designers are in demand in the IT industry, Educational Institutes, training colleges, etc. 

In this blog, we tried to give you the Top 12 Instructional Design Courses in Bangalore. It will help in your jobs as well as in education.

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Q.1 What is the scope of Instructional Design? 

Ans: In 2022 Instructional Designing has a huge scope. It enhances the growth in education as well as in Information Technology. Instructional Design talks about ideas of instructions, factors, stages, and levels of instructions. All these factors help instructional designers to grow and flourish in the professional world.

Q.2 What are the qualifications required for Instructional Design Course?

Ans. After Schooling, anyone can opt for an Instructional Design course.

Q.3 How Much time is required to complete Instructional Design Course?

Ans. It depends on what course you opt-in for Instructional Design. The minimum time for a basic Instructional Design Course is 60 to 70 hours.

Q.4 What is the salary of Instructional Designers?

Ans. The starting salary of Instructional Designers is around 25k per month. It ranged from 2.9 Lakhs to 13.0 lakhs per annum.

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